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Hey Guys Welcome Back To The Channel

today We are going to review the Emotiva Rs11 Subwoofer um. I first saw emotiva’s rs range when they came out with the Rs13 and when I saw that I was like wow They’re um they’re taking subwoofers pretty seriously that you know that thing the specs were impressive. It was big. It was beefy a little too big for my taste. So I was kind of hoping.

Theyd Come Out With A Smaller Model And

they did so as soon as I saw the Rs11. I shot them an email and I’m like Yo can I get one for review and it took a little bit of time because you know they only had so many review samples out and available. But I finally got my hands on it and we are going to talk about it. So I’ll take you through. The review the same way We generally generally do.

Ill Throw The Specs On Screen Because

I don’t want to get into that too much, but I will talk about some standout features . I will tell you what it sounds like and we’ll do some comparisons and then we’ll wrap it up so stand out features let’s talk about that first so we have the control panel instead of being on the rear. It’s up top right here very convenient to make your adjustments and changes. I thought that was super cool. It’s hidden behind a smoked plastic cover that is easily removable the driver itself is you can’t see it because all you’re seeing is this but it’s substantial it is seriously seriously and I do mean seriously over built here.

We Have A Huge Motor Section.

A three-inch voice coil, a double roll surround that is. Going to give you an effect of lighter moving mass at lower volumes, which is beneficial for a few reasons. It’s a cast basket it’s like it’s beefy guys. This is like more something that you would find in like a high output spL car audio situation and those of you not familiar with car audio might think oh car audio it’s all just like boom boom and there’s no sound quality.

No Car Audio Is Mostly Diy, So

a lot of people do it wrong, but when you do it correctly. A lot of car audio guys are big sound quality enthusiasts and want their stuff to sound good. But at the same time we still need drivers with serious power handling that are overbuilt because we have to overcome things like lots of road noise anyhow. I digress this driver is seriously on another level and if you. compared it to other subwoofers in about the thousand dollar category.

You Would See What I Mean Most

speakers sorry most subwoofer drivers around this price point are going to have stamped baskets, two inch voice coils, smaller motor sections they’re just not going to be as overly built as this guy is anyhow. The thing is 1200 bucks so it’s not cheap but it’s also nice to see that they gave us this level of engineering and build quality. The cabinet’s also fairly robust with the two-inch front baffle again that’s a pretty serious effort there out back we have some chassis mounted RCas. I really like that I feel like that’s a little bit more high quality. It’s a little bit of a step up in terms of fit and finish thank you for that and then just this is something most of you guys will never.

Know, But The Screw Holes Its Not Just

like wood screws going through wood. They are threaded with metal inserts so it’s like when they built this they really I mean they didn’t cut a single corner. They wanted to make sure this thing would last forever and like I’ve never seen like threaded inserts in a home subwoofer honestly so like hats off emotiva you guys are not messing around on this rs range and it shows um the last stand-up feature. I want to talk about is the finish. This is only available in painted finishes painted matte black and painted gloss black that’s 100 bucks more and before you spend that hundred bucks more for the shiny, which is something I would usually do I want you guys to know.

This Is One Situation Where I Would

ch I would take the hundred dollar cheaper matte. painted finish over the painted gloss black because the painted matte finish. It looks so good in person. I’m a huge fan of shiny. All my personal subwoofers are shiny, but I want to see this used on more subwoofers.

I Really Really Love It.

I think a lot of people. When they see this map painted finish. They’re going to be like okay like it looked good on the screen or in the video or on the website, but like in person it’s just really nice. Let me talk about packaging real quick it’s not something.

I Generally Talk About But I Couldnt

help but be impressed when I saw the packaging so the box. This thing comes in the handles are reinforced with plastic and you know a lot of subwoofers and speakers when you buy them they come in like a little cloth bag this. came in a satin bag like the cloth was like Satin Okay, You know that like expensive material that’s on like high class like bed sheets and like pillowcases and stuff like that it’s freaking Satin bag like emotiva’s really being extra over here they really like want you to know they are not messing around um obviously the satin bag is not going to make the subwoofer sound any better it is going to protect the hell out of the finish in transit and let me tell you it is going to make you feel fancy when you unbox this thing anyhow. Let me think if there’s any other standout features. I missed here that’s it let’s get into what it sounds like.

