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This Is Going To Be The First Video

in a series of a couple of videos where I replace all the speakers in my home cinema setup with much better ones and today we’ll be taking a look at my new subwoofer, which is the Xls 200 Ff by BK electronics. I went out to get a subwoofer. I didn’t realize the sheer amount of different options there are and it was a total minefield. My main requirements were that I wanted something really good that would be good for music and sound like that it’s very precise rather than just being a big box. It just rumbles, but I also wanted to spend under 400 pounds ideally around the 300 400 pound mark and the tricky thing with it was that I needed something that could go quite low frequency They could go down quite low because my current.

Subwoofer Is An Old Tanoi Efx.

It’s not very good at all, but it does the job. It’s the same as their SFX and TFx and various other names, and it’s a pretty low end sub and it goes down to about 40 Hertz and that’s fine for my current satellite speakers because they go only go down to 100 hertz. The subwoofer can fill in 40 hertz to 100 Hertz and it does that okay, but it’s not particularly good. We’ll go into that later but my new satellite speakers go down to 40 Hertz.

So Theres No Point In Me Getting A

new sub that bottoms out at 40 Hertz Because the front speakers could just do that so I wanted something that could go down a lot lower in the frequency range. There’s a few options out there and before I discovered this I was almost dead. dead set on the Bowers and Wilkins asw 608, which would go down to about 23 Hertz and cost around 390 pounds. However, I was doing a bit of research into that and I found a couple of forums where people mentioned this subwoofer. So I dug into a little bit and I think this could be one of the best value subwoofers on the market at the moment.

This Is The Xls200 From Bk Electronics As

I mentioned this is our mark Ii. I don’t know when it came out. The market has been out quite a while anyway, but it’s Mark Ii version and BK are quite a small company based in Essex. So they’re a Uk-based company and they’re all handmade in the Uk. I mean I saw that I thought this is gonna be far too expensive.

Youre Getting A Sort Of Handmade Uk Subwoofer

but. It’s 350 pounds and I actually paid even less than this. I think I paid about 300 or something because I bought it on Ebay because at the time I bought it they didn’t have stock so I bought it on Ebay, but they’ve now got stock again so you can get it for 350 brand new, but unlike the other ones that all go down to about 40. Hertz maybe 23 a push this goes down to 17 Hertz so this can go really low frequency. It’s got a really good frequency range so I thought it’s got it’s got good reviews.

The Specs Seem Perfect The Price Seems

decent so let’s get it and try it out. So here it is so here We’ve got subway for itself. First of all we’ll take a look at the accessories. It comes with so first of all you get a standard IeC lead, although mine bizarrely came with this instead which is like a filtered one and we’ll get onto this later, but the seller said it was like an optional extra but we’ll chat about this later, but it normally just comes a standard IeC lead, but we’ll talk about this in a minute. You also get a really long just RCa cable so it’s stereo RCa on one end stereo RCa on the other and it seems quite good quality and I think it’s about five meters or so long.

And Then Finally You Get This

cable here, which is for the f the high level input that they call they call it. I’ll take a look at that in a minute, but it’s a speak on jack on one end three bare wires on the other end. And then this is probably again about five meters long here we’ve got subwoofer. This is the white one. So it’s fully white with a white body and a white front, but it’s available in different colors.

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So You Can Get White, Black

silver and I think there’s a couple of wood effects as well and then this front is available in black or white, and in fact because I got the second hand the seller actually included a black one as well so I guess he must have bought like it with one and then but another color later, and these are easily replaceable so you can change color if you want and the front just pops off. It’s quite a nice mechanism. It’s almost like a little ball catch type thing so it’s actually quite easy to get off, but also feels quite secure that comes off there. And what I’m thinking I might actually do with this? Even though it’s not an official thing is I’ve is I prefer the white one to the black one, but I’d much prefer a light gray color, so what I might actually do is just unstaple the black material from this and then sort of acoustically transparent gray material and put it on instead but anyway let me do that in another video but yep that front comes off there and that reveals driver so here’s the driver. This is a 10-inch Peerless XLs10 driver and this is apparently quite a well–regarded subwoofer and it feels really good quality, especially as compared to my old one.

Just Things Like The Solidity Of

all this are parts and like the rubber gasket around the outside just feels a lot more solid. My old one it was all a bit squishy and. bit cheap! This seems like a really good quality driver and because it’s just an off-the-shelf peerless driver. You could replace this if you wanted to no you would need to obviously if it broke you could probably get warranty service. There’s a two-year warranty on it, but you could actually just replace this yourself.

