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When It Comes To Watching Movies Having A Quality

subwoofer can either make or break a home theater in my theater room. I prefer large powerful subwoofers for deep tactile bass that you can not only hear, but you can also feel throughout your body. Today, I’m excited to share with you. My review of a beast of a subwoofer. The 150-pound 13-inch subwoofer from Monolith The monolith 13 provides impressive tactile output that extends down to 10 hertz in my room overall.

I Have A Lot Of Great

things to say about it, but it does have one issue which I’ll share with you. Near the end of the video so be sure to stick around to the end to find out now before I jump into the full review here’s a word from today’s sponsor Skillshare Skillshare is an incredible online learning community with tens of. thousands of classes for creators, business professionals and people that are looking to learn new skills. They have classes on creative writing, film and video graphic design, music photography, website development as well as entrepreneurship, leadership and management and marketing. Now.

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short lessons to fit any schedule. Skills. Hare is offering to the first 1000 of my subscribers that click on the link in the description one month free trial of skillsHare now if you want to expand your knowledge and level up your skills sign up for your free trial below. When monoprice asked me if they could send me their 13-inch subwoofer. I honestly had no idea that it was going to be 150 pounds or I probably would have said no now don’t get me wrong.

Reviewing A Massive Subwoofer Is A Lot Of

fun, but it’s also a. lot of work just getting them unboxed and into place in my room, especially since my son is now married and no longer living at home now Two years ago, I reviewed the Monolith 15-inch subwoofer and put it head to head against the SvS PB16, which I’ll link to in the card above the monolith 15 had some serious output and extended down to 10 hertz in my room now I was anxious to see how a smaller driver with twice the amplification in a larger and heavier cabinet would perform. The first thing I did was disable odyssey and calibrate the Monolith 13 using my mini DsP 2×4 Hd. After calibration the first movie I tested was a quiet place now if you don’t have this movie and want some great demo content definitely pick this one up. I’ll share a link to it down in the.

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Description Below Now I Love Using A

quiet place to demo subwoofers because it’s got some really deep bass. I wanted to see how the Monolith 13 handled those lower frequencies and would it be able to pressurize my 13-foot by 19-foot room with 10-foot ceilings well needless to say the model at 13 did not disappoint. There’s a scene in the movie where she’s hiding from one of the creatures in the bathtub. The creature places his hand on the staircase rail and when he did I could feel the base through my chair and into my back now that’s the kind of bass that I’m talking about. Throughout the movie.

Theres Plenty Of Lfe Content To

give the Monolith 13 a good workout. Even at times when I bumped the volume up to negative 5 db on my Marantz processor. The base remained clean and. put a smile on my face during each scene that I demoed now a few other movies that I demoed was Monster Hunter John Wick 3 and of course the race scene in Ready Player one Now in each of those the Monolith 13 offered up plenty of outfit for my 2470 cubic foot theater room. Now in ready Player one.

I Love Feeling A Powerful Subwoofer When

that wrecking ball hits the ground and then the building and also when the dinosaur stomps and my favorite part is when King Kong jumps from the tall building and lands onto the highway now. Since there’s so much going on in that race scene. I decided to turn off my Monolith 11x amplifier, which powers all of my 11 speakers so that I could just hear the model of 13 by itself to see how clean it sounded on its own. Now turned it up again to negative 5 db, which is about 5 Maybe 10 db louder than I usually watch movies at the monolith was clean without distortion until just before King Kong lands on the ground. Now at that moment I was able to hear some port chuffing from the subwoofer.

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No It Wasnt Horrible, But Certainly

noticeable with that said I was not able to hear any port chuffing with the other 11 speakers playing, but I did want to note that in this review. Now I was equally impressed with my go-to music demos from Hans Zimmer live at Prague and the greatest showman at the beginning of the greatest showman. The model at 13 reminded me of its presence with each and every foot stop the base was impactful yet very controlled now before we look at some of the measurements of how the model. performs if you enjoyed this video, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d take a moment to like subscribe and hit the bell to be notified of future videos now keep in mind the measurements I’m about to show you are in my room. Your measurements are going to vary depending on the acoustics of your room.

