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What Is Going On Guys It Is Parker Here

making another video for Y’all now as most of Y’all know I’m gonna be making a video showing what I think is the best hundred dollar sub and I believe this right here is the last one when the need for that video, so we’re gonna get right into it to today’s review is going to be of the UK sound Troppo 12 V 2. This is of course UK sounds $100 12 inch sub so we’re gonna get right into it and see how it does alright guys UK sounds troppo 12 V-. Of course, it says the UK power is 600 watts, but that’s about all it says on the box. We’ll have to pull out the surgeons manual to see what else we got going on here so we have this in here and just his layer. of you here and then this is Coleman Now He was the owner of the company, but unfortunately he passed away in the last year, so if Y’all could just maybe just take a second dudes lift up a prayer for him and his family that would be awesome.

Definitely Sad To See Somebody Who Was Just

a very positive person in the basehead community go at such a young age hope Y’all can see that of course. This is the 12-inch version so for a ported box. It likes a 1. 5–2 feet box cubed. Now it says ft 5 should say ft 3.

Dont Know Why They Have That But Who

knows anyway my box is 2 cubic feet so that will be just perfect and then over here. Of course we have all of our UK parameters. We have the d2 for this test so. Where it’s gonna come over here? The UK is 32. 9 Hertz, and the UK is a 5.

2 Uk Thats Really All The Useful

information it has. Of course, you can see the other other stuff and then on this side. It just shows some directions on how to wire up the sub in different variations. Now I decided to pull up their website just to give a few more specs. So of course Cinna watts UK 1200 max.

It Has A 2.

5 inch voice coil. Why 35 grade triple sec magnet now that’s good new why 35 grade is a nicer magnet than a lot of other subwoofers use says it’s a UK competition grade basically. They just say it’s a sturdier sub than some of your others. So sounds like this will be more about getting loud and a little bit less about quality of sound analysis.

Xmax Is.

12 point five millimeters single way and then here it says the porta box is 1. 5 to 1. 75 cubic feet. Not sure why the manual said 1.

5 To 2 Feet.

Doesn’t really matter pretty small amount, but still something to note. Starting with the top of course. I have a dust cap it’s pretty stiff plenty for what you would want on a sub like this. We have a nice just kind of regular roll surround, but it does look really nice here.

We Have The Dual Stitching Going Across It

gives it a very nice clean look and then we do have a pretty stiff paper own so I do like that a nice kind of glossy look to it and of course we have our rubber gasket going around it to help seal so that’s awesome. We do have a stamped steel basket, which is what you would. Expect on a hundred dollar sub and then we have these terminals here will get the job done for sure don’t like it as much as I like the ones on the Envy X. Though I believe was my last video, then we have pretty thick tinsel leads. They are sewn kind of into the spider, but that’s just two places where they’re sewn into it’s not all the way down the spider like some and then here’s the other side and this is my only issue trying to get that closer so y’all can see those leaves are really really tight when you push down you can see it kind of pull on them and you can see.

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This Is Kind Of Bent In A Little

a little bit, so maybe this was dropped or something like that so when I bend it up it loosens them right up. And it’s no issue whatsoever? But that does kind of bring in the point that this little terminal post thing right here is a little bit on the flimsy side. So if you were to drop it on this. I could see that getting broken and then down here at the bottom. We have a really nice pretty beefy motor for a hundred dollars sub.

It Does Feel A Little Bit Heavier

than your normal hundred ounce motor, but it didn’t really say on the websites, but you can see it there nice looking the motor Now there’s a little bit of rust in here on the inside it looks like it’s just worse got kind of scratched and the coating has got scratched off and some moisture has gotten to it. There is a teeny bit of rust now. I’ve seen that on a lot of subs after they’ve. been used a while so not really a huge issue just get a little closer look up at this just so Y’all can see again overall pretty nice. We do have some nice pinning right there to help it dissipate some heat alright guys overall pretty clean looking a little sub set for the way the terminals connects to the basket.


