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Whats Up Guys Today Weve Got Another Subwoofer Were

going to be checking out it is the Bowers and Wilkins Db 3d first off before we get this thing unboxed shout out to value electronics for supplying this subwoofer for us to review today thank you Robert for sending this over so let’s go ahead get this thing unboxed so this is one of bowers and Wilkins smallest high-end subwoofer comes in three different colors comes in the black color, the walnut and also in the white inside the box. We get some documentation the accessories pack, which includes rubber feet or spiked feet. Some more rubber feet and we also get three power cords. Here are two separate grilles so I’m just gonna take this and flip it upside down it might not look like it. But this little subwoofer weighs a ton it’s 55 pounds 55 pounds might.

Seem Like A Lot But For A

little tiny cube like this actually feels like quite a bit so the subwoofer features two eight-inch drivers, one on each side. There’s one on the left side and also one on the right side, so what is the force canceling subwoofer size. -wise this reminds me very much of the KeF KF-92, especially in its size. I know the KF-92 has nine inch drivers. These are eight inch but this one definitely has a more solid build to.

It Doesnt Feel Like Plastic But This Is

the white finish. It’s kind of like a satin white it’s not exactly glossy. It’s not exactly flat either so pretty satiny finish on the front We’ve got just the plain front. We’ve got the Bowers Bowers and Wilkins logo on the bottom here and also I think that’s a I think that’s a power indicator and on the bottom is the feet which you can screw in those either spike feet or the rubber feet around back. We have xLr-ins and outs.

We Have Unbalanced Rca-Ins And Outs.

We have two triggers Rs-232 port and the power input size-wise. It measures 14 inches tall by 12 inch 12. 5 inches wide by 11. 5 inches deep, so it’s nice small form factor.

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It Is Powered By A Class

D 1000 watt amplifier and the frequency response to. This goes down to 8. 5. Hertz wishful thinking especially for a small box, but the KfK of 92. I think went down to something like nine Hertz.

If Im Not Mistaken So This

might be a very surprising little subwoofer. I’m very excited to check this out obviously. Think you’re gonna get like 120 db at eight and a half Hertz in a big theater room so I mean it’s probably like eight and a half Hertz at something like you know 60 or 70 db, but we’re definitely going to check this out in the theater and if you do want to cover up the drivers. The grilles do attach magnetically so like that and the other side just like that so gives it a nice nice clean look so let’s go ahead and get this thrown into the home theater and we’ll give you some thoughts and impressions. I’m going to be placing the subwoofer in the front center of my room directly under my screen.

This Is Where The Sub-Sounded The Best.

It’s going to be hooked up to a trainer of altitude processor and Macintosh Combo and I’ll be using the zipity media. Player and cloud escape to play demos. I won’t be using any room correction through my processor instead I’m going to only be using what’s available in the subwoofer to get it dialed in with the PsB speakers that I’m also reviewing the Db3D also has an ioS and android app that you’ll need to adjust the settings to get it all set up once you open up the app. There is a section for subwoofer guides there’s setup placement settings advanced and troubleshooting in this section.

Here You Can Change The Name Of

the subwoofer if you’d like and in this section are the settings for inputs you can configure the XLR as stereo LFe or you can disable it. You can also do the same for RCa for this video. We’re going to keep it on LFe since we’re putting it in the home theater the next section. is input gain You’ve got from negative 10 to plus 10 db. It’s also got a few different eq settings.

The One That Were Going To

be using is flat. There’s also movie music and then custom under custom you’ve got 5 bands that you can adjust from negative 10 up to plus 5 db. Now If you do want to change the connection from LFe over to stereo. There will be another section that pops up on the bottom, which says other speakers once you configure that you can use it with speakers that are not BMW speakers so if you choose other speakers, you can turn the low pass filter on or off, you can adjust that from 25 to 150. Hertz You’ve got two different slopes 12 db and 24 db phase.

Youve Got 0 90 180 And Then

270. if you are using this with BMW. speakers you’ve got a list of different speakers You can choose from you’ve got from the 801 d4s their newest models all the way down to the 707 S2s like I said for this video since it’s going to be in home theater. We’re just going to keep that on Lfe and that wraps it up for the app First thing we’re going to pop on is blade runner 2049 on 4k. We’re going to listen to that increasing note that happens at the very beginning of the movie for a small subwoofer.

