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Just Over A Year Ago, I Reviewed The Q

acoustic 330i bookshelf speakers. I was left super impressed not only that but at the same time I received the Cambridge audio CX A61 amplifier DaC, which is just above me, and I also received the Qb12 subwoofer unless I couldn’t keep the subwoofer and I just didn’t find it at the time. I had enough experience to share about a subwoofer but now times have changed and in 2021. I’m gonna give you my honest independent review of the Qb12 subwoofer, which is not going to be in shot right now, but it is positioned just below me and is now my daily driver now Before getting into this review. I should mention in terms of the price the Qb12 at the time of making this review can be found for around 500 pounds that is in the matte finishes.

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If However, You Want The High Gloss

finish instead you’re gonna have to fork out around 650 pounds, which is quite an added premium over the regular matte version. Now the variant I have is the matte black variant and in my opinion it looks really nice, but of course you might agree or disagree so do let me know in the comments below. Furthermore, if you do enjoy this review or want to see more independent reviews from the channel definitely do subscribe if you haven’t already and hit that bell notification it’d be greatly appreciated so to kick things off. I do have to quickly just talk about the design of it and in my opinion it looks really nice. You have got a forward-facing driver, which is a 12-inch driver or 30 centimeters, and it’s positioned behind this kind of soft fabric material now underneath the subwoofer.

Find These Four Little Metal Legs

as you might expect on most premium or higher end audio devices. In this respect. You do also get these rubber bits which I have actually ended up using even though I’m on carpet and the reason behind that is because these little metal spikes are pretty pointy and I feel that they will damage my carpet. Of course your mileage may vary depending on how you position them so you can use them with their rubber inserts and the metal spikes or you can remove the metal spikes altogether. Although I would say that’s not quite recommended in order for you to get the best out of the subwoofer in terms of the audio quality.

Now Around The Back There Is This Nice

little metal plate, which is magnetically attached in my case. I actually don’t use this metal plate at all because. I just find it a little bit pointless, but if you want a nicer flusher look, you can attach the metal plate and you can route the cables underneath the subwoofer. In other words, if it’s off the ground and therefore gives you a little bit more of a flusher cleaner look. In my case I don’t really mind about the cables and as such here.

Ive Got A Singular Cable Which Is A

Qed cable which connected up to my cambridge Audio CX A61. Now you can use an RCa input in other words left and right or in my case use a mono input which here this is what I’ve been using and this is the setup that I have now elsewhere. You’ve got an on-and off slash auto switch and in my case. I leave it on the auto mode because the Cambridge Audio 6861 does. the right job in transmitting the signal and therefore switching off the subwoofer when it’s not in use.

Theres A Little Bit Of A Delay.

In other words, to switch off but to switch it on it’s pretty much instantaneous, and the subwoofer is always in operations to know when it’s operating or not. There’s a green led which operates at the back of the unit and when it’s not in operation. It’s red now sitting beside the on and off switch. There is the zero 180 degree phase switch which you can enable or disable depending in terms of your setup.

Now Above These Switches Youve Got These

two volume knobs and here. One of them is to adjust the crossover and the other one is to adjust the overall volume of the subwoofer in my case and in my setup I found that running the subwoofer at around. 50 percent was condemned to be the best sort of sonic reproduction and the one that would suit my room’s acoustics so of course play around with this and see what works best with you, but what I will say is if you do ramp it up to its maximum. It does become really boomy and we’ll talk about that in the sound quality section. Now as for the crossover, it really was depend in terms of your own setup yet again depending if your receiver is going to be doing it manually automatically.

In My Case, I Leave It On

the Av mode. In other words, I leave the cambridge audio CX A61 to do the crossover and to determine what to center the subwoofer and what not to here. I found to have the best sort of experience because effectively the receiver is doing the hard work and. Determining what the subwoofer should receive or not and indeed here it’s very much important to know what the crossover range is. The subwoofer has a 40 Hertz to 250 Hertz range and in terms of the actual frequency range, which is not to be confused with the crossover range here.

The Subwoofer Will Extend As Low

as 28 Hertz and will go as high as 300 Hertz and so with that all in mind let’s get on to the sound quality. I should bear in mind here that the subwoofer has a class D amplifier it’s powered. In other words, it’s got an eight-pin power cable that’s connected into it and yes that does come in the box as well and here what i’m going to do is place the microphone in front of its 12-inch driver if you remember it’s a forward-facing driver and furthermore you should. The total power output of the subwoofer is 220 watts and has got a maximum of 400 watts of peak power. Now the demo that I’m going to provide you is not going to be ideal because it’s picked up from my microphone.

