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and this is the Elac sub 1010 powers Subwoofer now as a disclaimer. I paid for this with my own funds. No one’s reviewed the video prior to posting and all opinions are my own now for more information. I do have my amazon affiliate link down in the description below but let’s proceed with this review first off let me tell you why I chose this particular subwoofer Why I bought a subwoofer to begin with so I’m in a fairly small room home office and I’m pairing this with a pair of the Klipsch rP 600m bookshelf speakers which I think are a phenomenal value great sounding, but they did seem to be lacking a little bit in the bottom and in that lower base and thus begin my search for an appropriate subwoofer for my room and for my. purpose which is classic rock jazz listening to music I’m not using it in a home theater situation.

Theres A Lot Of Choices On The

market, especially in that budget under 200 price range. This sells for 129 and it was a close contender with the Polk subwoofer, but this won out for me because of the build quality. The Elac makes really really good stuff. I wasn’t looking for a subwoofer that would rattle the windows and get the cops called on me I wanted something that would blend in nicely and fill that bottom in frequency that would go with the the Klipsch RP 600m’s and this is it the Elac Sub-1010 powered subwoofer let’s go over some of the specs of the ElaC Sub-1010 is a powered subwoofer 60 watts 120 peak. It has a class A B amplifier frequency response 37 to 200 hertz.

With A Crossover Between 40 To 150

Hertz made out of MDF. Nice and solid comes in a I think it’s black ash vinyl wrap looks good. You know. I kind of believe subwoofers should need to be seen or be heard. We’ll talk about that in a little bit what I mean by that nice Nice driver listen to that it’s not paper.

Im Not Sure What Material That Is

but it’s got a nice thump to it just seems to be very very well made dual flared port Okay the measurements 12 and 3 16 inches tall, 12 and 3 16 inches in width, and then you have 14 and 3 16 inches in depth. It’s almost a perfect cube not quite a perfect cube, but what I love about this is it’s nice and compact so it’ll do a great job in my office. Let’s take a tour of the back of the Elac sub 1010 Here you have your high level inputs right here. This is a preferred method for a lot of people setting up a sub. Also you can use it with older receivers, etc.

There You Go You Have Your

volume control. You have your crossover settings on here between 40 to 150 Hertz. You have your phase either zero or 180 degree power either off on or automatics. I set mine to automatic that way. I don’t have to remember to turn it off and then you have your line level inputs right here left and right.

The Left Will Act As Lfe If

you just have a mono output say from your amplifier which that’s what my Yamaha Yamaha has use that left input on there now so I said earlier. I believe that a subwoofer should either be seen or heard now well here’s what I mean by that the idea in my opinion is to augment or or I should say supplement your primary speakers. My case eclipse RP600s and the sound the deeper bass should appear to your ears is coming from those and not drawing attention to the subwoofer right that is. I think the goal when you’re kind of filling that out it is smooth out those lower frequencies and you’re just you’re adding to those speakers, but you don’t want if you can hear this subwoofer independently of your speakers. You set it up wrong.

You Have Definitely Set It Up

wrong things like positioning is very important, etc. But the way I set mine up initially I kind of do it by ear. I set the volume knob to about the 12-o’clock position. And then I turn the frequency all the way counterclockwise and then I began turning up the frequency till the the bass because I could begin to feel the bass starting to come alive in the speakers, and then I turned up the volume so it didn’t overwhelm the RP 600ms and you just kind of do that by ear play with it a little bit. I think you’d be fine and as I said your left and right input left again is LFe and then you have this rear port on here and that rear port helps you know with the depth of the base.

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You Probably Dont Want To Get

it too close to wall that front wall with that port right there admittedly I’m a big clips fan so for sources I for amplifiers. I paired this up with both the Yamaha as501 and also the. Pioneer SXD7000 didn’t use the nad at this point as far as the speakers. The pairing was Eclipse RP 600 M’s and also the Bose 301s say what you will about both real ones, But I happen to like them in this small room kind of source material listen to some jazz. I’m a classic rock guy big fan.

A Lot Of Listening Theres Some Dire

straights some David Bowie just a wide genre of music and once I got this dialed in I could just feel that presence that depth at no time did the bass ever seem overpowering or muddy. It’s a night nice tight face a fast bass with this can’t talk again today Nice tight fast bass never gets muddy doesn’t lag it’s not going to rattle the windows or shake the neighborhood, but it’s going to give you a nice smooth lower base, which is. So important for music as far as home theater application is concerned it’d probably work okay in a smallish home theater. I probably would recommend a pair of these as opposed to just one, but for the price under 29. You would still have about 260 bucks in two-powered subs and it can it can it can jam quite nicely.

It Can Hold Its Own With

much much much more expensive, powered subwoofers. The compact size makes it easier to locate and not be in view or not you know overpowering the room good quality. Elac makes good stuff and it currently has a 91 4 star or greater rating on Amazon for 130 bucks. This is a great starter for a sub. For those looking to get started with subwoofers or somebody in my my situation.

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Youve Got A Smaller Room And

you want to level up your. game on the base I can’t recommend this enough I’ve been using it for a few weeks. Now love it glad. I bought it that’s it Bruce Naylor thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.


Bruce Naylor reviews the Elac Sub-1010 powered subwoofer . Reviewer says subwoofers should need to be seen or be heard . Elac sub 1010 has a class A B amplifier frequency response 37 to 200 hertz. It has a crossover between 40 to 150 Hertz made out of MDF. It’s got a nice thump to it just seems to be very very well made dua . Naylor paid for this with my own funds.& No one’s reviewed the video prior to posting and all opinions are my own now for more information. I do have my amazon affiliate link down in the description below but let’s proceed with this review . The ElaC Sub- 1010 is a powered sub woofer 60 watts 120 peak and it’s not paper. It is a power-driven subwowoofer. It was a close contender with the Polk subwoformer. The Polk Subwoofer won out for me because of the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video