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5 Lakhs sir. Can you lend me your pen-Take it. It’s here! Tell me. -You can come in.

Go! Give Me The Keys! Throw All

your cell phones! I told you to throw your cell phone, right’ Hey sit down! Sit down! Come fast! Come fast! Stop! Hey look out there! He’s taking our photos! Bump him off! What are you doing Snatch his camera! Give me.. . Catch him! He has stolen my bag! Thief!. .


thief! Come. . . come.


. catch him! My camera. . .

My Camera.

. . Hey come! Go. .


go! I’m a reporter! Press reporter! Press reporter! Leave me please! Please listen to me. leave me. Hello. I’m a press reporter! Leave me! Why are you beating me I’ve lost my camera because of you.

Sir, Im A Press Reporter, A

bank was robbed just now.. . Just now Just now. .


Just now I’m getting the call of Robbery, How could you press smell it So Take it, get him first aid. . Take The vehicle, we must go to the bank. Stop Sir.

Bank Has Already Been Looted, No

use going there, all the robbers’ faces are stored in this memory card. They’ve planned it very smartly. He’s Mallesh, a man behind the blasting of Chintapalli railway station. He’s Madhava Reddy, he blew up the cell tower. I Don’t know this guy.

Hes Nalla Perumal, Man Who Planted

bomb in Jagadamba centre. I couldn’t get clear image his face because of the mask. I think he could be the gang leader. . They all belong to the terrorists’ Gang.

Okay Sir, Ill Email All The Photos To

your head quarters.. Thanks. Buddy. .


superb show Buddy! Please listen to me. Please let me do the dressing. Please listen to me. Sorry nurse!.

The Man Who Took The Photos Of These

extremists risking his life is, UK News’ photographer Aswathama. Police have released the photos of the bank robbers. Couldn’t get the details of the masked gang leader. Hey’ You! Come here! I saw in the mail, is it the way to take the photos Shaken photos. Why can’t you stop.

Stand And Take Photos Slowly Using

flash I’ll try to remember this while covering next bank robbery Sir. Making fun of me’ Can Anyone dare make fun go you Sir Go. . . go.


. They took away my mother too. I’m living alone in the flat now. You can join me.

Hey! Im Not The Uk Type Youre Thinking.

I don’t mind if you lose your limbs Also, I’ll take care of you all the life. . Get lost! It seems you go beaten up by a girl. .

It Seem She Pinned You Down And

bashed. You up! How Do you know this Telepathy! No fractures, right Are you a hero Who Are you working for Your photos must appear first in our paper, right Why Did you distribute it to everyone like Peas Yes Sir, By the time we select the photo, make a layout. And print it in newspaper after that, police then see it and before they arrive whistling, robbers would open account in Swiss bank and settle down in life. Sir. Name of UK News’ reporter is mentioned four times every minute, out paper is getting free publicity.

Why Cant You See It In That

angle. Why are you raking up issue that has already happened He’s not respecting me because of your pampering. Sir. . .

How Much Should I Respect You Sir Shall

I fall on your feet. Sir Please stand in a place Sir. -Get lost! Why do you take such. Such risks, Boy Why not join the devotional section with me You can take photos of temples and holy places. Hey you.


. stop! Catch her! Because of this girl. . .

Shes Been Transferred Here From Vizag.

I thought like that in that situation. Did I look like a thief Little roguish. little like a goon. .


-I’ll kill you. She has been covering Naxals sensibly for the past three years. . Is she that Renuka Narayan’ Marriage feast.


. wonderful feast. . .


This son You’ve entered kitchen on auspicious day without taking bath. Would Your God curse me I want to break the hand of the man who gave you a day off. I’ll take you to my office and show him. According to the latest reports, four Naxals involved in the bank robbery were caught with money in different places.


Achu. the bank robbers have been caught! Where caught! Where Chief Minister Yogi talking to the press. . .

Police Have Arrested The Robbers.

