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be checking out a pair of Martin Logan balanced force 212s all right so unbox this I’m actually going to flip this over and open it from the bottom and then pull it off from the top. So I was definitely kind of excited to check this out since I’m a big fan of the Martin Logan electrostat speakers typically when you think about Martin Logan. I feel that you don’t really think about their subwoofers. When you say Martin Logan you kind of think about electrostats, you know at least that’s what I think about when I’m thinking about my Logan speakers well like subs you think about like Rel or JL audio or SvS and um not so much. Martin Logan, but I ended up seeing these subs at one point in time at at the Magnolia area in best buy.

And It Was Definitely One Of The

better-looking subs that was there so I did reach out to Martin Logan to get one of these in for review. I actually got two of these in for review So Oh Wow so that is actually kind of heavy and it looks like We have an accessories box. Here let’s see we get inside power cord. We get four spiked feet for those screw right to the bottom of the base. We have the owner’s manual that’s a UsB stick for some firmware updates.

We Have The Smoked Glass Cover,

which is used to cover the controls on the top of the subwoofer that’s pretty nice that’s real glass not plexiglas but that’s real smoke glass so this guy is pretty heavy. It weighs 140 pounds. It’s got a nice little little little cloth a little cloth covering the bottom of. This is pretty feels like cast iron, but I think it’s cast Aluminum. I don’t know if you can see that or not, but it’s got this is the it’s got rubber feet on the bottom, which you can unscrew and put the spiked feet in but these are this is braced aluminum here on the bottom.

It Looks Like Cast Iron And Its

really really thick so I feel like that’s where a lot of the weight is coming from as well See what kind of finish we got we got with a black gloss finish that’s a really nice. I’m not a big fan of gloss in the home theater, but the design of this does look pretty sweet. So design wise. It is a trapezoidal shape, so it’s a little bit thinner up front. It gets a little bit wider in the back, so I think it’s.


6 inches in the front from left to right, then height wise 22. 6 inches and in the back is 22. 9 inches. So it’s almost a perfect square on the front here nothing up front just pure gloss, but on the sides you do get dual 12 inch drivers.

Im Just Going To Pull That

off here is the grille. This is a magnetic grille, so it just sticks there to the side and like I said this is a dual 12-incher, dual post-12 incher which pretty stiff and the same thing on the other side, so that’s pretty sweet so the other I’ve actually had this like my third sub this year that i’ve had that’s had dual pulse drivers. I did the Kef KF92 just recently the Arundel sound subwoofer 2v and then this would be the third one actually the Kef one was the smallest one. had dual nine inches in it tiny little cube, but that thing went down to like single digits in my room so definitely my favorite subwoofer that I had this year in 2020. all right so on the back here you have your UsB input, which is used for like firmware updates with the included UsB stick.

This Is The Ppk Input, Which Is For

the perfect base kit that’s your 12 volt trigger. You got your multi-out which is to link the subwoofers together. If you have more than one your LFe input your left and right RCa ends speaker level inputs these guys there then you have your your XLR ends that’s the Lfe and that’s the left and right and of course, you have your your Ac power in for the power cord. This does have dual 850 watt class D amplifiers powering each of the 12. drivers so that’s a total of 3 400 watts and on top right on top.

Here We Have The Martinlogan Logo, Which

does illuminate and then you can turn the illumination either on you can dim it or you can turn the illumination off. This does light up blue. This is the level control which goes from zero all the way to 11. You get a 25 Hertz level adjustment as well so this should be able to smooth out any kind of any peaks that you might have in your room to to dial that in to get nice and nice and even sounding so I’ll have to play around with that and then. This is the low pass filter which goes from 30 to 80 Hertz and here we have the phase knob, which have four settings for 0, 90 180 and 270.

And Here We Have The Trigger Either

you can either keep the sub always on trigger or you can keep it off. And here’s an interesting little feature which we’ll have to check out. This is the tone sweep so I believe it goes from like 20 to 120 Hertz. So it’ll run that sweep from 20 to 1 from 20 to 120 and then you press it once it runs through that sweep that way you can listen for any kind of rattles that you might have in your room, so you press it once it’ll start going you can press it again and then it should stop right at that frequency that you choose so you can use that to find out which like if you’re if your windows are rattling or something like that, which is kind of a cool feature, Then this button is the room. Eq button so after you run the equalization with the PBK the perfect bass kit.