But First I Want To Touch On

one thing, so I want to talk about who I think this is for because in my opinion this. fills a niche that has been open until now So I get a lot of comments and emails people saying something to the effect of I want a certain brand’s ported subwoofer for its authority extension and output, but for X y or z reason. I cannot have a subwoofer that size. Maybe your wife won’t let you maybe your room can’t accommodate it you just don’t have the space who knows you just can’t have the size So instead the person is considering that brand’s sealed model, but they’re worried the sealed model is not going to have the output extension and authority of the ported model, which is true and they’re like what do I do I usually ask those people can you fit two subwoofers a lot of the times they can’t they’re like I can only have one what do I do those people have been. in a kind of a tough spot until now because the Rs 11 is a ported subwoofer and a fairly compact one so it’s going to give you the output of a ported subwoofer in the dimensions commonly associated with a sealed 12-inch subwoofer it’s a ported 11-inch driver and some of you that really know your stuff might say you know subwoofer that’s ported needs a big cabinet.

It Shouldnt Be In A Small Cabinet

that defeats the purpose. Let me touch on that real quick for those of you not that you know you know your tl small parameters and stuff like that you want to geek out let’s do it real quick. So the main benefit of a ported subwoofer is if it’s built correctly and the cabinet is the correct size for the driver and the port tuning frequency is correct at the port tuning frequency. have twice the output compared to its sealed counterpart that’s the main benefit that generally requires a lot of cabinet space um so those of you saying like you know compact ported not so good stay with me now because everything is a compromise. This cabinet isn’t that small okay that it’s going to throw the port out the window.

In Terms Of Its Benefit.

You’re still getting the benefit of that poor tuning frequency is it going to be twice as much like something much larger like the rhythmic FVx 12 probably not but are we going to have maybe 1. 6 or 1. 7 times the output at the port tuning frequency while at the same time having a much smaller cabinet. Most likely that’s most likely where we’re at so the the balance the compromise they shop for with this two thumbs up I appreciate it if you’re going.

For Just Absolutely Maximum Extension, Authority And Output

in your lower frequencies and you can accommodate something larger. Of course get something larger health that’s why emotive themselves make something larger anyhow. My main point here is this is a great subwoofer for anyone who wants that ported subwoofer performance in something closer to a sealed subwoofer form factor now before we move on some of you might be saying though ported subwoofer, how is it going to be for music Nemo this channel of yours. You know you’re always talking about music is what you focus on correct so it does come with a plug and one ported. I’m sorry when plugged.

When You Use The Foam Plug.

It has the transient speed. The responsiveness the articulation base note distinction of any good sealed subwoofer so in when I was using this for music I did have the port. closed when I was watching a movie or gaming. I had the port open and I was super happy being able to go back and forth like that.

I Thought It Was A Great Feature.

When a subwoofer is so large again, we’re going to geek out just another. You know real quick here. When the subwoofer is even larger. The ported subwoofer to allow for that two times output at port tuning frequency.

You Cant Just Plug The Ports And

make it sound like a sealed subwoofer. When the cabinet is that large plugging both ports it’s going to tighten it up a little bit it might help with a little bit of room gain compensation. But if you had something like an SvS PB 2000 pro and you plugged both ports, it will not make it sound like an SvS SB2000, so that’s kind of like the problem. A lot of people have run into until now? Where we have this thing that this emotiva Rs11 that’s got this good compromise in terms of its size, still having good output at the port tuning frequency and still being able to plug the port and make it sound literally as good as a sealed subwoofer all at the same time, So let’s move on What does it sound like we’ve got pretty clean output clean is kind of the best way.

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I Can Describe This Thing.

The base seemed very effortless very strong. The lower bass frequencies had good bass note distinction upper mid bass was just okay to me. Most subwoofers upper mid bass performance is just okay after all they’re subwoofers They’re not mid-bass drivers anyhow I digress I didn’t really have any complaints of its sound quality at all.

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I Will Say Whether Or Not You.

To plug the port or not may come down to personal taste what I have found is when a subwoofer is ported like you leave the port open on this and you’re listening listening to music the bass. The lower frequency will be a little bit.


Emotiva’s Rs11 Subwoofer is the latest in a range of subwoofers . The £11 subwoofer has a control panel instead of being on the rear . It’s hidden behind a smoked plastic cover that is easily removable the driver itself is you can’t see it because all you’re seeing is this but it’s substantial it is seriously seriously and I do mean seriously over built here. We have a huge motor section, a three-inch voice coil, a double roll surround that is.& Going to give you an effect of lighter moving mass at lower volumes, which is beneficial for a few reasons.& This is like more something that you would find in like a high output spL car audio situation and those of you not familiar with car audio might think oh car audio it’s all just like boom boom and there’s no sound quality. But when you do it, the sound quality is better.& No car audio is mostly diy, so a lot…. Click here to read more and watch the full video