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What Is Going On Guys It Is Parker

here bringing Y’all another video as promised in one of my previous videos. I picked up the scar VXF for Y’all is another sub-right under that three hundred dollar mark, so we’re gonna be checking it out. See how it does running a bunch of tests on it and see if it’s as good and everybody seems to make it out to be guys stay tuned all right guys let’s get right into it. It comes in a big old box and not really a whole lot to see here. It does weigh forty-eight point five pounds so pretty heavy, but let’s get right into it get it out of this box.

Of Course Comes With These Scarred Details And

it comes with the user manual. This has some dimensions for the box and then Mike here we have some. of the specs it is 1500 watts UK 3000 max sensitivity is 84 UK. Frequency response is 32 to 300. Then of course I have a paper cone the dual 4-ohm.

The Actual Resistance Is 3.

6 Ohms nice. I tell you that the UK is 32 Hertz and then of course just some other specs there for y’all take a look at this monster guys of course your nose just the huge motor and then of course the UK baskets and big old surround and dust cap well. Let’s get a little closer look up at it and see what all we got alright guys super excited to have this sub ever since I first saw it I knew I wanted one ready to look really really impressive, so we’re of course is going to go over it starting out at the top here We have a really big fat. Cap just makes it look really cool and it’s definitely stiffer than the one that was on the ZBx so that’s good.

We Have A Nice Fat Round On Here

you might consider it a mega roll surround and then we have really really stiff paper cone so that’s awesome coming around here Super Bass get normal gaskets and then of course we have the UK frame now. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they are worried about this frame because it is kind of thin and I can see why they would be concerned with that if you’re in a really bumpy car or something I have heard people say they’ve been worried about it cracking that being said I don’t really know anyone you said they’ve actually had one crack, but it is something to note that the basket is a little bit on the thinner. Side we then have two spiders. We have really big old terminals and Knight flattens The leaves of course are sewn into the spider now one thing I did notice these terminals They’re not straight. I guess doesn’t rush when they put them together.

You Know Of Course You Are Getting A

really affordable kind of more budget. Pretty big sub. These are a little straighter but they’re not perfect of course you’re not gonna get you know sundown quality or anything like that out of this stuff, but we’d like to see them straight again not a huge issue. We do have plenty of glue over the screws that hold the baskets to the motor. So don’t gotta worry about that backing out when we have this big old three-inch coil does have a copper coil with the just a clear glue on it.

I Do Wish It Had.

Really high heat black glue that’s on the ZVX coming down to the bottom really just big old massive motor very clean looking we do have center pinning and pole venting to really allow it to dissipate some heat and of course plenty of venting here to let it dissipate heat as well. Now the one issue of this design. This is totally open so dust and any crap you have cook it down in there and get into the coil. If you’re not being careful you have a really really dirty mess car maybe this is not the stuff.

  • specs
  • pounds
  • sensitivity
  • watts
  • 2300

Youd Want To Go If For That Reason

because I could lead to sub failure. Well guys enough of me yeah big question. Five Cbx out of this box so we can put this guy in there and we’re gonna start testing it letting it break in and see how. It does here’s a quick comparison just with theNK] X. This is what I’ve been running if you’ve not seen the video of this definitely go check it out over all this stuff This Drayton takes a ton of power, so I’ve really enjoyed having it but just to get y’all a quick comparison so y’all can just kind of see now We’ll be making a full comparison video of these two here soon so definitely stay tuned for that guys that’ll be awesome.

I Know A Lot Of People What

they’ve said is that the UK X is more about getting loud and UK and whatnot, whereas the VXF it’s more about getting a little lower and just having better overall quality of music and I will definitely say these DbX when it came to quality. It doesn’t have any you know it’ll get loud, but it’s not. Not great for quality whatsoever? So again We’re gonna see if this really improves the quality wise maybe it’ll get a little bit lower anyway. Let’s get this bad boy in the box and get the testing it out. All right guys not sure how well you can see this but what’s really neat about this box to have the UK four post terminal on it.

If I Just Run One Wire To Each

terminal on the sub and then just go straight to the box and then from here. I can wire it in parallel or series I’ve got it in serious at the moment Because I was running my last. It was a dual one ohm. Now I was running it up to 2 ohms. So this guy is a dual 4-ohm so we’re gonna run it down to 2 ohms so all I got to do is.