Its Compressed Via Youtube, But It Just Gives

you a little bit of a snippet. First we’re going to go into a music demo and then we’re going gonna go into a movie demo make sure you check the annotations at the bottom so that you understand what is going on so you’re not left confused we’re gonna go with on and off and i’m also gonna compare it to my old toy full subwoofer as well the only way you know how to play this game. The only way you know how to play UK the only the only way you know how to play the way Oh um UK recepticon so as I did mention a compressed Youtube video isn’t ideal, but let me give you my subjective opinion Now. This is coming from someone who had the toy full subwoofer for over a decade now and what I will say is as soon as I plugged in the Qb12 in I did notice a substantial difference, specifically because the toefl subwoofer doesn’t extend as low as the Qb12 so when I was watching movies such as transformers as my tests and indeed listening to music which I do very often by my bookshelf speakers and of course as I mentioned like Cambridge Audio Dac and the Qb12. I found that my music just sounded all that little bit sweeter.

I Listen To A Lot.

of R B and dance music and often go and dwell into EdM music and listen to some classical guitar as well and here. I just felt that the Qb12 just delivered that low-end response that was missing in my music Don’t get me wrong. I would have been fine living without it, but it was definitely an appreciation that I had coming from the toefl subwoofer now for those people who don’t have a subwoofer and you’re thinking of getting a subwoofer or indeed upgrading from something that wasn’t as powerful as the toefl subwoofer that I had well here. I will say that that low end response that this Q acoustic B12 delivers is phenomenal.

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What I Really Was Impressed About Was

the fact that it’s not just boomy and loud if you want it to be. It is also very precise and clean sounding at very. low volumes as well, which is something that I felt that the Toefl didn’t quite compete in in this domain. It was a lot of quantity when you had it and you dialed up the volume. In other words, the master volume, but when you were listening at lower volumes the subwoofer.

In Other Words, The Toefl Subwoofer Would

seem to overcrowd the sound and even though I’m talking a little bit you know ins and outs over here and small little details over here about audio. I did notice that the subwoofer was a little bit predominant, whereas here with the QB12. It has that really nice eloquent production at the lower end volumes and the higher end volume. So if you want to crank out the sound, you can do so and enjoy that subwoofer without it sounding boomy or overpowering and likewise if it’s a nighttime scenario. And you’re listening and you don’t want to know your neighbors and you want to listen at a very low volume well if you pair it up with the right amplifier.

Suddenly Youll Have A Fantastic Subwoofer,

which is delivering those very subtle low end response without sounding overpowering and indeed potentially annoying your neighbors. Ultimately, what I’m trying to say over here is that the QB12 really did leave me impressed that no matter what volume level I used it at and furthermore, the actual frequency range and even the crossover range that this subwoofer unit does have means that you are not really left too hindered in terms of what you can actually get from it. Of course as I mentioned it does cut off at around 28 Hertz so if you want something that really does pronounce even lower than that you’re gonna have to probably spend. A little bit more money or look elsewhere and so this all leads me onto my verdict and you can probably see where I’m going with this these subwoofer units, the QB12 is really impressive.

Not Only Does It Deliver At

lower end volumes, but also at higher end volumes. It doesn’t go as low as 20 Hertz and does tail off at 28 Hertz but for most consumers like myself that will very much suffice. It’s also really well built and it’s got basic connectivity options which will again suffice for a lot of individuals out there on the market. Now here if you want something that’s a great all-rounder and comes in around 500 pounds.

I Cant Think Of A Better

alternative out there on the market. Indeed, there are some other subwoofers out there. If you do a bit of research. You’ll see a plethora of them.

A Variety Of Different Manufacturers, Some

being really cheap, being expensive and some just sitting in between effectively. If you want a nice all rounder. In my opinion, I can definitely suggest getting the QB12 it’s left me impressed and very much something that I would.


The Q acoustic 330i bookshelf speakers were reviewed over a year ago . The Qb12 subwoofer can be found for around 500 pounds that is in the matte finishes . If you want the high gloss finish instead you’re gonna have to fork out around 650 pounds, which is quite an added premium over the regular matte version . In the matte black variant it looks really nice, but of course you might agree or disagree so do let me know in the comments below. Do you want to see more independent reviews from the channel definitely do subscribe if you haven’t already and hit that bell notification it’d be greatly appreciated so to kick things off with this review . The price of the Q acoustic speakers is around $1,000 . For more information on the Qacoustic 330i speakers click here. Back to the page you came from the Q Acoustic Audio Channel: http://www.acousticaudiochannel.com/qacoustic-a-baybaybay.com ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video