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Good Afternoon Youtube And Welcome Back Once Again

the fat cat collections today Folks I got a great company. I want to introduce you guys to and believe it or not. This company doesn’t have a huge Youtube influence or Youtube presence. I should say and hence it’s one of the reasons why I reached out to the company in the first place Now I’ve worked with many different car audio companies over the years from many different android decks to you know well bluetooth speakers. I guess that’s not really car related but um you know while electronic devices and my most recent collaborations with power acoustik and just go around.

I Want To Do Something A Little

bit different, so I reached out to NVX audio company like I said a relatively newer company. It’s my understanding that the gentleman who owns or owns or did own I. Forget exactly which one it is Sonic Electronics want to create its own line of subwoofers hence the name NVx and I believe that’s the initials of the founder of Sonic Electrons. Now again. I’m not going to do the other videos.

Ill Talk A Little Bit More

about that I’m going to reviewing this product again down the road because when it comes to audio stuff Like this you really get you know it’s a long process to make these videos You know you got to do the install you got to do the unboxing course. I’ve got to listen to it got tuned everything so I always like to come back to stuff because so far of all the systems that I’ve ever done you know when you first put them together it’s you always gotta tweak things a little bit now this go around is in. The Dodge Ram my 2003 My newest toy um and this is really exciting because the Dodge Ram regular cap has tons of space behind the seat, so I did try to stuff in two 15s. Unfortunately, if I did that I would have had to have the armrest in one position either down or up and I wanted the ability to be able to change that so I was easily able to stuff 212 back here. The manufacturer recommends.

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I Believe 1.

75 cubic feet per driver. I run these you know the specs through win isd and generally you know it’s not a set rule but kind of a good sort of rule of thumb is the larger the box size again. All these there’s limits to all the stuff larger the box size the more efficient the box becomes um and more boomy now I like a lot. of different types of music, I like rap I like rock, but I do find in the truck or in my cars.

I Journalist To A Lot Of Rock Heavy

metal um you know um wrap of course a lot of mumble wrap so you know I wanted something pretty well rounded. I opted to tune this enclosure um down to 29 Hertz um now these subwoofers do have an FS. I believe of 28 hertz. I went low. I wanted to tune it deep.

Ive Always Had Good Luck Tuning

several boxes to 30 Hertz. So I want to go a little bit deeper because I’ve noticed it’s in the other boxes. It just doesn’t really get that low extension like. I wanted to you know and I really want to be pretty musical as well now. If you think about home subwoofers, they’re always tuned pretty deep and.

They Get That Low Rumble So Well See

what we get of course, but today is the unboxing so they were nice enough to send me originally two fifteens, but I changed my mind. I said let’s go to twelves. I did two of their 12-inch VsW series subwoofers Now these are live leave the previous model. They have a brand new model coming out but the power handling on these newer models is going to be higher than these. So I wanted something that was going to work with the amp that I was using maybe a later date.

Well Collaborate Again.

Hopefully we can collaborate with one of the other vehicles. I’m more than willing to do that but let’s see how they sound first so you guys will be seeing three. A minimum three videos from this company on my channel. So here is the unboxing.

This Is Tough Because I Have A Really

hard time waiting and I’m very impatient So here is the box right from NVX. It’s a cardboard box right. I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on that you guys don’t know I don’t normally do it unboxings. I really like to do videos where I talk about the product show it and give you guys my thoughts. You know what’s more important is you know a year down the road.

How Are These Gun Perform Right But Well

do the unboxing anyway so when we unwrap this here or unbox it so to speak. We have the brands manufacturers box and I believe this box is part of the manufacturer’s box. I know if you go into like it. There’s probably not any well other than like best buying place like that retail change where you can go and. buy stuff generally you have just a manufacturer’s box and then you’ll have a shipping box These I believe come right from the manufacturer in the shipping box because most of what NVX sells if not.

Im Not Sure If Theyre Actually

in any brick and mortar stores. I’m not sure if sonic’s electronic does have any brick and mortar locations. I I would tend to think not um this is you know this is their shipping box So let me just kind of be careful How I open this up here because I did already peek at this even though it’s an unboxing you guys know I’m super impatient. I can’t wait for anything so let me get this out of the way here all right so pretty basic box pretty thin cardboard. I’ll be honest with you guys um you know I’d like to see NVX increase their.