A Few Wires And Itll Be Ran Down

so as you can see here Guys. This is of course by positive and negative going to the amp, and then we just have positive jumping over here to positive and negative jumping over here to negative all right guys we’re gonna let this thing break in a little bit and then we’ll start doing some tests see how it sounds and to see how much power it can take it out loud it can get stay tuned well. Guys I’ve had this thing in here now for a bout a week and it is doing awesome so I think it’s time to go ahead and test it out for the video now back there I am replacing my handle in there so that’s why that’s all apart you may hear some rattling so support is firing directly at that door so. just take that into a note but should have that fixed by the time of the next video. Alright guys wife enjoyed having this up in here the past week or so it definitely sounds really good sound quality on it.

Guys Is Pretty Awesome Definitely Better Than

the ZVX now that being said of course, the ZVx is more about just getting loud and taking a bunch of raw power and UK and stuff like that. Whereas this guy does seem to be focused a little bit more towards the overall quality side of things listening to hold those lower notes a little bit better and just over the full range. Just sounds a little bit better alright guys. It is time for the UK test so let’s see what we can do now in my last video with the American base UK we put over 10,000 watts through. that sub and ended up tearing out the bottom spider so we’re not going to quite that hard.

I Didnt Have That Sub Wire

down to a half um. When I was doing that test. We are wired to 2 ohms here so hopefully we’ll get to maybe the 143 UK or something like that anyway guys let’s get to it alright guys. This is the UK lab mini bass meter and then over here we have the UK UK one let’s get this powered up. This will of course tell us our the peak UK Watts that is going through the amp to the sub and we are gonna be doing a 40 Hertz test tone.

Now My Box Is Tuned To 32

Hertz. So if we tuned it louder. We probably could get a little higher UK rating but all the other subs I’ve done have been with. It tuned to 32 Hertz, so we’re just gonna keep it like that Alright starting out with lower power. Let’s try 40 Hertz and see what we get Alright super low power.

  • frequency response 32 300 course
  • specs 1500 watts uk 3000
  • raw power uk stuff
  • sensitivity 84 uk
  • 32 hertz course just specs

We Got A One Thirty-Two Point Five And

this says only two hundred Watts one thirty-nine point seven at 2300 watts one, 41.4 and twenty-three hundred watts Alright Guys a one forty three point eight that only says twenty-eight hundred watts. Alright guys a one forty-three point eight out of a single sub not too bad probably could have gone a little bit higher but my own for really rising a lot and I think we’re getting into the clipping territory. So don’t want to bother with damaging a sub-let’s get to the RMs test and see how that goes guys let’s get to it alright guys we have the UK set at. time power and we’re gonna be playing it Gilligan by UK Let’s get to it well guys That song is right at three-and-a-half minutes just like all the other songs I normally do when I do these tests and it went through it no problem it didn’t even smell it so they 1500 wattsNK] does seem to be a good rating in my opinion at least from a musical standpoint overall pretty impressed with this sub.

It Does Take Some Pretty Good Power

big old beefy sub and it sounds really pretty good overall guys I definitely was very impressed well guys let me know what y’all thought I really liked it. I’m kind of wrapping up these star subs, which is good. I’m ready to start trying out some other brands. But I think after this one that will be the majority of the scar subs guys so. Appreciate you watching all these y’all seem to love these scar videos that’s why I’m and kind of been trying to get them out, but yeah guys let me know what you thought of that sub now stay tuned.

I Will Be Making A Video

comparing it to the ZVx full head-to-head comparison video so that should be awesome guys if you’re really trying to figure out which one to pick stay tuned for that and then here soon I’m gonna be making a video going over the best subbing that you can get for under $300, so of course it’s gonna have these ZVx the American base UK the deaf Bonce, Apocalypse 272 and maybe some others that haven’t gotten yet guys so definitely stay tuned for that gonna be an awesome video in the description. There will be links for UK and Amazon to where you can pick. Sub should you buy it from there? I do get a little bit of a commission so that helps me out a lot allows me to buy more subs to review for Y’all so guys thank you.


Parker picks up the scar VXF for Y’all is another sub right under that three hundred dollar mark, so we’re gonna be checking it out. See how it does running a bunch of tests on it and see if it’s as good and everybody seems to make it out to be guys stay tuned all right guys let’s get right into it. It does weigh forty-eight point five pounds so pretty heavy. Of course comes with these scarred details and it comes with the user manual. It’s definitely stiffer than the one that was on the ZBx so that’s good. We have a nice fat round on here you might consider it a mega roll surround . Then of course I have a paper cone the dual 4-ohm.& The actual resistance is 3.6 Ohms nice. I tell you that the UK is 32 Hertz and then of course just some other specs there for y’all take a look at this monster guys of course your nose…. Click here to read more and watch the full video