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audio unofficial your home for all the behind the scenes footage here at Sundown audio my name is Derek this will be another episode of will for Test Wednesday first. I wanted to give you an update on the New River ability. Johnston video yet we’re building this room just do they have test the sub test photo shoots videos do or complain about lighting background different various things so we have a whole room you see we’re building here We’re bringing the test bench bringing the amp dyno of all in battery bank we’re getting everything set up just to make you guys happy to put out a better product for you guys alright now on the actual video today on the test bench we have the smallest subwoofer. We currently make vs A six and a half so let me get. The camera set up we’re gonna do an unboxing and test of this subwoofer all right the sundown audio s a six and a half subwoofer 200 watts UK These available right now at your local dealers online dealers they’re in stock and shipping let’s get this out the box check it out we got our formed hard styrofoam packing drafting a bag first rule of shipping bag everything look at that little guy he is a little beast beautiful chrome backplate.

We Got The Boot With Your Boss

sundown audio logo. Hopefully I can see everything doing I’ve got some temporary lighting setup here over the testbench we’ve got standards sundown post terminals. These aren’t as big as your fine is on our big subwoofers. These aren’t for gage, but they will handle our 12-gauge wire just fine. This thing is a little beast I recommend between 0.

25 And.

3 volume ported that’s net volume ported her subwoofer. If you’re running these we have ran some setups with four of these and one cubic foot ported and they work great all right. Let’s get this thing hooked up we’re gonna test it out I’ve got my sundown audio 12-gauge speaker wire here we normally run banana clips on the test bench but these these turn moans a little smaller Bennett Banana clips no feeding them all right. We’re all wired up let’s turn it on keep in mind.

Theres No Cooling Channels On The

back plate solid back plate so you can mount this in a very very shallow box turn it up a couple more clicks really beat on all right. So this is a dual 2-ohm sub and I’ve got it wired to our Si Z 3500 here at one own I don’t know exactly how much. sending to it, but I can promise you that was way more than its rated power two hundred watts. I just drove it all the way up into clipping and it survived No issue No smell. No problem got it moving really well so there you have it.

These Are Available Now At Your

local dealer online dealer wherever you prefer to buy it from they’re in stock and shipping is a six and a half subwoofer. It’s a little beast. This thing really does just kind of fit right in the palm of your hand. It is so tiny.

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Its Amazing How You Get So Much Bass

out of a subwoofer so small and I don’t have any big hands. I just got some normal-sized hands not like Kyle Rutherford You ever seen his hands alright guys that’s it for this video as a normal member Michael We’re doing. On the channel, Don’t forget to click that thumbs up Button give us a like click Subscribe bring the bill for notifications. Any questions comments concerns anything as well.

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Ask your questions. I’ll make sure to get to them until next time.


The Sundown audio subwoofer is a six-and-a-half subwoofer 200 watts UK . The New River can be used to test the subwowoofer . The video is a behind-the-scenes test shot from the test bench . The camera is set up and the amp dyno of all in battery bank is getting set up for the video . It’s the latest in a long line of videos from Sundown Audio that have never been made . The subwoer is a 6 and a half-foot, 200 watts, and it’s available right now at your local dealers online dealers they’re in stock and shipping . They will be available in stock or in stock at any of their UK dealers. They can be purchased from their UK distributors. They are available in the U.S. online dealers. they are available to purchase from their local stores. they’re also available in their UK stores. They’re available in Canada and Canada. they will be in stock….. Click here to read more and watch the full video