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dad here and in today’s video I’ll be reviewing the Rel HT 1003 subwoofer and we’re gonna get into it right after the jump and I’m back now before I begin. I want to give a big shout out and thank you to rel for sending these two subwoofers over for me to review so thank you guys so much and of course. I want to give a big shout out to my patrons on patreon thank you guys so much for supporting my work here on Youtube Now. There are a lot more sign-ups last month at the five dollar level to get access to the dolby atmos demos from 2016 and 2018 demo discs but stay tuned patrons as I will be uploading demo discs from DtSX and imax enhanced in the coming months if you’d like to get access. to these and become a patron check out the link down in the description and become a patron today all right now that all that housekeeping is out of the way.

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Lets Get On To The Unboxing.

The HT1003 comes double boxed and I laid it on its side, so you can see how well it’s packed. They use a super thick foam padding on the top and bottom and the subwoofer is all wrapped up in the box. We have an iec power cable and four rubber feet which I will not be using and of course you get a grille as well. Once I got the HD 1003 out of the wrapper.

I Was Surprised At The Size Of

the subwoofer as it is very small and compact. The HT-1003 retails for 4. 99 and has a 10-inch carbon glass woofer mated to a 300 watt class D. and goes down to 24 Hertz at negative 6 db. The back is laid out as expected Top left.

We Have An Led Indicator Power

switch which I leave in the middle position for auto on phase switch crossover selector level, knob and RCa inputs and outputs with one being designated for the LFe input and on the right we have a power port and power switch On the top. We have a piece of black glass with the rel logo, which gives it that premium look with the grille on the HT 1003 is pretty discreet looking especially due to its size speaking of size here. It is next to its bigger brother, the HT1508 Predator as you can see the 1003 is pretty small and compact, so I know the question on your mind right now is well techno. Dad does this little subwoofer bring the bass well. Before we get into that I would like to give you guys a little reminder or a heads up if you didn’t already know if you like bass and want to give your system a workout join me on Saturdays on my Twitch channel, where I do a live Dj stream.

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Its Called Subwoofer Workout Saturday And Its From

2 p.m to 5 p. m Pacific standard time on my Twitch channel. The link is in the description if you want to go follow and you should probably download the Twitch app on your Roku Apple Tv, Nvidia, Shield, Xbox or Playstation platform. I decided to set up both HT 1003s here in the studio as this is a smaller space and my living room is around 4 300 cubic feet, which you know even when having a 12-inch subwoofer it feels like I don’t have enough bass so currently.

Upstairs Im Running Two 15-Inch Ht-1508 Predators,

which moves a ton of air and pressurizes that room really well. So I figured the HT 1003s would be perfect in this room. It’s a 14 by 10 with eight foot ceilings. So we’re at about 1120 cubic feet, and you know the two tens would probably do better in this space. As opposed to upstairs.

I Put One In The Front Of

the room next to the front stage and one in the back of the room. I have these going through a denon x 3600h and I’ve paired them up with these seven mix cubes which are five and a quarter inch drivers that go down to 90. Hertz and I gotta say having all these little speakers at ear level. Like all of them surrounding my one single solitary chair. It’s it’s pretty awesome you guys got to try.

And Maybe Ill Make A Video About This

little setup Soon after running Odyssey. I went ahead and changed a few settings on the sub, and these are the settings. I landed on for both HT 1003s pretty much, having the level between two and three O’clock so once that was done. I gotta say these little subs had this room Rocking. I had like a two-hour demo session a week or two ago and it was like a friday night and I when I was done.

I Went Upstairs And My Wife And Kid

were watching a basketball game and she just looks at me and she’s like oh, Do you have fun down there. I was like yeah, why could you hear it she’s like it sounded like you’re gonna break the house the enemy of the free peoples of middle Earth so hey you know that. That’s definitely a good sign. I don’t think I would break the house with these two 10-inch woofers. I mean the 15s upstairs would definitely definitely break the house.

I Dont Think Ive Taken Those Past Like

midnight or one o’clock on the level knobs so yeah yeah Those things will definitely do some damage but here in this room. In this space, these 10-inch subwoofers do a fantastic job and yeah I might have to like try to keep these. I don’t know anyway. I’m sure you’re gonna want some sort of comparison and I actually haven’t had too many 10-inch subwoofers in for review due to the fact that the living room is so large. However, I did have that three pack from Osd Black.

It Was Part Of That Huge

value package where they’re selling 11 satellite speakers and three 10-inch subwoofers for 700, which is a smoking deal. So I had those three subwoofers here in the studio one in the front of the room and the other two were here in the back of the room, so as far as comparing it to the rails. This is the only like direct comparison. I have so the best way to describe it is. I did get a good amount of bass from the Osd black speakers.

However, Moving To The Rails.

I just noticed that the base was tighter cleaner more articulate and the osd’s seemed a little more sloppy overall as opposed to the rails. So the base got a little tightened up and it sounded better overall in the room when I had it set up with the same speakers. Now my situation is. I live in a place where it’s hard to go demo any of these kinds of things and so I’m used to shopping online and I’m pretty much looking at specs and when you’re looking at subwoofers in this price range sure you’ll find some that go lower and you’re like well.

You Know This Rel Doesnt Really

do that and it does the lower notes very well. It might not do it at the same volume level and a lot of these other speaker manufacturers or subwoofer manufacturers. I mean are using DsP to achieve those lower ranges of sounds. Now the one thing that rel doesn’t do is DsP because you know they’re from the two channels situation and a lot of those two channel amplifiers. Don’t have any time delay to compensate for the DsP and a subwoofer so they have traditionally not run DsP in any.

Of Their Subs Thats Not To

say you can’t run some Dsp and I think for their home theater line. Honestly you are using it with an av receiver that’s something that they should probably look into. I know that’s like against their whole situation like they want to be like the purest kind of thing with especially with two channel and I get it for two channel. But these are their home theater lines so why not add some Dsp and get these suckers down to 20 flat down to 20 hertz like Joe Intel always wants so I don’t know maybe that’s something for rel to think about who knows I do know. There are some products that you can use yourself to add DsP to your subwoofers and get them to you know perform the way you want them to perform in your room of course you.

Need Like A U-Mic One Rew And

a mini DsP and um you know some time to tinker with all of that and get it all dialed in anyway. If you’re in the market for a subwoofer or two for a small room like this 11-20 cubic feet. Maybe 1500 cubic feet. Maybe even like 1800. I don’t know maybe maybe that’s a little too much and if you’re looking for smooth tight articulate bass and you don’t need it to you know tickle that brown note of yours you might want to check out the rel Ht 1003.

Ill Put Links Down In The Description Again

big thanks and shout out to rel for sending these over for me to review thank you guys so much and if you guys have any questions. Let me know down in the comments or hit me up on social or email. You like to use well that’s pretty much it for this video if you liked it go ahead Smash that like Button and Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel using the button in the middle of your screen.


Rel HT 1003 subwoofers have a 10-inch carbon glass woofer mated to a 300-watt class D.& and goes down to 24 Hertz at negative 6 db . The HT-1003 retails for 4.99 and has a 10 inch carbon glass . woofer . The HD 1003 is pretty discreet looking especially due to its size . The subwoofer is very small and compact . It has a . piece of black glass with the rel logo, which gives it that premium look with the . rel logo and the grille on the . HT1003 is very discreet looking and the back is laid out as expected Top left. Top left . Top left is an led indicator power switch which I leave in the middle position for auto on phase switch crossover selector level . Back left. On the right we have a power port and power switch On the left we have the power button and power button . The back is a power button is a button ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video