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expert Island and today we’re gonna be talking about this right here Which is the Macke Thump 18s 1200 watt Bandpass subwoofer absolutely a perfect design box for if you’re gonna be indoors or outdoors. If you’re gonna be in a small hall or big hall something with a high ceiling or low ceiling. It sounds weird, but it’s kind of that design. It Bandpass means the subwoofers inside the actual unit. In this case flipped backwards.

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Its Going To Give Us A Thundering Amount

or a thump as they like to call it amount of bass. It’s gonna come right through the actual box. So we’re not relying on a big forward firing system. It is 18 inches. It is 1200 watts.

Its Gonna Create A Ton Of Bass So

today we’re going to look at the back look at the front. As we’re doing right now We’re gonna give it a sound test. I’m gonna try and pick it up and put it on the table. And then We’ll take a closer look at all the connectors on the back. If not we’re gonna do it all from the floor right here so see in the next half and we’re gonna do the sound test portion alright so here we are We’ve got ourselves set up.

Weve Got An Actual Mackie Thump

12-8 set up on the top. We’ve got the 18s set up at the bottom hooked up to the mixer. We’ve got some actual music playing yes Royalty-free Cuz that’s what it’s all about on Youtube and we’re just promoting whoever UK wants us to and that’s why we use world to freak but this is a great little piece that’s gonna actually really help make it sound right. Is over on the camera. I’ve got a mic on the camera which is picking it up and I’m wearing a lapel as well to help with everybody who’s been asking me about improving the overall audio.

So Here We Are Im Going To

turn it up a bit. We’re gonna take a listen to it. I’m gonna turn down the volume on the top so you just hear the bass and we’ll transfer it back and forth so first we turn it up so subwoofer only a dial. The subwoofer back so you know we had several Fred 75% we’re gonna bring the top back up to neutral, which is top only sub still a little bit. Everybody now you got the bottom got the father of course just a sub that just so you have an idea is set up about 10 12 feet away from the camera.

Giving Us A Rough Idea Of What

a proportionate looks like so outside of that it is a big sub-we’re gonna try and get from here off to the table. So we can see how we had it plugged in and because Samaki and by design they’ve built in some redundancies. So we’ll cover out all those features as well and we’ll talk a bit more about the design the bandpass all right so decided not to actually put it on the table. It turns out it’s way too heavy and I’m not picking this up putting on tables so we’re gonna cover the features that we have right here now As we know they are 3 pin UK connections. We’ve got 2 inputs so if you’re using one subwoofer and you’re gonna hook it up to 2 speakers.

You Can Run Your 2 Channels

in the here first. If you want to use this as let’s say your high pass and that means I don’t want my extra bass that’s this is gonna do for me running into my speakers. So I can plug in my 2 channels in the here and then I can go to my first powered speaker or back to the amplifier and my second powered speaker Now remember if I’m only going to use one channel to Center one system put it here. If I want to capture both the left and right bring them both here first and then still connect out other two units here so normally unless you only have one speaker and one subwoofer you’re not you’re gonna bring both two here and off you go now again. There are speaker brands that have the ability to do that for you and they tend to be a little bit.

Like So A Little Bit Upscale

So yes the thumps the 15a and the 12a both offer the ability to go to the to the speaker first on top then down below here so that’s another way but again depending on what brands and models you have your very versatile with this product because you can use it either as a full range output or high-pass which means I don’t want to cut the actual I’m Sorry high-pass I do want to cut the bass out of it full range. I don’t want to cut the bass out of it. Maybe I have a second subwoofer side-by-side. I can come out of here into the next sub. Just like that anyways I want to show you how the back was on this now what we’ll do is We’ll zoom out a bit will capture the overall look of the piece.

On They Do Have By The Way

you can’t see it but down below. There’s diagrams and showing you how to hook this all up. So what I say is in the pictures, which is kind of cool and easy to use alright by the way that is your gain control so neutrals up on top. We can throw some extra in there we can back off a bit on it and there’s also you know play which way do I want to drive the sub forward or back. I’ve got that option right here with that button there so there we go all the screws are all lined up on the back here so if you need to see the subwoofer that’s how you’re gonna look inside of it.

Its Kind Of A Funky Thing.

We should do that one day take one apart and see what’s actually going. On alright so here we are we’ve got the subwoofer we’ve got turned around Cuz yeah visual of what’s going on in the back. This is what we were just talking about. So there’s our control panel the bottoms, our power plug and our switch everything’s all built in there’s the diagram I was just talking about so here we are if you ever do want to look at the subwoofer.

