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My Name Is Chris And Today Were Going To

talk about the SBs Micro 3000 subwoofer welcome to the vinyl attack How many of you have used a subwoofer in your two-channel system okay of those how many have stopped using that sub because of the inconvenience of having to adjust the level too often when you change from record to record or Cd or what have you okay you can put your hands down. I can’t see them anyway. The reason I ask is because if there’s one major complaint. I hear about the use of a subwoofer and a two-channel system. It’s the need for constant tinkering.

Ive Heard From Many An Audio Hobbyist

over the years that having a subwoofer set up across the room from their listening position was simply too much of a bother when the need arose to adjust the levels during the different. Music play having to get up turn the bass up or down depending on the current song playing, along with any other minor adjustments. This speaker might offer just wasn’t worth the subwoofer’s ability to hit the lower registers that can fill out a sound stage. A popular method has been to simply find the album that has the most low end in your collection set your levels for that and leave it be after all that’s pretty much what your regular speakers are doing anyway, putting out the sound that they’re being fed, but for the more discerning amongst you that simply wasn’t enough subwoofers are just too finicky to add to your two-channel system. The SpS Micro 3000 aims to change that but before I get into the smartphone or tablet app created by SvS to assuage your concerns about a subwoofer’s potentially pesky needs for attention.

Lets First Dive Into How This Piece Is

made and of course how it sounds after all if the base heads are here. For this review they’re going to want to know immediately. If this thing can shake a wall as well as it can deliver quality sound with its active dual firing 8-inch aluminum drivers designed acoustically and electrically in parallel, meaning they fire at the same time to produce the most bass without the cabinet dancing around the room. Among other benefits. The Micro 3000 was conceived and built to solve the issue of wanting a deep rich bass sound for your hi-fi system or home theater, but not wanting an overly large, perhaps unsightly box sitting in your room.

Sps Have Achieved This In Part By

having the micro 3000 benefit from the increasingly powerful trickle-down technology practice using information gained when designing their upper tier model. Bringing the combination of high output MosFet transistors with class D transistors. The 26 and a half pound Micro 3000 is capable of putting out an impressive 800 watts RMs and 2500 watts of peak power to a double thick MDF cabinet that measures only 10. 9 inches high, 11. 7 inches wide and 10.

7 Inches Deep For Those Of You Waiting To

hear if this little speaker can shake your walls. The short answer is yes but more importantly. So I would say it’s how it sounds when it’s doing said wall shaking if in fact that’s how you’re going to set your subwoofer up capable of going as low as 23 hertz. This 900 speaker will definitely make the pictures on your walls move but impressive bass and overall volume is only a small part of the story. Here.

I Pulled Out A Few Different Sources

of music to see. How the sub would interact not only with the varying styles being played, but also with my system In particular if a subwoofer doesn’t integrate well with the current setup. It’s clearly not going to offer much benefit in terms of sound. I was happy to find that right out of the box. The micro 3000s default setting were a great place to start and there was a seamless integration with my speakers with a few minor tweaks.

In The Very Powerful Svs App I

had a sound system that was ideal for my main room. In no time. John Coltrane’s lush life album was given the white glove one step pressing treatment recently by craft recordings and it is as sonically impressive as it is musically. While I realized that this album was originally compiled of unreleased recordings. John had done at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio and used without.

Johns Permission.

I must selfishly say that I’m glad it happened side A of this album features nothing more than Coltrane on his sacks, Earl May on bass and our tailor on drums. This paired down sound of a jazz trio really lets individual notes come through clear and precise doubly so on this one step pressing focusing mainly on the bass tones as this is a subwoofer review Earl Mace Acoustic bass was as deep and rich as you’d expect it to be and with the power on hand of the micro 3000. It filled the purposeful gaps. Coltrane left in the music, giving it a full and extensive range.

The Toms And Kick Drum Of Taylor Had

a more visceral feel as the depths of the subwoofer were easily able to fill the unoccupied bass frequencies. The Q acoustics 3030i stand Mount and Bowers and Wilkins 6034 standing. Speakers I used for accompaniment were able to reach on the whole the title Lush life seemed quite apropos as the Micro 3000 brought out the low sounds that made the adjective Lush a suitable synonym. There are probably no more polar opposites to a John Coltrane album than that of a band like Pantera so that’s precisely what I queued up next taking the Rhino records reissue Cowboys from hell from 2020. I wanted to see just how tight and agile The 3000 could be when pumping out the insane double bass performance by the human Metronome Vinnie Paul Aluminum drivers as the Micro 3000 has can be quite fast and powerful when driven by the right amp, but can leave you underwhelmed if ran underpowered.

Considering The Amp Here Is Built In.

