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Hey Guys Its Jerome Jr And This

week video. I’m going to be reviewing the best in power subwoofer model SW65d um so I’m gonna go ahead and do a review. I’m gonna start off by showing what comes in the box We’re gonna open it up. Then I’m gonna go into the review and listen to the subwoofer for a while and give you my final thoughts and even show a little demo so let’s jump right into it and let me open this up so this is pretty cool it does when you open the box come with the setup guide representative and then inside of that in the ziploc. It does have optical cables and some coaxial cables.

So It Gives You All The

connections you need that’s great and then there is another box next to it and what that got inside of it is. The actual power cable or power adapter for you to actually plug this up up so now that being said Let me switch back over to my other camera and let’s pull this thing out. Let me move everything out the way and I’m just going to flip it over all right set this box over on this side here and let’s pull this thing out get our first takes behind the books all right guys and here it is all right guys. Let me go over some of the specs now that’s off the box um the driver The so first up is a six and a half inch subwoofer all right um If you’re wondering the frequency response. It hits as low as 40 hertz all the way up to 250 hertz.

The Amplifier That Is Built In

it is a 60-watt amp and is able. to push out 50 watts Rms, so the sub is not bad considering the driver size as far as how much power can actually output now the finish that they’re stating that this is finishing is a black oak to me. It looks like a like a veneer. It’s really smooth on top and on the side when it has like a texture to it really nicely finished. I must say the dimensions if you’re wondering the height is 12.

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6 Inches.

The width is 6. 3 inches. The dimensions on the depth is 6. 3 inches, so it’s pretty compact actually you know it’s not big it’s not going to take up a lot of space, especially if you’re planning on putting this underneath your desk or you have a small room where your sound bar is at it’s not going to take up too much room.

This Does Weigh About 8.

2. pounds so it’s also once again not heavy so you can definitely put this into a shelf somewhere hidden now. I did want to say. This does have built-in Bluetooth and there are so many different ways that you can go ahead and connect this subwoofer up you can go ahead and basically connect your phone to the bluetooth which works really good.

Its Pretty Fast And Connect These

two like a set of power bookshelf speakers I’m like i’m like I’m actually gonna that’s the way I’m gonna end up using it um and showing on the demo or you can go ahead and connect it connect this directly to say your Tv through the optical cable if you want to add a little bit more bass to your Tv , so it’s just a lot of flexibility with the way the ports in the interface they. On the back of the subwoofer let me actually go ahead and show you guys the back of it all right guys now looking at the back side of the subwoofer what you find is two knobs use fine two coaxial hookups. One for audio outs left and right one for audio in and they’re not optical . So both of these sources can be used as audio coming into the actual subwoofer that one is the only one for audio out so fortunately, if you wanted to send audio to whatever external device you have optical wise or anything like that that is not possible. One thing I do want to note out is while right here.

This One Is The Low Pass

filter knob now the one thing i don’t like about this knob is that it only shows writing for 60 Hertz and 240 Hertz 250. Hertz my bad but there’s no little lines or anything I’m going up um and there’s really no clicking feedback so like you. Don’t feel like you’re clicking as you progress and it kind of sucks because it makes it kind of hard to fine tune. When you want it to cross over like. For example, you know that subwoofers majority of people like to cross over their subs.

At 80 Hertz 120 Hertz And

it would just been cool if they would add writing wherever 120 Hertz and 80 Hertz would have been that’s my one thing. I don’t like about it. There is a led indicator and it’s cool that they did etch in or tell you what the indications mean so like when it’s on red. It’s on standby and so that’s where it’s when it’s off white is optical input we have on. The optical in as a sound source blue’s, bluetooth and orange is for audio in so that’s pretty cool now you might be asking well.

How Do You Cycle Through I Didnt

see a remote in the box you’re right there’s not one this value knob right here that twists now this is a nice knob because it as you twist it does give you a clicky feel so you do get a tactile feedback so that’s nice but this also if you click it’s a button that cycle through the modes so you basically press and hold and that will turn it off um. But if you press it and hold it it’ll turn back on and then you just cycle through your inputs um. The bluetooth the way it pops up it comes up as the actual name of the device itself um so it’s pretty easy. How to connect it to the to your phone and just the way the back is designed It’s definitely just simple straight to the point and yeah so let me go ahead and now and get this all plugged up and plug them up to my bookshelf speakers and let you guys hear what they sound like and I’m gonna go ahead and actually do some time myself and listen to them which I already have been listening to this and then I’ll wrap this video up and give you my opinion all right guys. So this is how I have a setup for the demo.

I Have The Subwoofer Hooked Up To My

edifier R1280t power bookshelf speakers here’s the subwoofer down here Have it down here for right now. I’m going to also put it on the table and see how it sounds but when you look at the side just for you guys to know for reference. I do have everything set to flat on the bookshelf speakers. Both show speakers are set to max value max. The subwoofer itself is set to volume Max.

Also Um.

The light is blinking blue on the back because I do currently have my phone connected on bluetooth and I will be able to control the volume of the sound coming to both the bookshelf speakers and the subwoofer by controlling my phone volume so basically. I have my bookshelf speakers connected to its audio out and this is how it connected on the back of my edifiers there you go so let’s see how this subwoofer sounds so so that guys that basically wraps up the sound demo tell me what you think below could you hear the sub could you hear the difference with the sub playing with the bookshelf speakers and not playing with the bookshelf speakers. I know I could it wasn’t that big of a dramatic difference between it, but you could hear the sub-filling out the lows with that being said I know I use the edifier 1280 t’s. You would think that wouldn’t be powerful of bookshelf speakers to outpower the sub, but it kind of was that story.

I Felt Like These Four Little

inch drivers on these bookshelf speakers kind of outpower this up you know. If you have these bookshelf speakers on your desktop setup and you wanted to add a sub-I feel like the sub-will work but it’s not gonna add such an impact, but if you have smaller satellite speakers on your desktop. Definitely this sub-will work it sounds clean. It adds bluetooth capability.

Its So Versatile On How You

can hook it up to things um that yeah it will make sense if you have a soundbar and the soundbar didn’t come with a sub. This will make sense. This is how you can get that sub to that soundbar, especially if you like it. You know if you love your vizio 5.

1 And 3.

1 and the sub just for some reason quit on you. I mean this would be a good option for you to keep that soundbar. What I recommend it depends what you’re looking for like.

I Mentioned Before If Youre Looking

for a sub to add to your your um sound bar sure go for it so that basically wraps up my reviews. If you guys have any questions go ahead and drop it down below. I’ll go ahead and give you guys an answer to the best of my abilities and hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video definitely if you want to see the review on my edifier 1280 t’s go ahead and let me know all right guys drums you.


Jerome Jr. is reviewing the best in power subwoofer model SW65d . He says the frequency response is as low as 40 hertz all the way up to 250 hertz . The amplifier that is built in it is a 60-watt amp and is able.& to push out 50 watts Rms, so the sub is not bad considering the driver size as far as how much power can actually output now the finish that they’re stating that this is finishing is a black oak to me. The dimensions if you’re wondering the height is 12.&6 inches, the width is 6.&3 inches, so it’s pretty compact actually you know it’s not big actually . The dimensions on the depth is 6-3 inches.& The dimensions of the depth are 6.and the dimensions are 6-and-a-piece . The sub is able to be fitted with an amplifier and the amplifier is able . to push . out of it is 30.5 inches…. Click here to read more and watch the full video