You Can Turn That On Or

off there and then custom low pass that is set for. If you have a Martin Logan speakers. You can pick a custom crossover which is which is designed for that specific speaker and you would turn that on and off here. So I guess if you don’t have Martin luther speakers then that would not be of any use to you you know build quality wise. This is probably one of the nicest if not the nicest subwoofer that i’ve had in here for a review I’m going to say it’s probably tied with the sony‘s Faber Gravis that one had also had a 12–inch driver and it was also wrapped in leather.

This One Doesnt Have Any Leather On

it, but it does have two inch twelves. Nice attractive glossy finish This thing is built like a like a concrete brick, not not the heavy sub that I’ve had in here. I’m gonna have to say that would be the PB16, but there’s 140 pounds, a little bit lighter, but still I would get two people to to bring this up the stairs or wheel. This into your house. It does have the glossy top it is a fingerprint magnet would have been cool if it was matte black, but still really really attractive looking subwoofer.

An Interesting Design With The With

the trapezoid. The subwoofer does have room correction built in, but you will have to get the perfect base kit, which is an optional hundred dollars frequency response wise. This goes down to 18 to 120 Hertz. So I would expect this to go down even lower once it’s in my room and all set. up for setup I’m going to hook up both subs to a trinov altitude and I’ll be using a clad escape and a zippidy media player.

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For Demos.

They’ll be placed in the front corners of my theater and I’ll be turning off any room correction in the processor and using only what’s available on the subwoofers Now. This is totally optional but the subwoofer does have arc built in it’s an extra 119 dollars which gives you the microphone and the stand on this page. You can specify how many measurement points you want to take I’ve got a smallish room so I’m going to keep it simple and keep it at five. Once the measurements are done.

Itll Give You A Summary Of All The

measurement points. In this section you can make manual adjustments. You’ve got a room gain up to plus 6 db here you can. Bump up the low end adjust the room gain center frequency and here you can boost the deep bass between 80 and 20 hertz. This section, you can adjust the high frequency from 190 to 300 hertz.

Here You Can Adjust The Low Frequency

extension slope. You can have either a gentle roll off or choose 16th for a steep one or you can just keep it out flat. I’m going to keep everything at the default and go from there. In this section you can have a look at the measured response and the corrected curve. This will show you all five measured spots and this red line.

Here Is The Corrected Measurements.

This black line is the target curve and the corrected curve with base management is the brown line. Now all you have to do is upload the calibration to the subwoofer first demo i dropped in. was fury on 4k since these have got 12-inch drivers in each one. I figured they’ve gotta slam pretty hard and this movie has got some of the punchiest bass I’ve heard up until now My favorite subwoofer for Sheer impact and speed are the ascendo Sm18s.

I Hadnt Felt Bass Hit My

brain so hard in my room before and I gotta tell you these pair of Martin Logans gave me the same feeling these were so tactile that every time one of those tanks would fire a shot. You’d automatically get a jolt to the body. I’ve had certain subwoofers deliver a similar percussive hit, but you might get a slight lingering trail whenever the subwoofer stops. If I remember those ascendo subs correctly. I’d I’d have to say the Martin Logans are slightly cleaner and faster sounding than those larger drivers At least in myspace now since these are really clean sounding.

I Wanted To See How They

did for a musical so I threw in the greatest showman next if you haven’t seen it the beginning has this part where people stomp their feet. I believe it drops down to about 20 UK hertz UK not only does this nail the foot stomps with their chair shaking authority. You also get a wave of low frequency energy after each stop. I can’t play any musical demos without catching a copyright strike, but the subwoofers were crossed over at 60 Hertz with my speakers. They complimented the BMws perfectly and provided enough clean musical snap and low end rumble giving the score a huge cinematic presence.

Now That We Know These Subs

can handle. Music and can hit those 20Hz notes with no problem I had to throw in Kong:_Skull_Island” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Kong Skull Island next. There’s a scene where you can feel the choppers as they approach Kong and the fight with the skull crawlers gets really intense UK if you’ve seen this movie or rather felt it.

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Martin Logan subwoofers are a pair of Martin Logan balanced force 212s . The subwoofer weighs 140 pounds and has four spiked feet for those screw right to the bottom of the base . Martin Logan is a big fan of the Martin Logan electrostat speakers typically when you think about Martin Logan.& When you say Martin Logan you kind of think about electrostats, you know at least that’s what I think about when I’m thinking about my Logan speakers well like subs like Rel or JL audio or SvS and um not so much.& Martin Logan, but I ended up seeing these subs at one point in time at at at the Magnolia area in best buy.& And it was definitely one of the better-looking subs that was there so I did reach out to get one of these subs that were there so Martin Logan to get a review of them in for review. So Oh Wow so that is actually kind of heavy and it looks like We have an accessories box….. Click here to read more and watch the full video