I had no concerns about a lack of wattage in its performance, so would be a clear-cut pass fail instance I was immediately treated to dynamic chest punching drums that ran tight and full and never sounded bloated or sloppy with Rex Brown, adding his growling thundering bass to the mix. You might be forgiven for thinking that the rhythm section would sound muddy and unarticulate, but I can assure you you would also be wrong with Panteras want to keep their recorded performance as close as possible to their live performances. There are many songs where Rex is left to fill the space rhythmically, while Dime is blazing away during a lead break, and the Micro 3000 was able to successfully showcase this performance in a very accurate and convincing way. Of course you cannot talk about the album Cowboys without talking about perhaps the best track on the.

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Domination It Was Here That I Found

out that I needed to adjust a couple of pictures hanging in my living room as the enormous bass drop sounds during the heaviest breakdown of all time shook them to the point of vibration. I also realized that I might want to turn down the level of the sub a little or at least the overall volume, but if I wanted to see what this smaller package could deliver. This was definitely a convincing drive with all the rampant rumors and conspiracy theories about the latest 30th anniversary reissue of Nirvana’s never mind running wild in the vinyl community. I took the remastered album and placed it under the lamp of scrutiny to see if it was worth all the fuss having no trouble getting a copy for 28 bucks off amazon, where you can still find a copy as of this. video so save your money on the Ebay markup.

I Found That I Was Quite Impressed

with what I heard for the money. Yes I’d much have preferred to pick this up at my local record store, but with the copy seemingly limited at independent dealers. I took what I could get and played it several times to re-acquaint myself with this classic. I found that Chris Novoselch’s base was more grungy than I remembered. See what I did there Mom and Dad I got dab jokes.

It Was An Excellent Compliment To Kurt Cobains

overdriven guitar and once again filled space perfectly where it was needed and simply drove the music forward when coupled with the pounding drums of some guy named Dave. It might seem a touch difficult to believe if you haven’t experienced the difference. A quality subwoofer can make in your hifi system, but I assure. that the fullness and sound once heard is hard to be without the micro 3000 delivered on its claim of having powerful deep bass that integrates seamlessly into your current system in no small part due to its feature-rich app from the home screen, you will be greeted with the volume and preset options To get the ball rolling you can slide the volume bar back and forth for quick large adjustments or tap the adjacent arrows for dialing in a more refined setting just below that is the ability to quickly load any presets you might have saved as you’re able to name and adjust three of them. You can select the different adjustable options here as well or use the main menu option in the upper right that shows the extensive list of adjustable features to customize the sound of this sub until your heart is contents.

Your Low Pass Filter Which Tells The Sub

which frequencies you’d like it to handle and again using large or small movements, and also the slope of these tones setting how quickly they roll off if you’re using the 3000 for home theater of which it’s completely capable you have the option of turning on or off the LFe feature, which many home theater amps employ to get the best frequency range for movies or Tv being shown while I won’t go over every detail in the app In the interest of time, you’ll also find phase polarity a very effective eq room gain compensation port tuning and ability to save and load presets which you can rename as you choose your basic system settings, including the subwoofer’s standby mode and the ability to rename the sub itself as well the tab with all the contact information for SvS you could. Possibly want and a very helpful tutorial app that covers everything from how to connect the 3000 to the finer details of every option. I’ve just read here in lieu of using this app. However, you are still able to control most of the features and certainly the main ones using the illuminated back panel of the sub-so don’t fret if you’re not much of a smart app kind of person, you’ll still have no trouble dialing in the sound you want so with all this being said are there any deterrents with the micro 3000 as it stands not really yes. The price has gone up a hundred dollars in the last year and that just sucks, but that’s also just currently how things are sadly.

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I Would Say That If Youre

looking for the most room shaking thunderous base, you’ve ever heard well this might not be. For you or you might want to get two of them if you’re looking for a 7. 2 surround sound solution. I suppose you could say it’s not the best at pounding out the low 20Hz frequency in a large room, but really show me a small sub that is in the ends.


SBs Micro 3000 subwoofers are just too finicky to add to your two-channel system . The subwoofer aims to change that with its active dual firing 8-inch aluminum drivers designed acoustically and electrically in parallel . SvS has a smartphone or tablet app created by SvS to assuage your concerns about a subwowoofer’s potentially pesky needs for attention . The SpS Micro 3000 can shake a wall as well as it can deliver quality sound with their active dual-firing 8-in aluminum drivers . The app is available on the SvS website for pre-order from $99.99 ($99) or from for $499.99/GBGB/GB/gbgb/gb/GBG/gbGBGBGB, or from the website for $99/gbX/gbG/GBX/GBC/GBF/GBB/GBS/GB…. Click here to read more and watch the full video