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Hello Guys Its Peter From Ps Sound And

this is going to be another very very long video so only start watching it when you can really sit down and watch it all the way if you are hoping to see crazy subwoofer excursion and and fancy marketing and all that then skip away. This is not the video for you. However, if you want to see the in-depth content why this front subwoofer enclosure had to be built. If you want to see measurements and explanation of the whole fabrication. Then this is the video for you so stay tuned because this is really going to be another one so before I went ahead and started to do the front sub-enclosure.

I Spent Several Hours To Test Around To

see how the mid-bass performance is affected. If I flip the focal driver upside down so we technically give more. driver in that outlets the BMW platforms have and what change that could bring. Then we tried a pair of EsB EsB on the seat drivers which are not cheap . They are meant to be one of the best BMW plug-and-play options.

I Had A Pair Of Them.

I wanted to try for a while and now I had the chance so I put those in and we measured all the options plus I did test how the car actually has effect on the response. So you will see from the following five minutes what those measurement results were and these were the actual footage that I sent to the owner. So we could also see what was happening. I suggested that there’s no point to spend several days on trying to recreate a different way of mounting the driver underneath the seat and expecting magic.

I Dont.

into spending money on things that makes no sense rather use it for things that actually solves the problem and makes sense, so I offered the option to him to go with the front sub yes he comes with a sacrifice and then following day we managed to find a sub-I got it and I went ahead so that’s what now you are going to see how the fabrication part happened and then at the end you will see the final test and measurement results and how the whole system you know just came together Okay so next test Oranges left base driver no Eq in no high pass filter only a 400 Hertz low pass filter. It plays all the way down. Green is driver’s side because driver’s side is closer to you. You definitely have less cabin gain because you have less distance for the wave.

To Develop From The Other Side.

You always get more level as you see, but just when I’m you know when I measured it first. The problem is still there. It’s the same situation and it’s good up to that’s 170 point when the mids take over so I had few tests so that’s the normal scenario. Then I tipped the seat all the way back.

So Its Not Above The Driver

and then I measured it from the back. So I wasn’t even you know the seat was tipped that wasn’t sitting in it so there’s not much difference actually happening. There’s a bit of drop here where actually we need it and there’s a bit more about 170 but effectively over there nothing changes and then I open the boot to see what happens then because normally it’s the car size related. I open the boot and yes. The low end you know comes alive under 30 Hertz, which is quite normal and it plays all the way down woo pretty crazy um but again that’s not affected.

Then I Drop The Left Window The

front left window down. We get a bit more level straight away because the space is not enclosed. Then I dropped both left windows and we got even more level overall. We gained 55 and a half and over there you know nearly 64. 5 db but over here 53 and a half 58 and a half eight five db just simply by opening the windows on the other side, so the wave has a better chance to develop in in this small cabin well.

Its Not Small But Considering The Bait The

base wavelength 130 is 3.4 meter 50. Hertz is double 6. 8 meter so we definitely get more bass but again that. Area is not really affected.

I Did The Same With The Drivers

side window yep that was driver’s side both window and then actually we lose quite a lot on this side, which is again normal. Once you pull the driver’s side window up. You get a bit more bass where you sit okay. So then I reverse the drive underneath me, which is the actual case and there’s not much happening again. There’s a bit more level there from 140 up to 170 but nothing changes there where we would need it and this way you get around the same air space If I raise the driver facing up and if it was mounted all the way up to the carpet.

Now The Driver Is Reversed.

We have probably 10 meter clearance from the from the seat and underneath it. It’s now completely free in that many fold but. Again nothing changes there and I suspect whatever we do whatever we rebuild underneath nothing is going to change there. It’s just the location and the size of the car, which is not in our favor but last thing.

Im Going To Drop In The Usb

drivers all right so the EsB driver is in I take the reversed out so the blue is the EsB and the green is the original focal facing up so as we see actually the EsB has less output on the 60 down to 35ish because over there that is nearly 52 and the 4k is 56. So actually that’s a good 4 db and I think they are both 4 ohm um dip same way there that’s the only difference that’s in that 125 up to 155 it doesn’t have such dip, but the rest is the same so as I thought this. Is the car dictating the location and um even if we build up. I don’t even know how it we would build a box. As I looked at it.

