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for a review . This is the Dick America F 12 475 watt powered subwoofer. It’s normally about 150 watts continuous, but it has a maximum output of 475. Most of you saw my unboxing of the sub where I was initially impressed by its overall design, and I still am after about a week of use. I would say that it’s about 50% broke it in but I know a lot of you want this review done early so here.

It Is Im Sorry About The Way.

This is framed the way my entertainment center set up. I can’t put the camera back any further without showing you everything but me in this up so just deal with it for now Don’t worry I’m going to show you more in why to perform. This is an excellent sub for the value. Or for what you pay for but before that let me get into my knowledge here.

Im Not Gonna Say That Im An Expert

I worked in retail for a very long time. But this is also a passion of mine and a hobby not just a former job of mine. I know a lot about home theater equipment specifications brand names but what I’d like to personalize or specialize. I should say it’s then in our settings. You know I can’t stand people to buy speakers and take them home and hump them up and that’s it.

They Dont Tune Anything So Before I Even

talk about this guy um no this one you must for the love of God have your home theater receiver tuned properly okay Don’t just hook this bad boy up and use the control knob on the back volume and go it’s loud it’s. Low it’s it’s soft it’s loud play with settings know what you’re doing and if you don’t most receivers these days. If you spend an okay amount of money on them have a setting where it’ll. You know use a microphone and figure out what’s going on the best thing I can do to tell you is crossover controls or frequency controls The lower the number the more move the more that low bass that stuff that’s barely audible, but it you know it’s there the higher the number 10, 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 and above behind me. Our clip should have three tower speakers.

Theyre Badass, But They Can Only Handle

about 50 or 40 anything below that you need and want to subwoofer anyway and these are high quality tower speakers. There are about 500 bucks apiece a couple years ago, so it’s all about. Setting okay that being said um like I was saying this is a great sub for its value. Once it’s broken in and once it’s tuned properly, you’re going to get a very good response out of it. It has the lowest frequency of about 20 Hertz, which is anything lower than that you pretty much can’t even hear I mean if I was to do a test tone right now at 10 Hertz you’d see the sub going like this okay.

I Mean In And Out Im Not

talking about rapid-fire talking about the sub itself going in and out the that you see happen to speakers when you play stuff loudly only it would be like nothing you can even hear so it starts at 20. I would recommend this sub for anybody who wants to add a lot of oomph to their home theater system while on a budget. I’m not gonna lie. There are better subwoofers out there, but they cost four five six hundred dollars. I used to have a sub that was six hundred bucks.

A Clip Chef Or Uk Reference Subwoofer Which

you’ll see in the pictures after this in my home theater system. I don’t have that anymore in the amp blue and there’s a long story so anyway for a budget. It’s a gray sup. It works best for movies I found that you can get again when properly tuned that very low or the world’s tripod not the horn which the scariest but when the tripods are marching if you have that movie put on right now when those tripods March I remember clear as a day in the movie theater the theater shook when they march and this will make that happen when it comes to music. If your receiver has a music setting.

You Might Have To Tune That

setting a little differently. If you can this will hit the low notes, but like in some of the reviews, they kind of unfairly put it as sounding horrible for music. It works for music it it just doesn’t have the same punch effect unless you turn it up just a little bit from music. It’s really designed for that point one UK. track jump-cut I had to check my timing the overall quality of this after having it for a while looking at it um I wouldn’t put anything on top of this being a subwoofer anyway, but some subs you can tell that the Box the cabin treated its in is high quality.

This Is Okay.

I don’t see it lasting you a hell of a long time ten years or so, but mean these things never really have problems. The problem that I have is that on the outer edge here. I don’t know if it’s painted or if it’s infused, but I can tell right now with the way that I like to test things and take the panel on and off and when I’m tuning the subwoofer and just messing around with it like I was doing that before the review I tend to put my hands here. I can tell right now.

Its A Little Bit Of The

glare, but like right here and the edge here The paint’s already gone not gone. It’s kind of rubbed away, so keep that in mind on the quality of the sub itself. I mean this is a very firm rubber. I forget the actual material It’s me Adam it needs to break in I’ve had this for about a week now and I’ve I’ve pissed off the neighbors a few times nothing loud but a lot of low-end stuff like Lord of the Rings The Return of the King or the World‘s 2012. Some Jurassic Park in there the quality of the sub itself is pretty cool.

