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and today we’re gonna be giving you a cool review especially for the holiday period. You guys looking to shop to get a new sound system and today we will be reviewing the UK sound bar. This is the NB3 five to zero. Hey first of all want to thank UK for providing and giving us the sound box to use and test out so thank you for that so you know this come from UK beating by this ourselves. But this is not a sponsored review in that sense.

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Okay So Lets Go Ahead And See What

we have here with the sound bar comes a bunch of things first off you have the sound bar itself. This is the main sound body. It gives you 2. 1 sound. You can see it’s a single bar as I rotate it of course it’s.

Got Speakers Here On Both Sides You

do have controls in the front yeah and I’m sure you can see that clearly at the back of the sound bar. You have ports to connect. I have two optical ports and a landing jack. So you do have two optical and a lighting jack to connect two optical sources and a landing jack for Mp3 player. If it doesn’t have the Lou tooth.

Now This Is A Bluetooth Capable

sound bar. What that means is that you can connect this with your Bluetooth Mp3 player smartphone whatever you have but it’s an UK Android or Windows Azure any of those phones the world with that you’ve also got a wireless subwoofer. Here now this is a 300 watt wireless subwoofer. What that means is that you don’t have to directly link the sound bar and your subwoofer together with the wire. You can place it anywhere so basically the sound bar goes right underneath your UK on the wall or whatever you want to put it And then the subwoofer can go behind the couch because it’s a wireless bizarre that’s the setup we’re going to have here now the other thing that isn’t here to show you that it comes with let’s put this out there you do have a wall mount bracket they come with their comes with a standard UK remote control here which gives you ability to skips 3d surround sound somewhat for levels and things like that.

I Also Come To The Cleaning Cloth

because as you can see this is. This is glossy black so which means to be fingerprints on there you know people tend to touches a lot or you will get dusty so you can actually clean your soundbar so what we’re. Going to do is we’re gonna connect it? You know this is some music play some games on I will give you guys our full thoughts on what we think about this now in terms of retail price. It retails for right now. I can get it to 49 for Amazon and we’ll see if this is worth picking up is Christmas season.

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Youre Thinking Okay.

I need to upgrade my my sound system to the house. I’m gonna get too expensive but I need some power wire of me. Some sound. I need good quality so let’s see if this actually fits in that range and we say is it worth mind is it something to get especially now that it’s holiday season so let’s plug it in and check it out alright so let’s take a look at our omocha troll for the UK Salmaah The UK 3.

5 To 0 A So The Remote Is

the standard remote. You have your input selection here, which allows you to change between optical 1 2 lining Bluetooth and UK has an optical button here switch through folders. Also your volume button. You have your auto power UK sync info and then this is skip through function I of course, depending on what device you have connected If it’s an UK device yes definitely now you have sound effects which allow you to change the sound effects for your for your sound bar so you can get like loudness theater things like that go 3d sound you also got the woofer level, so you can change the the power of the subwoofer level.

There Also Get Your Numerical Number

pad Gogi ee D UK and sleep you’ve got some other multifunctional controls like unit volume channel and UK and for this was the UK. These are all UK button so this is for the UK Sabha remote here and now let’s look take a look at our sambar as we just go up there and I’m just gonna zoom in a little bit more so you can see so right now. It says if you can see that clay says paired well that means it’s paired to a Bluetooth device and we have it prepared here to our Nokia Lumia 920 and if we actually mute that so we just hit the mute button and I can skip track from here and it’s paired via Bluetooth, which is which is interesting. Does it does a good job plays well sound solid I’m just. Having a skip for some weird reason now but and I can pause that so you can see that’s the sound off Bluetooth right.

Its Paired Now.

If I have to change my inputs so I’m just going to zoom a little closer, so you guys take a look. You see on the right here. I have an MP3 player plug D that’s actually my Zune and if I go into input a little portable. See I’m getting something playing from that and then optical one takes me back to the UK.

So I Have Something Plugged In My First

optical ports. I’m just gonna meet that again. So what you have here is a very simple system that you can actually just place and plug in and use multiple things. So you just saw me switch from UK from Bluetooth cell phone to UK to portable so the whole. idea with the sound bar so I can come back home.

I Have The Sound Bar There I

could easily switch the UK. If I have my portable device plugged in already. I can just plug it in but at the back and if I want to say I was listening to music off my of my smartphone here as you can see I can basically disconnect that via Bluetooth. It’s a very simple process All you have to do actually just search for Bluetooth and you’re good to go now a couple of things to show you here. So I’m going to head back to let’s head back to optical no I’m too portable so we have the portable here.

Im Gonna Turn That Down A

little bit. If you change a couple of things so I can go into to show you here so you guys can see. Turn this down a little more if I hit the sound effects button you can see says loudness it’s getting a little close to this. You guys can get I can change that from loudness to natural to bypass to bass to clear voice and it changes game night time upscaler and that’s allowed to say so he changes the the the sound effects you getting the different octaves and different sound effects that you want to get with your sound bar, which is also very nice. I’d also do 3d sound just submit a more virtual sound, which is also very nice and then finally, I can do my subwoofer level so you can see the willful level there I can increase that or bring it down whichever way you want so that’s something to take notes, and then I can turn out tun mido bleep on and off.

Thats On This Is Off So Im Leaving

on and you have this functionality with the Samba which is very nice. You can see also the other controls in the front, which you can actually do that very simple. You have your power. You’ve all up and down play pause stop as well as the F button, which is basically your function button to change through the inputs and things like that so it’s a very solid sound bar. I like I like what I am getting from it especially the price range we mentioned earlier.

Its Only To 249 Of Amazon

I think it’s very solid the downsides I’ve noticed with the sound bar. Though is that when you hit mute, especially when you’re watching UK see through optical one optical-it doesn’t stay muted for long it steaming for a set amount of time. I haven’t found. found a way to just change those kind of settings and it comes back up so the best thing is usually just turn down the phone and you once you bring it out to say like 2 or 3. You really can’t hear anything so if you’re looking to say ask a phone call and mute it it might kick back up that is something I just don’t like.

Hopefully You Know They Can Fix Either In

the next version of this but this is a very solid sound bar I like the functionality I like what they’ve done with it. I think UK has something here that I think a lot of people would definitely like and appreciate so yeah. I say this is a very good buy if you look for something especially in the Christmas period-to actually just add to your home and increase you. You know improve your sound system You’ve got a new UK and you don’t want to really set up a fight for months around systems. You can see we actually have a one of our five four and surround systems at the back there.

Then I Think This Works Out Well For

you. So if you guys have any questions or any comments. Let us know don’t forget to subscribe to all our pages on Twitter, Facebook and UK so Bordeaux world with-oh so this is thunder you saying thank you and always in joint statements you.


Today we will be reviewing the UK sound bar . This is the NB3 five to zero . It gives you 2.&1 sound. You can place it anywhere so basically the sound bar goes right underneath your UK on the wall or whatever you want to put it . And then the subwoofer can go behind the couch because it’s a wireless. You do have a wall mount bracket they come with their comes with a standard UK remote control here which gives you the ability to skips skips skips . The sound bar is a Bluetooth capable sound bar. It also has a 300-watt wireless subwowoofer. It comes with wall mount brackets and a landing jack for Mp3 player. It has two optical and a lighting jack to connect two optical sources. It is available for purchase from Amazon.com and other major retailers. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page you came from.com/report your review of all the latest from iReport ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video