2023 Toyota Prius Limited AWD POV Driving Impressions


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Today Were Driving The All-New 2023 Toyota Prius We

are in a top trim limited all-wheel drive. We have a 196 horsepower in a PRius now look at that 0-60 in about seven seconds. This is a really big update for the new Prius. It’s a whole new redesigned car. The biggest news is probably on the outside where we can see some of the visual enhancements and new design.

Lets Walk You Around This New Prius.

We’ll show you what it looks like inside and out talk about some of its features and then we’ll take it for a drive and give you guys some thoughts on what it’s like behind the wheel, but when we’re driving today is painted in wind Chill Pearl UK on this is around 37 000 the base alley all-wheel drive Prius starts at under 30 grand really nice sloping roof super Sleek design. Little bit more weight has been put towards the rear of the car. Dare say it almost looks sporty love the new front end and what’s interesting about this new design is it doesn’t really carry over much design language from other Toyota models. It’s very unique.

We Have 19-Inch Wheels Wrapped In 195

50 R19 tires kind of an interesting tire size not a very common size and not a lot of tires optional in this size so we’ll see if tire manufacturers start to make tires specifically for the Prius or if you have to go outside of the stock sizing to get winter tires ETc really a striking looking car. I I love the way this looks it’s lower wider stiffer stronger all that good stuff. You do get a little bit less Headroom in the rear but a little bit more leg room I believe. In the last generation Prius I’m five foot ten seated behind myself I’m pretty comfortable plenty of space for my knees. I’m about an inch and a half of room above my head Foreign.

This Limited Model Is Very Nicely Appointed Inside

soft text seating surfaces really soft touch points materials feel very high quality, especially for the price point. We can see if we have a little bit of an ambient lighting strip there and that also plays into some of the Safety Systems. In this new Prius a very similar looking steering wheel and gauge display to the Bz4X. When that first came out. I thought gosh.

This Really Looks Like The Modern Interpretation Of

the original Prius interior and here We are this actually I think looks pretty good in this Prius. It fits it well and the rest of this cabin is very ergonomically friendly lots. of physical controls Everything is very well placed. I love the interior design on this new priest. I think it looks really good back seat’s a little bit dull a little bit Spartan, but all of your materials are nice and it is comfortable back here.

You Even Get This Dual Pane Fixed

glass roof let’s open the hatch take a look back there two buttons right underneath the Toyota logo. This limited model has an automatically lifting tailgate a little bit higher of a load floor and underneath. We have some white styrofoam to put some more things. You can also pull this out have a little more room underneath. I believe some other markets have two load floor Heights you might even be able to fit a spare under this.

Who Knows The White Styrofoam Is Production Even

though these are pre-production cars apparently there’s fewer static electricity. to White styrofoam as opposed to black styrofoams that’s why Toyota went with white at least that’s what they’ve told me today decent amount of space back here you’ve got a little bit of a cargo cover, but it is a little bit less than what we’ve seen in previous Priuses front seat room in this feels pretty good but the rear storage area and the back is a little bit more cramped still I think a very usable space takes 87 octane. This limited all-wheel drive is rated for 49 miles to the gallon in the city 50 miles a gallon on the highway the base model Le front wheel drive can get up to 57 UK. In this form this weighs about a little over 3 300 pounds. We now have a two-liter engine up front.

It Makes About 150 Horsepower.

This all-wheel drive Prius makes. net between their front and rear electric motors and this 2-liter gasoline engine up from a 1. 8 liter a little bit quieter, a little bit more refined a little bit smoother of a Powertrain and I’ve got to say 0 to 60 in about seven seconds. This can really get out of its way.

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Finally, There Are A Few Neat Little

Easter eggs in this new Prius not sure how easily you’ll be able to see them in the sunlight but a little Prius logo right there. It says hybrid reborn right here and there’s a few other smattered throughout the trim and the car looks pretty sharp on these 19s. Though I think 19s are a little bit excessively large for something like this you’re definitely going to take an efficiency hit versus the 17-inch wheels and like I said earlier tires are going to be a bit. to find for the size and probably more expensive with a larger diameter all right Let’s hop up front we’ll show you around this interior a bit and we’ll take this for a drive so in this limited model you get all of the features we have a heated steering wheel that also shows up in The UK buttons to pop the tailgate fuel filler two seat memory settings heated and ventilated seats same reverse camera that we get in the other Prius models. It would be nice to get a 360 cam or at least a higher res camera.

Its Looking A Little Bit Bargain Basement But

that’s kind of where that ends the rest of this interior feels very very premium Wireless carplay is standard. We have the same Toyota. I believe it’s a 12. 3-inch display that we get in some other models same infotainment UK here. No big differences there mostly you’re going to be living in carplay Android auto It’s a pretty fast, responsive system.