It’s My Govt. ‘s responsibility to catch the gang leader bring him to justice in 2 days. . The man whose help made it possible to catch.


. What’s his name An intelligent photographer Aswath. I thank sincerely UK News’ and the reporter. Look, how he’s praising you!-Entire credit goes to you! Mom is waste.

Hes Making Bravados Here After Getting

beaten up a girl there. It’s not his mistake. he got used to seeing it everyday at home. . Touch your heart and say, did I ever behave like that with you Greetings! The stars of the Soil.


. Together. . .

Lets Rock The Party! Are The Smiles Beautiful Are,

the shimmering lightning Beautiful Is, Petiteness Beautiful Is Sultriness beautiful Lambhorgini.. . love Lumbini. .


Friday and Saturday. . . any mistake is this.


. Let your snow unite with my fire. . .

Theres Fire.

. . there’s nothing danger in it. .


It’s your wish, take on me. . . chant the mantra of friendship.


. Live for yourself only. . .

Dont Miss Any Chance.

. . The heat is deadly. .


the desire is growing more I see. . . Shining Rolexes are bright.


. Virtues are advised freely. . .

Champagne Is Flowing Freely.

. . Swiss cheese is chewed. .


Branded life. . . romance is friend.


. You’re my thirst. . .

Flow Towards Me.

. . Fashions changes every moment. .


This passion never changes. . . Action all the day and faction all the night.


. Come my lovely Ferrari. . .

The Rogue Who Pinches My Heart.

. . Louis Vuitton hunter. .


chasing you, O babe. . . If you’ve guts.


. . if not look there. .


Let there be any ration for the fashion. . . This passion is never ending boon.


. There’s commotion inside. . .

Lets Rock Together, Come On.

. . My husband is a hero with wealth and zest for life. .


If you seek pleasures every day and call him, he’s a big. Zero. . .

I Did Seek.

. . There are so many in the arena. .


. who is who amongst them You can’t find which is beginning and which is end. . .

In These Perfect Couples.

. . The night is brightened with shining little lights. .


A mischievous Little hand is touching my body. . . Here’s the modern world of the youth.


. That welcomes the mantra of victory only. . .

Im Uk News Reporter.

Aren’t you Vasant the leader of Youth Party Why have you come alone This get together is thanks giving to the donors of poor children’s Education. Star Hotels and Discotheques cornered all the sponsors. If I’ve this money, I can send at least 1000 children to the school. .

Thats Why I Couldnt Join The Party.

I too feel the same. Greetings! Amongst all charities, education is the greatest. A truth which everyone know. Few among those greatmen who spread education are here.

You Can Ask Them.

questions about it. Shwethaji! It seems you’re spending more time in Ashram. I’m maintaining my body well because my regular meetings with Swamiji. Why are you laughing now He tells me to bend and get up! He teach es me Yoga and meditation.

You And Manjushri Are Planning To Marry

secretly., is it true Is it any quiz program to say pass This is a press meet. This is not a film press meet, please stay out of personal matters. . Let’s think collectively of better action.

Was The Dance Inside For Better

action Am I wrong if I ask about it What’s this they’re leaving without showing respect to the press. Are we here to enjoy food. Why are you all silent Why are you press behaving so irresponsibly You want to contest the next elections. . You want to take photos with actors on either side, paste the town red.

With It And Seek Votes, Isnt That

why you’ve arranged these get togethers and discos Will you think only the wrong way Nobody here.. . I’ll never misuse such good friendship, we’re facing this election on the plank of social justice, it’s not fair for responsible press to boycott in anger Get up! He’s belittling we press people. How dare he advises us! Hello brother Mani! Please sit down.

Cinema Or Politics, If We Write, Its

enough if it’s read by few people.. We must encourage good work. , brother. Please sit down.


Somu, you too sit down. Please sit down. Why Are you supporting them Why are you accusing me that It’s about children’s education. brother.