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We Wouldnt Be Able To Gain More

than one one and a half liter or so but by then that’s not gonna change nothing well. At least I tried everything now that’s your biggest problem as I told you the only solution. I can imagine and I said it even during the process of doing everything. Probably even before we started everything um to cross the mid base underneath the seat at 1890 over there before that problem because it’s kind of functional between 80 and 170 and then have the front sub feel the rest over there to get proper musical bass up front because I don’t want to you know spend two three days building something underneath the the seats and then it’s not going to make a difference it’s it’s not the effective way of doing it. I don’t think it’s up to you.

I Think You Will Only See This Video

tomorrow but tomorrow morning yeah drop me a call all right so upfront sub in the BMW 6 Gt. I started with that tape as you can see that was lined around the floor. Mat. I wanted to leave clearance cutting away from that line. So in case we have to put the original piece that are cut out.

You Have To Put That Back.

Then the the cut is gonna be underneath the floor mat, so it won’t be seen um Yesterday We’ll have to do a bit of a trick to to make it like it’s a nice joint , but if it’s under the floor mat, then it’s going to be less of an issue. Hence the the tape line of that way on the floor. I made a straight line which line was measured from this line to keep it straight and parallel it’s not wonky and then the whole floor mat was chopped out, which had around four inch thickness here and there let me show you so like here. You know it’s nearly four inches overall three around.

Three Three And Four Ish Thats

how thick insulation they they put there also to to keep the foot rest in level because that is quite funky in there so that’s how much space we can actually gain Yes it’s drastic not many people want to cut the carpet, but when you want to maintain enough legroom for the passenger. Then I think this is crucial otherwise you build away from the carpet and then you know you come further into the cabin in some of the old cars like in old Mercedes they had so much space and some some of the old BMws as well they had so much pace in the leg room going even further out that you can easily put in you know like an eight inch deep enclosure without any struggle and the front passenger still had you know legroom um not in. This one it’s not as deep, but this way we will have enough space. So I measured the at the angle of the original floor as well. So we maintained the angle so when I built it back, which was around there so that’s how much we lose, but if we keep the same angle, then the passenger will be able to rest the legs on the stop enclosure.

Obviously, There Will Be A Rigid

panel in front of the sub leaving clearance for the excursion and strong enough so if someone stands on it. Then it’s not gonna you know damage the driver and will possibly be carpeted over so no dust and crap will go over it, but the original floor mat will set onto it anyway. So the plan is to the time it’s finished it should look pretty factory um so now the task is to. mask the whole area out and as I can see this car was the platform is kind of universal for left hand driven and right hand driven because I believe that is for the accelerator the bracket is there and it looks like.

They Also Had That Big Black Yellow Grommet

that should should have been for the steering wheel column and going through so yeah. I could I could take the bracket out actually let me ask the owner whether right I can get rid of that because no one is going to ever see that really but that could give us more space um so yeah. This is this is what’s happening let’s mask this out when people see me using my usual puzzle technique from Plywood and they they are many people not my everyone but many people always want to argue that you know this is. way too fluffy and it takes longer fiberglassing is way quicker um no it’s not and this is the point when people have to realize that preparation takes long time whatever masking solution you use some people may have something very simple that they can protect the whole car and they can get the mold quick but for me just it doesn’t work that quick.

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If You Have Any Good Ideas

go for it I always try to use different things at the moment. I used this foil, which has a bit of adhesive back. You know normally they use it for carpet protection painters use it so I laid that down first so it you know it sticks.


Peter from Ps sound has built a front subwoofer enclosure for his BMW X600 . He spent several hours to test around to see how the mid-bass performance is affected . Then we tried a pair of EsB EsB on the seat drivers which are not cheap . They are meant to be one of the best BMW plug-and-play options . Peter suggested that there’s no point to spend several days on trying to recreate a different way of mounting the driver underneath the seat and expecting magic . He offered the option to him to go with the front sub yes he comes with a sacrifice and then following day we managed to find a sub . We measured all the options plus I did test how the car actually has effect on the response . At the end of the video you will see the final test and measurement results a few minutes of the measurement results were and these were the actual footage that I sent to the owner.& So we could also see what was happening. Then at the end…. Click here to read more and watch the full video