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Hey Youtubers Its Andrea Here With My First

product review If you’re a mobile UK or a band and you’re interested in an 18-inch powered subwoofer and you’re like me. You might not necessarily trust the really cheap ones out there you also don’t want to carry around a big heavy one that costs fifteen hundred or two thousand dollars, especially if you might end up getting two of them in the future and space is an issue well electro-voice might have an option for you. The brand new 2015 Evey UK x 18 UK also comes in a 15-inch power version. These speakers are pretty awesome and they basically go right up against the UK UK x-series the UK UK 181 s as well as Cerwyn Vega and a couple of other competitors in the market. The Ekx 18 is $9.

99 Entry 134 Decibel Speaker I Think.

decent pair of top cabs You can use this for a hundred and fifty person gig and no problem. I’ve already done that a few times I’ve had this speaker for a couple of months. I really like it. After a couple of months of research of speakers listening to them in store and just knowing what I’ve heard with my friends setups Over the years.

I Came To The Conclusion That

the UK Ekx 18 UK was for me maybe it’s for you too let’s take a look at some of the features okay see buying Ekx 18 UK and you will get your speaker in the box hopefully and you’ll also get this nice long extension Cord. This is about an 11-foot cord which is really cool because these aren’t always going to be right next to you. They probably are but for some reason they’re not. It’s always nice to have a nice long UK extension cable you never know when you’re going to need one okay the dimensions. The speaker is 20 inches tall, 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep way 72 pounds does not come with casters has an 18 gauge steel grill on the front m20 threaded pull mount on the top.

If You Want To Mount Speakers

on top of. This does not have the 35-millimeter pole, so it’s a little bit of a sturdier setup. The box is made out of 15 millimeter plywood as you can see it’s got little indentations if you want to stack them up. That is going to be very helpful if you’re going to run multiples of these in especially if you’re going to use the cardioid mode which we’ll talk about in a second but boxes is made really well it looks good. You know it’s evey coat it is going to scratch if you’re not careful with it that’s why I do recommend you use the cover on it, but it’s a good-looking box and you got your logo down here and it’s not the UK right below itNK] could be on/off or used as a limiter okay here’s the padded speaker cover.

I Really Like This Because You Can Take

that put it on your speaker put it on dolly and then you can stack things on top of the speaker with much less if not pretty much zero chance of really scuffing up the finish on this speaker. So these things are about seventy dollars well worth it in my opinion looks nice and protects your speaker. So let’s talk about the features of your Ekx 18 UK so. These are all components that were designed and engineered by. Evie I’m not trying to be an UK salesman.

Im Just Telling You What You

need to know so that’s nice these aren’t just piecemeal t other parts. It’s actually components the Evie design and engineered themselves Nice upgrade from the live X-series is this cooling fan controlled by multiple onboard sensors. You have your combo ins UK outs your UK here. When you get the speaker you’ll see let’s get this in focus there we go so to go from minus 80 to +10 UK I usually run it right at unity right at zero. Everybody’s applications different but I’ve had really good results just running it at zero.

You Push In You Push In Again

here’s your music mode. These your 3d UK modes music which is default live if you’re doing maybe live band bands and performances and then Club if you want to hit a little. harder and a little bit deeper. It will limit a little bit quicker in Club mode at least that’s been my experience so far, but it does deepen it A little bit. I usually leave it in music mode.

I Think It Sounds Really Good In Music

mode too by itself. The location of the speaker either normal or cardioid. If you’re going to run cardioid, you need two speakers for it to properly work the bottom speaker would actually face you and be in cardioid mode. The top speaker would be in normal mode and face your audience that’s a really cool feature because what it does is. It actually allows you to minimize the amount of base that’s going behind your subs instead of it being completely omnidirectional so instead of you annoying the ballroom next door or anything like that.

If Youve Had You Know Gigs Or

performances where you need your sound to maybe not completely bleed onto the stage or bother somebody in a room behind you That’s a really cool feature that you put into these things. You get two subs stack them on top of each other and you run them that way. There’s a good explanation of it in the manual as well low-pass filters it has from 80 100 120 150 and then they have some of their own speakers in here as well. So pretty neat little features you can just kind of cut it to wherever speakers you’re using I’m using it with K12 so I just put it on 100 Hertz UK. This is what we were talking about before on/off or you want to use it as a limiter if for some reason you end up on the front of.