Its Just A Standard Part And

that’s it there and then this is driven by 275 watt amplifier so that’s really powerful. My ultimate is only 100 watt and around the back. You can see all the controls and the interface so you’ve got the big metal back plate here with this giant heatsink on it for cooling the amplifier. This doesn’t actually get too hot in use. Although I don’t push it that hard but it just gets slightly warm.

So Theres No Issue There At

all boring stuff first so down the bottom. IEC connector here with a fuse carrier, so there is a fuse in that just in case it did blow you might need to replace it down there latching power switch for the mains that just isolates the mains. Then led that’s green if it’s on or red. If it’s in standby mode because it has one of those or standby modes, where it detects an audio signal and if there’s no audio signal it goes into standby and that’s what that and that’s actually indicates that there then just BK logo address and all that sort of stuff and it’s nice getting something from a Uk company rather than saying it’s made overseas. This was made locally or you know reasonably locally and now at the top.

We Can See All The Inputs

and all the controls now you’ve got two different types of input on the subwoofer you’ve. got this which is called the high level input and this which is called the low-level input and BK, really promote the fact that they’ve got these high-level inputs and apparently it’s a really good high-level input compared to other ones. Essentially the difference is that with a low-level input you feed a line level signal so a standard output of your your media player, your PC your phone whatever device you’re feeding into this a standard line level output over an RCa cable goes into here. The high level input. On the other hand is where you feed a speaker level input.

So This Is Where Youd Feed The

output of an amplifier so you’d have a signal going off your front speakers and then additionally, you’d almost piggyback on the back of that and send that signal into here and that’s what you use. The speak on cable for that speak on connector which is nice quality goes in there clicks around and that holds it really securely. Then you can pull it back and unlock it. It’s interesting seeing that because a lot of subwoofers some do have high level inputs, but they’re usually just cheap binding posts or things. You stick wires into it’s nice and actually speak on connector.

This Is A Bit Of A This Isnt

the best speaker it’s not a new trick. One. I think it’s just a cheaper generic one but it works fine but then what you do you put your speak on connector in there and you connect these wires off your speaker. The actual the actual wiring it like the color coding is detailed in the manual, but one of these I think the black goes to ground and then one’s your left speaker. And one your right speaker and you connect these into the connections from your amplifier that go off your front speakers what you then do is.

You Can Then Set A Crossover Frequency

and that’s done using this here. We’ll talk about this later and you can see you set a crossover frequency that sets what frequencies should be sent should be replicated by the subwoofer. So if your front speakers can go down to about 40 hertz. You set the crossover to 40 Hertz and anything below 40 hertz will be played by the subwoofer One thing I will quickly say is look up the manual before you connect this up because I’ve seen stuff around. If you’ve got a class D amplifier like a digital amplifier.

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You They Can Youre Apparently Meant To

connect up a bit weirdly like you’re not meant to connect the ground or something. There’s something weird like that which if you’ve got a regular class a B amplifier you just connect it normally so definitely check the manual before you do this, but what they claim doing this and it sounds a bit audiophile, but it does kind of make sense is that by using the high level inputs any coloring that your amplifier does to the sound will also be replicated on the subwoofer. So if your amp amplifier changes the sound in a slight way or just has any painting of the sound. The subwoofer will also replicate that whereas if you’re feeding this a line level input from your source, this the cut this sound to this might not technically potentially match the sound of your amplifier.

You Know Any Effect Your Amplifier

has in the sound won’t come through onto this so it does somewhat make sense, but there’s. a bit of a caveat? I’ll get onto in a second as to why I’m not personally using this, but I might give it a go later and see do I actually notice the difference. You’ve then got your regular line level inputs or low level inputs as they call them and you.


Xls 200 Ff by BK electronics is one of the best value subwoofers on the market at the moment . This is the first video in a series of a couple of videos where I replace all the speakers in my home cinema setup with much better ones . I wanted something really good that would be good for music and sound like that it’s very precise rather than just being a big box. My current subwoofer is an old Tanoi efx. It’s not very good at all, but it does the job. It just rumbles, but I also wanted to spend under 400 pounds ideally around the 300 400 pound mark . Today we’ll be taking a look at my new subwowoofer, which is the Xls200 Ff . It goes down to about 40 Hertz and that’s fine for my current satellite speakers because they go only go down to 100 hertz to 100 Hertz. It does that okay but it’s not particularly good….. Click here to read more and watch the full video