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and today we’re going to be going over an exciting brand new 2023 Porsche MAcan UK as we begin at the front end of our 2023 MAcan UK. In 2022, Porsche did redesign the front fascia to have a wider mouthpiece along the front end of the car. Also for the 2023 model year. Porsche did include adaptive cruise control as standard equipment throughout all Macan model lines in the front end. We’ll see the black headlight housing, which is standard for the MacanNK].

This Particular Model Will Feature Porsche Dynamic

light system plus This will include Dynamic cornering for your aggressive driving at night. We’ll also see UK turn markers here and here and of course with every Porsche you will see your gold black and red Porsche Crest on the hood Now we’ll take a closer look under the. The hood of the MacanNK], the real heart and soul of this vehicle is going to be what powers it. It is a 2. 9 liter twin turbocharged V6 platform mounted with a PDK transmission.

Our Vehicle Is All-Wheel Drive Now For The

performance side. It produces 434 horsepower at about 405 pound-feet of torque. This translates into a 0 to 60 time of 4. 7 seconds and a quarter mile time of about 12. 7 seconds.

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So As We Continue Along The Drivers Side

of our Maccon UK. One thing to notice will be the awesome wheel finish. We have what comes standard on the MAcan UK will be the 21-inch UK Spider design. Wheels finished in Satin Black We’ll also see the Porsche Crest finishing gold black and red and red brake calipers on the front and rear of the car moving along to the driver’s side door We’ll. the side blade in a smooth finish, unlike the UK the Mcconus, where it has a textured finish.

The Uk Will Get The Smooth

treatment within here We’ll see the UK designation in red along the side as we move up to the rear view mirror. It has an UK turn signal within and within the mirror We’ll see a Sport Design mirror base. It has a V-split for a little bit more aerodynamic principle to it moving along we’ll see the exterior window trim finished in high gloss black now this particular model will feature the elevated roof rails also finished in high gloss black. The Porsche MAcan UK s standard equipment will feature Porsche entry and drive, which means that you have keyless entry not only for the front, but all four of the doors on the vehicle as well as we keep moving along our Macan UK. With every Porsche We’ll notice the fuel tank location on the passenger side and one unique option that makes the Makan UK stand out from the crowd is the clear UK three-dimensional tail light system.

Within Well See The Porsche Logo In Satin

black and on this particular model. The Macan UK badge designation has also been finished in Satin Black As you move farther up within the rear Wiper We’ll see the trunk release button and farther up the rear spoiler also finished in high gloss black as we move down We’ll see these four tailpipes finish in high gloss black. Now what’s unique about this exhaust system is that for every Mccon UK We’ll have the sport exhaust as standard equipment. This means that within the UK or if you’re driving the vehicle in sport mode, a baffle will open to get a deeper throw to your sound. from your Macan UK now let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the interior of a Macan UK we’ll go ahead and start here at the trunk.

Now There Are Three Different Ways To

open the trunk of your Macan on the driver’s side door. There’s a button to open and close the tailgate on the key remote it’ll be the last button on and right below the rear windshield wiper press here and it will raise with ease now. This rear tailgate does have an adjustable height just pull it to your desired height press the second button here wait till it initializes and then from now on it’ll only open to that desired height. Also at the top of the tailgate will be another drop button here with a key on it in the event. You are walking away from the vehicle and once you close.

The Tailgate And Lock The Car

press this one here and it will do so now in the trunk of the maccon UK with the seats folded up. We’ll have about 17 cubic feet of room to store things. When you do fold the seats forward that does increase to 52 cubic feet. It’s also covered by a privacy partition here which can be removed with ease just remove the two strings on either side and pull straight out. This can be stored in the garage also within the trunk.

Well Have A False Partition Here Which Does

lift up now Every MAcan will come with a deflated spare tire but fret not as there is a compressor within the false panel here Also. If equipped with a Bose sound system, you’ll notice the subwoofer right below the deflated spare tire. There’s also four points for tie-down hooks if. You have anything that rolls around that needs to be secured as well as a small partition here to store things on the side, such as your reusable shopping bags or umbrellas. Now we’ve moved into the back seat of our MacanNK].

Now I Did Adjust The Front Seat

to accommodate my natural driving position and as you can see I fit very comfortably within there’s also knee divots within the rear of the front seats as well to accommodate those with longer legs. Also at the rear of the center console. We’ll have light temperature control as well as two UK C ports. There’s optional rear seat heating available for the MAcan and MAcan S as well as the MAcan UK. Now they’re seating for three along this bench seat.

