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Hello Everybody This Is Jeff The Hawaiian

Volcanic Hey gang welcome back to the channel so today’s project we’re going to be installing a powered subwoofer um into my chevy Silverado and now this is a store-bought and you know I decided you know well. I’m gonna I want to have a little bit more bottom in in my my stereo system and um the sound system is really not that bad in the chevy Silverado. Most of the base comes through the front because it’s got the large speakers on the you know the front and passenger side driver door, but I was looking for you know a little bit more punch and more rounded sound. So I did some shopping online and did some comparisons and and what I was trying to keep in mind was you know um something that’s that’s going to be able to fit. The the back seat um underneath the the rear seat um and doesn’t take up too much space and gives you a pretty decent sound.

So Um Lets Go Take A Look And

see what I purchased and then kind of go over what comes with it and start broken game. This is what we’re going to be installing in my ascended silverado. This is the Kicker Pt250. This is a 10–inch subwoofer with a built-in amplifier. In there it’s got a 100 watt amplifier and um I purchased this from Walmart now for you guys out there don’t be hating you know Walmart actually sells some pretty decent stuff you know for your normal dude yourself or volcanic you know kind of backyard guy you know setups but um if you’re looking for you know some pro audio stuff with some amazing bass that rattles your windows off.

Hear You Coming Down The Block This

isn’t for you so um if you’re looking for for something that’s loud and obnoxious you might as well. Just stop the video and go search for something else , but for for those of us that are looking for something just to add to our current sound system Maybe a little bit of low end. You know I decided to go with this with this setup here the kicker Pt250 so I’m going to go and open up the box and see what’s inside and then talk about um. You know the basics maybe some of the quality and all that stuff and then um we’ll move on to getting it installed okay so we’re out of the box brand new. Now this is this is a really compact subwoofer comes with a basic insulation guide comes with your adapters It.

Comes With Straps If Youre Going

to put this in a single cab pickup truck just to kind of tether it down from moving around and finally the speaker like so okay that’s what this looks like like the black and the gray agree on the main parts and the black accents on the side. Your amplifier is built in and there’s a 100 watt amplifier and um I’ll zoom in here just a bit and talk about you know what the amplifier you know with the settings what you can do to change the settings to get the sound that you want you can kind of tune it to your to the space the cap space so on let’s take a look at that okay. So this is your panel that’s on the subwoofer box and this is your 100 watt amplifier and you’ve got some controls here you’ve. Got model turn on input level phase gain crossover bass boost, remote access or remote base rather and then got a fuse on your input for your harness . This comes with a harness and which allows you you know to just kind of disconnect it.

If You Need To Remove The Box For

any reason to create space or if you want to move the box to a different vehicle so um let’s just go over really quick the functions of each of these so this box or this amplifier gives you two options on how you want to turn on the amplifier. The most common one is using the blue wire the remote wire right so if you’re going to do that connection to turn on the amplifier. What you need to do is you need to turn it on to 12 volt and low. So your RCa jacks usually have a low signal which provides a cleaner signal. Now.

If Youre If Youre Not Going

to use the RCa Jax or low input, you’re going to use your high input and what high input means is you’re tapping into um existing speaker wires. So you’ve got back um back doors um back yeah back rear door speakers and you want to tap into those lines then that’s what you you would use this for these functions here you’d switch it over to DC and switch it to high for the high input. In other words, if you’re tapping into you know speaker wires to feed the signal through here, then you you’d switch it to this setup right here, which is DC and high and how it. turns it on is that it senses it senses um a signal coming through and it will turn the amp on. You also have your phase button here to 180 degrees.

Now For Some Strange Reason Youre Getting

that really hollow hollow sound and it sounds really off. You can play with this and and you can flick that switch to see if you you have increased bass or increased volume sometimes for some strange reason in these setups sometimes your speakers can go out of phase, so I mean this is just an option for you in case. You do experience something like that and usually that happens because um speakers were were phased wrong you know and in the series there so it could be the front speakers. The rear speakers were phased were phased wrong, causing that you know that really tinny sound um next you’ve. Got your gain crossover and bass boost so you can adjust the gain the the volume of this subwoofer box and kind of self–explanatory but you want to get the most out of your your amplifier and your your subwoofer so typically just a suggestion you know crank your your your your volume on your head unit to about halfway.

