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Take This Out Hey Everybody Welcome Back

to UK world as you’ve probably seen. I’ve completed my Devastator build and I’ve got that guy running in my home theater now and if you haven’t seen it. I’ll stick a link up so you can take a look at that video, So you can see what I’m talking about but I’ve done the build. I’ve got all the UK stuff in that video is available to check that one out but I still have quite a bit to talk about concerning the subwoofer. So in this video, I’m gonna answer a number of questions that have come across in the forums and in the comments down below and if you have questions drop some more down there but also I’ll go ahead and do a review of the subwoofer as well and talk about you know what it does in my.

Environment What The Measurements Look Like

and that kind of stuff but Before we jump in go ahead and hit that subscribe button so you won’t miss out on any of the new videos coming up so the most common question that I’ve been asked is what is the Devastator well. The Devastator is the name of the enclosure the the kind of subwoofer that that this is right and basically if you look at the nuts and bolts of a Devastator. It’s a ported box, meaning there’s a 21-inch subwoofer with a ported box and on the front end of it instead of it firing straight out like you’d see in a full Marty it fires into another box right so it’s a box firing into another box and there’s been a lot of debate around exactly is this a 5th order or is this the sixth order. Or is a 4th order? Is it a horn is it not a horn. It is a horn that’s a non-flared horn.

What I Can Tell You For Sure

is that it’s poured on the back side. So the back of this the the subwoofer is absolutely slot ported just like you’d see in a full Marty and then on the front. It fires into another chamber that has openings down at the bottom. So there’s not a real pork coming in and out right it’s just open it doesn’t flare like you’d see in a typical horn. However, it models like a horn from what I understand, so it’s a horn loaded slot ported subwoofer that is kind of insane in its frequency response.

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So It Is A Bandpass Design Right

so you can’t get away from that it’s absolutely bandpass and its strength is not the subterranean. range right so it’s not designed to go you know super super low it’s designed to have really really impactful response in mid bass right and we’ll look at some measurements that that will show you exactly what that looks like and we’ll see kind of out in the open measurements and then some stuff in my room. So you can understand what that looks like but that’s what the Devastator is it is in a huge box. It is super massive watch the bill video and you can see that but it’s a big subwoofer that’s designed to be very efficient and have a lot of impactful bass in the mid-bass range, but also be competent down to you know 17 Hertz something like that so that you don’t miss out in the low-end now we’re to the serious part of the video got the lights turned down. Because I’m here to talk to you and I want to talk to you about how this thing sounds and this is this is the review section right and I’m gonna give you my thoughts but to preface everything.

Let Me Just Say That I Didnt Come

in with very high expectations. There are a lot of things about the subwoofer that aren’t super appealing to me in my room so first this thing is huge it’s a really big box is super heavy. So it’s hard for me to move this thing around it might run small so it takes up a lot of space. So you know the question was to me is the size of the spots gonna be worth the expense because this thing’s not cheap you’re in over a thousand bucks on these probably I’ll show you the full breakdown on numbers in a bit. So with the size of the expense is the base it’s gonna put out gonna be what I’m looking for is it gonna be worth it and if you look at the curves curves are coming here pretty soon-they they don’t look like a home theater subwoofers.

Its Its Its Its Not What

you would say man that thing looks crazy cool right you know some kind of line going down to 10 Hertz and you know it kind of drops off pretty hard and you know this isn’t if you’re just looking at the curve something that you think of as a super high-end quality subwoofer that plays really low and it gets that really low bass that you want to experience in your home theater so to sum that up expectations were low. So I did the build got everything got this thing into the basement, which was a challenge. It weighs a lot and me and my wife moving It was tough. But I got this thing down and I got it going now. I’m powering it off a crown 1502 and that’s what I thought at the time is not enough power for it.

I Thought That You Would Need

at least a channel off of a Behringer Enix 6000 or abridged 3000 something like that give it enough juice. But I’m using a bridged UK from Crown, which is an awesome amplifier highly recommended, but I didn’t think it’s gonna be enough and I did some sweeps with it and I looked at the the response and you know just it didn’t scream out to me that this thing is awesome so I started easing myself into it. You know watched a couple of movies with the volume kind of low. You know I’m scared to push this thing too hard. I didn’t know what it can do what I can’t do and you know it was alright.

But Today.

