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Whats Up Guys Welcome Back To The

channel today we are going to talk about the arendelle 1723 1s subwoofer. A few weeks ago. I reviewed this little brother and a lot of you guys asked about the larger 1723 1s. In that video, You guys were almost just about as curious as I was about this bad boy and I don’t blame you on paper. It’s quite unique hell in real life.

Its Quite Unique.

We’ll talk about that in just a second first and foremost we’ll do this review the same way. We generally do. I’ll tell you about some specs and stand out features I’ll throw the main ones on screen. I’ll tell you a little bit about what it sounds like.

Well Do Some Comparisons And Then Well

wrap it up so what makes this thing have your attention and my attention why are we curious. About this there’s so many subwoofers out there it’s going to be its primary standout feature and that’s going to be the size of the driver. It’s a 13. 8-inch driver now normally you know we’ll see like a lot of like I guess you know 12s are probably the most common. I would say a lot of companies got a 12 inch 500 watt under thousand dollar solution they’re great they perform very well.

This Is Quite A Bit Larger At 13.

8 inches. I’ll throw some pictures on screen with this next to a few other subs, so you can see how much larger a 13. 8-inch driver is it is big guys. It is big the cool thing.

However, Those Because Aarondale Makes Their

drivers side firing as you can see on the screen behind me. The front baffle is going to be fairly slim on the subwoofer. I was saying narrow previously in another take of this video, and I stumbled over it so many times. I’m just saying slim from now on guys. The front baffle is slim.

It Looks Good Its Not Going To

be as dominating in the room as it would be if it had a more. I guess you could say traditional orientation being you know if it were front firing. It’d have a really wide front not really wide, but it’d have a much wider front baffle at least so that’s quite cool. I think and that those are the two things that really got my attention that’s why I wanted to review. This one.

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I Was Curious What Could A 13.

8 inch driver do and two. The fact that it was side firing and didn’t look massive in the room is another thing that got my attention because my room. Isn’t very big? A huge subwoofer in my room would look quite silly My room’s only 10 feet wide, 12 feet deep and has 9 foot ceilings anyhow. Some other standout features are going to be the awesome attention to detail being an arendelle product.

We Get A High Density Fiberboard Cabinet.

We got the logos on the bottom of the feet, which is pretty cool. We have the chassis mounted Rcas around back. We have the same screen and knob combination that we saw on the 1961 one as to make all of our adjustments except on the 1723. We get a slightly larger screen and that screen is 180 degree rotatable.

So If Youre Hunched Over Making

your adjustments. The screen will be in the correct orientation. There’s also a cell phone app. I got to test a beta version of it and I thought it was very. Intuitive it was appealing to look at and everything did work quite well.

I Dont Know When Youre Watching

this video. By the time you watch this video they the app might be out if when you’re watching this video. This app isn’t out yet I would say based on what I saw in the beta it should be coming very soon. It did look mostly finished to me anyhow What else do we have We have a few more connection options around back like XLr that the 1961-1s didn’t have and some other standout features Ah the finish you guys know Nemo propaganda does not like vinyl and this doesn’t even come in vinyl. It’s not even an option paint only.

I Have The Matte Black Here.

The matte black is a little bit cheaper and I recommend you save the money and go for the matte black because. Looks so good? It looks so good that I emailed Erindale about the finish and I told them guys. This finish is beautiful and what they shared with me is something I found quite impressive. They said the finish is actually a multi-stage finish that is sanded by hand in between coats and I thought that was pretty cool.

I Will Say It When You Handle

this your fingers will leave some marks on it wipe them off right away. I got a little bit lazy and I left some hand prints on this and I was still able to get them out, but I could tell they were I had to do like a little bit more rubbing with the microfiber than usual, and I do think if you leave like handprints on it for a long time. Maybe like a year, maybe it might absorb into the finish. Do be mindful of that wipe it down after you put it in its position and it should stay looking beautiful for years and years and years. So I think that is mostly going to be it for the standout features Let me think real quick here yeah, What does it sound like so essentially what we’ve got going on here compared to its smaller brother 1961.

I Thought The 1723 1S Was Simply Going

to sound like a larger 1961, but that wasn’t the case. We got a subwoofer now with the 1723 that is quite a bit more refined, has a little bit more bass detail and fidelity A little bit better base texture. It still has that same aggressive powerful and strong attack that the 1961 one has has, but it’s so much more refined in the 1723 one is it doesn’t call any of your attention. to it and instead you can just sit back and enjoy the music or movie without focusing critically on the bass. The bass of the 1961-1s more came from the front of the soundstage with the 1723 s.

