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Whats Up Guys So Im Back With The Follow-Up

review for the original sound 5.1 system that I did a few months back here’s the thing I love the system. I absolutely loved it. I loved it so much that I got rid of my ma ke s 150 system that I’ve had for like ten years almost that’s how good it sounded but the thing is that they only sent me 5. 1 channels.

You Guys Know I Do A Lot

of 4k blu-ray reviews and I gotta do the immersive sound formats dolby atmos UK X. What does that require at least eleven channels right. You gotta have at most channels. You gotta have your lower channels and the only 75 channels. So I put a little shoutout in the video that they only sent me five channels.

Subsequently They Did End Up Sending

me the rest of the. Just as a recap let’s just go over what I had initially which we’re gonna start off with the front channels here so the front channels are basically these guys here. These are the Rendel sound Thx monitor s speakers s for small There are larger versions of this speaker right here. But this particular model here model here has dual six and a half inch drivers in the middle. You have your one inch soft normal tweeter, which is in the middle of a waveguide.

These Bad Boys Weigh About 41 Pounds.

They go down to 46 Hertz If you unplug the back if you there’s actually two ports back there. So if you unplug both ports 46 Hertz you unplug one port something like fifty-nine Hertz. If you want to run it sealed 66 Hertz so you can get a pair of these guys for about two. thousand dollars.

The Matching Center Channel Basically The

same thing which is right here except it’s obviously you turn sideways same configuration if you want to pick this up. It is about $1000 about 1050 2020 or so my Dad. These guys are based out of Norway so obviously, the currency is gonna be different than what going on here in America then of course for the surround speakers kind of same configuration the same drivers same same it’d work bass mid bass driver six and a half inch use your one inch soft dome tweeter in between the waveguide then if you want to run these as dipoles. There are dual four-inch drivers on either side. So if you look on the back of this you’ll see that it’s rhodium plated, which is only second second to only gold and copper as far as conductivity, although it’s more.

Durable Than Both Of Those So You

can either run this as a monopole with just the speaker’s active or you can run them as dipole with the with their a direct with the outer two speakers active / dolby specs. It is kind of recommended that you run it as a monopole, but depending on your situation. You can see what works best with you for me. I’m actually running it as monopole. Just so I can stick to what they’re recommending now of course that’s the three speakers to surround speakers that’s five channels so they sent me these guys right here if you guys had watched the theater tour video that we shot a couple days ago.

Youll Know That These Guys Actually Are

the same Zack speakers that are in the front. So we’ve got left center right left rear right rear exactly the same speakers. I don’t think there’s that much information coming out of these back speakers as there are in the front, but if there is if there was happen to be something as dynamic as what’s going on up front the back speakers are more than capable of handling it, but wanting to run these full range. I totally could without the fear of over over driving them or blowing them up then of course, what’s gonna round out the whole entire ATmos system is gonna be the animal speakers or the height speakers rather so Dolby Atmos UK X now we’ve got the height speakers. Those guys they match exactly the same as the side surrounds same configuration.

The Our Dipole Obviously Im Not

running them as dipole. You could. If you wanted to think they sound better but I’m running beside surrounds and also the for Apple site speakers as a model course and of course, the Rendell guys did send over one more thing that hasn’t really gone official Yet it’s gonna be their new subwoofer here. This is the Rendel Sound 1961 not sure what the 1961 stands for yet but it is the the Rendell 1961 1 V The V stands for vented so if we take a look at the back, you’ll see on the bottom. There there is a vent if you want to pull the vent out.

Its Rated At Something Like Down

to 10 Hertz, but it. This is a 550 watt amplifier that’s built in here that’s ready down to light 10 Hertz. It’s got a 12-inch driver on the side and the thing weighs about 80 pounds so This is. Their new subwoofer for 2019. It’s also got a brand new finish here as well.

Its Almost Kind Of Like A Very

matte finish, a mystic pebble finish. Unlike their speakers, which they also called matte, but it’s more like a satiny kind of smooth finish. This one’s more of oh well the texture kind of long almost like a like a sandy finish. Almost I should like this better because it doesn’t reflect as much light as the satin finish does now just again to a few more specifics about the subwoofer. This is a Rendell’s first sub to use UK.

You Can Get Into The Settings By

using the 1.8 inch display on the back diving into the menus is split into different sections under level. You can turn reference level on or off. If you keep it off. You can now adjust the master level up to.

Plus 20 Uk And Down Negative 20.

Here is the input gain which is adjustable backing down into the crossover section. You can turn the low-pass filter on or off. You can manually adjust the low-pass from 160 to 30 Hertz. You can change the crossover slope from 6 to 24 UK.