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If Its If If Possible Right

um and then what you do is you adjust your gain accordingly um and when you do that right when you get to the threshold to where it starts bogging you kind of back off a little bit you know what you want a clean um sound nice punchy sound but not muddy and like you know boggy sounding right. You can also play with the crossover frequency goes from 50 to um 120 hertz so with the lower you go the more bass. The which is that low booming rumble and the higher you go the more of the punch so more of like a mid-mid bass sound nothing wrong with that I mean when you punch it. You also can feel it but then for those of you that like you know really booming bass you guys will probably end up dropping this down to 50 or in around that that area, but just keep in mind that when you go lower in frequency. You lose volume you’ll feel it but at the same time you’ll be again.

Youll Have A Loss In Volume And You

probably put a lot of stress on on the woofer because of that vibration and here. We We have a bass boost dial here and how that works is that if you are going to back off on your eq on your head unit say for instance, that you know it sounds there’s too much bass and you want to adjust the the eq on that but then um this here sounds is also something mid-range. You need a little bit more bass. You can actually boost that bass um on the subwoofer to kind of even out the sound. You got your remote access input here and this comes with a a remote bass control dial and in the installation guide here kind of looks like this and I haven’t unboxed this yet but it’s a really small dial with a small knot, and this is what it is right here and what that does is it enables you on the fly to adjust the base.

To Back Off Or Add More Um Its

one of the songs that you’re playing has way too much bass and it’s starting to bug you can hear it like bogging really bad you back off on that so you don’t ruin your speaker. So this is what the the amplifier looks like the amplifier panel that’s built in now. We’re gonna open up the accessory bag here and take a look and see what’s in the bag. I went ahead and opened up the accessory bag and this is what comes with the kit so It comes with your wiring harness and if they give you a good amount of wire here to be able you know to to get to your head unit for powering and getting a signal to the amplifier. So um.

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I Think Its Really Neat Um Again

blue for the remote wire which is what I’m going to be , but I’m probably going to be tapping into and you’ve got positive negative and this actually has two speaker inputs so how that works is that you’re going to need an RCa jack which I purchased. This is about 20 feet to go from the output of my head unit and I have a another piece here that I that I had lying around that actually is a female part of. The RCa Jack that actually has open ends to where I can um solder them onto these connections So um you’ll see that in a little later in the the video this is your um base level control right here so I was talking about earlier. This allows you to adjust the bass um on the fly.

So If Youve Got A Song That Doesnt

have too much bass and you all of a sudden yeah you get one that’s got boom and bass you can back off on this manually or you can add on the fly to save your speaker. So you don’t blow them out and then the the cord here. eighth inch Jack Cord is about 20 feet, so it gives you a lot of um you know length to be able to attach it to wherever you need to um on your dash or underneath the dash, or whatever you you want to do and also comes with a fuse holder. This already comes with a fuse that’s already in there.

This Is A 15 Amp Fuse Um

so we’ll just go with that and in my previous videos when I did my head unit install. When I did the train horn install and the rock light install. Each of them have their own fuse holder and reason being is because you want the fuse to blow before you blow the um you blow the accessory and closer it is to the battery um it’s the better it is if you don’t have an inline fuse um chances. Are you might start a fire burn up your vehicle?


Jeff the Hawaiian Volcanic will install a powered subwoofer into his chevy Silverado . Jeff purchased the Kicker Pt250 from Walmart . Jeff will test the sound system in his Silverado with a 10-inch sub-woofer with a built-in amplifier . Jeff says he wants to have a little bit more bottom in in his stereo system . Jeff: “If you’re looking for for something that’s loud and obnoxious you might as well. Just stop the video and go search for something else,” he says . Jeff’s next episode will feature a new set-up of a new series of volcanic sound systems from Hawaii’s “Hawaiyan Volcanics” The next episode airs at 9 p.m. ET on Monday, October 8. ET from 9pm ET on Volcanica. Back to the page you’ve got all the latest from the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video