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Whats Up Guys Welcome Back To The

channel SO today We’re going to talk about the new REl HT1205 Mark UK subwoofer and I am extra excited to talk to you about this subwoofer today Now am I excited just because it’s a Ralph subwoofer and I’m a big old rail Fanboy No I do love Rel subwoofers but that’s not the reason specifically I’m excited for this one in particular. The reason is I have owned the original Rel HT1205 for many years now and I use it regularly. I’ve recommended it a ton. It’s one of those subwoofers that’s just dummy proof it works so well. It’s super easy to set up and it blends with an extremely wide variety of speakers.

No Matter What Speakers Ive Ever Had In

here. For review, the Rel HT1205 has always Blended seamlessly with literally everything and for that reason it’s. been a super easy subwoofer to recommend to tons and tons of people over the years. So when I found out Rel was making an updated version called The Mark UK I couldn’t help excuse me but be be excited for just a myriad of reasons. You know the last Mark UK product that came out was a big win again from another brand that I was super familiar with and loved it was the bookard S 400.

You Guys Know I Loved The Original

ones. I was a long-time user of them, and when Buchart released the Mark UK version of the S 400 I was super excited and it was a big winner. It was a great execution and great delivery of what a Mark UK version of a product should be and we’re seeing the same thing here with the new HT1205 it’s an excellent execution. of what a Mark UK should be all about and I’m going to tell you guys about it and why and I did run a community um not a poll but a question. I asked you guys what you wanted to see in this video and you guys gave some feedback and I’m going to incorporate that stuff that you guys asked for in this video.

So Youll See When I Get To

that section so we’ll do this review the same way we generally do I’ll throw the main specs on screen so you guys can check that out. I’ll tell you about the standout features that I care about or I think are cool. I’ll tell you what the subwoofer sounds like I’ll tell you how it compares to some other subwoofers and then we’ll wrap up the video. So let’s talk about some standout features first and foremost and where this differs from the outgoing or previous version HT1205. So a few things are the same 12-inch driver 500 watts UK Class D and so on.

However, The Cabinet Has Been Largened

and large and made bigger. I don’t know how you’d say that the cabinet’s bigger um so you got a little bit more air space inside that’s going to give you deeper extension even though the the extension spec itself is the exact same as the outgoing model minus six UK 22 Hertz I found this unit to dig lower extend deeper have better extension, more control and more Authority downloads well but we’re getting a lesson impression so let me just pull back on that and tell you about the standout features so the cabinet’s a little bit bigger and the dimensions have changed. In a way that I find the subwoofer to be much more visually appealing. Now the outgoing model was more of just a square and it looked like a square. I mean most subwoofers are square is no big deal.

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This New Version Is Just A Little Bit

wider than its height. So visually in the room it looks a little bit smaller than it actually is and I find it quite visually appealing, whereas I’ll just throw a picture on the screen so you can see them side by side anyhow visually. I think this is beautiful. We still get vinyl on the cabinet, but the vinyl has been upgraded to look a lot nicer. It looks a lot more higher end and the top plate is finished in a full gloss black paint.

The Rel Logo On The Top Is Much

smaller than the outgoing model and the REl logo that used to be on the driver is gone so those of you that have complained over the years that REl subwoofers have too much branding This one has way less. You do get a little logo on each footer and if that bothers you I don’t know what to tell you because once this thing’s on the floor and this little ledge here casts that shadow you’re never going to see it um out back. We have the class D amplifier. There’s no high level input and those of you that cross cry about that look. Unless you’ve got some kind of old archaic tube amplifier that doesn’t have a sub outer pre-outs.

You Dont Need The High Level

guys most of the subwoofers that come here for review. Don’t have high. input it’s unnecessary for the most part unless you’re planning to set up your system a very specific way or if you own rails UK range of subwoofers. Those are different those are designed to be you know set up with high level, but I’m going to tell you guys a little dirty secret. Sometimes when I set up my pair of Rel T7xes here I use low level cables and they still sound fantastic anyhow.

I Digress Around Back Two Upgrades

compared to the outgoing model one. The variable frequency adjustment and gain control before they were infinitely variable. There weren’t any defined clicks or adjustments. Now they are well defined. There’s a little click every time you turn the knob just a little bit just like the UK range so that’s a huge quality of life.

Improvement In My Opinion Because Im The Type

of guy When I. set up a subwoofer I like to count the clicks on the gain because I have a lot of different speakers here and I just want to always make sure I have it set up sounding its best and remembering. How many clicks I have it on the gain or on the frequency for each speaker is super helpful. I actually have a list in my phone on the various speakers. I use and how many clicks I set the HT1205 Mark UK to and it’s just super helpful.

