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today We’re gonna do a product review of a Bose sound bar 700 now if you’re in the market and looking for a sound bars. This is a great video for you we’re gonna look at this product compare it to some of the previous year’s products and then show you what you can expect if you buy this now A lot of the entry-level products have some exceptional quality, but this Bose 700 is their top-of-the-line sound bar. It is a premier product I paid $700 for this sound bar so it was not inexpensive and when you couple that with the base 700 module component speaker which retails in between six and seven hundred additional dollars, you’re looking at a hefty price tag just to start your own sound system with your UK but in the end will let you. It’s worth that price tag a lot of reviewers love the Bose sound systems. They have a very very they have a great reputation as far as putting out a high-quality product in a very very small container.

So Just For Reference This Uk That

you see over my right hand shoulder is an UK O UK UK. It’s an awesome UK. I love it maybe you’ve had one maybe you want to buy one I highly recommend them. It’s 77 inches so it’s a rather large 4k UK, but as you can see as well the Bose sound bar in front of it it looks great. It’s about 38 inches wide, about 2 inches tall and about 4 and 1/2 inches deep, so it’s very very sleek, very very elegant and it actually sitting below my UK.

It Doesnt Clip Any Of That Video Out

so you don’t. lose any actual screen by placing it in front of the UK Now When you open up that box you notice immediately the attention to detail that Bose has put into this product. It is a phenomenally crafted, extremely well-built product. It has a beautiful tempered glass top and it has a metal metal mesh surround a mesh metal surround and every detail of it looks like it was the well thought out on the back you’ll notice. There are two ports for the speakers and then basically two caves where you can then run your power and then your UK a UK or your UK cables.

It It Also Has An Optical

input and a couple of analog inputs for a exterior base and then It also has a adaptiq headset that you can place over to tune and correct your system, so what’s included in the box. When you open it up obviously this elegant beautiful sound bar will come out but you’ll find your power cord an UK cord an optical audio cord. You’ll find an adaptive headset which is used for tuning your room. You’ll find your remote and your batteries and then a little cloth to clean the top of that tempered glass now. The Bose comes in two color options.

Black And White.

The white is beautiful and probably would have fit nicely in my room, but I opted for the black top. I think it’s kind of sexy and it complements the outline of my O le D UK now again. The nice features about the sound Bar 700 is that it does allow for voice enhancement, so as you’re watching movies when you have really big background noises or crashes or background music. You get you a voice correction, which will really help that voice audio kind of cut through all of that background sound.

So You Get A Really Good

clear background or a really good clear audio. Additionally, you can tune the system into your room basically using the adapt UK headset basically plug it into the back of that sound. Bar walk to the spot sit in your favorite viewing spot basically and then follow that Bose music system where it will calibrate and correct for any latency in your room basically. Bose wants to present that neutral sound that covers as many bases as possible that’s why a lot of reviewers will say it’s good neutral. But it’s not great sound as for my taste.

I Really Like It.

I think out of the box. It came really really well tuned and once we calibrated it into the system. It performed really nicely with the newest update. It does accept E UK C and UK C.

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So Those Hdmi Are Compatible, But

it does not support dolby Atmos or DolbyNK] X. So that object driven three-dimensional sound is not supported in this device. So there is a little bit of some lag in that technology there and not having those upward firing speakers or more speakers that would be downward firing. Where it is a sound bar and it is just a three-speaker sound bar. Those are some of its limitations as far as connectivity.

It Is It Is Bluetooth Compatible And

it is UK compatible so whether you want to cast with your device and listen and stream music into this product. You’re totally allowed to do that it’s totally compatible for that and then Additionally, you can connect via bluetooth you just simply download the Bose music app set up your user account create your products by adding whatever products you have in onto that application and then plug it in and turn it on and enjoy the music. Both of those you can set up through that Bose music app so it’s really really nice to connect to it play your music stream your music. It does have some limited Apple Siri features and commands, but it doesn’t have chromecast built in it does have the voice assist It also has an Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant as well now again where it. Has that glass top it has two buttons.


It’s an action button and then a micro microphone off on button, so it does have voice assist that means you can turn the voice assist off and just use the action button to scroll through or toggle through the different menus, but it’s a little it’s not intuitive. What happens is you get different flashing lights as you toggle through those men are those menu items so you have to really pay attention to what you’re doing and understand what each one of those lights signifies as far as going through those menu items. So it’s not really intuitive and I don’t really enjoy using it but the other drawback to that glass-top is. It is also going to be probably a collector dust and fingerprints.

