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Whats Up Everybody This Is Aaron From Aaronsaudiocorner.

com and today I’m going to do a budget 10-inch powered subwoofer shootout. All the subwoofers behind me are up for test. They were all purchased from Amazon and by budget I mean under 200 you can see behind me. I’ve got Sony” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>sony clips Poke audio, Yamaha and Elac all represented in this test.

Were Gonna See Which One Provides

us the best boom for the buck Yeah Dad joke let’s do this as the dedicated audio guy in my friend circle at work relatives you name it I’m always asked hey I’m about to do X what should I buy. For example, a few months back, a buddy of mine was building a home and he said that he was on a budget, but within the budget he wanted to build a pretty awesome home theater system one of his requirements. was he had about 150 bucks. I think to spend on a subwoofer so I did what most people do I went to Crutchfield. I went to amazon.

I Went To Parts Express.

I went to accessories for less and I just shopped around look 150. What can you get? And then I’ll look up a little bit more to see if there’s enough of a difference in 150 to 200 to um warrant him purchasing something a little bit more expensive outside of his already nominal budget and with that in mind what I found was there’s a whole lot of similarities in that range. You’re typically talking in that range. I mean 100 to 200.

Youre Typically Talking 10 Inch Power Subwoofers Only

there’s not really many 12s and the eights are all below 100, but the problem was that you don’t really know what you’re getting unless. You find somebody who’s conducted some testing on some of those more cheaper, inexpensive subwoofers and unfortunately, there’s not a lot of that information out there so with that in mind. I recently decided to start doing my own subwoofer testing and this video is the first round of that. The reason I’m doing a budget version is because what I just said when I went shopping for budget subwoofers. There’s a lot out there but you don’t really know what you’re getting and I’m hoping that through this video and future ones that I’ll be able to help.

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You Guys Understand And Get A

better feel for what you can get and what you should be getting within a certain price range and in this particular version, I’m shopping only within amazon’s um products because frankly when most people shop I’ve found they go straight to amazon. They try. to find what they can buy within their budget They click Bob They get it within a couple days and they’re happy. I try to mimic that that shopping style that shopping mindset with um with my own actions excuse me Peter Brady with my own actions and because of that now I’ve got these five subwoofers we have behind me and I’m going to walk you guys through each of those the features of them and then we’ll go through the data that I’ve captured and if you’re curious about how I’ve obtained the data that I’m going to show you. There’s another video that I made recently which I’ll put in the comments section or in the description below.

So Make Sure You Watch That If

you’re curious but with that said let’s go ahead and start looking at the subwoofers so to kick things off. This is. The Sony Sacs 9 subwoofer. It is a 10-inch subwoofer like all of the others, and it has a little mesh grille on the front of it and I’m going to pop off so you can see the actual drive unit itself and there it is not a lot of fancy stuff going on here just a plain I don’t even know if this is painted I guess maybe veneered um subwoofer enclosure it’s just a flat black nothing special here. Frankly it’s not a it’s not a great looking sub it’s actually an ugly sub in my opinion, but when people are buying subwoofers they’re not typically buying on looks they’re looking for performance and output.

So Well Get To That In A

second now we’ll spin this around on the back what we can see is a gain knob min to max a crossover frequency range available. from 50 Hertz minimum to 200 Hertz max. A phase switch for normal reverse zero 180 same thing and a power save button auto and off and then the line input, which is just basically an RCa input. You can use standard RCa coax LFe input whatever and then it has the actual speaker line input and output as well. In case you had that kind of connection.

The Speaker Itself Does Include A

port on the back and it’s all plastic on the back side to hide the amplifier which you can see some of the internals inside of there and the power button here. Next up is the Klipsch R10 SW with a current retail value on Amazon Prom for 199 shipped so let’s look at this again basic subwoofer common theme with all these guys that are in this budget price range that i’m talking about here. The grill you can pop it off so you get that very unmistakable klipsch goldish orange color cone 10 inch subwoofer if you tap on it it makes sounds it’s got a little light here to indicate when it’s powered on we’ll get to that second and yeah just a i guess another maybe veneer or some kind of i’m not frankly i’m not sure of the finishing but it it does have like a nice sheen to it. has a texture to it as well. If you’re into aesthetics and then we’re gonna flip around to the backside and gain settings here low pass filter here so you can go from what is this 40 Hertz to where it says LFe and Lfe just means pass through auto on and off.