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Why Are You Getting So Angry For This

Sit down please, brother. For whatever had happened here, I seek your apology on their behalf. . I expect you’ll co-operate with me. I Calmed down for Aswath, if not.


. Our photographer. I’ve some work. .


Our leader. . . .


is entering the poor slums. . . Always opposition leader! Change The posters! Leader! Name this child! Give me dettol Greetings Sir.

Dont Let It Go.

steal it. Step! Ruling party death!-What to do Sir She’s dead! What Can I do Oh my God! Rs. 2000! Come, let’s take a photo with leader! Tear the photo! Tear it! Who are you Go away. .


go. . . Long live Kondalrayudu! Take the money.

-Why Are You Asking Ill Talk To Him.

-Will Is it so easy to get Rs. 2000′ They’ll Rs. 500 now and take Rs. 5000 after winning the election.

Dont Forget.

please vote for Tiger Symbol. -As you say madam. What he’ll do’ My party will give free liquor. .

Why Are You Drinking It Go

away! Go! Greetings to the people.! You all are working hard sincerely. , are you. working hard sincerely, are you getting paid fairly for it. I too belong to the backward class like you.

I Too Grew Up In Slum

and hut only. but my mother sent me to school, she struggled hard to educate me. Today I could become an engineer who earns Rs. 50000 a month. , We are still lagging behind in higher education.

Despite Decades Of Freedom.

The backward classes remain backward because. . . He comes home drunk and beats me.

-Please Vote For This Symbol.

Will you buy a bajji for 50 paise I’m hungry, please serve me quickly. Are you great if you’ve done UK Why are you feeling Don’t forget to vote for Feather. -Get lost! Nobody cares about us. -I will.

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Youre Our First Supporter.

Take it sir. What’s written on it’ We’ll give 5 liters of free arrack for each ration card if we win. Then,. we win.

Then, Ill Vote For You Only.

Workers, you must pay attention to this important point. Now. . .

Even Cattle Doesnt Like Your Speech.

That’s why it’s scratching for the itch. Why are you addressing workers, ladies and gentlemen like street hawkers Politics isn’t our domain. -You keep quiet. It’s routine for such initial hiccups.

Uk Now I Know How You

packed 10 patients to heaven starting your practice. Did I overact-Wait. . . wait.


. Come on boys! Don’t Rush, they’ll pay Rs. 5000 for a burnt hut. Save my child.


. save my child. . .

-Come On, You Sit Take Your Child

Douse the fire.. . douse the fire! Pour water! Pour Water!-Douse it! Nobody is hurt, right’-What’s this You’re God sent Messiah! Can never forget the help you’ve done to me. May God bless you.

Youre Great! Nobody Came To Save.

Everybody ran away. . I had four water sachets. I had four water sachets.

I Doused The Fire Just Like That.

What’s your problem-It seems they saved it. Go away. -Take this! He saved you, Don’t forget to vote for him. .

Whats This How Can You Use A Situation

We thought we could at least get these old women’s votes, but he ruined that too. Come. He’s a criminal, very dangerous, is your source reliable In fact I’ve spoken to the girl’s mother. Useless man,


UK News’ photographer Aswathama took the photos of the extremists risking his life . UK News photographer took the pictures of the terrorists’ Gang . The terrorists’ gang are known as Mallesh, a man behind the blasting of Chintapalli railway station.& Madhava Reddy, he blew up the cell tower.& Nalla Perumal, man who planted bomb in Jagadamba centre.& I couldn’t get clear image his face because of the mask. I think he could be the gang leader.&. I’ll Email all the photos to your head quarters.& Hey come! Go. Go! I’m a reporter! Press reporter! Please listen to me. Leave me please! Please Listen to me . The man who took these photos of these extremists is, UK News’ photographer Asawathama. He took photos of them. The terrorists’ Gang. All the robbers’ faces are stored in this memory card. They’ve planned it very smartly….. Click here to read more and watch the full video