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If You Want A Great Pair Of Noise

canceling headphones these days, you need to spend somewhere between 250 to 300 pounds, which begs the question what happens when you spend 600 pounds or more? These are the Bows and Wilkins Px8 and these are the focal barties so let’s just get straight into it, which ones are better. The focal bath is cost 799, which is an awful lot of money for a pair of consumer noise canceling headphones. The reason they’re so expensive is because they’re made by focal if you’ve not heard of focal before. They are a FRench audio brand who typically makes stuff for high-end audio you know home audio stuff, but also studio equipment for them to get into the consumer headphone game is quite a big deal. The Px8 on the other hand, aren’t the first pair of noise canceling headphones made by.

And Wilkins These Are Their Latest

flagships and they sit just above the Px7S2s. Both of these headphones feature exotic materials for their speaker drivers made out of either magnesium or carbon. They both feature 30 hours of battery life and given the brands involved here. They have an awful lot of Heritage when it comes to sound. But what we have here is a brand that is is well established as a premium manufacturer of noise canceling headphones for consumers and a brand that is very well known in the PRo Audio space, but which has only just stepped into this particular market.

So If Youve Got The Budget For A

pair of headphones like these, which ones do you go for starting with the sound and a very quick note on my headphone testing. I have to mention this in each video these days because what people don’t. Always get it not many I’m sure you understand but there’s a small subsection of my audience that don’t quite get the fact that I don’t UK headphones the reason that I don’t do that is because I want to hear how they sound out of the box now. It’s worth mentioning that both of these headphones can be connected to a laptop or any other source that can play high resolution audio so you can benefit from the wealth of audio codecs They’re both compatible with for the testing that I did was based purely on wireless Bluetooth streaming via my UK. The first thing I notice is that you do get a little bit more volume from the Px8 I’m not sure why it’s not a big deal really but there was just a bit more Headroom with the compared to these and secondly the barties are noticeably.

Brighter Than The Px8S Not Horribly,

so it’s not harsh a little bit like the airpods Max. It’s still a lovely refined sound, but when you compare the two. When you do the A B test. These are definitely a bit brighter. They also have a bit more of a pronounced mid-range.

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They Also Have Very Good Bottom Ends Stop

laughing at the back but yeah the bass response on both of these headphones is just tight controlled and not at all muddy The Sound Stage so in terms of how wide the stereo field is is slightly wider on the Px8 I’m not surprised by that these headphones in every test I’ve done have always been much wider than the other pair. I’m trying and the barties still offer a wide Sound Stage. It’s just wider on here but to be honest like so many things in this review. When it comes to sound you’re only going to notice that if you a B These two headphones and most people won’t be doing that. I do have a headphone killer track.

When Im Doing This Testing, Which Is By

a band called Pop Evil. It’s called Breathing again. I really should be getting some kind of free backstage pass with all this Free Press I keep giving them but anyway. It is one of the best songs for testing headphones and the reason for that is that it is just so manic. There’s so much stuff going on.

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Theres Loads Of Compression Going On And

on the wrong headphones. It sounds terrible on the right headphones. It sounds amazing and it sounds a bit better on the px8s compared to the parties. In my full review of the focal parties which I’ll link to above. I described these headphones.

As The Best Sounding Pair Of Noise Canceling

headphones I’ve ever put on my head and they are still amazing but when you a B test them against the Px8s. These are just slightly better out the box, and it is always slightly better. It’s not amazingly better. There is just a slight refinement with the Px8s. If this was a 100-meter race, it would be a photo finish and it would be one of those things where in the photo it would be like that when it comes to noise canceling they are pretty much on a par to be honest.

Theres Not Much Separating The Two

I did manage to get a slightly better seal with the barties simply because they’ve got such big ear cups, so it wasn’t that difficult in terms of getting them to completely envelope my ear if I was being really picky. The Px8s make the world go slightly quieter but again you’ve got to a B test them to to work that out and I think the fact that you get a better seal on these speaks more highly of the parties and as for transparency mode which is when you let the outside world in nothing beats the airpods max with that but as I’ve said recently, the airpods max are nowhere near as good as either of these headphones in terms of sound and pretty much everything else, so we can forget that comparing these two the barties have slightly better transparency and that means you can hear yourself better. When you’re on telephone calls, which by default makes these better headphones for taking calls right design and build quality. Firstly design once again just like sound is a completely subjective thing starting with the folk calbatis. I think.