So You Have Three Choices Off

auto and on and when it’s set to auto that means. If you provide a signal, then it will flip on on its own So if you’ve got your AvR connected to it, Your AvR will trigger it to come on so you don’t have to physically get up walk over to it flip it on phase 0 to 180 normal reverse same thing nothing fancy there and RCa input with the LFe channel designated for the left. If you wanted to just to provide a single RCa next up is the Yamaha NsSW 100 in black now one thing I will say about this subwoofer is it has a grille if this grille comes off. I’m not sure how to get it off without doing a little bit more effort than I was willing to put into it. I didn’t want to potentially damage the outer structure or anything trying to figure out how to get the subwoofer girl off.

It May Come Off Really Easily And

just be a way that I wasn’t willing to chance it but now you know flipping it around to the side. You see big old port area nice non-turbulent looking port and that’s a design feature. They say is supposed to reduce I’m assuming the output of a typical port noise that you would have I can’t say that it helped in that regard in my testing so we’re going to keep going we get to the back and it’s a very very simple amplifier setup. You get a power on and off you’ve got a single input and you’ve got a gain knob You Don’t have crossovers and you don’t have polarity now You would think typically when you’re not including something that you’re making it up in other places. In the case of this subwoofer, which currently retails at about 179.

Believe Im Not Seeing Anywhere Where

that performance is being made up. Another claim about this subwoofer is that it has Servo technology. Typically Servo technology is used to decrease non–linearity, which would essentially just mean reduced distortion. However, based on my tests which are all fundamentally based on distortion levels. I can say that the servo technology doesn’t seem to help this subwoofer perform better than any of the other ones in its price class.

It Might Help It Perform Better

than it would perform without the Servo technology, but I can say that as far as my data goes and and what I’m seeing the Servo technology isn’t making it perform better than any of the other ones that I’ve tested behind me in that regard at least next on the shopping block is the Elac sub-1010 current retail price of 129.99 via Amazon prime basic sub. One thing I will note about this subwoofer is that it’s quite compact and you probably can tell from just looking at it here on my stand that it has a much smaller overall profile and obviously that’s a big benefit to people who don’t have a lot of space to work with to begin with the aesthetics of the subwoofer to me are pretty high again. It’s a very basic looking speaker. There’s nothing there’s no flash to it there’s there’s really nothing that stands out about it except to me.

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This Subwoofer Looks Like A Good Subwoofer.

You can’t judge all subwoofers by their face. You shouldn’t and i’ve definitely learned that in the past, but when I’m looking at the speaker. I just feel like there’s some quality there and in my test it actually shows up that this is one of the better performers and it’s. Actually one of the cheapest ones so interesting now let’s spin it around and on the back you’ve got the plastic port a little bit of a cardboard.

In There I Can See The Subwoofer

back in there gain knob speaker level inputs crossover from 40 to 150 Hertz phase 0 180 flip and then you’ve got the power on off switch and auto which like the clips will allow you to provide auto turn on when the avr sends a signal to it it’ll turn on it.’ll know it’s ready to be played and then the RCa inputs for the line inputs last but not least I have the Polk PsW10 current retail price is 129 on Amazon prime now this subwoofer for the same price as the Elac is quite a bit bigger and if you look at the front of the face. Let me do this do. A comparison here here’s the Elac so the elac You can see is quite a bit smaller all right coming back so we’ll pop the grille off and you can see that it has a front port. Unlike any of the other speakers that i’ve tested.

This Is The Only One With

the front port. The Yamaha had the side port. The rest all had rear ports so that’s something to keep in mind. If you’re worried about placement. If you have to put a subwoofer right next to a wall.

You Dont Want The Port Facing That

wall you want the port away from that wall. Otherwise you will choke off the flow of that port and decrease the output and potentially cause some other unwanted resonances that you might well. You probably will hear so that is one good feature about the subwoofer, especially if you’re concerned with. placement size again bigger than the elac.

Its One Of The Bigger Ones.

It might actually be a little bit bigger than the clips. I can’t recall, but it’s certainly one of the larger subwoofers that i’ve that I’ve tested in this particular round we’re going.


Aaron from Aaronsaudiocorner.com does a budget 10-inch powered subwoofer shootout . All the subwoofers behind me are up for test . They were all purchased from Amazon and by budget I mean under 200 you can see behind me.& I’ve got sony clips Poke audio, Yamaha and Elac all represented in this test. We’re gonna see which one provides us the best boom for the buck. The video is the first round of that.& Aaron recently decided to start doing his own subwwoofer testing and this video is the first time he’s done that. There’s not a lot of that information out there so with that in mind. It’s not necessarily easy to know what you’re getting unless you find somebody who’s conducted some testing on some of those more cheaper, inexpensive sub woofers. You don’t really know what they’re getting, but there’s not really many 12s and the eights are all…. Click here to read more and watch the full video