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Hey Everyone Its Thomas Here So Today I

am gonna talk about the realty 7i sub and the reason I have a pair here is because I watched Sean’s video at zero fidelity you know watching UK video as I mentioned can be dangerous to your wallet so thanks to Sean’s help reached out to rel and brow send me a pair so let’s talk about it alright so before we start. I will answer your question first whether you should get these subs or not if your goal is to enhance your musical listening experience then yes when I spoke to John Darrell. One of my first question was why should I buy Rev sucks why not UK it or buy cheaper ones from any popular brand now. His answer resonated with me. They have been building subs for a long time and they have become expert at it.

Each Sub They Built It Gets Better And

better the 200 sub they built is better than the first hundreds of the build and then after a certain point let’s say after that 300 odd they are confident. It is the best you can get for the price bracket. Now The reason why it makes sense to me is because it reminds me of the theory of the 10,000 hour rule now This was put forth by Malcolm Gladwell and it states that if you want to master a skill you need to spend at least 10,000 hours on it now. Once killer got pretty good is actually photography because I spent many years improving, so I understood John when he explained to me now before making this video. I went online and did some research as to what people think about rail subs overall.

It Is Very Positive And People Say They

are good. Of course, there will be some that Don’t agree and in some sense, I can guess where they’re coming from after all let me ask you what is good next time when you see people telling you that their sub is amazing ask them why is their sub amazing At the end of the day, what is good is different from one person to another for some good means the subs can shake the room okay if that is the only thing you look for in a sub, then you don’t need rails if all you’re looking for in a sub is to pressurize the room and feel the bass no pounding on your chair with each beat sure you don’t need rails. You can just buy a 24-inch subwoofer and be done with now for me that is. Not enough and I demand more from a sub at $3,000 Canadian a pair I demand excellence so let’s pause for five seconds here and let me ask you what does excellence mean in a subwoofer. First it has to blend seamlessly with my speakers.

I Dont Want To Be Able To

hear it. It is there to enhance the musical experience and not be the experience yes. Those subs need to disappear in my room. Second it should not distort and have good control you see if a sub-distorts it is easy to localize it and I don’t want that third. It has to be fast enough to keep up with my main speakers.

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Many Mono Speakers Are Really Fast And

I don’t want the subs to drag them down for the subs should at death and expand the soundstage now many people think that all subs do. is a base extension nope. They also help extend your soundstage next They should add detail more weight well. I call it meat on the bone and bass extension to the music I should hear more information now some subs when they play they just overpowers everything sure for something that’s enjoyable, but once you experience a sub that is not monotone. You will quickly realize that you have been missing a lot.

Finally, I Want My Subs To Look

beautiful. I firmly believe that our musical experience is greatly enhanced when our setup is aesthetically pleasing now so if everything I just mentioned matches what you’re looking for in a sub, then yeah take a look at the rails Now you’re gonna ask what about UK 3000 Thomas I’m sure I’m gonna get asked this question sorry. I don’t know because I don’t like to speculate on how the UK will perform against the T7 eye after all I never a be testing. It makes no sense for me to criticize a product or compare any product unless I’ve heard it. It’s like saying I bet I can cook better than you.

Im Never Try Your Cooking, But

I know I am better. I mean that doesn’t make any sense so having said that although I don’t know how the rail compares to all the thousands of subs out there. What I do know is because I have it here is that if you want to enhance elevate your little music or listening experience. These rails can do it so something to think about what gear in your stereo system has the biggest impact Speakers right well subwoofers are speakers sure you’re not changing speakers but adding speakers. However, it will have a big impact on your system.

I Would Argue More Than Changing Tax

upgrading cables and so forth. So for this review, I had invited over 10 audio files to experience these subs. All of them were very impressed with how well they the blend of my main speakers or any speakers now if you’re wondering do I still need subs if my floor-standing speakers can already go pretty low you know after pairing of over 10 plus speakers. The answer is yes now. For example, recently I made a video on the clips UK 8000 F and I mentioned bass is pretty decent these speakers.

My Friend Federate, Who Owns The

Stein Mount version. The clips are p 600 m drop by to listen to theNK] 8000 F, and he mentioned that if he never heard the subs of theNK] 8,000 F. He would have thought the based on theNK] 8,000 F is more than enough after you heard it with the rail he can’t go back and it is pretty much the same experience of all my other speakers. I cannot go back. Sure was that mount it would be more apparent of the presence of the subs, but the floor-standing speakers will also benefit now.