You Can Always Replace It If

anything goes wrong. Unfortunately with this review it’s kind of another overview because the microphone on my camera or any microphone for that matter you can’t. up 20 Hertz, you know over a camera microphone so the only thing I can say is take my word for it I’ve been doing this very long time 10 years. I know what I’m talking about when I like when I talk about quality again it’s really you can take over there I have a 8-inch 150 maximum want sony powered subwoofer that came with a home theater box like seven years ago that thing kicks ass because I have it tuned properly. This blows it out of the water.

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Its Like Comparing A Corolla To

a Corvette, but still you know what if you know how to drive a Corolla. You can do some pretty cool things bad analogy good analogy or whatever who cares you’re gonna notice when you buy this especially before it’s broken it, but even afterwards I’m gonna guess being a 12-inch. Sub it’s not gonna move that much people all the time when they go test out subs in the store or in their car. They think that if they see it move is good okay that’s not good a sub shouldn’t move that much to give you that punch yes This will move and I’ll show you it moving in the video in a minute, but it doesn’t have to I’ve watched Lord of the Rings. The return of King the end final battle sequence with the giant elephants walking around and my house is shaking.

This Is When My Parents Arent

home and that thing is moving, but it’s not moving that much my speakers are gonna die. I mean I have these sets so they cut off at 40 Hertz and the sub takes over after that and these things were going back and forth but of course. They’re handling and the center channel too they’re handling the sound effects and everything else. This is just handling the bass so when you get this I mean it’s fun Don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that it has a removable grill, but you know it’s not gonna move unless you’re playing it pretty friggin loud that being said it sounds pretty good as long as it’s tuned properly so if you can find one of these for about a hundred bucks.

Harvicks Yeah Right 150 200 Bucks.

I wouldn’t pay any more than 250 for this again though looking around I mean I researched it to death before I buy it after looking around for about a week going into stores looking at prices. Amazon Newegg UK. This is pretty much with the exception of the model above this on ping comm for I think a couple. hundred bucks more this is your best value.

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I Really Do Think That The

Beck America 12-inch F 12. I think it’s called it’s worth it again break-in period about three weeks of heavy use not heavy handy use, but you know watch something in a decent volume at night. You know for about a couple hours put on a movie every other night. You know what I did was I have it tuned a little bit turned up a little bit more than it should to help break it in, but after the break-in period really sit down and watch a movie that you know by heart from the theater or if you’re a techie. You know how to tune your receiver properly another thing to keep in mind a lot of sound effects come out of the center channel that one that sits on top or below your.

Smart Enough And No Offense, But

if you know what you’re doing? I have a very good center channel from clips again it’s a reference. It’s the gold speakers on it as the color it can handle bass, but I even though it’s and you’ll see in the pictures again. Even though it can handle bass. I still have my receiver set to send that bass about at a hundred Hertz mind you on a 40 or 30 or 50 but 100 and below it’s set to this because this can handle it. The center channel is the most important speaker for your home theater system.

Then Its The Sub-Woofer Just Think

about it when you’re listening to a 5.1 track sound effects music dialogue and your son. About 70% of the sound effects come out of the center channel because of the movie theater you know it’s the same setup where there’s more speakers. You get the center left-right dialogue. You know when I watch a movie at home.

I Like Into Cell Into Theater

because when you watch it we’ll be in the theater the one thing that home theater systems can’t really do unless you’re tuned it right is what people talk there’s a lot of not deep bass but you can tell it you know if you watch The Sopranos Tony Soprano the Terminator Arnold. His voice Voice is very monotone depth to it. You know so keep that in mind as well, but overall F12 I would give it for its price. Point I would give it a 4-I would recommend it good controls in.


Dick America F 12 475 watt powered subwoofer has maximum output of 475 watts . Reviewer: “This is an excellent sub for the value.& Or for what you pay for but before that let me get into my knowledge here. I’m not gonna say that I’m an expert I worked in retail for a very long time.& But this is also a passion of mine and a hobby not just a former job of mine.& I can’t stand people to buy speakers and take them home and hump them up and that’s it.& They don’t tune anything so before I even talk about this guy um no this one you must for the love of God have your home theater receiver tuned properly okay . The lower the number the more move the more low bass that’s barely audible, but it you know it’s there the higher the number 10, 20 30 30 40 50 60 70 80 and above behind me. The higher the numbers 10,20, 20, 20 and 20…. Click here to read more and watch the full video