This Can Hold A Note Extremely Well Without

any lumpiness on its way up so it remained clean as the base note got louder in volume. It gave me a little vibration through the floor and up to my chair, but it’s not enough to where it’s putting pressure on your body. If you’ve heard this demo. With a bigger subwoofer, Then you know what I’m talking about adding a second Db3D would probably add that extra sensation that being said there’s still plenty of output from this little guy to where it filled my space with very clean base next I popped in fury for that instant pop and go from those tank shots. The shots hit hard from 35 to 40 hertz all tanks start squirting that tree line let’s light them up let’s go.

Ive Already Had These Subs Hooked

up in my two channel setup for a bit so I know these would snap pretty quickly for this demo. When the machine guns would let loose. The Db 3d would snap like a whip crack. It’s tight with agile refinement that I’ve gotten used to in my two channel listening, which translates just as impressively for home theater. However, if I was listening.

At Near Uncomfortable Levels.

I was able to push it to its limit, which can cause it to become localizable just because it can play loud and clean. You might find yourself trying to push it harder and harder, so you’ve got to keep in mind that it’s only a small 12-inch box again having more than one subwoofer would spread the workload so there’d be less of a chance of damaging the sub and finally we’ve got edge of tomorrow. If this goes down to 8 Hertz, then this demo should be really special we already know that one Db 3d can struggle when pushed hard and that’s still the case here at my normal listening levels. This will fill the air with surprisingly low pressure down low it’s not vibrating the hair on the back of your neck or making your pant legs flap, but it still sounded.

Than What Youd Expect It To

if I pushed it too hard. I could start hearing some creaks coming from the enclosure, so I did have to back it off quickly because I felt like I was going to cause some damage other than that it sounded fantastic at normal listening levels and it did hit all those low notes it just won’t hit those neighbor disturbing loudness levels now it did take a few measurements at my listening seat. These are the responses. I got from myspace so they’ll more than likely be different for yours. The first one is eq set to flat.

I Got Around 10 Hertz Before It Starts

to drop off. I’ve also got a dip at 55 Hertz, which is normal for my room. When I’m only using one sub having two would have taken care of that the second one is eq set. to movie which looks pretty much the same as flat and this one is with eq set to music I got to 8 and a half Hertz before it drops off rather steeply. At the time of this video, the Db 3d is selling for 3 500.

I Tell You What For A Tiny Subwoofer.

This thing blew me away. It sounded so much bigger than its size would let on if you walked into a dark room and put on a movie. You might think there was a 12-12-incher or maybe something bigger in there now. This is gonna excel in a medium to smaller size spaces so if you do have a bigger home theater.

Youre Going To Want To Get More Than

one for subs. You should always have more than one anyways for better even response throughout your space. I think think if I had a pair of these they’d rival the KeF KF92 for more impressive small box home theater performance. I did find them snappier than the 92s and a tad more musical for two-channel listening, but the Kef had more low end presence that worked better for movies. Another small sub that came to mind was the Svs SB 3000 for the price you could buy three of them for the price of one BMW and yes three of them would definitely outperform a single Db 3d for home theater, but on a one-on-one battle.

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The Bmw Will Deliver A More

textured layered experience, whereas the 3000 would be a step behind as far as speed and attack. The Bowers can also dig deeper if money wasn’t an issue three BMws versus three Svs I’d go B w if you’ve got BMW speakers and want to reinforce the. Db3d would be a perfect match or if you’ve got a smaller home theater and Don’t want to take up a ton of space. I think you’ll find that the Db3d can outperform larger subs for both movies and music now.

If You Are Interested In Checking Out

this subwoofer or anything that I’ve mentioned in this video then visit so those are my thoughts on the bowers and Wilkins. Db 3d subwoofer Have you guys heard it and if so, what do you think of the performance leave a comment down below and let us know as always guys thanks for watching give this video a like if you found it useful and subscribe if you haven’t already and we’ll see you again in the next video.


This is one of bowers and Wilkins smallest high-end subwoofer comes in three different colors comes in the black color, the walnut and also in the white inside the box . It measures 14 inches tall by 12 inch 12.5 inches wide by 11.&5 inches deep, so it’s a nice small form factor . It is powered by a class D1000 class D 1000 class . The Bowers Db 3d has two eight-inch drivers, one on each side, and one on the left side . It’s not exactly flat either so pretty satiny finish on the front . It has a more solid build to.& I know the KF-92 has nine inch drivers but these are eight inch but this is the white finish.& It doesn’t feel like plastic but this one definitely feels like a satin white . It doesn’t feel like a white finish but it’s not exactly glossy. It’s kind of like a…. Click here to read more and watch the full video