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you welcome back to the channel and today I’m bringing you my final review of the cadence sound WB-12. They’re a wild beast line of subwoofers now I’ve had these for a little over a month now and I’ve listened to them. I’ve tortured them. I’ve done side-by-side tests with other companies against them and I have a pretty good idea of what I want to say about these but before we move forward with that review. I do want to say this if you guys are looking at cadence sound equipment make sure you go to Cadentsound.

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get 10 percent. I believe the 10 percent off of your total purchase. It doesn’t go to me. I don’t get money from it. It’s just a nice little link for you guys to get a little.

Off Of Your Stuff Now I

also have used the cadence sound QRs series component speakers in my car. I did a review on that a few months back and I am still to this day absolutely blown away with cadence sound door speaker to have 6. 5 coaxials in the rear and then I have 6. 5 inch components in the front and man. They are one of the best sounding door speakers that I have ever heard in any vehicle ever hands down.

Im Not Just Saying That Because Im Working

with them. I absolutely mean that they’re still in my car today. I love them so guys check out cadencesound. com and if you find anything you like use code KP sky to get 10 percent off your total purchase all right guys so here’s what we’re doing right now we are going to review the WB12s. This is cadence.

Sounds Big Subwoofer Line.

They have a 15-inch version that’s a little bit stronger, but this these are the 12s the WB12s and they are absolutely phenomenal we’re gonna get right into it. Let’s start with the pros of this speaker the build quality is something that I have to just start with the build quality on these speakers are better than a lot of brands that we all know and love not gonna name any brands Not gonna shame anybody but the build quality on these speakers is you’re you’re gonna be hard-pressed to find somebody who does it better. The basket is made of some really tough material. I had no worries or problems when I was carrying it around or moving it or unscrewing it and pulling out of the box.

I Never Once Worried That I Was

going to break the basket or break. terminals off or something like that or harden This around This speaker is built with some superior quality. Has a Usa-made voice coil in there has a really nice motor structure, plenty of ventilation for cooling at high excursion high volumes. It’s amazing how good how well built these speakers are and even with their door speakers those are built with some some some thought too um so I have to start with the build quality. Build quality is very important because you guys you know you’re gonna take your subs out of your box.

Youre Gonna Change Your Box.

You’re gonna move it all that stuff and you’re gonna have to take your subs in and out of that box. Or maybe you’re changing boxes and you don’t want to have to pull your sub out and then worry about it breaking on you or if you have. It inverted you don’t want it to break on you These I have no fear that these will last the test of time inside and out. It’s just a great build quality, so that’s the first pro.

I Want To Talk About The Second Pro

is how deep these subs play now on their website. It says they play on a 20 hertz on their little spec card. They give you in the box when you buy one of these. It says 10, but I tested it all the way down to 20 and I tested it all the way down to 10. It’s in the video they play down to 20.

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For Sure After That You Dont Really

hear anything which the human ear can’t hear past much past 20 anyway but these subs weren’t doing anything past 20 on the SBl lab, the spl meter that we were. Using they didn’t do much there either but they play low I’m talking scar Vxflow if you guys familiar Scar VXF that’s what I have they play crazy low like stupid low down like 17 hurts or so and at least in my car. These play down the 20 with some authority. I was very impressed with how low they can go they really truly do play deep deep bass so if you’re somebody who’s looking for a subwoofer that’s going to play super low. These subs will have no problem.

Im Surprised How Low They Play

with how low of X-max. They have they don’t skirt very very far, which is more for the spl side of things. But they really do sound good to sound good which is going to lead me to my next pro which is the sound quality if you are a sound quality kind. person if you want your vehicle to have the best possible sound that it’s going to be able to have these subs Are something you need to be looking at for sure the sound quality on these subs they might be well past their price point when it comes to sound quality. It was so clean so accurate even at the higher frequencies 90Hz 100Hz 110 hertz.

They Were Very Accurate.

They are very punchy when you want them. You can listen to any genre of music that you want to I’m somebody who listens to rap hip-hop R B gospel sometimes I throw on a little classical song because I’m a music major Blah Blah Blah. I listen to every song. You can every type of music that you can and I heard it on these subs and they sound phenomenal on just about every genre.

You Can Think.