Its More Of A High-End Sound And

more of a high-end experience and what I mean by that the bass is more coming from an ink black background, which is a pretty cool experience. If you’ve never experienced a subwoofer system like that before so oh there’s one thing. I actually do want to touch on before I move on so transient response um some of you guys might think like hey. This is a pretty big subwoofer with a 13. 8-inch driver like aren’t like small subwoofers like eights and tens like really quick and like larger subwoofers kind of slow, no it doesn’t really work that way there are other.

Here And Ill Give You A Little Bit

of an example to illustrate this and just before I get into that example. The transient response of the 17231s is fantastic in my car. I have an 8-inch subwoofer. You might think the 8–inch subwoofer in my car is going to have better or quicker transient response than the much larger driver of the 1723 and you would be wrong for thinking that why is the 8-inch in my card not as quick it’s quite good. It’s quite expensive.

Its Getting Quality Power And Tons Of It.

It has a custom cabinet built specifically for it, but in my car I’m feeding that subwoofer tons of power. It’s a small subwoofer and it has to move like hell to produce the SpL output that I like in car audio that subwoofer is moving in and out so much how can. to have amazing transient response where a larger subwoofer like the arendelle 17-23 1s to match the same output. I’m getting from my eight inch at just max SpL.

The 1723 Is Just Barely Going To

be moving which one do you think would have the faster transient response. The larger driver of course now that’s not to say that a larger driver will always have faster transient response oftentimes a small inch driver will can have faster and will have fancier faster transit response either going to have lighter weight, moving mass, and just all kinds of things that will aid in that but don’t assume smaller drivers always have better transient response than larger drivers and also don’t assume because I used a car audio example, I’m comparing the 19 i’m sorry the 17 23 1s to a sloppy subwoofer. The subwoofer I’ve in my car is. Quite good and sounds absolutely fantastic and if you want me to sit here compared to a home audio subwoofer I will um if we compare it to something like let’s see here what makes good sense what’s a smaller subwoofer that makes good sense. The emotiva Rs 11 that’s a fantastic subwoofer and it’s not similarly priced, but it’s within a few hundred dollars.

It Is A Ported Subwoofer, But It

does come with a foam plug to seal it so for the sake of this comparison. I will be talking about the emotiva Rs11. In sealed mode. The 1723 1s is 13. 8 inches.

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The Emotive Rs11 Is 11 Inches.

The 1723 has better transient response, better speed, better accuracy, more dynamic all those things so again as you can see here even in a home audio example, the larger 17231s has quite good transient response and I mentioned. that again because I think some people may initially be concerned that the larger subwoofer may not have the speed accuracy or delicacy that they’re looking for rest assured it absolutely does so um. On this channel we do mainly focus on subwoofers performance with respect to two-channel music, so I do think it’s important to say that with the subwoofer facing the corner in the position it’s designed to be in when you’re listening to music. The bass is going to be slightly exaggerated, especially in those lower octaves.

I Found Turning The Driver 90 Degrees Sorry

not the driver turning the subwoofer for 90 degrees, so that the driver is facing me keeping more natural response for the base with respect to music. Now with the subwoofer in its correct orientation where the drivers facing the corner of the room is fantastic for movies, video games, and things. That I recently downloaded and played the mass effect Legendary edition and for those of you that played it there you know whether you played it or not look there’s these alien creatures called Reapers and when they talk their voice is deep and I’ve played this game many many times. When I was playing this game most recently I had the 17-23-1 s and when the reaper spoke my whole room Rumbled.

I Did Not Know That Much

low frequency information was in the mix of that game so um what else here. What else is important about this thing what else should I tell you guys. The base is quite composed. It is a high-end sound.

It Really Is Lets Do Some Comparisons

and then we’ll wrap it up so a lot of you guys probably want to know how it compares to something like the Svs. A few hundred dollars different in price, so do you think it’s important to keep that in mind. Ultimately, I’m going to keep this really short and really simple, while it has been a while since.


The arendelle 1723 1s subwoofer is a 13.&8-inch driver . Aarondale makes their drivers side firing as you can see on the screen behind me . The front baffle is slim. It looks good it’s not going to be as dominating in the room as it would be if it had a more.& traditional orientation being you know if it were front firing. It’d have a really wide front not really wide, but it would have a much wider front . The subwoofer is quite unique hell in real life. It’s quite unique. It is big the cool thing. The driver is big. The front has a very narrow front. I was saying narrow previously in another take of this video, and I stumbled over it so many times.& I’m just saying slim from now on guys. It would be slim. I’m not saying narrow from now. I’ll just say slim.& It’s not saying slim….. Click here to read more and watch the full video