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Their Packaging But The Cool Thing About

you know this is that you know when we order stuff mail order for the most part we’re protected companies are pretty good about you know if you get something that has a problem. They’re going to take care of it. You know damage does happen from time to time a lot of times. It’s you know from shipping companies not being gentle we’ll see I’d like to see them increase the patching so let me open this up here we have a little bit of cardboard in here I’ve already taken out the larger ring of cardboard and then we have of course what’s important the subwoofer so there’s the box. There’s really no reason to spend a lot of time on that so here is the sub-beautiful beautiful design on this um I gotta tell you I’m gonna you know.

When I Do These Videos This

is gonna be a lot of my personal opinions. Some of what I I say on these videos is very subjective, but one thing I really like about a company who makes their symbol for clean and simple. Like this is that this will match any vehicle whether you want to put it in the interior of a vehicle. Like I’m doing whether it be an Suv or a pickup truck. You want the subs to have a good look.

Ill Tell You You Guys Know I

I’ve done power acoustik in other vehicles you know I don’t like the way some of the power acoustik, especially the Mofo subs look with that bright blue you know very space age looking. This is clean very simple nice, smooth cone integra dust cap integrator right into the cone the cone is it looks like a. Hybrid kind of like paper cone, which is gonna be very musical papers that’s why paper is used with so many subwoofers Over the years you see a lot of different types of materials. You know they’re all good depending on your application. If you’re putting this in like a marine application, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Unless These Are Protected When You Have

something like my old sony explodes. There is no paper so they can. Although they’re not marine subs. They’re a little more adorable from bringing around moisture these again anytime you have a paper cone you want to be careful where you mount these again inside vehicles totally fine right you’re not gonna have any kind of problems. Nice thick foam rubber surround fuse to this outer layer again the plastic or polypropylene.

Whatever This Is Made Out Of

is actually just to protect the. I believe the paper and give it a really nice look. I like that combination. You still get the musical qualities of the paper and the again the lightweight. The lightweight efficiency of paper is the best that I could describe it.

But The Protection Of That Is The

polyp polypropylene and it just looks cool it looks clean. You know I don’t like the way paper cones look they just I know they’re not cheesy but they just don’t have that nice look. This is beautiful. I love the fact that it’s all black very simple logo the logo NVX is basically. You know you can look at it upside down right side up this way you can mount this either direction it doesn’t really change.

This Is A Great Looking Sub

this is perfect for my dodge ram build because the truck is all murdered out all black. Couldn’t have chosen a better brand? Hence the reason why part of the reason why I reached out to have decks They are cosmetically a beautiful looking speaker. You know I personally I know there’s a lot of companies out there you know sundown. We have you know Kenwood all these different brands out there. I don’t like it with a lot of branding and I know I said like when it comes to watch reviews.

I Dont Mind Branding When It Comes To

like car audio and speakers. I really want things to be very clean. You know and I think this logo is very clean it’s subtle they didn’t slap it in your face. It’s kind of a raised NVX logo built directly into the cone to me.

If Youre Concerned With Cosmetics Which I

always am when doing a build on anything. I want the subs to look good these look great you can’t go wrong with black um you know. I think this is something that I don’t know what NVX’s plans are. I really wouldn’t change anything in the design of the or the look of this sub it’s beautiful it’s clean it’s simple it’ll work with any vehicle.

You Know Most Trunks Are Going To

be that charcoal or black. This will blend in perfectly now if you do want something to have a little more pop um you know you know this isn’t going to be something that’s super real bright red or anything like that but what would be pretty cool down the road is if maybe NVX did some kind of different color options. I’m not sure if there is a market for that but really as far as I’m concerned this is their best looking.


The Dodge Ram my 2003 my 2003 My newest toy um and this is really exciting because the Dodge Ram regular cap has tons of space behind the seat, so I did try to stuff in two 15s . I’m not going to do the other videos. I’ll talk a little bit more about that I’m going to reviewing this product again down the road because when it comes to audio stuff like this you really get you know it’s a long process to make these videos. You know you got to listen to it got tuned everything so I always like to come back to stuff because so far of all the systems that I’ve ever done you know when you first put them together it’s you always gotta tweak things a bit bit now this go around is in.& The manufacturer recommends.& I’m just going to review this product Again down the the road. You can hear it again. You got to hear it. You’ve got to watch it. I don’t know what it’s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video