How to Install a Subwoofer and Amplifier in a car Complete Guide


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Today We Are Fitting The Sub Welcome

back you two people. I said a couple of videos ago when I went out for a drive in the focus that I could do with having a bit more bass because I like my head you net obviously the speakers don’t provide bass so today’s video excuse the clothes. I’ve been working on the Supra. I will be installing a subwoofer into D focus. So I’ve got a subwoofer already because I came out of the Supra I’ve got a new wiring kit or part of a new wiring kit so we’re gonna fit that today in the focus and we’re gonna have Matt base so that is the plan so I’ll be fitting the Saab in my UK so let’s have a look in the book good Oh bleep I forgot to empty it how do I take two so today.

Were Going To Be Working On The

focus have a lock in its boot Okay it’s an empty boot. At this time. I’m gonna fit myself in there so let’s take a look what we’ve got in our wiring kit tie wraps yeah okay right then bang the terminals and connections airs a good stuff. We don’t put our wraps now so let’s undo this so we have I’ll see you needs there to connect the audio from your head unit to your amp. This one his speaker cable now the only reason you’d use this is to catch it happen to your soul or if you look at your speakers to you you UK player I think mine’s actually mute actually inside anyway.

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So I Should Be Needing That But Some

of you might need it for your own care. I’ll show you my sub in a second it’s. an active sub which means that the amplifiers built on the back of it. This is the power cable 4 gauge nice and thick really helps deliver the amps and personally if you fit in this so I recommend using 4 gauge Don’t bother ready that’s freaking 10 gauge a 12 gauge crap you’ll get a lot better bass if he was a thicker cable and I recommend a minimum before gauge. So we have 4 gauge there and then we have the cable for gauge.

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Some Strange Reason Been Tucked Inside There.

So there’s the four gauge earth cable which you need from your amp to earth to your car that is just some like thinking just so you can hide your wire in the actual engine bay and this one but not at all is the remote cable. This is what comes from your head unit to your amp to turn your hand on so very messy but that’s the wiring kick on the end of your power. You’re going to have one of these, which is a fuse holder as you can see it’s attached on that bit of cable there so you have a fuse holder will be fuse inside and then you’ll have another little bit of cable just like that that give us to a terminal terminal in there got me four gauge cable so I’m not going to use this I’ve just used this to show ya and we’re gonna make a new one that is our worry kit so the subs quite a cheap nasty one with the looks of it correct me. It’s an edge which is a Halford special.

Ive Turned It The Wrong Side

turn around that way there. We go you can see it’s gross amp built in Class A B monoblock amplify it’s not gonna be a very high wattage one, but it’s just enough to get some bass into the car. You can see we’ve got our terminals and we’ve got games and stuff like that all in there and I’ll see you over there hi import no idea what that is for bass boost frequency Amp protection you ground your remote when you’re twelve volt that go there and there’s a few was built on to the actual amp just there so that’s what we’re gonna fit inside the car. This will be connected inside to the actual speaker. So I won’t need to connect any speaker cable to it.

Some Of You May Have Terminals

that come off of here that you need to connect into the connection and the back of your sub. But this one because it’s active Don’t need to I’ve moved the car across to give me more room that side. So I can open the door and pull the power cable through So pop The bonnet. I’m gonna start with feeding the power cable through into the person you foot well. So I need to strip out some panels and footwell and then pop a hole in the grommet in the engine bay so let’s do that I’m in the footwell now and I need to pull this panel down thank you so Sergei said yeah I’m twisting that one Houston that one I need to I need two hands.

This Lifts Up And Then Some Little

slots just there. He lifts it out of the box then it drops but give me two hands. I’ll be back in a second so I poured the fuse box down now. You can see up there there’s a hole which is a grommet and that’s where I’m gonna feed the power cable through from the engine bay. The back of the engine bay on the bulkhead is that grommet and did you see that there’s a hole just above it.

I Can Put My Power Cable Through I

can see the easiest power cable installers. I’ve ever done really easy going to pour the rest of it through now and leave just enough in the engine bay. It’s now years to get the remote cable from the head unit and I run them together. I’ve run them both powers we’ve you know the main power cable down the side of the car and so I’m not going to pull it not took it in the trims yet until I’ve got the remote A boss I’m gonna do that next so for. My head unit I need these cables Cuz I’m not attached in the air Cuz on there somewhere be the one for the sub I’ll figure them out when I’m in the car obviously they connect into them and then I need this blue cable for the remote as well.

