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on it’s Austin with gone and 60. I hope all of you are having an awesome day Today We’re going to be covering some subwoofers, some powered subwoofers So I have a couple that I want to show you guys We’re going to do a quick comparison on them. We’re going to show which one sounds the best. I have a decibel meter so we’ll be able to measure decibels. It puts out rock songs versus rap songs.

Im Gonna Go Over Kind Of The Features

functionality of each, but really let’s just get down to which one is better, which one is the best bang for the buck and which one puts out the most sound. So here is what we’re working with today. We have the JBl Gt base pro 12. It is a ported box and then we have the Rockford Fosgate P300, which is a sealed box, so we’re going to jump into today. ‘s video I’m going to start off with showing you guys the features kind of functionality I’m not going to be covering hardly anything in terms of install.

Ill Show Just Maybe A Couple Things.

I do have another video that I talked about why you want to install a powered subwoofer in your car and how to do that And so we’re really not going to cover that I really want to make it about the performance of the speakers and with that let’s jump into it all right guys jumping into some of the differences. So these are both 12-inch subwoofers like I mentioned the JBl is a ported box if you want a little bit more kind of booming sound a little bit. Distortion then this is the box for you. If you want something a little bit more tight, a little bit more focused, a little bit more punchy.

A Sealed Box Is The Best Way To

go. It really just depends on your preferences In terms of output. One thing you guys want to look at is not the total wattage. You want to look at the Rms and the JBl. The RMs that it puts out is 150 watts and the Rms on the P300 is 300 watts.

So The Max Output Of This Guy

is 300 watts. The max output of this guy is 600, but on an average consistent basis. The RMs that’s really what you want to look at it’s kind of the average just peak it’s going to keep that base 150 versus 300. all right. In terms of size of the box you can see.

Here There Is A Difference Between The

two. The JBl is deeper and it’s actually a little bit wider than the Rockford Fosgate is. You can also see that this is a carpeted um construction and this kind of is a I don’t know I’d probably say maybe a plastic a hard plastic kind of rubber. They do have and it comes with These does have these guys on here kind of like the grill or the cover me personally I’m this isn’t kind of my jam. I don’t like the looks of this as much, but it does help protect in case you have some groceries or some golf clubs back there.

I Actually Prefer The Cover On The

Rockford Fosgate better so this is just going to completely protect the sub whereas this something could kind of still get back in here and puncture this systems of old. I i’ve had issues with stuff getting back there like golf clubs back there and kind of rattling against the base of the sub. So this definitely is going to protect you a little bit more in terms of build quality. They both feel really really good. The JBl does feel heavier than the Rockford Fosgate.

Ill Look Up Some Specs And

throw them up on the screen for you guys lastly. I do think the JBl box will probably hold up better than the Rockford Fosgate. The Rockford Fosgate based on the material. I think it’s just gonna scratch a little bit. So if you don’t care about that um, then it doesn’t matter but I do think the Rockford Fosgate based on the material.

Its Gonna Show More Wear Over Time

just based on the material that it has okay on both of these subs All the settings. Are are very similar. You have your auto turn on feature which is really nice so I have these tapped into my rear deck speakers so I don’t have to run remote wire all the way up to my head unit, which is really nice. Obviously it has the base control knob. You have your phase switch.

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You Can See Here You Can Play Around

with your low pass your bass boost your levels. One thing that i do not like about this box is as you guys can see you’re obviously going to flip this over but in order to get at these which is your power and your ground. It has a nice little cutout here so you can vertically. You know use a phillips screwdriver to loosen these to put in battery and as well as your ground and I don’t like this because you have to tilt up the box in order to get at this you have to make sure you’re using a shorter screwdriver and as we jump over here to the rockford Fosgate. You can see that it’s just here at the side of the box and what I like about this is it has a clip that you can put your power and your ground wire and just plug it straight into this so if you needed to easily release this all you do is just unplug it and there you go um in terms of the settings.

Theyre All Very Similar.

I would say I like the knobs a little bit better on the JBl base pro These are kind of cheap looking. to be honest, but it has the same you know phase high level input. It does have your remote turn on feature and I have adjusted these all to be the same. This does have two fuses in it and it actually came with a couple extra.

