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Whats Up Guys Today Weve Got Another

subwoofer to check out We’ve got the Sonus Faber Gravis 5. all right so shout out to Sonos Faber for sending this over to review thank you guys for that let’s go ahead get this thing unboxed inside the packaging it weighs about 90 pounds but outside of the packaging it does weigh 70 pounds, 70 and a half pounds so inside the box we get cleaning spray. We get a new trick cable for high level inputs, cleaning cloth and some documentation. I’ll tell you what this is pretty nice packaging so i’m going to go ahead and flip this over it does come double boxed Oh look at that that is really nice that is very classy so on the top here we get this nice redwood finish with the Sonus Fobber logo embossed right in the center of the subwoofer. That’s really Nice it’s got a.

I Believe Its Either 12 Or

14 layers of lacquer on this thing so it’s got a nice automotive glossy shiny finish so on the front of the subwoofer behind this grille, which I do not believe comes off is a 12-inch driver. It has a frequency response down to 20 hertz and it is powered by 850 watt amp with peaks up to 1200 watts. It’s got a great finish. I mean this is this is leather so we got leather on the sides leather on that side and also leather on the opposite side and then of course you got the wood on the top and it’s got. I believe it’s a steel frame going all the way across the edges here as well so this is like one of the nicest built subwoofers I’ve had in here on the back we.

Get That Class A B Amplifier

which was 850 watts with 1200 watts peak. We’ve got a little service port here on the top We’ve got the volume control there. This does accept a wireless adapter. I do believe it’s got unbalanced ins and outs balance ins and outs. This is your high level connection master power switch and then the power input and size wise.

It Measures 18 Inches Tall By

17 and a half inches wide by 17 and a half inches deep. So it’s almost a perfect 18 inch square, so I’m gonna go ahead get this thing set up in the theater and I’ll be back to give you some thoughts and impressions. I’m going to be placing the subwoofer in my dedicated theater directly under my screen. It’ll be paired with a PsB PwM speaker setup and processing will be done by Trinov and Macintosh. Combo I’ll be running demos from a Zapd signature and cloud escape media players Since I will be using this for home theater.

Ill Be Connecting Through The Xlr Inputs Rather

than the high level in I’ll also be turning off any room correction in my processor and using the subwoofer’s built-in eq. It does have a dedicated app to control various settings and can even auto calibrate your space. Once you open up the app make sure your bluetooth is turned on and you will see that it finds the sub automatically within a couple seconds on the bottom of the app. You’ve got four presets. You’ve got audio file, night cinema and streaming and also on the very bottom is the volume control going into the settings.

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Weve Got A Variable Phase Control Between Zero

and 360 degrees. There’s delay from zero auto-on off settings from the. signal or through ethernet. You can also adjust threshold here on the bottom for low pass. The cutoff frequency is between 40 up to 150 hertz.

On Our Parametric Eq Youve Got Eight Different

slots. You can choose a frequency between 20 Hertz up to 200 Hertz adjust the bandwidth and you can adjust the queue as well and lastly. This does have built-in eq to get this working. You will have to hold your phone up to the subwoofer and then hit the go button next. You’re going to hold it at your listening position and then hit the go button once again now back here on the main page.

If You Want To Turn The Audio Eq

on or off. There is a toggle switch right in the bottom. There first demo we’re going to throw in is fury, which has a dolby atmos mix. It’s my go-to. Chest bumping bass destroyed keep in mind that I’ve only got one of these in my home theater Normally I’d have two so the first thing I noticed was.

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This Didnt Quite Have The Same

impactful slam Whenever the tanks would fire a shot or when the machine guns would go off. I thought it felt somewhat soft on some other subs. I’ve heard the bass would come across like a swift kick to the chest, whereas the Sonos fobber was more like a hefty shove. What I did find impressive was the heavy low end extension from the single 12-incher where it lacked for punchiness and slam and made up for it with a room vibrating shaking response it’s rated down to 20 hertz and it definitely felt like it since the base was so hefty during fury we’re gonna throw in midway next on the clydescape there’s a. of explosions and just things blowing up everywhere come on the gravis for sure made this demo come to life.

