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Hey Whats Up Guys Welcome Back To The

channel Nemo propaganda here bringing you another subwoofer review You guys know I love subwoofers and their performance with respect to two channel music that’s what we talk about on this Youtube channel. We review speakers too and other things but for a long time. Now a few months at least we’ve been on a pretty good subwoofer kick so here we’ve got the rel T9x. It is the flagship of the Tx range. There’s one right here in front of me.

The Other One Is Tucked Down

in the corner as you can see I do have a pair here because I use monoblocks and monoblock users do need two subwoofers. I did also use just one by using the iota VX integrated amplifier as well. So all of my listening impressions are going to be whether you’re going to buy. Just a single or a pair with a pair you’ll just have the benefits of a pair a wider stage more basic quantity. Overall the ability for it to kind of project from an ink black background and things like that.

So A Pair Is Pretty Cool And

definitely recommended, but apps not required by any means, Especially if your room is about my size, which is only 10 feet wide 12 feet deep nine foot ceilings. I’ll be honest one in my room plenty definitely did not need the pair um the pair was just like Oh that’s cool too you know what I mean it’s like if your car’s got like 700 horsepower like and then like you add another 100 horsepower to it like it’s cool you know what I mean you really definitely didn’t need it though anyhow I digress we’ll take you through this review. The same way we usually do which is gonna be so we’re gonna do Standout features first listening impressions kind of what it sounds like We’ll do some comparisons then we’ll wrap it up okay. I’ll leave some specs on screen. So you guys can check that stuff out yourself standout features first and foremost.

This Is A Small Subwoofer Honestly Guys.

I would consider this medium size or yeah medium. I would say is fair even though it’s the largest of the tx subwoofers. It is a medium-sized subwoofer, especially with respect to its vertical height. It’s quite short and in the room.

It Never Calls Attention To Itself Visually

which isn’t which wouldn’t be a bad thing honestly because it is a very good, looking subwoofer. So let’s talk about the looks real quick because we’ve got some standout features here first and foremost the way the grille. spaced off the front baffle about three quarters of an inch and sits on some really nice stainless steel posts. I think it’s a great look. It’s also got some bevel cut angles into it to help it match the radiused cabinet edges.

Those Small Attention To Details The Polished Hardware

around the front of the driver around the back of the plate amplifier the chassis mounted Rcas. I love that attention to detail real quick. I want to talk about attention to detail real quick because some of you guys complain about it and I just want to address that I’ve seen in the comments people say stuff like oh rel puts their brand all over the subwoofer it’s over branded. I get why you’re saying that but hear me out guy hear me out. I think people who say that have never had one in their room.

The Reason I Say That Is

because if you’re looking at a product shot of the subwoofer, where the subwoofer is just like at eye level and it’s got like thousands of watts of like photo lights on it Yeah you can see all that branding but that’s a product shot it’s supposed to show off everything when the subwoofer’s placed in the room like you can’t really see any of that you can barely just see the driver through the grille, which is honestly like a really nice aesthetic touch this logo up top you can’t see this or even you definitely can’t read it. When the subwoofer is placed in the room the logos on the feet. I mean you guys tell me you’re watching this video right now I’ve got thousands of watts of photography lighting on me right now. This is a 1080p video Can you. Can you see the logo on the feet? I don’t think you can so again if you think it’s overly branded you might just be hopping on a bandwagon without realizing it and I would encourage you to have one in your home first and make your own judgment to me.

It Is Perfect Aesthetically And All

all of the kind of details. I would say they’re subtle they’re all it’s all subtle details which I think is great so some other standout features are going to be your connection options you’ve got three of them high level input. Everyone knows about that one already line level input kind of like your most common input and then a Lfe input with its own gain or volume knob. So Lfe input has its own gain and volume knob, as does the high level input. Why is that well that way you.

Can Connect A Pair Of Rail Subwoofers

to your main speakers to like help extend them and give them like more bass and more authority to make them truly full range and in a theater environment on top of that high level connection. You can also plug in the LFe cables to each subwoofer. So when those LFe tracks come through the subwoofer gives you the rumbles and when those LFe tracks aren’t happening you still have the benefit of the subwoofer, making your main speakers more full range. You need to be able to adjust the gains independently to accomplish that so that’s a pretty cool feature. This has I’ve never been able to use it because this isn’t really a home theater channel.

Nor Do I Have An Avr Or Processor

that has LFe outputs I only have line out so my options for this sub were line. out or high level i tried both and used high level for most of the review. A quick note on high level Rel’s high level is not the same as other companies high-level input. Most other subwoofers High level input is a legacy connection. It’s for people that have no other choice.

