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today. We just got a new sub in from Black brick by far the biggest sub-I’ve ever had on this channel. This is the Black Brick brick house 300 watt Rms Sub let’s get right into this guys. This thing is massive real quick let’s run over some specs. I want to give Austin over at black brick audio a huge huge shout out for sending me this sub to review for Y’all you have no idea how excited I am guys Y’all.

This Is The Biggest Sub-Ive Ever Reviewed

on the channel but real quick let’s see what we got going on here. I also do want to mention black brick audio does have a full new line of subs out, which is awesome. Of course Of course, you all have seen the heavy hitter on here and here’s the brick house that we have now But they have the mosquito the belligerent the great eight Now. I have not actually seen any of these in person yet but these look pretty cool guys really really stoked on how these subs came out but we want to see the black the brick house. Of course we have a die cast basket non-press paper cone.

We Have A Four-Inch Eight Layer Flat Aluminum

heat coated coil and guys. It is absolutely massive. We have a huge 450 ounce ferrite triple stack motor dual 2 Ohms, 3 000 watts Rms and 6 000 watts peak. The x-max is 36 millimeters one way which is absolutely nuts. Fs is 42.


Hertz frequency response is 29 to 350. Hertz sensitivity is 82. 8 db and this thing likes a. Box it says three to three point seven five cubic feet to 32 Hertz.

Now This Box Is 2.

5 cubic feet tuned to 32 Hertz, so it’ll be a teeny bit on the small end of what this guy could take, but it can’t really hurt being smaller just might lose out a little bit of output for a quick comparison here is the heavy hitter absolutely loved this sub as well guys. This was a great great sub but look at the difference. This thing is absolutely monstrous that is ridiculous guys I’m overwhelmed guys. This is so much bigger than any sub I’ve had even this sundown next that we have in here.

Ill Pull This Out To Compare Them

both just so you can see how absolutely huge this guy is also this sub is 71 pounds and let me tell you you can feel it when. You’re picking this guy up Now what is really really awesome about this sub-guys is this guy is only 4. 99. That is really an awesome deal. You’re getting a four-inch voice coil, which is huge not a lot of subs have a voice coil that big if you need something that can just take some insane raw power.

I Think This Guys Gonna Have You

covered of course. We’re gonna check that out for you but guys. This thing is wild. This is some sort of like carbon kevlar or something i forget stupid stiff though. Of course the cone is very stiff as well.

We Have This Awesome Mega Roll Surround It

is double stitched down. We have this absolutely huge basket. This thing is very thick, very sturdy really like it. We have these big eight gauge leads and just a super nice and flexy wire. These things are beautiful.

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We Have The Big Flat Tinsel Leads Sewn

into the spider right there as you can see looks really awesome of course big old triple joint right there we have this massive massive voice coil guys. This is the first sub i’ve ever had with a four-inch voice coil and it’s just got that big wide copper coil on there just absolutely insane and of course this ridiculous motor like you have no idea how big this thing is you’ll see when I get the sun down out it’s even bigger than the motor on the sundown X we got no offense to Sundown here, but this guy dwarfs. This This X12 and of course, the sundown is more expensive than this guy as well just look at how huge that motor is compared to the sundowns and of course with the sun down while we do get a great great coil. This only has a three-inch coil, whereas we get a whole inch larger coil over here, which is just ridiculous. Now I’ve looked all over the sky everything seems to be excellent for the most point only thing I do see is there’s barely any glue on these screws over here there’s some there’s not none but you’ll see a lot of subs will have a big glob of glue over them that being said I’ve never ever seen one of these guys back out but I have heard some people say that it is good to make sure there’s a big lob of glue on those.

Since These Things Obviously Vibrate A

lot that’s the only thing I saw that is slightly concerning of course not a major concern. Whatsoever we’re gonna see how this thing does. I highly highly doubt. We’re gonna have any issues, but I did want to make sure to let you all know but anyway guys. It’s time to throw this thing in the box and let it rip right out of the box.


This thing is awesome that was the first time I played it right there really put some power into it and it was moving it’s got a really really nice kind of deep crisp sound to it so so happy guys guys having a nice box can just make a world world of difference definitely recommend getting a nice custom box if you’re going to go to a bigger setup like this guys over at king. City customs had built me this box. They’re not paying me to say this or anything guys. But this box is excellent and they do make these things and they will ship them to you.

So That Is Absolutely Awesome.

