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Sunday night. We got Matthew pose He does exist. He is real he’s back we’ve got James Larson how you guys doing good. I’m good we’re going to be talking about Pearlescent again. James you just had a chance to review another subwoofer for Pearl listen.

Its The New R Series The

R212 and if I’m understanding correctly it’s about half the price of the D215s that you reviewed last year of course. It’s a little bit of a more compact package because that D215s was huge and what we want to find out from you is how good of a performance do you get do you get close to the performance that we had from the D215s at half the price or can I get two of these subs and equal the performance of the D215s and have some benefits. of averaging out the base response in the room and getting more uniform bass so that’s the kind of stuff I want to talk to you about in this presentation that you prepared for us okay um yeah It is it’s not quite half the price it’s five thousand dollars of the D2 and 5s is nine thousand dollars, so it’s a little bit more we didn’t do actually the review. I got a full review on the DC1s. It was more like a performance analysis because the D215s is so big and heavy.

I Wasnt Able To Take It Home And

do like listening all right. I can’t handle and stuff that big right so I just tested it. I had we had it brought up to my test site and I tested it there and that was the extent of what I could do with it but but. The the this R212s that’s a full review. Obviously you can see it on a website right now so yeah well We have a full written review on Audiohawks.

Com Website Right Now The R212 You Guys

I definitely recommend you taking a look at it. It’s in the description link below James sends spends extensive time giving his listening Impressions because I know people will come on here and say well how did it sound well. He talks about how it sounds in the written review, but I want to get into the more details of how this product performed of course. We’ll talk about your listening test as well, but I want to talk about the explanation of the measurements and then you know just the engineering behind per listen. I know Matthew pose is a big fan of of the brand.

Hes Full Disclosure Hes Now A

dealer. For paralysis, so he actually will set up very high end and calibrate very high-end home theater systems integrating Pearlescent product and Matt. There’s a reason why you chose prayer listen as your Premier kind of product line and maybe you could just sum that up in a couple of sentences here as to why it’s just the engineering. So there’s a lot of speaker brands on the market and to be honest. There’s there’s a good number of really well-engineered products but getting something that can meet the requirements for the types of systems.

I Was Working On, Which Tend To Be

higher output systems often in larger rooms I needed something that I knew would perform. Where I trusted the engineering and that I knew offered a relative good value. So there’s no denying that the pearlescent products are expensive, but when you compare them to other. products on the market they actually tend to be priced a little bit better for what you’re getting and so for me. It was just a good option and I through James actually I Didn’t Know Dan before him, but through James I’ve gotten to know Dan and I have a lot of respect for him.

As An Engineer And Eric As Well

the team there’s really solid the products are really solid. So it just seemed like a good fit and and at this point I actually sell a lot of other brands. But per listen is the one that I started with and it’s the one that I consider to be my favorite of the high-end speaker and subwoofer Brands gotcha all right so I’m going to share the screen here. This is the subwoofer in question. It’s got dual 12-inch drivers.

You Can Only See One Of.

That other where’s that other driver James it’s mounted on the bottom. It’s like it’s up firing but mounted on the bottom so that the the transducer is interfacing. The bottom of the cone is interfacing with the air . It’s kind of a complex system.

Its Called A Push-Pull Design Yeah So

you see one but it’s a dual 12. and and that there’s that little like Square below the woofer that you see there in that picture that’s like an open that’s like an open like open part of the cabinet that lets the you know the for the down fire and wolf or interact with the room you know and push her through it. It reminds me of the days back in Miller and Christ and M K kind of did this back in the 90s Yeah similar kind of approach Yeah Dan worked at. Right on and I think he worked on that subwoofer Yeah! I believe he did yeah so this is not new to him right all right so here’s some of the specs as you said before the alignment is a push pull pretty stout amplifier 1. 3 kilowatt UK short term different UK modes Yeah there’s I you know the different modes will obviously produce different um like low ends but different shapes of low end so one one might not have as a negative 6 UK point on one um.

One Of These Uk Modes Might

actually yield a low deeper base in a small room than than the um. Then they’ll like a steeper slope on the low end and like going into the um. The specs a bit more. It’s kind of a heavy sub at 100 pounds, so it wasn’t easy to Lug around it’s not a big sub. It’s just really well built very solid and like I guess some people consider it big you know because like some people consider any kind of audio equipment big right unless it’s tiny but by my standards.

