Roku Smart Soundbar Wireless Subwoofer Review

The smart sound bar is a full-blown Roku built inside of it so all you have to do is connect this up to your television and you get better sound . Underneath it is their new sub woofer and this connects wirelessly to the sound bar to add a little

Top 5 Subwoofers Under 100 2021

Vega talks about the top five subwoofers that you can get for under 100 . The scar Ix12 is by far the cheapest subwoofer on the list . The Kicker Comp C12 is a 300-watt 300 watt subwowoofer . Vega has used all of the subs on this list so

Q Bomb 12 VL Single Subwoofer Enclosure Review

The box has a decent size to it it is completely rectangular. It is coated with a really really rugged bedliner. The terminals on it are the spring loaded guys and they feel really solid the hole the terminal cut feels really good. The only thing I would recommend probably

Emotiva Airmotiv SE12 Dual Subwoofer Review

The Se12 is a 12-inch downward firing subwoofer from Emotiva . It has a frequency response from 28 Hertz to 200 Hertz . It is 17 inches tall, 15 and three quarters of an inch wide . It weighs 38 pounds and costs 399 dollars before we get too far

Bestisan Powered Subwoofer Review

Jerome Jr. is reviewing the best in power subwoofer model SW65d . He says the frequency response is as low as 40 hertz all the way up to 250 hertz . The amplifier that is built in it is a 60-watt amp and is able.& to push out 50 watts