Theyre Both 10 Watt Fuse And

over here On the jbl it just has one and it is a 25 amp fuse and sorry. I didn’t mean what I meant amp so those are kind of the two different fuse types on the setups. So these are kind of the setups in terms of what we’re working with I’m going to go ahead and put these in the car and we’re going to turn them on We’re going to use a lot of the same settings. Exact same settings as close as we can get to and see which one puts out more. Power Okay So I’m going to put the subwoofers in the car one by one We’re going to test them out.

Were Going To Have A Rap Song,

a rock song. We’re going to test the sound a couple things that I want to talk about is guys the the settings and the results that I’m going to get are going to be probably different than what you’re going to get um. I have a stock head unit in my car. I don’t have anything after market I’m not running anything additional. I do have my dodge challenger scat pack.

It Does Have An Alpine Stereo System

in it um. It does have a 500 watt amp that does run an eight-inch subwoofer in the trunk of the car in the deck lid. So my readings are gonna be different than yours. So essentially. I have an eight inch.

Sub In My Car And A

12-inch from the powered subwoofer so I do have um the the seat down in my back seat. I do position the subwoofers in the exact same spot as close as I can get them. So all the readings and everything are as accurate as possible. I gotta hit the beat I gotta hit the beat beat I gotta hit the beat. I got it all right so I went ahead and paused this that’s about after 25 seconds of running you can see the max We got it 106.


The average 101. 1 so now we’re going to go ahead reset the data and we’re going to do kind of more of a rock song. Now guys just something to know it really depends on the music that you’re listening to you know. This is just a song that is clear to play.

On Youtube, But Its Hit The Beat

by I am Daylight so let’s go ahead and play this rock song next and we’ll see how it does so all right guys you can see we got 107 Max on that so pretty similar to the other song that we’re playing this song actually sounds really good for those of you guys who are curious is crash and burn by kissing Candace so yeah so that was the Jbl bass pro we’re gonna keep all the settings the same we’re going to switch it over to the rockford Fosgate and we’re going to see how those two compare all right guys. I got the Rockford Fosget in all the music settings are the same the same c weighted scale here on the Decibel app um we’re going to start off first with kind of the rap song let it play for. 20 seconds and then We’ll jump on over to the rock song and we’ll see we’ll see how these guys do I gotta hit the beat I gotta hit the beep all right so you guys can see there The max was 115. The average was 111. so we’ll go ahead now and let’s switch over to the rock song.

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Ill Go Ahead And Clear Out These Settings

and we will put the rock song on with the Rockford Fosgate and see how it goes okay Rockford Fosgate with the rock song test and let’s get it started is all right guys with the rock song. We got a max of 116 average of 108 and that kind of concludes the test guys all right guys One thing I just want to note. Really quick is this is as accurate of a test as I can possibly conduct even a quiet room has sound in it and you know maybe you know I’m outside I’m in my garage. I’ve tried to recreate the sound The best.

I Can All The Settings Are Exactly

the same volume the same um using the same app but just know that it’s not a hundred percent in terms of accuracy, But I just want to give you guys kind of a good baseline, so you guys can go hey yeah that that system’s for me or hey. Maybe this system’s for me. So I’m gonna go ahead and talk a little bit more about the features talk a little bit more what I like about each of them. What I dislike and then we’ll kind of go over some of the sound data to see which one.

Came Out On Top All Right Guys So

there you have it You could see from the test that the Rockford Fosgate on average was a little bit louder than the JBl for both of the songs. Obviously depending on the song that you listen to each song is recorded differently. Some song sounds better than others as you guys know so here are my opinions and here are my thoughts and kind of final conclusions in terms of.


The JBl Gt base pro 12 is a ported box and the Rockford Fosgate P300 is a sealed box . Both are 12-inch subwoofers . The RMs that it puts out is 150 watts . The max output of this guy is 300 watts . A sealed box is the best way to go. It really just depends on your preferences In terms of output. If you want a little bit more kind of kind of booming sound . Distortion then this is the box for you. Distortion . Check it out today’s episode of “Austin with gone and 60” on Facebook and Twitter @kim.com/Kimmy.com for the latest episode of this week’s Kimmy’s weekly podcast. Back to the page you came from iReport-back to kimmy’s episode of Kimby’Skimby.com’Kimby, iReport.back to thepage.com.com ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video