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Hey Whats Up Everybody Daniel Here From Never Enough

tech got another home audio video for you surprise so we got the typical actors two surround speakers, a sub and our fancy fresh new disappeared sound bar well to be honest the sound bar did look a little bit lame well. I guess I’ll wrap this up catch you on the next one we’re back Lol as you can see I’m still stranded outside with the birds and the wind and little people noises we’re just gonna have to pretend these things are not constantly ruining my video so today. I review the klipsch R 41pm powered bookshelf speaker set you can pick it up right now for 299 along with eclipse R100Sw subwoofer. Also 299. All together just a 2.

1 System How Humble Frankly It Looks A

lot like a soundbar kit. You know minus the soundbar and the cost looks a lot like a middling sound bar kit price so here’s that middling soundbar video You’ll always wanted I’m not very cooperative but worry not soundbar. Fans I have a very beefy over-the-top soundbar system just waiting to get cuddled in the other room. I can smell it from here still sambar dan here. I just gave myself that name anyway These speakers aren’t really that new I’ll freely admit that they were released in 2018.

Please Stick Around But I Wanted

to review these as they are reflective of a popular or emerging trend in home theater audio to which you might not be privy so what is this mystery trend. It’s single channel beefy traditional bookshelf speakers and subs that are self–powered. A receiver This is a big deal in terms of making the setup potentially cheaper and less cumbersome. A 2. 1 speaker system may be good enough for your Tv watching, but maybe not if it also involves a receiver.

If Youre Disenchanted By Soundbar Sound, Fidelity And

soundbar, multi-dimensional sound and you Don’t want to spend two three four thousand dollars on traditional home theater equipment powered bookshelf speakers and a sub may be a really good choice for you. Another recent enhancement to powered speakers which I want to dig into more in my channel’s second year is the adoption of the emerging wisest standard wireless speakers and audio powered by summit technologies, receivers and transmitters. So with a wisest system. You could have a 2. 0 or a 5.


2 to a 7. 1 system comprised of midi single channel speakers with no amplifiers or wires all running on a 24-bit. Like this may be speaker Nirvana or at least in the Nirvana suburbs for the group of you that really crave sound fidelity quality beyond what a soundbar system can deliver but also cringe and recoil at the wire and receiver hassle which costs extra money and can be quite an engineering endeavor to properly house elegantly anyway okay winding back. This system is self–powered.

So It Doesnt Require A Receiver

but it is not wise enabled. Don’t worry I’ll get there, but maybe subscribe that’ll help me get there a little bit faster the really big question. I’m posing here in this video is whether this legit flexible stereo system it’s legit enough settle down is a more fulfilling setup than a middling or perhaps even flagship Soundbar system having received many comments from Y’all it seems we have the we love sound bar crew sound bars totally work. Guys sound bars forever that I can’t make up my mind on which sound bar club I just picture a herd of cats. The sound bars are too complicated and buggy crowd.

Theyre Not Wrong And The Loud Minority

sound bars are a joke posse. I think this video might be most useful for the undecideds and two complicated folks might make a few from the soundbar wedding ring crowd think naughty thoughts and the soundbar haters will probably tell me to go buy a receiver and delete my channel. Let’s press on design and build well. The R41pm casing looks and feels like wood, but it’s actually a scratch resistant vinyl, a very believable wood grained by looks alone. You’ll find your ports in the back.

The Grille Here In The Front

is not some cheesy foam or stapled on fabric. It’s actually a thin and airy fabric stretched. On a magnetic removable structure, hiding clips is very handsome and recognizable. Woofer and tweeter pair. These speakers can live clothed or naked.

Whatever Kinda Matches Your Decor, Though

it’s no secret that these speakers look significantly cooler naked. This is almost always true with speakers not really with humans. Though now that I think about it so we got a one-inch tweeter on top it’s Klipsch‘s exclusive linear travel suspension Lts aluminum tweeter which minimizes distortion for enhanced detail performances using captain an extremely light and rigid aluminum. I think Captain is made by the same folks that harvest vesgar and the mandalorian Klipsch also likes to talk about their tactrix horn technology. This is advertised as technology that reduces reverb and is better at directing sound directly at the customer using a unique 90 degree by 90 degree horn shape.

The Woofer Is On The Bottom Its.

4 inches the extremely recognizable orange cone is injection, molded, graphite or img which according to clips is exceptionally light while being extremely rigid. I think what we’re talking about is is standards providing a remarkably low frequency response with minimal cone breakup and distortion. It provides speaker efficiency highest in its class. According to Klitsch bottom line klipsch is very open about their goals.

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Its All About Being Efficient With Energy Using

as much as possible towards the creation of clean crisp optimal sound distribution while eliminating the energy exhaust, which may normally manifest in distortion, buzzing and reverb those that are very familiar with clips are probably rolling their eyes. Not everyone is washed in the clips world so hang tight or skip forward don’t be a pooty head, so if you’re wondering if the plate around the tweeter and woofer is metallic it’s not it’s plastic though. It is accented with real metal screws around the perimeter. The material used underneath the vinyl maneuver is medium density fiberboard or MDF. A common speaker material.