The Upholstery In This Macan Uk

has been finished in leather with race Tech‘s seat inserts along the. The middle seat We’ll also have a fold out center console with two cup holders. Within now above my head will be a panoramic moon roof. It does split in half and the front portion will be the one that Vents and retracts also within the rear seats of the Macon UK will be latch settings for car seats. Now we moved into the front seat of our Macan UK I have adjusted the seat to accommodate my natural driving position.

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Here I Could Reach My 10

and twos no problem at all now. This particular model will feature a heated UK design steering wheel finished in race techs and carbon fiber multi-function within and We’ll also see our sport Chrono drive mode switch at the lower right hand corner with a matching chronometer on the dashboard. Now moving left to right. We will have the headlight control on the. portion on the dashboard here and the farther along the steering column.

Well Have Our Blinker Stock Cruise

control and on the right hand side will be our windshield washer and windshield wiper control as well. We’ll notice that the fine trim pieces within it but also been finished in carbon fiber and leather trim along the dashboard. Within the center of the vehicle We’ll see our Porsche communication management system touch screen capability with navigation as well as standard Wireless Apple carplay. Now along the door paneling of the vehicle. We’ll see the power folding mirrors, which is standard equipment now rear view mirror control.

All Four Window Control Rear Child Window

locks and the trunk opening portion. The MAcanNK] will come standard with the eight-way sport seats with driver memory function located on the driver’s side door. We’ll see the door locks on driver and passenger side. doors There are two analog gauges on the left will be our miles per hour and in the center will be the central tachometer classic. For Porsche We’ll see the UK Insignia within and it will be back lit when your headlights are turned on you’ll see them illuminate with the nighttime now on the right hand gauge will be our UK display you can control this from the steering wheel and as you go through you’ll see some different screens with different options within one will be navigation.

One Will Show A Mini Map And

my particular fade will be the vehicle settings which you can change to your own individual settings. If you’d like now as with every Porsche your ignition will be on the left hand side of the steering wheel here. This particular model features Porsche entry and drive so there will be a faux key. In the slot which can be removed if you prefer to use the actual key remote. Also located on the steering wheel will be the paddle shifters left hand side will be the downshift and then the right hand side will be the up shift indicated by the minus and plus respectively.

As We Move Into The Center

console of the vehicle. We’ll notice a row of buttons at the top on the left will be UK Max on those hot days. You could press that and I’ll put the air conditioning on a full bore synchronization for the driver and passenger. Dual Zone climate as well as the front defrost, maximum rear defrost recirculation and just general air conditioning button within now standard with every Maccon model will be Dual Zone climate control. It can be controlled individually on the driver and passenger sides Also this features our PDk.

Transmission Well See The Standard Shift Pattern

from Park reverse neutral and drive to engage put your foot on the brake press down with your thumb and pull into your desired gear from there now directly below part of the Dual Zone climate control will be the auto functions direction of your air travel and standard within is heated front seats. One important item to notate would be the hazard lights located right above the transmission now on the driver’s side of the center console. We’ll see the chassis control indicated by the strut button here. If you equip with Porsche adaptive suspension management including adaptive air ride.

Well See The Adaptive Ride Height Here Directly

below that will be Porsche stability management and farther below will be the sport exhaust button located on the passenger side will be the off-road control if you quit what this model has is. Air ionizer within the cabin downhill descent control Porsche Lane keeping with traffic jam assist if equipped Porsche auto start stop function and the park assist function as well. When Porsche performed the refresh for the MAcan model line, they did relocate the 12V auxiliary outlet underneath a rubber platform. Here our two cup holders are going to be in their natural position and within the center console as we lift up there will be two UK ports as well.

This Particular Model Has Been Finished

in race tax now directly above the center console will be the overhead light controls on the left hand side We’ll see the interior lighting for the rear light brightness as well as the parking sensor control. In the center we’ll see the moonroof shade control, as well as the actual Moon NerF control and on the right closest to the passenger will be. Three Homelink buttons for your garage door openers so now here we are behind the wheel of our 2023 MAcan UK Oh leaving the dealership I’m going to leave the vehicle in its normal driving mode or how the vehicle starts right now we’re showing about third.


The 2023 MAcan UK is a 2.9 liter twin turbocharged V6 platform mounted with a PDK transmission . It produces 434 horsepower at about 405 pound-feet of torque . This translates into a 0 to 60 time of 4.&7 seconds and a quarter mile time of about 12.7 seconds . We’ll also see the Porsche Crest finishing gold black and red and red brake calipers on the front and rear of the car moving along to the driver’s side door. We’ll see the side blade in a smooth finish, unlike the UK the Mcconus, where it has a textured finish. The UK will get the smooth treatment within here. We will see the UK designation in red along the side as we move up to the rear view mirror. It has an UK turn signal within and within the mirror . We will also see a Sport Design mirror base. The car will have a V-split for a litt.& It has a V…. Click here to read more and watch the full video