I Went At These Terminals With Me

so I can connect on the terminals. If I need any of them. I’m going to take everything with me and we’ll type my crimps with me and all that they’re currently in the in the super soft to probably get them out so I’m a poor that get all this in focus and pull the head unit off and then we’ll should be able to start doing this bit touchscreen. There’s most of you’ve probably seen by now It pulls off the dashboard like so I need another hand to pop the. Trim before the oh! One more there we go and then took off no rest that put my car in gear to remember that for later no rest up there so I look at all my cables.

I Need To Connect Some Cables And

you see I’m going to collect this bunch cables in there is a vlog just there a white plug that plugs into them and then I need to work out which my remote cable is and that one there that’s my remote cable so that blue cable I shown you earlier on and we need to connect into that and then I’m gonna wire them go down through the dashboard across the bottom of the glovebox and then underneath that panel and down the side of the car so that’s what I’m gonna do now so I’ve just took my head unit off for the time. being just because I I don’t want to like damage the screen or anything especially and on that getting out there end of the day all the wiring I’m doing this for wiring that scrutiny there and so I don’t need that the head unit. At the end, I’ll just plug it plug it back into the head unit and then it was done sort of thing so for now I’ve just removed it just to make things easier and safer. I’m sorry damaged anything so that there’s the main loom for the car that I’ve shown you before a remote to can you have another amp. I don’t know that’s the one I won’t be using there.

Im Pumped Is Where It Says Assume Thats

continuous power then through there look like this for the are the UK for the Saab, but I believe from what I’ve been told. They are actually for that auxilary plug just there so they plug into this wiring room as well as so While I’m there. I’m going to connect that in but they are not my UK is for me out sure so so let’s look at this pile here let’s see if we can figure out what’s what camera power I said whatever if I put reversing camera on this car if you want to see that let me know when I’ll do a reversing camera video so what I will use is. I will use the rear right out rear left out for the sub yeah that’s what I’m gonna do because other than that I can’t figure out do it so that’s what I’m going to do so.

Im Going To Use Like A Book In

speed connection which comes with it which come with my wiring kit to. connect them two together. I pushed the remote wire down there as you can see and it’s come out into the footwell so it’s now with the power cable so what I will do is. I’ll tape them together and then I’ll run down the side of the car But first I’m the connect these two together thanks Ooh hook that one into that Thanks now personally I rather used a bookie and speed connection because they don’t be the Bukit yeah, but that there’s like a forecourt over there them to prom things accord and they don’t stay in there very well.

So Im Gonna Put It In There Squash

the clamp and then I might get a bit electrical tape and just put it around just to help it stop popping out sort of thing, but that’s then got terminals on now so these UK leads I’m going. to fit just like I did the remote I’m going to tuck them down that hole there so they come out into that foot well and then that can use a tie wrap success turret to hold them up out the way of the pedals and then run them down outside of the car. So I’m going to push them down now and then I’ll show you one so what talked it through and that’s as simple as that so now. I can pull these artis through and leave me just enough room inside there-obviously plug into the head unit well plug into the wiring loom so connected the UK is to what I’ve got as rear left and rear right and remember that I’m putting on these leads right to the blue and then the black to the whites are comportment to the right polarity on the amp.

Im Not 100% Sure Ill Be Honest

and tonight if you plug it on the intestate. I planted those tea rCa’s together for the auxilary cable that’s in there thank you to the subscriber, who told me that yeah I’ve only got this single pin for the Saab. I’m hoping someone a bit of. of time!


Today we are fitting the sub into D focus . I’ve got a subwoofer already because I came out of the Supra . I could do with having a bit more bass because I like my head you net obviously the speakers don’t provide bass . I’ll be fitting the Saab in my UK so let’s have a look in the book good Oh bleep I forgot to empty it how do I take two so today.& We’re going to be working on the focus have a lock in its boot . I recommend using using 4 gauge earth cable which you need from your amp to earth to deliver the amps . I think mine’s actually mute actually inside anyway.& So I should be needing that but some of you might need it for your own care. Some of the cable for gauge. The only reason you’d use this is to catch it happen to your soul or if you look at your speakers to you you UK player I think yours is to be mute actually outside anyway….. Click here to read more and watch the full video