It Assists With System Resonance And

helps to limit distortion. It has a nice hard textured coating here, which helps to mitigate some of the cheap feel you might otherwise get from MDF. I mean let’s get real MDF is fancy for particle board the sub well it doesn’t stray too far from the bookshelf speakers. It’s a handsome box covered in what looks to be identical wood grain vital as the bookshelf speakers. When you open it you get a much bigger version of the orange cone woofer 10 inches seems to be all the same materials img and the like as the bookshelf speakers, though obviously it doesn’t have a tweeter.

The Grille Is Similar To The Bookshelf Speakers

in that. It’s a stretch fabric over a rigid plastic structure, though it’s not magnetically attached, but rather sits on four metal pegs, so a little more cumbersome to remove and mount we’re looking at an incredible amount of build consistency here with the bookshelf speakers the sub like the Sonos Gen 3 and the Bose bass modules far exceed the sub-quality you get in the all-in-one box sound bar kits on the whole. This system gets a star for its design and build for its handsome looks and inclusion of high quality materials for the nerds let’s break down the model names R R stands for reference which actually means. This is a lower end speaker not being reference premiere which has the RP prefix. The first number you see is the woofer size so four inches.

The Second Number Is The Tweeter Size One

inch and pm stands for. The sub-R stands for reference the first two numbers are the size of the subwoofer so 10 inches the third number. If it’s there. I believe means it’s powered SW means subwoofer. I would hope setup extremely easy plug in the host speaker the right speaker next.

You Connect The Host Speaker To

the left speaker with the provided speaker wire. The left speaker is powered by the right speaker, so you will not plug in the left speaker. You’ll need to find your own RCa cable or sub cable to send audio signals to the sub from the host speaker. You would think the sub would come with these requisite wires. Maybe not everyone has an extra RCa cable.

Handy Klitsch Tough Love You Really Skimped Out

on us here. No don’t start crying clips should look more tough on the website. I guess it’s the rugged sensitive. Type just to note just use a single RCa wire to connect to the sub. Even though the sub has two connectors make sure to connect to the LFe port or low frequency effects which let’s say is the technical name of the subs.

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1 Channel.

The sub is self–powered so you’ll have to plug it in as well. It’s for the best as you don’t want this single shmedium speaker powering all three units Once all the speakers are wired and connected you need to feed the beast. Some audio which leads us to inputs. This is one area where the R41Pm really shows its advantage over say a lone pair of sonos ones.

You Have Four Direct Physical Inputs

to support a wide variety of audio hosts. You’ll find two digital inputs. UsB type B yes a UsB type A to UsB type B wire is included and optical. Not included which is annoying when you thought you were through with optical cables and didn’t bring any to Texas and two analog line in options OX and RCa.

Neither Of These Wire Types Are

included in the box either dang it sorry that’s an overreaction on my part there so you can connect pretty much whatever your heart might desire from record players PCs Tvs any device with a headphone jack lots of room to play if you’re seeking peak sound on a device like this as you should be I suggest turning the volume all the way up on the host device that will give the speakers the strongest signal to work with whether you want the final volume loud or soft you’re not leaving any juice in the jug there is one more input you don’t see back here, which leads us to device streaming bluetooth that’s. All you get go to the potty while your friends are listening. It may cut out but everyone has Bluetooth so it’s great in a pinch. Klipsch also supports ApTX, which does support uncompressed audio streaming Uppity Bluetooth.

It Has He Hasnt Shown Up In A

while controls not much to speak of on the host speaker. Just the main volume knob it spins around forever. Though i think at some point you hit the max was too scared to find out you can change inputs by pressing the volume knob click click you’ll also find a little toggle for switching between line and phono switch to phono. If you’re using a term table without a preamp you’ll be quite dissatisfied with the sound.

If You Dont Youve Got Some

more controls on the sub-one is a phase control that will be of use if you’re using more than. One sub-subs can cancel each other out if out of fades, while this sub can be used along with other subs. This host speaker the man, the boss lady, Whatever power structure resonates with you supports officially only a single sub-i’m sure there is a hack to add more split the LFe channel, for instance, we’re done talking about.


Daniel here from never enough tech got another home audio video for you surprise . He review the klipsch R 41pm powered bookshelf speaker set you can pick it up right now for 299 along with eclipse R100Sw subwoofer.& All together just a 2.&1 system how humble frankly it looks a lot like a soundbar kit.& You know minus the soundbar and the cost looks like a middling sound bar kit price . If you’re disenchanted by soundbar sound, fidelity and soundbar, multi-dimensional sound and you Don’t want to spend two three four thousand dollars on traditional home theater equipment powered booksshelf speakers and a sub may be a really good choice for you.& A receiver is a big deal in terms of making the setup potentially cheaper and less cumbersome. The next video will be on the next one we’re back at the bottom of the box. You’ll always wanted I’m not very cooperative but worry not soundbar…. Click here to read more and watch the full video