You Really Dont Want To Use It.

Unless it’s your only option maybe you have a tube amplifier with no pre-outs okay go ahead use high level rel’s high level is engineered and designed to be the superior connection method. So on a rel subwoofer you definitely want to take advantage of that and use their high-level input again. Other companies high level input legacy connection not preferred so if you have say Bowers and Wilkins subwoofer Svs subwoofer for jail audio subwoofer don’t use their high level input unless it’s your only option you will. better performance through line level I’ve seen this in the comments, so many times there’s so much confusion about this Guys.

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Rel Is The Only Subwoofer Company.

I think there’s another one in England honestly that has a pretty good high-level circuit, but they’re the only one. I know about that it’s designed specifically to have a good high-level circuit so anyhow. Other standout features passive radiator sealed box design 10 inch front firing driver. The passive’s down firing do keep in mind a front firing 10-inch active and a down firing passive does not mean you have the base of two 10-inch drivers or the moving mass of two 10-inch drivers.

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You Do At The Passive Radiators

tuning frequency above that this is going to behave like a traditionally sealed box 10 inch design. The whole point of the passive radiator is it’s going. to allow you to have base extension more commonly associated with a ported design without the size associated with a ported design and well being Rel makes sure that for the most part actually not just for the most part, I don’t even know why I said that for all intents and purposes. It is just as tight, quick, speedy and articulate as the sealed subwoofer should be so what the heck does it sound like Oh and if I didn’t already say it another standoff feature class a B amplification so what does it sound like well Any descriptor. You want to use for sound quality guys speed articulation, bass note distinction fidelity, whatever you know what I mean just make a list.

This Is Great At Its Just

that simple it’s great at it’s one of the best at that’s kind of what rel does they are an. SQ subwoofer Company Sq stands for sound quality. There are really only two kinds of subwoofers and then there’s a spectrum in between Of course. There are Sq subwoofers like Rel and then there are SpL subwoofers right and it’s important to know the difference if you don’t know the difference you’re not ready to buy a subwoofer yet but hear me out I’ll explain the difference to you very briefly. Sq subwoofers generally you’re going to get a little bit less power for your money and a little bit less extension for your money instead.

A Lot Of Your Money Is

going to go to lightweight moving mass high quality amplification a experience where the base can still play fairly loud. Still extend fairly low but have excellent sound quality. Bass note distinction fidelity detail, textures, speed, transient response all is going to be top level it’s going to. Integrate with your speakers very well, You shouldn’t even be able to guess the crossover point between speaker and subwoofer. The bass is never going to draw attention to itself.

The Subwoofer Should Never Localize In Your Room.

Those are all the characteristics of a good sq Subwoofer which is the Rel T9x A good spl subwoofer Conversely is going to give you a little bit more power for the money, a little bit more output for the money a little bit more extension for the money. The downside is they are going to draw attention to themselves. When the base pressurizes your room. The base is going to be more aggressive.

Its Attack Is Going To Be

harder. Slam is going to be harder, but you will notice it in the room. It is not going to integrate in your system as well. I don’t care what anyone says. If you have an SpL first design, you can kind of tell where the crossover point is you just can and in a worst case scenario.

If Its Not Like Just Perfectly Integrated,

it can even muddy up the mid-range. If it’s too much of an SpL first design, so that’s kind of the difference. I guess if that was too much of a mouthful try to make it super simple. If you like your subwoofer to call attention to itself. When the when the bass attack happens, you want to know your subwoofers doing its job.

You Want To Know That Its On Youre

more of an SpL customer. If you want a subwoofer that’s going to sound more of an extension of your main speakers or sound like it’s coming from an ink black background where you close your eyes and you have no idea where the subwoofer. in the room, but you still have good powerful bass that pressurizes the room. You’re an sq customer and you want to sq customer subwoofer, so I’ve told you what it sounds like guys in a nutshell pretty darn good and I can.


Nemo propaganda is bringing you another subwoofer review . The rel rel T9x is the flagship of the Tx range . Nemo is a Youtube channel dedicated to subwoofers and their performance with respect to two channel music that’s what we talk about on this Youtube channel. We review speakers too and other things but for a long time.& So a pair is pretty cool and definitely recommended, but apps not required by any means, Especially if your room is about my size, which is only 10 feet wide 12 feet deep and nine foot ceilings.& I’ll be honest one in my room plenty definitely did not need the pair um the pair was just like Oh that’s cool too you know what I mean. I mean it’s like if your car’s got like 700 horsepower like and then like you add another 100 horsepower to it like it’s cool, like it’s cool you really definitely didn’t need it though anyhow I digress….. Click here to read more and watch the full video