I Cannot Stress Enough How Well

they integrate with my speakers. I remember when I paired it with the UK UK 1 go small speakers Mr. . Kenter well Ok you know I give my friends nickname well Mr. .

Kenter Because He Owns A Pair Of

Cantor” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>cantor. of Cantor now Mr. . Kenter. He found it amusing that the bass appears out of thin air because he can’t localize where the subs are now.


. Qua was able to tell the richness of the within seconds you notice the duo sub fills up the room evenly and effortlessly. One good thing about having duo sub esta is very easy to set up and not a big advantage these rails app has over other subs is that it has a high level lying out what it means is that you can connect these subs directly to your power amp. So whatever signal is sending from the power amp to the speaker’s you’re getting it same with these subwoofers.

The Whole Idea Is That It Will Improve

sound quality. What I notice is that the difference is subtle but for people who have let’s say integrated tube amps with no. Pre-out no sub-out I mean this is your only solution. So for people who ask me Thomas you know what’s the sub you recommend me. I always asked you have a pre-out or sub-out in your system.

If Not, Then You Have No Choice But

to go with subs that have that high level of line output and rails have them now. Obviously nothing is perfect so let’s talk about the areas of opportunity First. I would say that with higher end vocal canter. For example, although the subs can keep up and add richness to the sound. I did wish the subs can dig a bit lower so I would say if you have speakers that are over $10,000 and they’re a pretty good of bass on top of these T79 maybe also consider their higher-end model.

The Second Area Of Opportunity May Not

be. Issue depending on how you enjoy your movies now before I got into two-channel stereo I was actually into home theater so over the years I’ve gone through maybe 10 plus subs and having owned all the big brands. I found what I was looking for at a time for home theater use is very different now at that time. I remember I want to substitute for it that distort that shake now every time when this explosions. For example, I wanted to see the picture frames on my wall shake.

I Wanted To Hear My Subs

losing control the more farts the better it is rows are not like that they don’t fart they don’t distort. As such, the experience is different. These routes would have no problem giving you power but control refined power so I’m not listening to music with explosions. For Example, you will fill the subs now. I remember watching the movie tour Ragnarok towards the end of the movie when there’s Guardians were trying to escape with the spaceship When the thrusters on the ship fired.

I Mean I Felt It Big Time So

power is not an issue just that it doesn’t lose control so it depends on you now when there’s musical passages in the movie now that it sounds glorious now having said that I would say if you are 80% into movies and 20% into music rows they do make some offers that are for home theater so check those out also on the website alright so I’m gonna end the video. At this point it’s gonna be a little bit different because I’m gonna finish with a few short clips are recorded with a few audio files regarding how they felt about the rails. Now the last one is with Mist guitarist and Mr. .

Multi-System Now We Discussed A Song Lustful

life from Lana Del Rey Well. You see I get together my friends occasionally and we will evaluate gear together. So instead of writing notes Sometimes I would just record our conversation now. In this instance, I figure I would just share the recording and let you see what happens behind the scene.

I Think This Will Be Cool

alright so before we transition into those clips just wanna say thank you for watching and remember to subscribe see you next time. I found the rail to be quite good on the pacing. They were also very solid on on how the they’re able to build that platform for the Xu’s to stand on if they’re not just like Bumi, but also they are very very nuances in their control so from there. able to follow the pace of the zoo in order to yeah to synchronize and completely disappear yeah well.

I Thought The Rails Really Filled Out The

sound, especially for the Omegas without them. They were just a touch thin, so it’s it’s definitely needed the subs and and the rails they they kept up well. They didn’t they didn’t stand out either you know we didn’t really hear them which I mean that’s the point of subs, but right we we could definitely feel some more tonal richness when we had the subs on the interesting thing with that particular track is it’s indicative of a recording technique that.


The realty 7i sub is the best you can get for the price bracket . It reminds me of the theory of the 10,000 hour rule, Malcolm Gladwell, that if you want to master a skill you need to spend at least ten,000 hours on it now . At the end of the day, what is good is different from one person to another for some good means the subs can shake the room okay if that is the only thing you look for in a sub, then you don’t need to buy them . The sub is very positive and people say they are good. Of course, there will be some that Don’t agree and in some sense, I can guess where they’re coming from after all let me ask you what’s good next time when you see people telling you that their sub is amazing ask them why is their sub amazing. I can’t guess where to tell you what is your sub is good. I don’t know where to go to after all…. Click here to read more and watch the full video