Its Medium Sized To Small Yeah.

It’s manageable because the depth is only like 20 inches. I mean it’s it’s not like the D215s that thing is a behemoth that was like a refrigerator. So I sub I I got to see that a couple of times in person and sometimes pitchers Don’t do justice of how big a product is so this is definitely more manageable, um it’s got some I mean it’s got a lot of tech in here with all that UK processing and and the driver X-max is. That the that’s not the x-max that’s a linear throw, so it’s plus or minus 20 millimeters that’s like almost three quarters of an inch in both directions in each direction right yeah um it is oh that is the x-max.

The 20 Millimeter Thats One Way Linear Excursion,

which was what x max is, but yeah. There’s a lot of different ways to rate x max, but it basically means just one-way linear Excursion and so you’re looking at 20 millimeters, which is pretty good for 12. . It’s very good for you. It’s like you normally see that like say a high throw 15.

But This Is A 12 And

it’s a heck of a driver I I didn’t get pictures of this driver because I can’t easily remove this driver like normal Subs just take out the driver. This is not a normal cell right it’s like a. It’s like solid as a boulder well. There’s the diagram of how it kind of works Yeah, So I mean do you want to take a stab at how push-pull designs I’m gonna get Tongue Tied trying to like describe a push full design you know Yeah basically Push Pull versus dual opposing so it’s a related concept but the difference would be that in a dual opposed. It would actually be on the back of the cabinet so that they would be opposed to each other and the back of the cones would be facing each other.

That Approach Allows For You To

have a lot of vibration cancellation, which is good and it also works well in the sense that you’ve got two active drivers. It’s not isobaric. So I see somebody saying that it’s not neither of these are isobaric um so what what Push Pull does. Dual oppose doesn’t do is cancels second order or well even order Distortion and the reason for that is that you’ve got the front of one cone facing the back of the other, which means that when they’re both operating essentially in Phase with each other. What’s happening is.

Its Actually The Opposite Movement Of

the cone and so the non–linearity of one is canceled by the other given that it’s the opposite motion so it’s. It’s a similar concept to dual pose, but you have to it would be hard to you’d have a magnet sticking out the back of the speaker. If you tried to do it the other way. So this is just a way of doing it in a more compact enclosure it kind of folds it up if you will um there. I don’t I mean M K did it that was the first that I was aware of James you measured us.

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So We Know That The Concept

Works um, but this is I mean MNk Hadn’t been making subs for a while . After the bankruptcy and then I know they kind of came out of that but they weren’t the company they used to be so per listen. I mean this is really a much better subwoofer than MNk ever made or the current version of the company. It’s much better drivers much better amplifiers so it’s sort of like a modern interpretation, but yeah on steroids basically yeah taken to a way higher level and the R series is the cheaper of the two. There’s a D series and an R series.

The D Series Has Like A

three kilowatt amp better quality drivers, even more Excursion, so this is. really good as is, but it’s actually the cheaper line. I’ll just say one thing to go on top of what Matt said I’ll put a dual opposed design that doesn’t have any audible benefits It doesn’t do anything audibly for you it just all it does is cancel like rocking motion of the cabinet, which is good because you get a more inner cabinet, but it doesn’t really help the sound right it doesn’t hurt the sound it doesn’t help a push-pull design will actually um cancel um it’ll reduce even order Distortion not you know. Matt said. I think odd but it actually not.

I Say Odd.

I mean yeah sorry yeah. It drastically reduces Pearlescent claims 12 UK reduction and even order Distortion components and so this this this driver Arrangement actually helps the sound. It helps improve the sound quality, but it’s it’s complicated complex.


The R212 subwoofer is half the price of the D215s that you reviewed last year of course . It’s a little bit of a more compact package because that D215’s was huge . We have a full written review on website right now the R212 you guys I definitely recommend you taking a look at it.& The the this R212s that’s a full review. I can’t handle and stuff that big right so so I just tested it. I had we had it brought it brought up to my test site and I tested it there and that was the extent of what I could do with it but but but. The full review of the DC1s is more like a performance analysis.& Obviously you can see it on a website right . It was more than a written review, but I want to get into the more details of the written review. It’s in the description link below. The review is in the descriptions of the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video