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Whats Going On Guys It Is Parker Here

today and in today’s video we’re gonna be looking at another $100 budget Banger know as most of you know soon I’m gonna make a video comparing what I think are the top hundred dollar subs and then picking out which one I like the best and why so I’ve got two more subs to review before we can make that video so this one is of course the in UK P UK 12 B 2 so of course fighting the X. We know it’s gonna be some pretty good quality so super excited to get into this let’s get into it all right guys let’s get right into it. Of course this is the NBX vsW 12 B 2 so let’s take a quick look at the box. Here it says 400 to 600 watts UK. The sensitivity is 90 UK.

The Frequency Response Is 20 To 200

Hertz, so that is Awesome That means This thing will get really low for $100 sub guys that is awesome. Most of your frequency responses are not going to be that low, but as I’ve said in some other videos in UK it’s all about just making a really good quality subwoofer that sounds really really good maybe not gonna get the loudest or being the most Ram bust but definitely gonna give you some of the best quality music. So we have a blended foam surround 2. 5 high-temperature, aluminum voice coil 100 amps motor. The cutout diameter is 11 point 12 inches and the mounting depth is five point nine five inches and it does come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty so let’s get right in to it.

We Got A Nvx Decal Very

awesome We’ll definitely be putting that on the car and then we have their user manual. Of course we just went through all the important stuff that Y’all want to see on the box and then we’ll open this up this sub out of here all right guys let’s get a little bit closer look up at this thing sorry we’re getting some shadows Suns over on that side, but you start out which looks like we have a plastic tap over the top of this, but of course the cone itself is paper underneath. We have a nice just regular rolls around it is not stitched on at all it’s just glued but I don’t really see that being a problem at all I’ve never ever seen one of these that was just glued rip off. Then we have of course we have a nice. Gasket around the side, we have a stamped steel basket and of course our paper cone now I will say having the plastic on top makes this cone stupid stiff so we’re not gonna have to worry about it flexing or anything like that and of course there’s a dual 2-ohm voice coil.

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Now These Are Mounted On Here Really Nice

and securely so I like that and they do seem to be pretty high quality terminals. They’re not wiggling or feel cheap or any of that and then they tend to lead are sewn into the spider. It’s really nice to see that there and then they have like white glue where the spider and the voice coil and cone all meets up. Normally you’d see black glue so just something a little bit different there and then down here we have our nice little 100-ounce motor which just. Be really pretty standard for these subs in this hundred dollar range.

I Think I Have Maybe One Or

so that’s got a bigger motor, but we do have some nice center of inning right here plenty of room for venting and there’s a little grill back there to keep debris from getting up in there and it’s very nicely painted and has a nice boot on it now one more thing to mention up top this plastic cover does kind of like to scratch pretty easily so just something to notice gain is hurt performance, but it does seem to scratch pretty easily. Let’s get a little closer look up at it here just so Y’all can see these terminals are awesome everything seems to be built very well. I don’t see any building errors or blemishes so yeah guys overall it looks pretty nice well that really covers. everything on these sub-guys. I think that means it’s time to get it in a box.

Were Gonna Play A Few Songs.

See how it sounds and then of course we’re gonna do a UK test and then a RMs power test with the am and one that I up so let’s get right into it Guys Alright guys. This is the box we’re gonna be putting this in This is a scar box, and it is about to cubic feet. And it is tuned to 36 Hertz so that’s gonna sound really really good with the other subs. I have tested in it now for this so this is a dual 2-ohm sub-so.

Of Course, Each Voice Coil Is 2

ohms, so if we were to wire them in parallel that would drop us down to 1 ohm and then if we were to run it in. That would rise us up to 4 ohms Now the reason you need to know that is maybe your amp is only 2 ohm or 4 ohm stable. Then you really shouldn’t run it down to 1 ohm. Because you could risk damaging your amp so what you would do there. If you don’t want to run it in series and raise it up to 4 ohms to be safer on your amp Now in my case.

My Amp Is 1 Ohm Stable, But It

is so big that there’s no really point for me to run it at 1 ohm. It will give plenty of power at 4 ohms, so that is what we are going to be running it Whoo we’re gonna go from one of the positives to the other negative with a jumper wire and then we’re just gonna have one positive and one negative of. course going to the terminals on the box, which then goes to the amp all right guys We got that hooked up ready to go let’s start out playing some songs just so we can kind of hear how it sounds alright Guys. We have a meter in the kick. Just like Always we have the UK one hooked up and ready to go and we have the sub facing the back just like always as well this box like the peak about 45 to 47 Hertz so we’re gonna start right in there and see what it does to start out with we have the volume kind of lower.