I have loved this box look how massive that guy is sitting there in the box guys it is just huge okay well. I am legit gonna let this guy break in for a few days. This thing is still pretty stiff, so I definitely want to let that suspension break in so we can get the full potential out of this guy and i can let y’all know what I think about it okay y’all I’ve let this thing break in for almost a week now so we’re ready to really start pushing it and then do our normal test now real quick thing. I talked to Austin, who is the owner of BlackBrick, He said for all my viewers and subscribers.

If You Guys Want To Get

an extra discount on anything on a store of 22, which is honestly absolutely insane. When you go to check out from his store. If you put in the discount code pound with Parker, you will get an extra 22 percent guys that is wild that means this sub which is already only 4. 99, which is an insane price for a sub with a four-inch voice coil that would drop it down to four hundred dollars, which is honestly just ridiculous guys anyway if you want to grab some insane deals again that’s anything on this site 22 off pound with Parker so so oh designers yep this is so this is is whoa it took that power no problem whatsoever guys did you see. That picking up in the 4 500 watts or so staying really consistent between kind of 2503 and it just kept going it didn’t even break a sweat didn’t smell the coil or anything and I have not the coil on this before just playing it.

These Last Few Days Surprise Made It Through

that whole song without smelling anything whatsoever let’s see how hot this guy is okay. We got some nice heat over on the dust cap but not scorching hot or anything like that guys made it through like a champ. This thing is a horse time for the Db test guys box peaks at 43 Hertz and we have the smd a M1 hooked up. So we can see the peak power that we’re able to put through this guy Now I will say even though I broke it in some this still is a really. Stiff sub got a big old massive four-inch coil on it so I’m not expecting the hugest numbers I’ve ever seen out of this but I bet We’ll do something at least half decent 700 watts 301 33.

8 1300 Watts Got A 153.

3 That thing was moving there. Guys says 2000 watts. We got a 138. 1.

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There We Go 3 000 Watts.

We got a 141. 4 that was maxed out there 3 500 watts. We got a 141. 1 give her another shot that time we’re at about 4 000 watts and we got a 142.


We’ll try her again. I suppose 50 200 watts and we got a 143. we’re gonna try rolling into it. See if we can get above that 153.

See What We Can Do.

We got a one 44. 3. We got about 4600 watts. 143.

3 Is Super Impressive Especially For A Sub

this just big. And stiff but I’m gonna crank it up one more notch see if we can squeeze a 145 out of it well. We got a 144. 4 and that was at 6200 watts. I let everything cool off here for like 15 minutes gonna give it one more try.

See If We Can Squeeze Any More

out of it Nope only a 144.3. There so I think that 144. 4 is the best we’re gonna get started a little stinky there playing that last song, but you saw the power We were pushing to it guys that is wild. This guy is an absolute monster well that’s really going to do it.

For This Video Guys If You Want A

big old sub that takes a ton of power and gets loud. This is the guy for you now we’ll say as far as quality and whatnot there probably are better options. out there but again, I don’t think this is more so for quality. This is again more so for just taking a ton of raw power and really being able to hold up. I have loved having this thing in here the past week.

Guys Huge Huge Shout Out To Blackbrick

for sending me this brickhouse 12.. It has been absolutely awesome Guys check out the link in the description and make sure to use that discount code if you want to get one of these or something else on their website for an insanely awesome deal please. Let me know what y’all thought of this sub one of other subs that you think would compare to this guy.

Let Me Know Let Me Know What You

think of that price point on this sub 4.99. Let me know guys and as always let me know what you want me. to do next thanks again really really appreciate Y’all Y’all have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your day and remember Y’all keep facing on Oh!


The Black Brick brick house 300 watt Rms Sub is the biggest sub-I’ve ever reviewed on the channel . The sub is a 450 ounce ferrite triple stack motor dual 2 Ohms, 3 000 watts Rms and 6 000 watts peak . The x-max is 36 millimeters one way which is absolutely nuts. The sub has a die cast basket basket non-press paper cone.& We have a four-inch eight layer flat aluminum heat coated coil and guys. It is absolutely massive. The heavy hitter absolutely loved this sub as well guys. This was a great great sub but look at the difference.& This thing is absolutely monstrous that is ridiculous guys I’m overwhelmed guys.& Now this box is 2.5 cubic feet tuned to 32 Hertz, so it’ll be a teeny bit on the small end of what this guy could take, but it can’t really hurt being smaller. It will be a little bit of the small. But they have the mosquito the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video