You Have A Wired Connection Or Wirelessly

connect it very clever wireless charging situation right here just a little slot to kind of slip your phone down into get our drive mode selector down here you can choose between custom sport normal and ECo in custom mode. You can change settings like your powertrain preferences and air conditioning between Eco and normal. It’s pretty clever. We’ll probably mostly just drive in normal mode that’s a very nice balanced setting. We have Toyota safety Sense 3.

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0 In This New Prius As Well As

a system called Proactive driving assist. It does a number of different things. One feature you might notice if we’re at a stop light and the vehicle pulls out ahead of us and I haven’t gone yet the little UK strip here the ambient lighting strip will flash to notify me to pay attention. Another thing is at speeds. I believe under 30-35 miles per hour.

If You Let Off The Throttle.

The car will kind of slow down in relation to other traffic around it without having to press the brake pedal. That is a system that you can turn on and off in the settings, but after getting used to it. It’s kind of nice we’ve seen similar systems in UK and some other models and some other vehicles decent amount of storage in this Prius got some room for a smaller water bottle and a door pocket and then two water bottle holders right here there’s also some under. storage there in this rubber lined Shelf UK type-c ports cigarette lighter charger here’s what our glove box looks like that’s pretty large.

We Also Get The Uk Sound System And

this limited model we’ll be sure to test that at the end of this video. I was actually pretty impressed with the standard unbranded audio. This UK definitely takes things up a notch it’s actually I think one of Toyota‘s better UK sound systems that I’ve ever heard that this and the Highlander are very very nice very powerful sound systems all right. I think that’s a pretty good walk around the rest of the stuff is pretty straightforward. We’ve got a few displays here.

In Our Gauge Cluster View You

can see some settings see your music Safety Systems our UK you can see all-wheel drive torque distribution energy monitor tire pressures. We’ll leave it on this all-wheel. display I think that’s kind of interesting and then you of course you can see your ECo power charge meter that we’ve seen on Priuses Since the beginning the shifter is similar to what we’ve seen in other Prius models in the past Falls to hand beautifully when you’re just resting your arm on your armrest right here it’s super easy to operate once you get the hang of it. Oh one more thing. I want to show you guys check this out look how beautifully integrated this fin is for satellite radio there’s this whole piece.

Its All Just Molded Into That Really

nice attention to detail in that design door handles integrated into this black piece right here so you don’t really have a visual element cutting up that back door pretty striking looking profile considering this is the Prius okay let’s go for a drive when you. First get behind the wheel of this this driving position is a bit strange and that you have to kind of figure out your steering wheels relationship so that you can still see the gauge cluster, so you want to get the steering wheel a little bit lower luckily There’s a ton of adjustment. I think the only drivers who might have a bit of an issue are shorter. Drivers I rode with someone who is six foot four earlier today. I didn’t have any problem fitting in here and seeing the gauge cluster and getting a good position with their steering wheel at low speeds super smooth Powertrain here at speeds below 23 24 miles per hour.

Theres A Bit Of An Electric Whirring Noise

because most of the time at those speeds the car is going to be in UK mode. Steering is light quality is nice not. Really noticing too much of a difference in driving Dynamics between this all-wheel drive car and the front wheel driveNK] that I drove earlier. This new Prius does Drive incredibly well. I think it’s one of Toyota’s Nicest products that it has on sale right now It just it feels so high quality for something that costs as little as 30 grand out the door it’s pretty impressive how nice.

This Feels This Drives As Well

as some lexuses the powertrain refinement the material Choice the NVH in here it’s very quiet no rattles no shakes. These are pre-production cars too. This two-liter engine is also a little bit quieter than 2. 5 liter that we’ve seen in some other Toyota hybrids and it doesn’t feel as strained at all as the 1.

8 Liter That Was In The Last Generation Prius.

This car actually has some very respectable power. The all–wheel drive system will engage at normal driving speeds too so again it can offer just a little bit of pull to get us rotated around a corner or acceleration if you’re on throttle before the all-wheel drive system would only engage at launch up to speeds I think of about a few miles per hour.


Today we’re driving the all-new 2023 Toyota Prius we are in a top trim limited all-wheel drive . We have a 196 horsepower in a PRius now look at that 0-60 in about seven seconds . We’ll show you what it looks like inside and out talk about some of its features and then we’ll take it for a drive and give you guys some thoughts on what it’s like behind the wheel . The new Prius is a whole new redesigned car. The biggest news is probably on the outside where we can see some of the visual enhancements and new design. We have 19-inch wheels wrapped in 195 50 R19 tires kind of an interesting tire size not a very common size and not a lot of tires optional in this size so we’ll see if tire manufacturers start to make tires specifically for the Prius . The base alley Prius starts at under 30 grand the base alley all-wheeled drive Prius start at under under 30grand . We’re driving…. Click here to read more and watch the full video