The Low Rumbling Tone When The

little girl is playing just vibrated everything in the other room. It wasn’t boomy or bloated, but supplied my theater with clean even pressure. The explosions came across weighty and like I said earlier can feel like your body is being shoved into your chair. Since these subwoofers. I think are more aimed at the audiophile crowd.

I Felt It Fitting To Throw

in a musical next, which brings us to the greatest showman. I can’t play any of the songs without getting a copyright strike, but I can play the tactile beats at the beginning. NK] very much like the fury demo. I felt this came up short for speedy tactile response every time the bass would hit it just didn’t hit with. With the same force that I’ve come to expect.

I Think If You Were To

pair this up with a large Sonus Fobber tower or towers In general, you’d probably cross the gravis 5 down low enough to let the towers handle the upper end. Since this particular sub seems to excel. I’d say below 40 hertz UK and lastly we’re going to throw in the intro to edge of tomorrow. It’s a subwoofer killing demo with some crazy infrasonics for a single 12-inch driver. This digs impressively deep.

Its Not Hitting Single Digits So Were Gonna

make the hair on your arms move but it’ll pressurize your room with clean output and even vibrate your chair now. I have taken a couple measurements from my main listening seat keep in mind that this is the response I got from myspace, which means it’ll likely be very different from. Yours the first measurement is using the audiophile preset. It’s really flat from 40 hertz down to 20, but I always get a nasty dip at 55 Hertz. When I’m using a single sub that’s.

Why I Always Like To Use

two or more. The cinema preset looks exactly like the audiophile preset and the streaming preset looks almost nearly identical as well. The night preset limits output around 30 hertz, but I did get a bump at 19 Hertz and a bit more output down low at 10 Hertz. After using the auto eq function. I got a boost at 19 Hertz with a somewhat smoother decline from there, but it did take a few db away at 30 Hertz.

At The Time Of This Video, The

Sonos Fiber Gravis 5 is selling for 5500 yes. I know you can get much bigger subs even multiples for the same. price but I highly doubt they’ll be made with the same premium fit and finish as this for me personally. I don’t think I’d recommend this in a dedicated home theater space that uses smaller speakers. If you’ve got large capable towers or capable stand mount speakers.

I Can See The Gravis 5 Being Used

to enhance the lowest frequencies maybe 40 and below and letting the speakers handle the rest. The Gravis didn’t have the speedy punchiness that I’ve heard from other 12-inchers. However, it did excel with some thick heavy response down low where even larger subs have come up short. The inclusion of the auto Eq was a great feature but I’d still go back and fine tune the measurement using the built-in Peq now even though I Don’t think this is the ideal home theater subwoofer it did pair well with the Mart Logan’s adding. extra bit of rumble down low If you already have a sonos fiber setup and want to keep everything all in the family.

The Gravis 5 Might Be A Great

companion to add a little or a large bit of flavor to the bottom end all while looking extra premium well, those are my thoughts on the Sonos Faber Gravis 5 Subwoofer have you guys heard of sonos fiber sub and if so would you think of the performance leave a comment down below and let us know as always guys thanks for watching be sure to like the video. If you found it useful and if you want to support the channel then stop by our patreon page subscribe. If you haven’t already and we’ll see you again in the next video.


Sonus Faber Gravis 5.5wowoofers are the latest in a series of Sonos products reviewed by Tom Charity . The Sonos Faber subwoofer has a frequency response down to 20 hertz and it is powered by 850 watt amp with peaks up to 1200 watts . Charity says it’s one of the nicest built subwoofer I’ve had in here on the back we.& Get that class A B amplifier which was 850 watts with 1200 watts peak . Charity: “It’s almost a perfect 18 inch sq. sq. in size wise.& It measures 18 inches tall by 17 and a half inches wide by 17 . and 17. and a . half inches deep” Charity says the Sonos Fobber subwowoofer is a great quality speaker system for the most powerful speaker system in a wide range of audio quality in a range of different types of sound quality and sound quality . The system is available on for more information ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video