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today We’re going to review the RsL Speedway for 10s Mark Ii Super cool that RsL was even willing to send me a review sample because they can barely keep these things in stock they sell them like Hotcakes, So they definitely Don’t need me to make this video. But I am still grateful that they were gracious enough to respond to my email and agree to my request for a review sample so thank you for that I reviewed the original RsL Speed Woofer 10s about two or three years ago. Maybe I don’t know you know my memory is hazy, but I do know. In one of my end of the year videos I said the RsL SpeedWoofer 10s was the best subwoofer in the under 500 category and the reality is guys I could say the same about this. New model so let’s just jump into it.

Ill Throw The Main Specs On

screen, so you guys can check that out. I’ll tell you about some standout features. I’ll tell you where it’s different compared to the outgoing model. What it sounds like some comparisons and we’ll wrap it up so as you can see on the screen behind me. It comes in two colors black and white.

Both Are Matte Finishes The Cabinet On This

speed woofer is something. I want to consider a standout feature and talk about real quick you’re getting a one inch thick front baffle and three quarter inch thick wood on the rest of the panels that is substantial that is not a cabinet. You generally find in this price category. It is a big step up there’s you know even subwoofers costing six seven hundred dollars Don’t have cabinets as nice as. This so good good cabinet so far let’s talk about the driver.

Its Got A Cast Basket, A Large

motor section large voice coil and it’s well ventilated again. It’s not the type of driver we find in subwoofers costing under 500. Usually you know under 500 you’re seeing stamped steel baskets, small motor sections one and a half inch voice coils and so on this driver is leaps and bounds above anything you will find in this price category So so far The cabinet’s a big one. The driver is a big one. Let’s talk about power the plate amplifier on the outgoing speed.

Woofer Had 350 Watts Thats A

hell of a lot of power for less than 500 dollars. This new model has 400 watts RMs so we’ve got an amplifier. A cabinet and a driver combination that is literally better than anything any competitor can offer. In and around this price point the under 500 category is home to subwoofers with 200 watts or less you know stamped steel baskets, tiny motor sections, small voice coils, particle board or sorry fiber board cabinets that are you know as thin as 11 16. .

This Is A Huge Step Guys.

This is like the pinnacle of subwoofer value. If you were shopping in the under 500 category. I just want to make that crystal clear if 500 bucks is your max budget on a subwoofer. This is literally the best thing you can buy whether it’s for a dedicated two-channel music system or a home theater so what does it sound like sounds pretty good.

The Outgoing Model Had Quite A Bit

of like mid-bass attack. It was very tactile and had a strong kick to it. I find this new model has a little bit less. sorry I forgot the word it’s a little bit less tactile has a little bit less of that chestiness in the kick and instead it gives a little bit more room. Rumble has a little bit more weight in the lower frequencies.

It Extends Lower.

It seems to have more of a sense of control in those lower frequencies as well. So I’m happy for that trade-off I will happily take a little bit less tactile base and have a much stronger bottom end. I don’t know if that’s related to the port moving from the front to the back or what but it was just something I noticed Tactile bass is nice and all but when a subwoofer is too tactile you can run into some integration problems. When I reviewed the original speed woofer 10s I said something like you know integration was just like okay or.

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It Was Phenomenal But Like You

know it’s 400 bucks. It’s not going to integrate that well, what do you expect that’s not the case with this new Mark Ii model. This new Mark Ii model integrates extremely well as you can see I’ve got the Polk reserve R 100s on either side of me. Those are the speakers I reviewed used during the review period. I was able to get the RsL speedway for 10s to integrate flawl flawlessly and seamlessly so that’s another area where there was a huge improvement so as far as it sound guys again.

I Know Ive Said It A

few times here but look it’s simply as good as you can get for the money. It really is um ported subwoofers. I want to talk about real quick because this is a ported subwoofer ported subwoofers usually have some downsides this doesn’t have any of the downsides most supported subwoofers have it’s transient response was fairly quick. It’s note to note the note to note distinction was fairly good and the bass was fairly articulate. Let’s talk about comparisons.

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This Gets A Little Bit Weird Guys Because

anything that costs the same as the speed woofer or less isn’t as good as the speed woofer, but i’ll take you through it. Real quick Yamo C912 and JBl 550p. Those are two subwoofers. You could find on amazon for about 250 bucks and they’re not bad for 250 bucks. I’m going to keep this comparison really simple.

The Rsl Speedway For 10S Mark Ii

absolutely murders those subwoofers it’s not even close. The Yamo C912 is decent as it is for 250 has 75 watts RMs. Here we have 400 watts Rms. Now I know wattage is not the end all be all of the subwoofers capab abilities to play clean clear. You know have good extension and good output, but it’s just not even apples to apples The speed will for 10 s just easily by wide margin destroys both of those subwoofers.

