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Never Enough Tech well it’s finally time to make my most massive video yet where I review a particular set of Soundbar systems that could plausibly cause a career-ending injury. I’m not out of the woods yet were these four systems I’m about to compare provided to me obviously yes by Amazon after I paid them the contenders. The 2021 Klipsch Cinema 1200 for a thousand dollars so much hype even more Snub what went wrong was the 1200 treated fairly we’ll dig into that next. The 2020 Sonos ARc with two Sonos ones and a gen 3 sub costing you nineteen hundred and fifty dollars from Sonos if bought as a set third the nineteen hundred dollars 2022 Samsung Q990b the third and recently uncarpeted entry in the very popular and formidable Q900 series last the enigmatic Don’t give a fig 2021. HTa9, a four-speaker system coupled with the Sony Sa SW5 base module total cost twenty-three hundred dollars is the A9 A one-off or the radical new Direction.

The Industry Should Follow.

I’ll give you my two cents at the end of the video and about those prices they’ve all changed multiple times just while preparing for the review driving me nuts. I cited the UK manufacturer’s price at the day of this recording. The prices vary by day and region often dramatically, so if it’s too expensive check again tomorrow now if you’re my one Super Fan you’re surely aware that I’ve given each of these systems a dedicated review. You can find those in the description for this comparison.

I Wont Go Into The Same Kind Of

detail. Rather. I’ll pursue an An Earnest reassessment to steer you in as prude in a direction as I can given the current state of these systems in my latest wisdom on how to judge these things outline I’m going to rank stuff Aesthetics design and build this matters what we surround ourselves with and its beauty or lack. Thereof has psychological and or marital ramifications. End of story Second a broad category I’m calling utility so a highest level review of the specs accompanied by my identifying commentary for those just embarking on their sound Bar curious Journey third user experience which system is least or most likely to fly out a window kind of thing.

Fourth Audio Ill Rank By Cinema Music And

overall Sound Performance. Fifth I’ll wrap up by declaring the overall best bar money is NO OBject design and build starting with the Klipsch Cinema 1200 as you can see. It takes on the traditional Klipsch Soundbar form clouded in an itchy sweater covering the front top and bottom. You’ll find the obligatory tractrix horn on each end, which serve both Form and Function on the very ends of these horns set replaceable wooden end caps the right cap hides the service port on top are two shiny circles outlining two high drivers, High drivers and shiny circles are unique to the cinema 1200 having owned this system for well over a year. It’s clear this bar wants to settle into a humble homely bless your heart kind of look as the wool sweater is not merely uncomfortable, but a supernatural magnet that attracts anything and everything personally.

I Have Limited Interest In Grooming My

soundbar for a dog show so it looks bad but more responsible owners may feel compelled to keep up appearances. The bar is quite wide. at 54 inches and is unusually deep at 6. 2 inches, so this could impact your well-laid plans to fit it somewhere in your house measure carefully. The bar is built with real wood material which a naive person might just shorten to Wood, but I don’t think that is technically correct in any case.

The Build Quality Is Sturdy.

The rears largely the same story as the bar the same wood material accents right angles the same scratchy sweater. The footprint is within the normal range, but it stands noticeably taller than the bulk of its peers I imagine when the 1200 was being envisioned an eager executive stormed in and made his desires known using only grunts. The staffers wanting to speak the same language pleaded with smaller grunts, but that backfired and merely inflated the executive’s front response the sub is the biggest run it’s a wooden cabinet. Monolith It’s massive with a 16-by 16-inch base and stands 20.

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2 Inches High, While The 12-Inch Downward Firing Woofer

would airlift Wimpy Your sound equipment it’s 46.5 pounds of pure Bassy stuff keeps it Earthbound you even though the build comes across as a little Eagle scoutish all the components feel sturdy. Though one leg on the base has come a bit loose and the rubber padding had to be glued back on so I’m not super impressed with that particular execution. The Sonos Arc. It’s elegant while not calling too much attention to itself okay The white one’s a little prissy.

Its Eponymous With Its Rounded 270 Degree

curve. So ARc not a R c, which is an important home theater acronym We’ll touch on later but unrelated to the system’s name the ends house side firing speakers that have a slight concavity to them. It. has 76 000 holes drilled into the housing. It’s all plastic, but the Striking sturdiness makes it quite plain that not all Plastics are created equal.

Its Certainly Much Wider Than Its Predecessor

the play bar, but narrower than most other Flagship sound bars the rears In this case. The Sonos ones are the smallest rear speakers in this comparison, but not the lightest being four pounds and 33 percent heavier than the 1200 rears. They got some let’s say reassuring gravity given the size The Grille is plastic and covers the front and sides. There is not a grill on top just speaker controls mainly for when they are not paired with The ARc. This is a good cue that these speakers were not specifically designed to extend the arcs UK audio vertical effects I’ll riff more on that later all in all this speaker design introduced over 10.