These Are Definitely A Marmite Pair

of headphones when it comes to looks when I first got the barties. I thought they had a bit of a gaming aesthetic. The reason for that is when you turn them on you get a little light that comes on each ear cup like that again not a big deal really and you can turn it off in the app, but it is an acquired taste. I think really they’re also very big headphones when you put them on your head. They look quite big doesn’t bother me at all I quite like this size headphone again because I can’t hear myself because they are so enveloping In terms of the ear cup.

You Get A Very Good Seal For

that noise canceling and for the sound as well but again subjectively. You may not like big headphones despite that they are very. Well made I’ve thrown them about a bit There’s been no issues. There’s quite a bit of plastic going on, but it’s very high quality plastic, but there’s loads of cushioning very very comfortable. You can wear them for long periods of time.

As For The Px8S.

These are a much more refined design. If I put these on my head you can see that they’re not anywhere near as imposing as the faux vocal parties again. There’s going to be elements of these headphones in terms of their design that some people won’t like you might think they’re too small potentially and you might find that you can’t get a decent seal because these are a little bit too small. The other thing is that they have this great big Bows and Wilkins logo on there again doesn’t bother me at all, but that might be something you don’t.

Like The Px8S Do Feature Some Nice Metal

here and again just like the barties lots of padding not quite as much padding on the headband compared to the barties, but they are still very comfortable. The battery life is 30 hours on both, which is absolutely fine for pretty much anyone in terms of controls they both win because they both have physical proper clicky buttons. The bartis are slightly better because they’ve labeled their buttons that’s one thing. I’ve always found a bit annoying with Bowers and Wilkins stuff. They don’t tend to label the buttons on the headphones, so you have to guess what they are as for the cases.

If You Know Me You Know How Important

headphone cases are to me. This is what they look like in terms of size. So the UK is case is bigger no question about it this is nearly. As big I’ve got it nearby, but it’s nearly as big as the Sony Xm5 case. It’s the same kind of design really, but both of these cases are very well made very tough.

The Barties One Is Slightly Tougher.

Actually the only difference is that in the Bows and Wilkins case. We get this little magnetized flap which I just love very addictive to keep doing that but you can put all your cables in there whereas in the barties case they’re just kind of loose at the top, which means they can obviously fall out but again it’s not a big deal. The case is for either of these headphones are fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed this comparison because I love both of these headphones.

It Gave Me The Chance To Sit

there and listen to them again and again and again, which is not a bad job really. But there’s no denying that personally the Px8s just win in terms of sound. I must emphasize it is so so close. They are both epic in terms of consumer noise, canceling headphones. When it comes to dealing with pretty much any type of music trust me, whichever pair of headphones you buy out of these two you will not be disappointed.

They Both Justify Their Price.

The buying decision that you make will ultimately come down to the price obviously, but also your brand preference. So if you’re a bows and Wilkins person you know you’re a Bowser Wilkins person. In fact, you’ve probably already bought these, but if you’re aware of focal for different reasons. If it’s their high-end home audio stuff or their Studio stuff, you might be very tempted by the parties and the other thing that might sway your decision is the design.

These Are.

very different looking pairs of headphones and I can’t tell you which one you prefer that’s entirely down to you, but that could be a big deciding factor when you’re looking at these two pairs so hopefully. I’ve covered every question that you had about the barties and the Px8s, but if I haven’t if there’s something still rolling around in your mind that you need answering put it in the comments and if you feel like you need to know more about the focal bartis given that they are a completely new entrant into this particular market. I’ll leave a link at the end of this video to my full review.


The Bows and Wilkins Px8 are the latest noise canceling headphones made by focal . The focal bath is cost 799, which is an awful lot of money for a pair of noise-canceling headphones . Both of these headphones feature exotic materials for their speaker drivers made out of either magnesium or carbon . Both feature 30 hours of battery life and can be connected to a laptop or any other source of sound . The Px7S2s sit just above the Px 799s and are the focal’s latest flagships . Both headphones have an awful amount of Heritage when it comes to sound. Both feature exclusive materials and are made from magnesium and carbon. Both headphones can be used to play with laptops or other sources of sound. They can also be controlled by the sound of their own headphones. Both of the headphones are available for around £35.99 . The price is £39.99.99 and are available from ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video