So I Want To Show You This

remote that comes with it now I. know if you can see really well in the camera it is backlit, but it’s also really large so I don’t know what Bose was thinking Obviously. I think HDMi CeC where they were going for consumer electronics control. Their hope is that you’ll use their remote where it’s so big and a little bit cumbersome and kind of hard to feel there’s not really great tactile response like some of the buttons you get on other remotes. I think I’ll probably just end up setting this next to my UK to gather dust or throw it in the bin altogether.

Well See One Thing Thats Great About

the Bose 700 series is they’re compatible with these satellite and wireless satellite speakers. So these things are phenomenal. They’re really really well made. They’re tiny and Bose thought through the installation process. I think a little bit better than some of.

Its Competitors Have Essentially Theyll Send You

with this power box plug in your power back here right next to your plug and then on the back side. You can select the left or right channel and then this right here is where you take the speaker wire that they gave you, which essentially you plug in there factory-made plug here. You run the speaker wire wherever you want that components speaker to be so If it’s four feet above a plug. You Only need four feet of wire cut the wire there and then basically attach this wire plug and then plug it back into the back of your your component satellite speaker and you’re done so all of this excess cord isn’t hanging around because you cut it to the right size for what you need a lot of competitors Haven’t done that and I think that’s really really smart a boast. It shows that they’ve been around for a while and they’ve really thought through this product for you and I I was a little bit concerned about having some of that visual light reflecting off of the top of the Bose system, but essentially from any of the viewing angles that we watch our UK from it didn’t ever seem to be a really big problem.

Now You Will Notice Again When Youre Just

using the sound bar that. It’s just a little bit it’s not exceptional sound because you don’t get low low frequencies. It can handle mids and highs, but those low booms that really add to that 3 at RAcal experience are missing with just the sound bar so if you can spring for that Bose 700 sound bar or that 700 bass module that really abs in that low-end and their their bass box is exceptional The sound on it is phenomenal that side firing subwoofer but essentially when my wife and I plugged it in. We immediately knew that we were stepping up into a much better sound Now Obviously we were going from older technology. We’ve been using an Onkyo” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Onkyo UK unit with Onkyo surround sound and when we plugged into this Bose.

We Both Looked At Each Other And

were like this could be fun that’s enough talking why don’t I take. for a test drive and bring you along with me now obviously I understand that that audio won’t translate perfectly through UK but you will get a little bit of an idea of what it feels like to be in this room and have that hearing audio experience. While we’re watching some different video clips so go ahead and check it out let’s take a look and see what happens how we like the sound and how it fills in this space last track through the forest through the trees Forgot boy that was chaser spent so many nights living out at sea that my heart is going bacon everybody who was close to me posted on Kyla so now I’m driving back only mistake last I just got I feel swamped now go into the morning because something’s gonna change my way. I don’t wanna change my mind The speakers really don’t do it justice but you can feel that thunder roll through the room, so the surround sound is actually really really high-quality. I really really liked it so that wraps it up for sound overall sound.

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I Think The Bose 700 Sound Bar

is a great mixed-use product. Now it has very neutral sound. So if you’re watching a broad spectrum of television or video or even just audio listening to music. It’s gonna cover a lot of bases pretty well not exceptionally well.

So If Youre Listening To Country

music or rock and roll or dance or techno. It’s gonna try to do the best to provide a great neutral sound and good audio clarity, but it’s not gonna allow for customization. When you add in all of the different elements with the component speakers in the rear the component base it turns into a really really nice system.


A lot of the entry-level products have some exceptional quality, but this Bose 700 is their top-of-the-line sound bar . The base 700 module component speaker retails in between six and seven hundred additional dollars . The UK that you see over your right hand shoulder is an UK O UK UK. It’s 77 inches so it’s a rather large 4k UK, but as you can see as well the Bose sound bar in front of it it looks great. I paid $700 for this sound bar so it was not inexpensive. When you open up that box you notice immediately the attention to detail that Bose has put into this product.& It is a phenomenally crafted, extremely well-built product. The UK is about 38 inches wide, about 2 inches tall and about 4 and 1/2 inches deep, so it’s very very sleek, very very elegant and it actually sitting below my UK. You don’t clip any of that video out…. Click here to read more and watch the full video