They are accurate they are tight They move quick so you don’t have don’t have any problem keeping up with the beat They sound phenomenal even in the box that was slightly smaller Nah. It was pretty close to spec maybe slightly smaller than what it was asking for It sounded so accurate so tight so punchy and it digs really low. So you can play that hip hop R B stuff and it still sounds good. Still sounds good so that’s another pro for me now my last pro for this these are already at 1200 watt Rms 2400 watts peak I had them on the cadence sound QRs 1.

3000D Their 3000 Watt Rms Amplifier Thats

their biggest amplifier they offered too and we paired them up with two of these so they were seeing a lot more power than what they really wanted to and they took it. Now I it is not going to take all 3 000 over maybe a course of a song. They were starting to get warm and maybe even a little bit smelly just a little bit, but they were definitely taking well over 1200 watts Rms. I’d say they were closer to 2 000 2200 watts Rms for about a length of a song which is about three and a half four minutes long and then I always play a new song and it would take it They perform well over their their power rating, which is what you want to see you want to have a subwoofer that’s conservatively rated so that when it exceeds its limitations. it impresses you if you rate it too high and it can’t make it to that rating.

Then You Have A Subwoofer Thats

falsely advertised. But this is right at 1200 watts. And it can take more it can definitely take more again. I had it on the 3001 Rms amp both of these together. So it was probably seeing 21 22 2300 watts at a time for a good length of time, and it really never struggled to control anything.

So Im Very Impressed With The Amount Of

power that you can put to these things 1200 watts. Isn’t a lot you can get you can get pretty loud with 1200 watts, but it’s not about really being loud. It’s about how long can you handle that power before I gotta turn the system off shut it down let it cool down. These things can handle a long car ride at moderate volumes with no problem. So I’m very impressed with the um the ability to play a lot of power for a lot of time very impressed with that so.

Those Are My Pros For The Subwoofer,

great subwoofer, but we have to talk about what I did not like about the subwoofer Now Let’s let’s start with the price point because that’s going to lead me into the rest of the con so that they all make sense the price point when I was given these to review they were around 458 478 something like that currently on their website. They’re down to 358 which makes a lot more sense, but at 478 450. It’s really hard to vouch for these subs because there’s a lot of companies out there who give you a lot more sub for around the same price A lot more power maybe equal and sound quality and build quality for a little bit less money so as a consumer it’s hard to look past those other brands who are giving you similar specs for. Maybe half the price but 358 makes more sense. I would like to see these closer to 299 or something like that sometimes maybe like every now and then on like a labor day sale or something like that because again.

There Are Other Companies Out There

who are giving you 1200 watts. We’re giving you 1250 who are giving you 1500 for around 269 to 300 and that’s what people are looking for good clean quality power that’s gonna handle over time, but as little amount of money as it’s gonna cost them to get that and these are just a little too much It’s 458 normally just for one 358 right now so you have to spend about 700 or so dollars to get a pair of these and a lot of people don’t want to dish out the money. Because if you’re dishing out 700, you may want to jump up to a sundown or maybe there’s a good scar or there’s a DC audio or anything like that that may just give you a little more power or something like that. So the price point is I I see where it comes from because again the sound quality out of these speakers is phenomenal and the build quality is phenomenal. So you have to pay for those components too.

But At The End Of The

day not a lot of people are looking at that looking at Oh. This is how much power I’m getting for this much money. It’s what people are looking at so it’s a tough battle. 358 it’s not bad I would like to see around 299 or so maybe like during Labor day sale or Black Friday, something like that every now. And then throughout the year so that people will gravitate more towards these because these are actually really really good subwoofers.

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So The Price Point Is An Issue.

leads me to my next con, which is SpL that’s my next con. They actually get really loud I was able.


Yo Cafe sky reviews the cadence sound WB-12 subwoofers . The WB12s are one of the best sounding door speakers that I have ever heard in any vehicle ever hands down . Check out and if you find anything you like use code KP sky to get 10 percent off your total purchase all right guys so here’s what we’re doing right now we are going to review the WB12’s. The build quality on these speakers are better than a lot of the brands that we all know and love not gonna name any brands not gonna shame anybody but th. Not gonna shame anyone but I love them so guys check out Cadentsound.&com and use code Kpaceguy at checkout to get a 10 percent of your purchase. I don’t get money from it. I believe the 10 percent is a nice little link for you guys to Get a little. It doesn’t go to me. It’s just a Nice little link to you guys…. Click here to read more and watch the full video