Also The Uk Inputs And Outputs Were Previously

board Mount. They are now chassis Mount. They look much much better. This is one of those things that is going to be from you know it’s basically coming from the UK range. The UK range always had chassis mounted RCas and to see that on the UK range absolutely love it price.

Is Just North Of 800 Bucks

and well worth it in my opinion, So what the hell does it sound like because let’s be honest. I’ve told you all these cool things, but if it doesn’t sound any good it doesn’t matter well. It sounds absolutely fantastic, um it’s going to have really really clean bass output. It’s going to extend very low. It is a 12-inch subwoofer.

Now Lets You Know Manage Expectations

real quick because there’s a very small percentage of you guys you know maybe one percent or so that I like to call the Psychopaths and there’s nothing wrong with being a psychopath but the psychopath. When it comes to base is the type of guy that’s got a pair of 18-inch subwoofers and it’s still not enough. There are people like that that’s okay. Some people have extreme taste for bass if you have. taste for bass there is a larger version of this called The Predator 1510.

I Suggest You Get A Pair Or

a four pack of those instead. If you’re one of those just absolutely insane, one percent of people who are trying to play the sine wave on the intro of Edge of Tomorrow like Shane from spare change Yeah I’m calling you out bro you’re crazy with that anyhow. I digress um I found the base to have very good note to note distinction incredibly Good Start stop Behavior very good transient response, good tone and texture really really good extension. This is one area where it was quite a step up from the outgoing model. The outgoing model had decent extension.

Dont Get Me Wrong But The New

HT1205 Mark UK just gives you just this like sense and feeling of confidence when it’s in those lower. Octaves it’s like happy in those lower frequencies. It has Authority and control. There’s also a much larger sense of scale compared to the outgoing model, and this new model can also play tremendously louder, so at the end of the day it certainly does sound fantastic. One other thing to mention is the tonal character of the subwoofer is just a touch heavier than the outgoing model.

The Interesting Thing Here Is Usually Subwoofers

that have a heavier tone tend to crush detail. This bad boy doesn’t Crush detail at all it’s still very good with handling of delicate passages and nuanced details and things like that so how does it compare pair to other subwoofers well. In the community post you guys wanted to know first and foremost how it compared to the outgoing model. You guys wanted to know things like hey if I already have one. ##NK] 1205 version one can I add a second one and have dual subs, but the second one be this new Mark UK model I’ve got an answer for that and I tested that because I have the HT1205 mark one.

In Fact, I Sit On It

in every video if I didn’t already say that in fact, I’m sitting on it right now yes the Mark UK plays very well with the old model so if you already have the original HT1205 Mark 1 and you’ve been wanting to go Duels for a while and you want to add this new model for your second subwoofer absolutely do it I highly recommend it. They’re going to have great Synergy together they’re going to sound fantastic together. The only thing to keep in mind is if you’re doing this in a theater environment. This new model can play louder so. If you’re an extreme home theater Enthusiast and you’re really going to push your subwoofers to the limit.

You May Find The Limit Of The

original Mark 1 before you find the limit of the Mark UK I suggest hey just try it and worst case scenario. You sell your Mark 1 and upgrade to a pair of matching Mark twos but yeah the two played together Flawless he didn’t have any problems there. I think I briefly told you guys how the two subwoofers are different for the most part. This one plays louder extends lower has more Authority, down, low and a larger sense of scale overall and a slightly heavier tone that’s really the biggest difference. However, the two do play very well together in that Community post.

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Some Of You Guys Also Wanted To

know how um this Mark UK played with the UK subwoofers like. If you had a T7x or a T9x, could you pair an HT1205 with it. The answer is absolutely Yes. I have a pair of Lt7xes here and I actually set up the Rel T7x and the HT-1205 Mark UK and stereo pairs.

An 8-Inch And A 12-Inch An

odd mix. It’s not something I generally recommend. However, I was quite surprised to see the two subwoofers played.


The new Rel HT1205 Mark UK subwoofer is an updated version of a Rel subwoofer called The Mark UK . The new version of the Mark UK is an excellent execution of what a Mark UK should be all about and I’m going to tell you guys about it and why . I asked you guys what you wanted to see in this video and you guys gave some feedback . So you’ll see when I get to that section so we’ll do this review the same way we generally do. I’ll throw the main specs on screen so yo yo . I’ll also incorporate that stuff that you guys asked for in this review. I did run a community poll but I did not a poll but a question. What you want to see is when I got to that part of the review. It’s an excellent example of what I want to say. I’m not sure if you’re going to see it. I want it. It was a great execution and it’s a great delivery…. Click here to read more and watch the full video