I Would Have Rather One Rsl Speed Wolfer

10s even versus two Yamo C912s or two JBl 550ps that’s how much better a RsL speedwarfare tennis Mark Ii is moving up in price a little bit we’ve got stuff like the emotiva Sc8. I love that little subwoofer it’s fantastic. It’s 330 dollars if you have another 100 bucks. I do think the RsL speedway for 10 s is a better option. It’s going to give you a.

Larger Driver Quite A Bit More Power

a larger cabinet a better cabinet more extension a better sense of scale. The reality is subwoofers under 500 usually have zero output below 30 Hertz. Where the RsL speedway for 10 s is strong down to 20 Hertz in most rooms so that’s one of those areas where you know when I’m telling you guys like this is the pinnacle of value for this price category I really mean it I’m not just saying that because the cabinet impresses me I’m not just saying that because it has 400 watts Rms. I’m saying that because it’s true based on its ability to perform at those lower frequencies, which is a subwoofer’s primary function so what about stuff that’s more expensive. This is where it gets weird again because I’ve always said guys if you have more money to spend on a subwoofer.

You Should More Expensive Subwoofers Generally Speaking Or

better you know and there’s a lot of subwoofers that cost more than this That are better. The rhythmic L12 is about 50 percent more expensive at 640 that’s a fantastic subwoofer um something like the Rel HT 1205 is a great subwoofer that’s 849 dollars. Though I do have a small feeling the RsL speedway for 10s might have a little bit more extension in it and a little bit more output in it um what else do we have you know There’s stuff like you know the rhythmic G22 or Rel Predator 1510. There’s tons of subwoofers that are great that cost you know a thousand bucks, two thousand bucks that are better but I think the question most of you guys are wondering is should you buy two RsL speedway for 10s mark twos or one thousand dollar subwoofer. Let me put it in perspective Here let’s use something like the Arendelle 1961 1s that’s a 900 subwoofer.

Its A Very Good Subwoofer For

the money. I do think for most scenarios, and this is rare for me because usually if you guys follow my content. I almost always say I would rather to have one of the more expensive item instead of two of the more affordable item that’s usually how I roll, but because this new model integrated so much better than the outgoing model. I think most people will be better served if they have something closer to a thousand dollar budget to go with two speed warfare 10s’s opposed to a single Arendelle 1961 or single rail HT-1205 or single Emotiva Rs 11. For example, now some of those more expensive subwoofers like the Emotiva Rs11.

Its 1200 Its Going To Play

a little bit. It’s going to have like a bigger sense of scale. It’s going to have more effortlessness to its presentation. I mean hell it costs three times the price, so there could be some people who prefer that but if you’re looking for as much output and as extension, you can have for the money. It’s pretty hard to beat a pair of speed warfare 10s mark twos.

I Dont Think Theres Any Subwoofer

on the market that is just a single sub for about 900 bucks, which is the price of two speed work for 10 s’s that could really just take it to town in terms of output or extension. There might be some Cheapo 15. I’ve never heard of I don’t know but I do think most people would be happy with the pair um. If you have any like really specific questions.

You Can Ask In The Comments

below or you can hop in the discord. This channel does have a discord and I’ll do my best to answer that question. But I do think this is one of those scenarios where I think most people would be happier with the two as far as comparing the RsL speedway for 10s to subwoofers costing quite a bit more it just doesn’t really make sense because the reality is this in this world. You pay you get I wish it wasn’t like that guys, but it is the RsL speed woofer If we use a car analogy.

Its Like A Toyota Camry.

The Toyota Camry is one of the finest vehicles you could buy for around thirty-five thousand dollars. If you are shopping for a car in the 35 000 category. The Camry is the best you cannot get better for the.

Money, But If You Drove A Car That

costs 100 000, for example, or more you might not be so impressed by a Toyota Camry. However, that doesn’t mean the Toyota Camry isn’t a killer value it doesn’t mean the Toyota Camry doesn’t have killer build quality. You know what I mean the Toyota Camry is still a fantastic car, but if your data points all the way up here in you know 100k plus territory it’s going to be hard.


Mark Ii reviews the RsL Speed Woofer 10s . The subwoofer is a step up from the subwoofers costing under 500 . It comes in two colors black and white . It’s got a cast basket, a large motor section large voice coil and it’s well ventilated again. The cabinet on this speed woofer is something. The driver is leaps and bounds above anything you will find in this p.m. price category. It is a big step up there’s you know even subwofters costing six seven hundred dollars Don’t have cabinets as nice as.& This so good good cabinet so far let’s talk about the driver.& It’s not the type of driver we find in . under 500.& Usually you know under . 500 you’re seeing stamped steel baskets, small motor sections one and a half inch voice coils and so on this driver is on this list of voice coils. The speed woofers don’t have this type of…. Click here to read more and watch the full video