These Are The Screws Im Referring

to on the back plate right here so now if you’re gonna have this somewhere on a carpeted space or any space at all, and you want to be able to move it around because you got to take it with you and go back and forth put it on some pucks. So any subwoofer is better on pucks unless you’re actually bringing it out to a gig and you’re gonna have it. On a stage or a platform? You have a rest solid Don’t use the pucks now all very solid all wood that is for sure metal handles. I don’t get any vibrations out of there now occasionally I might have it a little too loud or I’m overclocking on my game controls a little high. I get a little bit of rumbling sounds out of it.

I Think Its Just Because The Frequency Im

pushing a little too hard but out that if you get dialed in right you’re playing the right music with it it is going to be awesome that is for sure no band pets let’s talk about this a little bit. So the idea here is that inside this box roughly about as I stick my hand in right here we work our way down to get to the actual speaker which I can feel is. right about half way so right about here you can actually touch the magnet on the backside which the magnet is here the back of the speaker is connected here which leaves us this space here as a cavity. Right so now. This is a sealed cavity that’s going to generate all the bass now It also extends cavity wise all the way back up so this Way’s kind of cool the design of the system.

But This Is Where All The Heavy Bass

is happening so normally have a forward-firing speaker which is great and it’s slowing it let’s say I’m gonna say 50% bass this way 50% bass in the Box. This is probably gonna be more like a 75% coming out of the box 25% coming out of the port so that’s why it works in a lot more scenarios again if you’re having a sub like. You’ve got a couple of tops on some 15s maybe some Mackie’s on top or anything that you probably already have Then one of these will do you from 50 to 100 150 people in and let’s say a wedding scenario where the bass is mid-level. If you really want to crank it up. Let’s say you’re doing a school dance or something like that where you know lights and bass and all that really really counts then definitely you’re gonna want two of these on the bottom one on each side now that being said if you had this anywhere else let’s say you’ve got a pub a bar, a small setup like that and you just want to get some speaker and you want some extra bass and you’re not covering.

Lets Lets Say 800 To A Thousand

square feet of actual you know open space. One of these is gonna really to give you a really big punch, and it’s you know no one’s gonna damage it It’s really built that way so outside of saying it’s really heavy, which is why it’s on the floor. I’m gonna guess will have the right weight down below but I’m gonna say it’s somewhere around so five plus pounds eighty pounds. Maybe you know it’s 18-inch subwoofer powered with the amplifier and everything all wood plus more wood in the front, so it’s got some weight to it. It’s gonna have a dolly.

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If You Do By The Way You Want

to roll it around the smartest thing to do is to get a set of blue casters. Those are casters that have no actual bearings inside just bushing so they don’t. Rattle and they have locks on them. You screw those on to the back here and then you can literally tip this subwoofer on its back side roll it wherever you want flip it back up lock the wheels that’s it.

Those Wheels Will Not Interfere With The Noise

will not add any rattling to it because you got the blue ones you can get them at Home Depot Amazon I’ll put a link to I’ll try and find some blue casters and put them down below, but you’ll have an idea bigger the easier it is most people you should get about two two and a half inch wheels. So that’s a nice little add-on to any subwoofer you have as long as all your controls are recessed in the back. You’re gonna be good there so I think we’re gonna leave it at that for this one here. Like it? I think it’s fun that’s what we bought it.

I Mean This Is Like The Core

product for us as is product like this so if you got any questions or comments link down below. If you liked the video give me a thumbs up. Remember this is a point in time where you’re actually.


The Macke Thump 18s 1200 watt Bandpass subwoofer is a perfect design box for if you’re gonna be indoors or outdoors . It’s going to give us a thundering amount or a thump as they like to call it amount of bass . We’re not relying on a big forward firing system. We’re gonna do it all from the floor right here so see in the next half and we’ll do the sound test portion alright so here we’re gonna take a listen to it. We’ve got some actual music playing yes Royalty-free Cuz that’s what it’s all about on Youtube and we’re just promoting whoever UK wants us to and that’s why we use world to freak but this is a great little piece that’s gonna actually really help make it sound right. We’ll transfer it back and forth so first we turn it up so subwoofers only a dial.& We’re turning it up to the volume on the top so you just…. Click here to read more and watch the full video