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Speakers Or Theyre Out Of Your View But

you can see the UK you can see if it’s limiting or not UK dimmer control brightness contrast of your actual screen storing points. You can actually store up to five different memory points in here, which is really cool. I don’t have any in here yet but you can store five of them in there. If you go to a gig and you’re always going to have it on you know music mode plus three and then you go to someplace else. You’re always going to play any it just can save you a little bit of time and it’s kind of cool just to say that you can save some settings in there as well.

You Can Recall Your Settings.

You can lock people out if you don’t want your crew or other people messing with the back of your. speaker if you’re not around it which is a nice setting as well reset everything. This gives you your kind of firmware and where things are and then exit so some nice features in there not like a million features, but it is a subwoofer. It does give you your basics and a little bit more nice digital inputs there that read as you go dual limiter I’m going to show you that in just a second first.

Its Going To Flash Limit That Just Kind

of means the limiter is kicking in and aware of what’s going on with the sound, but your sound is not compromised. You push it a little harder. The whole thing’s going to light up limit and this is what’s kind of caused a little bit of Eire with some people they think it’s coming on too fast and they’re not crazy about that. I kind of see what people mean with that but if the volumes that it’s been coming on with me it’s been pretty darn loud, especially just using one single 18. I’ve really thought it sounded really good.

It Was Pounding Out A Lot Of

bass at the time. The limiter finally came on but I’ll show you an example of that right now Let’s take a look at the limiting on the sub so you can see with that video that the limiter has the small letters first and the big letters later when you’re pushing it too hard the inputs in the levels didn’t seem to be real high and that was limiting is that what people are talking about well. Maybe that was when the subwoofer was in Club mode um. One of the first times I used it. I had it in club mode and I.

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Shot That Video And It Did Seem Like

it was kind of kicking in the club mode in the UK boosts your signal a little bit so that’s probably what’s going on. There is your signal is actually as far as the speaker’s concerned is a little higher than even it looked there so the limiter is kicking in it’s just trying to protect you you know you can complain about it or you can just buy another speaker. You know you can say Evie blew it on it. I don’t know I think it sounds really good in music mode and at Club mode. It was hitting pretty hard and pretty loud when that limiter kicked in so I’ve heard several of the subs that are on the market right now is the Ii V UK x 18 UK better worse he I don’t know let’s see head-to-head against.

##Nk] 181 Uk Was Louder Hit A

little harder. Evey gave it a pretty good run for its money. They do have basically the same box design in the same general design of what replacement and everything. I think the E-V is a pretty strong contender against the kid.

Have You Won 81 But I

do you think that 181 is a little harder and is a little bit louder sir when Vega P 1800 UK I think this is right on par with that if not maybe this is maybe a little bit of a nicer sound than the serve on Vega UK I’ve not heard the newest UK yet I don’t know anybody who has them the 718 UK UK The P R X series I think this is a direct competition. I think that’s one of the things that Evie put this up against directly was. The UK s unfortunately, I don’t have an opinion on that because I have not heard those live it’s not as loud as a YorkvilleNK] 801 P. It is not as loud, not as hard as in Etx 18 UK.

It Will Destroy A K Sub

side-by-side I mean not even close versus the case of it easily. I mean that’s not much of an accomplishment. A lot of people can beat the case set but I’m just telling you much better sounding than in K sub. In my opinion gives a 181 a run for its money.

Dont Know About The Uk And You Know

obviously it’s not going to compete with a with a big huge Yorkville good speaker give this thing a listen get on but you know if you’ve got a guitar sonorous and mash nearby go down listen to them make sure they set. up the right way and and pound these things out a little bit. I really think it sounds pretty darn good it’s they’re definitely cheaper 18-inch powered subwoofers on the market. I


The Ekx 18 is $9.99 entry 134 decibel speaker I think . It’s always nice to have a nice long UK extension cable you never know when you’re going to need one okay the dimensions. The speaker is 20 inches tall, 24 inches wide, . 24 inches deep way 72 pounds does not come with casters has an 18 gauge steel grill on the front m20 threaded pull mount on the top. The box is made out of 15 ┬ámade out of . 15-inch power version. It’s a little bit of a sturdier setup. It does not have the 35-millimeter pole, so it’s a . little bit . of a . sturdler setup . The speaker weighs 72 pounds and does not . come with . casters . It is an 18-inch wide, has an . 18 gauge stainless steel grill . The UK UK x-series the UK UK 181 s as well as Cerwyn Vega and a couple of other competitors in the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video