But This Will Give You An

idea of how it performs in a real world environment. So let’s jump into rew and I’ll show you how the sub measures and also how it performs in various tuning modes. So here we are in rew which is room eq wizard roomy Q wizard. If you’re not familiar with it just allows us to take some measurements of a speaker or in this case a subwoofer using a calibrated microphone and in my case, I’m using a mini DsP ic 1 microphone so the first measurement. I’ll show you is with odyssey turned off and no many DsP settings.

You Know Applied To Try To Correct Any

frequency issues that I have in my room now anytime. I measure a subwoofer in my room. I typically get these nulls most of the time it’s right here in this range somewhere between 40 to 60. Hertz I’ve moved the subwoofer all around my room and I still get that pretty much no matter where I put it, but I’m limited in the floor space that I have available so in most cases, you just have to work with what you have so the next one. I’m going to show you is using the mini-DsP.

I Applied A House Curve And We

did some eq adjustments and so here you can see it pulled down all of these peaks right here pulled down that peak there pulled. down that peak you really can’t do much with nulls So if there’s a lack of base you’re just going to have a lack of base that’s not a reflection of any subwoofer. It just happens to be how the subwoofers interact with my room, so I’ll go ahead and turn off the initial so that’s with the house curve so that’s about as good as I can get with the subwoofer in this location in my room so then the next thing I did is. I increased the volume up to negative 10 just to kind of see you know how loud can we get this before we hit compression and so then I’ll increase the volume to negative 5 Db. On the Marantz everything’s looking good when I hit about negative 5.

I Begin To Hear A Little Bit

of pork chuffing. It wasn’t too bad but when I got to zero db on the receiver that’s when the the monolith really began to have a lot of pork chuffing. Now pork chuffing is basically when the amount of air that’s trying to escape the ports is too much for the size and the quantity of the ports and so all of this air is trying to rush out and it can’t get out quick enough and so it makes this kind of fluttering sound so typically I don’t like to go above that I don’t know if it can damage the subwoofer, but as you can see here we definitely did not hit compression. This subwoofer probably has a lot more output. If you don’t have the the port chuffing, but again I didn’t want to go any further, but looking at this you can see we’ll just turn these off.

So At 0Db Which Is Reference You

can see right here. This has a really good frequency response all the way down to look at this guys 10 Hertz now I didn’t show the the graph below 10 Hertz because honestly you can see it’s already dipping down here it dips down very quickly after that so there’s really no sense in showing below 10 Hertz. The subwoofer isn’t even rated to that but because it’s in room that’s what we call it’s it’s benefiting from room gain and so we’re getting a lot lower extension than even what Monolith claims, which is absolutely fantastic but we’re getting solid output down to 10 Hertz. Now of course, you can’t really hear base content below 20 Hertz, which is this region right here. But this you certainly can feel that’s that really really low infrasonics that you know throughout movies that you just can’t hear, but you can certainly feel it in your chest and the vibrations of your chair and so overall man we get great output from this definitely really really pleased there the next thing I want to show you is I took three measurements of the different port modes and so you can have this with all three ports open.

You Can Close One Of The Ports And

then of course you can seal with all three ports closed and I’ll show you what those graphs look like as well so in what they call extended mode on the back of the amp. There’s a toggle switch one is for extended. The other one is called Thx and i’ll explain when you use the thx in just a moment. But in extended mode with all the ports open. This is the frequency response that we get now.

Ill Go Ahead And Turn On

the next one. So i I closed one of the ports so this the center one so I’ll use the included foam port plug so once I closed that took another measurement and you can see what happens here in when one of them sealed. You get a little bit less output right here so let’s say from about 18 hertz to probably about 50 hertz.


The Monolith 13 provides impressive tactile output that extends down to 10 hertz in my theater room overall . The monolith 13 is a 150-pound 13-inch subwoofer from Monolith . The first 1000 of my subscribers that click on the link in the description one month free trial of skillsHare now if you want to expand your knifes to the next month . Learn more about today’s sponsor Skillshare at . Back to the page you came for a review of the Monolith video of the $1,000-a-piece of this beast of a subwoofer that you need to buy. The review is available in the next episode of this week’s Daily Mail Online on Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,, Sunday, Saturday, and Sunday,….. Click here to read more and watch the full video