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Whats Going Onnk] Poof That Net This

is UK blaze and I’m here in the lab to give you guys a full breakdown review video of the new Behringer Be 1500 D professional powered subwoofer and this is from the euro live lineup of Behringer speakers. They have a large range of speakers to choose from if you guys are into anything for your UK setup for your professional UK setup for your club bar or any type of installation where you require loud sound. They have a whole big range of powered and non-powered speaker systems, including woofers including 10 inch 12-inch 8-inch. They got something for basically everyone with thee you’re a live lineup but for today’s review we’re going to focus on the Behringer 15-inch Be 1500 D Pro powered subwoofer and basically. This is their 1400 watt 1000 watt UK setup.

Setup Subwoofer System And Were Gonna Just

break it down starting with the actual overall impressions and the build quality and off the bat. You can tell that this is just a very well–constructed piece of pro audio Here. There is a good construction all the way around really thick wood. We have a metal grate around the front to protect your woofer. There’s also two oversized air inlets and outlets motor for the subwoofer to breathe.

We Also Have A Molded Type Of Covering

over the top bottom and corners of the whole setup that way it protects you against scratch against Nicks scrapes you know bangs anything that can crack wood. This won’t be able to be cracked because of the way that it has this molded UK type of covering to it on the front top and corners. The handles on the sides are also made from. ##NK] molded heavy duty type handle They’re very ergonomic. They feel better than most of the others out there and it needs to because this is the heaviest subwoofer that we reviewed to date on UK Booth Dinette and this comes in at about a hundred pounds and up top.

We Have A 35 Millimeter Old Mountain

that’s for your full range or your other speakers. So that you can mount them right on top of this bad boy. So the construction overall is very good and you can tell that they really took their time with it and they made sure that they were going to build a product that was going to last. It really feels solid all around. So next step.

Well Take A Look At The Inputs And

outputs on the back okay now that we have it set up to the back we can see. Everything in this system first off you’re going to see in the rear is a recessed panel. That way all of your controls and everything are recessed. Even if you have this up against a wall or up against another speaker or in a tight space. So right there you’re gonna see the big radiator for the Class D power amplifier underneath that you have your power connector here along with me on off push button style switch and there’s also a small user replaceable fuse here that will unscrews.

You Can Pull It Out And

replace it just in case. You have any issues like that with this system where you’re bumping it too excessively loud or out of the right frequencies and you get any type of fuse blow. You can easily replace that yourself so nice line of defense and nice to know that it’s there to. replace yourself very easily so up top This is where we have a lot of the features of the unit and a lot of the features will set this one apart from other subwoofers out there on the market. This is a thousand watt continuous system and as such, this was actually pretty much the loudest and the heaviest base thump that we could get for this type of price but back to the inputs and outputs all we have here.

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Nk] Female And Male Connectors Only Uk

inputs and outputs here that’s one of my minor gripes with the system and that’s because it would be nice to have you know some type of some type of dual input type of plug. There may be a quarter into end UK just to give you some added versatility but again that’s a minor gripe and it really won’t hurt most. Most of us out there as there’s plenty of different type of tables that you can choose and adapters in order to plug that up just how you need it. So we have the input a input B. Your dual UK inputs then you have your through outputs which will give you back out exactly the same frequencies in same input that you’re getting in the input.

Youll Get The Same Output Right

through the next up is the output A and the output able to give you an output with the frequency of a hundred or more 100 kilohertz or more or higher, and you’ll get your output here. This is for your actual high and mid-range speaker systems. You plug them right into here and you’re ready to go So this in a sense will act as a built-in crossover so that you don’t damage your other speakers. Bass that the subwoofer will eventually crank out up top. We have a boost frequency switch and knob and basically.

This Is Unique To This Type Of

subwoofer. They have a boost of where you can actually add 6 UK 6 decibel levels to the actual sound. Just by flicking that switch to on and you have a boost frequency range. Knob that gives you a chance to select which range of that boost do you want to be enacted on the base. So you can have that dead actual boost located at the 45 Hertz or the 85 Hertz line depending on where you can figure this not below that that we have the high cut knob, which actually determines the frequency that the subwoofer will handle and we also have a level knob.

All These Knobs Are Very Sturdy, Very

tight and built to last for sure and there’s also a phase normal or reverse switch here that way you can change the polarity based upon your type of speakers that you’re using along with the system. There’s also a limit signal and power light so that you know when your system is turned on when your system has signal through the UK inputs and also you’ll know when you have hit your limit and that light up will light there okay next up we’ll speak about the sound quality in the system, so I’ve been learning it out a lot around in this review. This is a 1000-watt continuous system that’s a lot of power and I was skeptical. At first. I didn’t know whether this Behringer product was going to hold up to a reputation of being a great product.

And Having A Lot Of Power And Not

giving me any issues and I’m happy to say that just like with some of the other recent products To date, Manager stepped up their game and produced a high quality product with a great great sound to back it up. It’s a very powerful system. This is the most powerful system that we’ve tested here on UK booth net it’s the loudest system. It was the most responsive and I just can’t recommend this enough based on sound quality alone. So you’re getting a nice system.

We Put It Through The Test Of About

two and a half hours. We ran the whole system at 50% volume or higher. Throughout the whole test. We never got any hiccups.

We Never Reached The Limit.

We never had any type of loud popping or anything that was out of the ordinary or that. Wasn’t supposed to happen happen? So we tested this using hip-hop drum and bass a little bit of techno, a little bit of house other type of club music UK and it just handled well phenomenally throughout the whole time that we used the system so basically. In conclusion, we’re gonna recommend this setup to anybody out there who needs a really good good bass system for under 500 bucks.

You Can Pick These Up For $490 At

retail and you can probably find it cheaper than that if you look around enough and there’s I don’t think there’s anything else that’s coming close to the actual bass response and the loudness of this system in that type of price range. So this is a highly recommended system for anyone with a small to medium sized venue gig or bars and clubs and if you have a large size system. can always stack these one on top of the other. These are molded type of casing here that we spoke about earlier are stackable so you can stack a couple of these up.

You Can Put Them Side-By-Side And You Can

essentially not allowed or a large a large venue with with these this set up and I would personally trust this set up to do my own gigs of performances so for the full written review head on over to Www.amazingpublicspeaking. com you.

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Behringer Be 1500 D Pro powered subwoofer is the latest in a long line of speakers from the UK live lineup of speakers . This is a 1400-watt 1000 watt UK setup . The Be1500 D Pro is the heaviest subwowoofer that we reviewed to date on UK Booth Dinette and this comes in at about a hundred pounds and up top . The handles on the sides are also made from. a molded heavy duty type handle They’re very ergonomic. They feel better than most of the others out there and it needs to because this is . this is the . heaviest sub woofer that . we reviewed . to date . and this is about a 100 pounds and . up top. We have a 35 millimeter old mountain that’s for your full range of speakers or your other speakers. The Be 1500 Pro is for your . other speakers . We have no idea what to do with our review of this review. We are happy to give it a review….. Click here to read more and watch the full video