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All Right This Is Kevin Deal From Upscale Audio

today We’re going to talk about I was gonna talk about this but I want to talk about this I’m wearing my Alfa Romeo shirt. Why is that because I drove my Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio to work and what prompted me to make a subwoofer video because of driving that stupid car It’s not a stupid car. It’s a great car. I put a subwoofer look you got to know something about subwoofers that I want you to stay with me on this the sound system in my Giulia is horrible. Not only is the bass horrible, but the lower mid-range Just is it’s bad It doesn’t have any body to the mids Voices sounded like they’re coming out of here.

So I Said Okay Im Gonna

fix it so I got myself a subwoofer and I did exactly what. needed to do I got a power amp I’m not gonna climb into the trunk and not all this stuff so I took it to the car stereo place and I told the Installer. I said set the crossover at a hundred and ten Hertz that’s a good starting point for me. I will fine tune it from there set it at a hundred and ten Hertz. I went and picked it up and the young kid goes Oh yeah man I set the crossover at sixty Hertz now when you crank it up it really hits.

Im Like I Told You To Set

it at a hundred and ten Hertz. He goes Oh well looks like I got you h, how do you like me now I got you H I got you ha and I’m like Oh my dad welcome to my world listen to what I’m gonna. Tell you a subwoofer is not about bass response. It is about that but it isn’t a subwoofer is about increasing the sound quality of mid-range and the sense of scale. One of the greatest demonstrations I’ve ever heard was that the Consumer Electronics Show a bunch of Rel G1 stacked up with a pair of big speakers and an on/off switch to turn the subwoofers on and off the music that they demoed with was acapella vocals in a church.

No Bass Response Sub First Allow You

to increase the sound quality of mid-band and they allow you to address room problems that you cannot address by just moving your speakers around and I don’t care how big your speakers are or how capable they are. I am just bought my dream house. I’m gonna get a big pair of grand utopia’s. They’re about that big and I will. pair of subwoofers right behind them because of Braille number 25s I’m gonna do it because I know what they can do and well as the king of it do not buy a subwoofer from a speaker company.

I Sell All Kinds Of Great Speakers Here

and I would tell any customer don’t buy their woofers because it’s a different product you have to buy it. It’s a completely different category and you have to buy from somebody who is a specialist and rel has been the owner of this category. For many many years. I do carry a couple other brands. I love them but for audiophiles.

Braille Is King And Im Gonna

tell you something the number 25 and the G1 are absolutely amazing. They are badass and if you look at them and compared them to what’s happening 15 years ago. It’s like the difference between Kittyhawk. and the International Space station where we’ve come with subwoofers today, but not everybody can fit a G1 not everybody wants to spend fifty-five hundred dollars on a G1. I mean it is a big subwoofer, so this is what Rel did.

They Took The 12-Inch Long Through Carbon Carbon

carbon fiber driver from the G1 and put it into this cabinet. This driver has four inches of throw I mean it is so fast. It is so fast. Then they took their higher and cast alloy 12-inch passive radiator that’s used in the 212 UK. Then they fine-tuned not the amplifier but the the parts in the crossover you can’t just take these parts and put them into your S5 Sh Oh, I know you might be thinking that it can’t happen.

There Are Other Tweaks That They

did inside the box but what they came. With really is a G1 for every man. I mean that’s the thing at 3499. This thing is scary got the cabinet looks like it might even be finished a little different, but I think it’s supposed to be the same thing, but God. I look at this cabinet.

I Mean This Makes I Mean

anything else I have in the store really I mean it puts it to shame well products hook up differently than other products. There are some brands that manufacturers want you to cross over your main speakers and I’m not a big boat. I’m not really a believer in that because I think that most electronic crossovers create a little bit of haze to the main speakers. So even if you have bookshelf speakers or if you have large floor-standing speakers I prefer to just run them full range, especially if they’re hooked up to. Tube and you don’t want to do anything that’s gonna affect that magic in that texture You don’t want to round off any of the edges by having them go through an electronic crossover.

No Well Does It A Different

way. They use a speakon connector that means that speaker leads there’s a cable that it comes with that hooks up to the speaker leaves of your amplifier now for home theater people that’s really super cool because you hook it up that way. The first thing you do is you fine-tune it to improve the sound quality of your speaker’s all the time and you have a level control right here for high level so you’re able to fine-tune it adjust the crossover to get it right where you want it. But then you have a separate input for UK that’s the point one channel from your surround sound. You’re able to adjust that to get the great effects.

Some People Buy Subwoofers And This Depends

on your surround application, but some people buy subwoofers. Then they go yeah but I only hear it during movies. They don’t here during music and that’s because you just didn’t buy the right stuff so if you don’t know what the right stuff is I want you to call us and we will help walk you through it now I’m gonna twist it back around. I want you to know that it does come with a beautiful cover for the front. I mean it’s absolutely stunning, but I didn’t want to cover this up because I just think that this driver is an absolute joy.

The Carbon Limited Truly Is Limited.

This is something John Hunter, who is the chief designer of rail. He wanted to do something that was really special. And they only made a certain number of these and it truly is limited edition. They did some nice stuff with a trim.

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They Did Really Cool Beautiful Metal Feet

and a beautiful badge up on the top to show you that’s a carbon limited to show you how special it is but really what this is about and I talk about this all the time. It’s about engineering and parts engineering and parts listen. I think this is probably some of the coolest stuff ever. When I found out there wasn’t that many left we ended up just buying the rest of them because I didn’t want my customers to miss out on it. One more thing on the connectivity Rel designed something called the longbow and I’m gonna tell you something when they first came out with it.

I Was Not Down.

I just figured it’s Wireless it’s. Gonna cause loss of dynamics? It’s gonna do something until I heard it The longbow is amazing so now if you can’t run any wires if you need to put it somewhere and your significant others gonna give you a bad time. Yes run it wirelessly all you got to do is just plug it into the wall get a longbow and no one even know there’s any there won’t be any wires gone to it and it works incredible call us up.

Ive Got Great People Here.

Rahl has amazing support on their website to help you but we will help you too and talk you through it help you pick out the right stuff if you end up. Having questions about setup My salespeople are not on Commission so if you have questions they’re not gonna be running off trying to make the next Bach setting these up. is critical and it’s fun and once you get it right you’re gonna go Oh my God Kevin was telling the truth I did not know my system could sound like this.

We Always Guarantee The Best Price.

We take trade-ins get rid of that old Chachki that you have and we have 12 month no interest financing come to our beautiful 10,000 square foot store give us a call. I promise you we’re going to treat your system like it’s ours thank you.


Kevin deal from upscale audio talks about subwoofers in a new video . Kevin talks about the sound system in his Alfa Romeo Giulia Giulia Quadrifoglio to work . Kevin says a subwoofer is not about bass response. It is about increasing the sound quality of mid-range and the sense of scale. No bass response sub first allow you to increase the sound . Kevin: Subwoofer video is about that but it isn’t about that. It isn’t a sub woofer but it is about the quality of the mid-band. It’s about how you can address room problems that you can’t . Kevin deal: “I’m not gonna climb into the trunk and not all this stuff so I did exactly what.& needed to do I got a power amp. I’m not going to climb in the trunk. I don’t want to climb into a trunk and don’t get into a car. I want to talk about it. I got you…. Click here to read more and watch the full video