Theres A Variable Phase From 0 To 180

and there’s a signal invert. This is like switching the positive and negative around on your speakers Under UK. You have UK 1 which will give you a flat response down to 20 Hertz and UK 2 will taper off at a steady pace at around 40 Hertz. This may sound better for music if you don’t need deep bass. The 1 V also has a three-band parametric equaliser, so you can really dial in the response under setup.

You Can Save Your Customized Settings

under four banks under. Subs you can keep reference levels for multiple subwoofers not exactly sure how this works since I’ve only got one subwoofer at hand, but that’s what the info I have says there’s a subsonic filter adjustable from twelve to thirty-one Hertz. There’s already a 10 Hertz filter enabled to protect the power supply. The subsonic filter slope is adjustable from 6 to 12 UK. If you have the filter active Auto own can be controlled by trigger or automatically under input selection.

Theres A Feature Where You Can Have

one input be used for your home theater and another input use for a music only system. So you can have custom UK settings for movies or music separately. It’s It’s kind of a cool feature on time is adjustable from five to sixty minutes, then it’ll turn off if there’s no signal and here’s the wakeup sensitivity UK backlighting and then the firmware version now let’s just take a closer look at the One V I already mentioned the UK screen on the back. There’s a dial control menu and enter buns. Here’s a three volt to 12 volt trigger a service port and there’s UK inputs and outputs.

I Know What Youre Thinking Where Is

the UK ends well. This isn’t their flagship model you’ll find the better inputs on their subwoofer and three models as I mentioned before. This has a 12-inch driver housed in a cabinet that measures roughly 15 and a quarter inches wide but 21 and a half inches high by 19 and three-quarter inches deep so it’s not humongous, but it’s decently sized. To mention it also cost about eleven hundred UK dollars so well. I’ll come back and we’ll going pop in a few movies and then I’ll give you some thoughts impressions and how the entire system sounds spoiler Alert.

I Think Its Innocent Now In

case you missed the home theater tour. The rental speakers will be hooked up to the emailNK] Xmc to the Rotel Amps will be powering all 11 channels and for source. I’ll be using the Panasonic UK 9000 4k Blu-ray player and a clad escape. Strato s first movie I dropped in was edge of tomorrow. This movie needs to be popped in to test out the subwoofer as you can see by the graph.

Ive Got A Little Bump In

that 10 Hertz region. So So I specified there is a little something down there now. I normally use 2 to 3 subwoofers as my daily drivers. The UKNK] 16 and 2 Rail 1508 so testing out a single subwoofer wasn’t something I was really excited about but I’ll be honest when I first played as you’ve Tomorrow. I legit thought I had one of the rails turned on the rendell one v throws out some potent infrasonic s–for a 12-inch ur now Don’t get it twisted.

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It Doesnt Go As Low As

theNK] 16, but there was enough base where it was rattling anything loose in my room. Also like the UK 16. I did hear a little flutter coming from the vent in the back. So if you’re pushing If you’re pushing it too hard with ultra-low frequencies, you might get some unwanted side effects Next Movie I threw in was interstellar the part where the ship takes off again for a single sub-the amount of chest vibrating bass was crazy. The subs got fast reactive response, so things like rockets taking off or tanks blasting each other will definitely give you that hard-hitting slam.

This Is From The Movie Fury

by the way now as a whole. The 11. 1 channel set up is by far the best sounding system I’ve honed as I mentioned earlier. I am running the heightened surround channels in monopole. So I’m not using them as dipoles.

I Did Run The Sides As Dipoles

for a bit but I found sound effects were easier to localize going monopole. It’s a personal preference so you’ll have to experiment back to fury when the tank. front to side or front to back sound effects blend perfectly between each speaker. Ambiance reverberates from overhead and you end up in a nice perfect bubble of sound Having Tambor match speakers makes all the difference here.

If You Want To Get Immersed

from all directions, then do yourself a favor and check out Everest. The rentals can produce those area details with wind and snow swirling around with one of the hugest sound stages. I’ve heard thanks in part to those wave guides and the soft dome tweeters My new favorite animals track is Godzilla King of the monsters I ran all the speaker’s full range just to see how they handle all the bass in this movie and at no point did I ever hear anything strained or distort I heard.


The Rendel sound 5.&1 system is based out of Norway and costs about $1000 . The speakers have dual six and a half inch drivers in the middle of a waveguide . They go down to 46 Hertz if you unplug the back if you there’s actually two ports back there . If you want to run it sealed 66 Hertz so you can get a pair of these guys for about two.& thousand dollars. The matching center channel basically the same thing which is right here except it’s obviously you turn sideways same configuration if you . want to pick this up.& It is about $1,000 about 1050 2020 or so my Dad. The speakers are based in Norway so obviously, the currency is gonna be different than what going on here in the . America then of course for the surround speakers kind of the same configuration the same as the . speakers are in America then the speakers are kind of like to use the . same configuration. The same drivers same same…. Click here to read more and watch the full video