I got Aquaman 4k in the mail and I thought this is the time where I go all out so if you haven’t watched. This movie Aquaman brings the goods when it comes to bass sound quality images the story yeah! But the actual experience of the movie is really really good. So pop that in I just jammed up the the gain on my amplifier to about 75%. On that 1502 I have a full Marty running I turned it up pretty loud and then I have a sub 35 from Starks down and I turned that one up pretty good too and I thought alright how’s this gonna sound you know is the full Marty gonna just stand out and I gotta feel like everything’s coming from the front because I’ve got the Devastator near-field behind my sofa and it’s like a foot from my head.

When Im Reclined So I Start The Movie

so. The movie starts with the underwater scene and you pop out into the storm and there’s a shutter that slamming against the side of this building. There’s lightning thunder and this thing scared me. I mean when when you came out and that shutter hit the wall. I jerked.

I Was Like Holy Smoke.

I mean it was it was crazy. It was absolutely insane and later on in the movie. There’s a scene where Aquaman is a young child and he’s at an aquarium and this shark bangs against the window, and he kind of summons the power of the fish or whatever you want to call it And there’s a lot of low bass rumble In that scene. I thought the full Marty would Eclipse the subwoofer.

This Thing It Swallows The Full Marty.

I mean it just it just eats it up and this whole Marty’s running off. A channel of a bear in you 6000 It’s got a ton of power, but I tell you why I just I am flabbergasted by this subwoofer. It it it’s really cool and I’ve not experienced anything like it before now. You know that’s that’s kind of the impact of this sub and it’s more than I ever expected now to talk about the sound of the subwoofer.

This Thing Is In A Bandpass Box And

if you’ve not heard a bandpass box or other horn-loaded subwoofers, and it could be flared and unclear that you know they have a similar sound. It’s different than a ported box or sealed box it just just is right. You know there’s talks of the wait harmonics working and I don’t know how I don’t know that stuff right I don’t know that it it to me is forceful This thing is. violent I mean it hits you in specs you around hard and listening to it by itself without your the rest of your system going you know you you could tell a spam pass because this is definitely chopping off anything that might be coming off the top end. You know it sounds kind of like it’s coming from a tunnel.

I Dont Know But It It Is Super

strong is super violent it’s a visceral kind of smack you around sound and it’s it’s hard you would think this 21-inch sub. You know you think it’s just not gonna be able to pop and hit you but man it’s right in your face if you want it to be and it will make you its but better way to say it it’s it’s really cool now we’re going to talk about curves a little bit so the image. That I’m gonna pop up now It’s kind of bad, but this is just a picture of a graph that Kevin from UK did so he took these outside. So he took a Devastator outside and just tried to figure out what the actual curve would look like without any room influence right so the bottom curve is without any UK and then the top curve is adding a you know that 20 Hertz was the 12 decibel 0. 7 Q eq bump to kind of bring the curve up now if you look at the curve it’s you know it’s not terribly impressive you know that Greenland on the bottom like I said it rolls off hard.

You Know Its Down Five Decibels At

what is that forty Hertz no I’m even higher 50 Hertz you know so it doesn’t you know it doesn’t look like what you’d think of. as a subwoofer curve now the red one that’s that’s with the UK boost and that’s that’s more reasonable right so you’re getting to have a twenty before it really really drops off and you’re within five Decibels all the way from 20 Hertz all up to 70 60 Hertz so that’s that’s a respectable curve so these can play low. Remember you’re gonna put a high-pass filter on this thing anyway somewhere just under 20 Hertz to protect the driver so it’s not too bad. Now let’s move on and these are some curves that I took in in room now. If you look these curves are almost exactly like the ones you see from G scene.

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I Ignore All The Weird Stuff

that I’ve got going on at the top end of this thing. Yeah I’ve got some bad room interaction going on but my point is is. You know this is a curve that I think would be typical of.


The Devastator is the name of the enclosure the the kind of subwoofer that that this is right and basically if you look at the nuts and bolts of a Devastators, it’s a ported box, meaning there’s a 21-inch sub woofer with a portable box and on the front end of it instead of it firing straight out like you’d see in a full Marty it fires into another chamber that has openings down at the bottom of the bottom . There’s been a lot of debate around exactly is this a 5th order or is this the sixth order? Or is it a 4th order? Is it a horn is it not a horn.& What I can tell you for sure is that it’s poured on the back side.& So the back of this the the subwoiner is absolutely slot portable just like you’d see in the front.& However, it’s just open it doesn’t flare like you…. Click here to read more and watch the full video