Years Ago Yikes Holds Up Fairly Well And

was certainly boosted by the facelift In 2017. the Gen 3 sub, which was released the same time as the Sonos ARc. So June 2020 is the smallest of the four Subs, but again not the lightest at 29 pounds. It keeps the signature missing Middle look introduced in the first gen, which leaves room for the two Force canceling drivers, which keeps the thump without making those below feel as if they’re in a bomb shelter its design leans toward tasteful modern art piece. Let’s just pretend that’s a category and it’s constructed largely from a proprietary resin that categorically gives it a premium feel.

The Arc Home Theater Ensemble Is

impressive and looks and build hard to knock it. The Samsung Q990b the bar I’d say has amongst the highest marks in touch and feel amongst the everything in one. Box kits, which is kind of a humble looking crew. It’s made mostly of metal and has a full face Grille on six of its eight sides. It keeps the same dimensions in hexagonal form as the Q950t and a, but the B looks so much better in metal than what that is.

The Rears Also Impressively Built And

surprisingly holding more weight per volume than the Sonos ones. They are encased in the same metal material as the bar relative to the previous models. The rears got an injection of personality and they’re just more crafted and detailed. For example, with the sound enhancing curved grilles on the top inside and it sits on this little pedestal. How cute the sub.

Its A Dulling Gray Monotone Sensory Assault

with the glaring exception of this alluring Ray Saucer which Samsung terms an acoustic lens, Gotta Love, New Jargon anyway. The lens raises the sub from the banal to the occasional hey is that a subwoofer from your friends Yes it is friend. It is and I definitely have friends the design and build gets a check mark and is a full step above average considering the broad landscape Alright last the Sony HTa9 with the UK Sw5 submodule. The control box is an enlarged Apple UK with sick fence. The front half and top of each of the four speakers are all Grill.

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The Back Half Is Covered In This Sandpaper-Like

material. It Feels frankly a little out of place and makes you wonder why your two thousand dollar kit feels a little bit like it’s meant to prep walls for a paint job anyway. The speaker’s appearance is half striking and half neutral striking in that they have a very atypical aspect ratio kind of slim. Given that they’re over a foot tall and they’re round with the slice cut out in the back, which is unusual for a home theater speaker. Though at the same time, it’s given a stylish but subdued coloring, so it can perhaps more convincingly blend into off-white walls.

The Design And Build Is Perfectly Fine But

I did expect a more premium feel for the two thousand dollars from both the speakers and the control box just being honest the Sa Sw5. The sub module. It’s nice looking rounded corners and covered largely in this faux. leather with fine acoustic fabric on the front and back, but why the back the front grille hides a 180 millimeter driver and under this raised area is a complementary downward facing passive radiator. It’s Unique looks decent Built Well doesn’t seem to have much in common with the A9 stylistically other than they share the omnidirectional block design label, which means they’re a single block and have rounded edges.

Sort Of Ranking.

Sonos is the most artfully crafted and consistently refined across the four components. Build quality is unquestionably strong visually. The ARc system will evoke the greatest amount of Envy second third and last theNK] 9 Q990b Cinema 1200 respectively. Channel Count I sense I need to sneak it in here, but I don’t know where to put it in my outline.

The Cinema 1200.

The bar is a 3. 0. 2 channel speaker, which means three channels shooting. Shooting horizontally, namely the left Center and right channels.

There Are Zero Base Channels Integrated Into

the bar and two channels projecting sound up and off the ceiling to imposter overhead ceiling speakers. Each rear speaker is a 1. 0. 1 speaker with an ear and high channel so along with the sub you’re looking at a 5. 1.

4 System 10 Channels.

THe ARc is a 5. 0. 2 speaker with a left Center and right channel in the front along with the left and right surround channel on the sides. When you add the Sonos ones both 1.

0 Channel Speakers.

The system transforms into a you guessed it a 5. 0. 2 sound system. Yes the arc for whatever reason is not a 7 dot whatever enabled so when you add surrounds what happens is the directional ear level channel so left and lefts around.

For Example, Merge And Form A Lets Say

super left and right. In the Sonos ones act as a traditional rear surrounds. After adding the sub-we get a 5. 1. 2 system eight official channels.

Though Super 8 Seems More Appropriate

the Q990b they treat speakers Like IT’s Hot Sauce they put that on everything it’s a 7.0. 2 bar so seven ear level channels Center Left Right surround right and left and wide angle right and left. Naturally there are two upward firing channels as well front height left and right. The surrounds also Freaks Come in hot at 2.


1 channels when 1. 0 was the norm until about five minutes ago So they offer not one but two ear level. Channels, one pointed directly at The Listener, a traditional rear and the other towards.


Aesthetics design and build matters what we surround ourselves with and its beauty or lack has psychological and or marital ramifications . I’ll pursue an An Earnest reassessment to steer you in as prude in a direction as I can given the current state of these systems . The prices vary by day and region often dramatically, so if it’s too expensive check again tomorrow now if you’re my one Super Fan you’re surely aware that I’ve given each of the systems a dedicated review. You can find those in the description for this comparison.& I won’t go into the same kind of detail. Instead I’ll go into a broad category I’m calling utility so ¬†Utility so I’m going to rank stuff Aesthetic . The price of the system has all changed multiple times just while preparing for the review driving me nuts. I cited the UK manufacturer’s price at the day of this recording.& The prices between the day and month of the review. The prices ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video