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We Like To Start There And

then kind of work our way up just so we don’t unload the sub we’re going to start with 45 Hertz engage that was 134 and that was 285 what we have it turned. up some more let’s see what it does all right? We got one thirty–nine point three and that was 1,600 watts alright. We got it turned up a little bit. Let’s see what it does so that was only one thirty-eight point two and this time we are at two thousand, two hundred and eighty-two watts. Now I can hear the sub maxing out there and I don’t really want to completely max it out because we still have another test to do so.

Lets Try 47 Hertz And See If

that makes any difference alright. We have it going and 47 Hertz that was only a one thirty-seven point eight and that was two thousand and fifty-three watts. So we are not quite getting at that 140 UK so we’re not the sub cool off for a few minutes and then give it another try. Let it cool off for a minutes. You’re gonna try out the same volume as the last one and just see what it does alright So letting it cool off definitely helped.

We Got One Thirty-Nine Point Five At 1800

watts. We’re turning up one click and see just what it does from there would love to break UK nope one 39. 7. All right. Let it cool off for a sec and turn up a another click and just see if maybe we can get louder and there it is guys 140 that was at 2044 watts alright Guys well.

We Made It To 140.

That was my goal. Now the sub was maxing out pretty bad so I don’t want to push it anymore. Just don’t really want to mess up the sub since we are not done testing with it and that being said I know I’ve. got some of my hundred-dollar subs to do a little bit better, but again this is really geared more towards quality of sound.

Therefore, Its A Softer Sub And Its

just not going to be able to get as loud as some other maybe stiffer subs so something to note There guys this is more about sounding clean anyway let’s do the UK test on a song and see how that goes okay so in doing those high-power tests something in there came undone um it still goes fine straight up and down that is still reading the correct ohms so we didn’t blow it but you’ll hear when I play it for this UK test it doesn’t sound all that great so something came a little disconnected or a little out of line or something if we push straight down it’s fine you go to the side anyway you’ll. Don’t know if that will have a negative effect on this Armus test or not, but we will find out now of course this is rated. It said between 450 to 6 I. ‘m gonna try to keep it as close to 450 as possible, but it might go a teeny bit above. There let’s get to it well guys that song is three minutes and 33 seconds and it made it through the whole thing, even with it being a little misaligned or something and you can hear it smacking it still made it all the way through I just have to smell it at the end, but didn’t have any issues and it just kept on right Doan so I’m gonna say the UK power on a musical standpoint at least is approved by me.

All Right Guys Lets Get It

out of the box and take a look. at it and see if there’s any damage or anything to it like that get a little look at this all the glue looks good and the all the pencil leads look good, but what it looks like happened. I don’t know if I don’t focus but the spider just came attached from the basket. So obviously maybe not enough glue on there that being said I was pushing way too much power to it so not surprised at all alright guys well that was my review of the inNK]NK] 12V Whoo I hope you enjoyed that so my overall opinion of it is that it’s a really great sounding sub.

The Quality Was Awesome If You

want a lower powered sub that’s really just gonna sound really really good, especially if you’re watching movies in your car or just want really more quality of bass and you. And you only got a hundred bucks. This might be what you want to go with now If you want something that’s gonna get really loud or do some more UK probably gonna want to go something a little bit more robust, but overall was very pleased.


Parker is looking at another $100 budget Banger subwoofer . The NBX vsW vsW 12 B 2 is the in UK P UK P . UK 12B 2 . The frequency response is 20 to 200 Hertz, so that is Awesome That means This thing will get really low for $100 sub guys that is awesome. It does come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty so let’s get right in to it. We got A NVX decal very awesome We’ll definitely be putting that on the car and then we have their user manual. We have a blended foam surround 2.&5 high-temperature, aluminum voice coil 100 amps motor.& The cutout diameter is 11 point 12 inches and the mounting depth is five point nine five inches and it does come With a 1 year manufacturer warranty . We have A nice just regular rolls around it is not stitc. The noise is not always going to be the loudest or being the most Ram bust…. Click here to read more and watch the full video