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greatest it’s your boy high five Vega and today I’m here to talk about the top five subwoofers that you can get for under 100. I’ll have affiliate links in the description below. If you want to purchase one of these go ahead and click on those and help your boy out with that being said I have used every single subwoofer on this list so I am recommending you subwoofers that I have personal experience with and that I think are worth the 100 or less and obviously being the guy. I am you know that I love cue cards. So I’ve got all the highlights cue cards the numbers the price right here in front of me let’s just let’s get into my number five pick number five.

My Number Five Pick Is The Scar Ix12.

This is by far the cheapest subwoofer on the list. You can pick it up on amazon right now for 52 dollars. You can basically get two of these for the price of every other subwoofer on the list and it gets my number five pick because even though this is a very entry-level subwoofer. This thing is actually a really good performer and it sounds good being so cheap.

It Is A Bit Shocking That Its

a pretty good Sub. Some of the features on the Ix 12 include 250 watts RMs. I can verify that it will handle 250 watts No problem at all it probably will handle double that as long as you’re not getting too crazy. It does have a 2-inch voice coil. This is a stamp basket.

Obviously Its Only 52 You Are Going To

get a stamped basket you are getting a stamp. In every other sub on the list except for one so that’s a bit expected. It has a seven millimeter one-way X-max that’s not a lot, but it’s enough to get it going and trust me When I say if you pick this sub up you are not going to be disappointed for the price that you pay might as well get two of them. So you can make up the difference from the more high performance subs on the list number four number four on the list is the Kicker Comp C12. This subwoofer comes in at 99.


It is a 300 watt RMs subwoofer. It has a rib surround and a reinforced cone. There is no information on the website about the actual weight of the motor or the size of the voice coil used, but what I can tell you is. These will handle the 300 watts.

Day Long Theyre Not The Most Entry Entry-Level

sub that kicker makes they’re actually one step up and these things will honestly take double the power They’re rated for and you’ll be surprised of how much output you get this subwoofer does have an x-max of 10.3 millimeters not too bad not too shabby. This is a pretty impressive sub and I think it really earns the number four spot you will definitely get your money’s worth with this 99 sub number three coming in at number three on my list is the CT Sounds Tropo 10. . It is 99 handle 650 watts Rms.

It Has A Two And A Half

inch voice cool. It’s the first on our list to have a high roll surround and it has 11 millimeters one-way x-maxx just looking at this sub you can tell it is a absolute beast It is a stamp. Talking budget subs here. I can tell you that this subwoofer is an absolute monster. It will handle 650 watts RMs and it will take it all day and if you’re looking for big bass out of a smaller driver A 10 inch you know versus a 12 or 15.

This Is The Ticket Right Here And

you’re gonna get a lot of performance out of this subwoofer for 99 you definitely won’t be disappointed if you pick up the ct sounds Tropo 10.-inch subwoofer number two number two on the list is the sundown Sa 6. 5. It comes in At 99. You guys know I had a shootout between this and the high Q six and a half.

This One Beat Out The High Q Six

and a half. Because now it is cheaper at 99. Then you can get a high cube six and a half fantastic subwoofer. Go through some of the specs. It does handle 200 watts RMs as you’ve seen in my test.

Ill Have A Link In The Description Below

so you can check that out I absolutely tortured this thing with five six, seven hundred watts and it took it all day long No problem whatsoever it has the 1.5 inch voice coil, which is pretty beefy for a six-inch sub. If you ask me and it does have 10 millimeters of one-way x-max. So this matches every other sub on the list and it’s a six and a half that is crazy performance. I know we’re swinging a little bit back to smaller base.

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Were Going From A 12 And A

10 to a six and a half but trust me when I tell you if you’re looking for six and a half. This small driver is freaking awesome it deserves. Two spot no question whatsoever Number one if you want to help support your boy and get some sweet t-shirts check out my merch store at Hifivega. com under the merch tab or you can just click the link below and it’ll take you directly to that site. I have several different versions of this shirt a high five.

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I’m sure that I got something you’ll like and I appreciate the support all right we’re on to my number one pick and you guys get ready to hate because my number one pick is the Rockville K6 12-inch subwoofer. It comes in at 99 handles 600 watts Rms, and this sub actually handles 600 watts Rms. No questions about that it has a two and a half inch voice coil and a double stacked 100 ounce magnet. It has A cast basket which is the first on this list helping it get the number one spot and 22 millimeters of one-way X-max I don’t know if that’s a true 22 millimeters of one-way X-max. I think maybe that might be two ways, but it’s listed on the site as 22 millimeters one-way X-maxx and if it does have that much it is truly impressive as far as this sub in general.

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These Unlike The Canines Were Absolutely

tanks and they would take the power that you gave them all day and they performed very well and they sound pretty good. If you’re looking for a killer budget 12 inch and you just want something in your trunk that’s going to perform well past the price you pay. This rockville K612 is definitely hitting that sweet spot and you will be very happy with this subwoofer as long as you. And feed it 600 watts that’s it that is my personal top five subwoofers that you can get under 100. I know I left a ton of subs out because I just haven’t tested everything under a hundred dollars.

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below, What are your go-to subwoofers for under 100. I’m always interested in seeing your picks and a lot of times. You guys cue me in to brands and deals that I didn’t know anything about so I’m very interested to hear your picks below with that being said. I hope you did enjoy this top five list if you like stuff like this you like amp dinos you like podcast you like subwoofer test go ahead and hit that subscribe button click the little bell so you get notifications and for those of you that are already subscribed. I appreciate each and every one.

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in the next video. I’d like to thank all my patreon supporters, but a special shout out goes to the six star or more members 2001 Monolithic Gene Nava Joaquin Juarez El Fuego, Travis, Mclendon, Brandon Hannah, William, Burke, Box Boy, audio sound Solution, Jesus Tires Orion, The Great, Dennis Cromwell Jr. Scott Dilbeck, D Stewart, Aaron Waltz, David Koslick, Scott Mccord and Matthew Tolberg for as little two dollars a month. You can join the team and help me reach my goal of 200 a month. So I can do an exclusive Patreon only monthly podcast for every tier from two dollars all the way up.

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to listen to my pitch and if you want to support check me out at you must be a true Og because you knew to stick around after. The credits on my Top five list, So you can get that honorable mention and this time my honorable mention is the Sundown LCs 10 inch subwoofer. This didn’t make the main list because it’s kind of hard to find, but I do have a link to the ones available in the description below.

So Lets Kind Of Check Out The

specs of this LCs 10-inch subwoofer. It is rated 300 watts RMs. I’ve tested this it definitely handles 300 watts Rms No problem honestly in my opinion, it handles more like 600 watts RMs. It has a 2-inch voice coil and a 14 millimeter one-way x-maxx.

This Sub Actually Has More X-Max Than Any

other sub on the list. Outside of that Rockville K6. It’s a fantastic sub and you can pick it up for 98 click on the link in the description below and let me know. It you?


Vega talks about the top five subwoofers that you can get for under 100 . The scar Ix12 is by far the cheapest subwoofer on the list . The Kicker Comp C12 is a 300-watt 300 watt subwowoofer . Vega has used all of the subs on this list so he is recommending you subwofters that he has personal experience with and that I think are worth the 100 or less and obviously being the guy. Yeah, I just want to be the greatest it’s your boy high five Vega and today I’ll have affiliate links in the description below. If you want to purchase one of these go ahead and click on those and help your boy out with that being said.& If you know that I’ll had affiliate links to the descriptions of the descriptions below. For more information, visit . Back to the page you came from the page…. Click here to read more and watch the full video