It seems pretty good but let’s get it in a box and test it out and see how it performs now For this video. Like my other videos, we’re gonna be putting it in the box, playing it to see how it sounds on some music and then from there with no UK test to see how loud we get it and then last of all we will do a RMs test on it with my UK one just to see if it can withstand a few minutes. At its Armas power playing some music so guys let’s get to it alright Guys we got it in here. Let’s let it break in for a little while and then we’ll get the testing adjust for anybody who has not seen my system.

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This Is What I Use For The Testing

of course Tari Amps 12 K. This just means we have plenty of clean power. So we don’t have to worry about any distorted or clipped power going into the sub and then this is my UK Aegon M1. This will allow us to see how many watts are actually going to the sub when it gets to that point in the video and then we have a hundred and twenty-eight and powers of lithium. So we are good to go.

Guys Lets Let This Thing Break In

and then get to playing some songs Alright guys. We’re gonna do the UK test now This song I’m gonna play is about two minutes, but there’s a lot of really deep low bass, so the simple really be moving a lot, which is pretty decently at least brutal on the sub we’re trying to keep it riding between that five and six hundred watts and just to see what it does UK alright guys well it’s past I did start to smell it kind of going through, but it was just a very faint smell probably more of a break-in and glue smell. If anything and it took a power. No problem so it passes the musical Rms test all right guys. It is time or the UK test.

We Of Course Have A Meter

hooked up. This Is the UK lab mini bass meter and then we have the UK UK one hooked up so we can see the max wattage that is going to this sub we’re gonna play some 45 Hertz test tones and see how it does we’re gonna start on a little bit lower power just to kind of set a baseline and then if we can and we’ll go up from there so that was a 130 5. 8 at only 600 watts and go up two clicks on here and see what it does now. There’s a one 36. 9 that time we were at 1,700 watts.

No One Thing I Forgot To Do.

We got to tilt this to the back. We definitely get better readings. When the sub is facing the back of the vehicle. All right we have got it facing the back and we have it up a few.

Clicks Lets See What Itll Do Now

There We go guys a 141 again that was a bat at about 1800 watts. All right guys. This stuff is pretty tough, but it’s taking it no problem. I am not hearing it max out so this being a little stiffer sub than the last sub I reviewed which was the envy X. This does not seem to be maxing out nearly as easy so I think we can crank up the power more and see if we can get this thing louder and there we got a one 41.

6 Yeah That Was 1800 Watts Know About The

same so the issue is here. I believe is that the oil is getting hot and our you can see our impedance is rising really really high, which I think is getting this into the clipping territory so it’s not really getting louder it’s. Just a distorting so we’re gonna be sub cool off here for a little while and then we’ll give it one more try alright. It’s been cooled off for a while let’s get one more test and see how it does there you go one 41. 9 and that is at 1600 watts well guys.

I Hope You Enjoyed That Video Definitely

enjoyed making it the sub sounded good playing the music and it was a little stiffer and is overall more robust sub than some of the others. I have tried out so it definitely could take some power. We got over 140 UK and it passed the UK muting test so I’d say it’s good to go anyway guys thank y’all so much for watching stay tuned for the next video and stay tuned for when we’re gonna test out the best $100 sub gonna be comparing all the. 100 Ourselves that I’ve done so far thanks guys UK.


Parker is reviewing the UK sound Troppo 12 V 2.5-inch sub . Parker says the sub is the best hundred dollar sub and I believe this right here is the last one when the need for that video needs to be made . The owner of the company, but unfortunately he passed away in the last year, so if Y’all could just maybe just take a second dudes lift up a prayer for him and his family that would be awesome . Parker: “This is of course UK sounds $100 12 inch sub so we’re gonna get right into it and see how it does alright guys UK sounds troppo 12V-.” The UK is 32.9 Hertz, and the UK is a 5.&2 UK that’s really all the useful information it has to give a few more specs. It has a 2.&5 inch voice coil. The sub has a 35 grade triple sec magnet now that’s a nicer magnet than a lot of other subwoofers use…. Click here to read more and watch the full video