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Hello Friends! My Name Is Steve Guttenberg And I

am the audiophiliac and today’s show is all about the rel t-0 mark Iii subwoofer. It’s a little sub it’s their smallest sub. It’s a six and a half-inch long throw woofer in a tiny box. The biggest dimension is about nine and a half inches. It has a 100 watt class D amplifier and it’s a sealed box up it’s not ported.

Theres No Passive Radiators.

There’s no port. It’s a true sealed box design and i like that. There’s not that many sailbox subwoofers, but when I come across one. They usually have better pitch definition and deep bass control than ported designs.

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Just Speaking In Generalities But Thats Thats What

I usually get but this up being just a six and a half inch driver. What are the expectations here well first of all first of all. is really for small to mid-size rooms if you have a huge space and you really want to feel pounding bass. You’re not going to buy a little sub with a six and a half inch woofer. I think that’s obvious right so anyway and the other thing that’s this sub is for and particularly well is for use with small planar magnetic speakers, magnapans or electrostatics right because I when I got the magnapan smgs recently these are vintage maggies from 1986.

I Did A Kind Of A Review

of them a couple of months ago here but anyway they don’t have the deepest bass. The bass is actually pretty adequate, but it is lacking a bit on the bottom. So John Hunter from Rel saw that I got these smgs and he said yeah you got to try you got to try the T0 Mark Iii with those. And you know what he’s right? I mean John is a straight shooter If he says it’s going to work. It’s a good chance it’s going to work, so he sent me this up.

I Hooked It Up Still Have The

smg set up and it was one of those wow the synergy between this sub and those little maggies was perfect it took like zero effort on my part spring of zero zero effort on my part to make them play nice together and it just sort of completed the sound of the speaker that’s what that’s what you want you don’t want to hear us up calling attention to itself. You know I mean if that’s your thing and you want to feel pounding bass all the time you know sure do it but I want subs that are seen but not heard or even better not yet. not seen and not heard, but you know what I’m saying it’s like you should feel like all of the bass is coming from the speakers itself. You shouldn’t you should be unaware at best, where even the the crossover is right um so anyway. I set it up.

It Was Magical How This Combination

really clicked, but not everybody has maggies and certainly not everybody has 36-year old Smg. So I also used over the course of this review. Bowers and Wilkins 607 s2 anniversary speakers because they’re little tiny speakers. They make a fair amount of bass on their own actually and also the Klipsch RP600m everybody knows them. Many people love them.

I Certainly Do And Those Are

the three speakers. I teamed up with the T0 Mark Iii let me run down some details some numbers here. The price the price is currently 449 dollars. In the Usa and the normal street price is 499 dollars. It comes with a three-year warranty.

Its Available In Gloss White Or Gloss Black

and the paint finish is impeccable. It’s really perfect and actually it’s five coats of paint. It is designed in the Usa and made in China now as for setup and connectivity. You can hook it up. Let’s say the normal way with it with an interconnect cable going from your subwoofer output or line output on your preamplifier receiver to the sub and you can hook it up that way and it works fine but the preferred way the railway so to speak is to use it with speaker level connection meaning you take a tap off of your receiver or amplifier and run that to this special connection that I’m showing you right now on the back side of this T0 mark.

Iii Its Called A Nutrix Connector And

it’s super easy to do believe me. They’ve done it gazillions of times and they think and I agree that using especially with rails. The speaker level connection actually sounds better than using the signal. The signal level connection the RCa input but whatever you want to do it’ll work but I’m just saying I use it with the speaker level connection and I was I had no complaints and as I said the setup between well. The three speakers.

I Used The Maggie Smg, The

Klipsch RP 600m and the BMW 607 Mark Ii anniversary super easy. I mean the blending was just a dream really was this is a tiniest did. I mention how tiny this thing is it’s like a nine and a half-inch cube approximately um and it does go down. It goes down to in my room. about 40 Hertz and that’s pretty freaking low, but is it you know extraordinarily low for us.

Of Course Not If You Kind Of

biggers up with a 12-inch woofer or a 15-inch woofer. It’s going to go down deeper and it’s going to be a more powerful sound. No doubt about it and of course Rel offers much larger subs right but what this thing has is the ability to disappear you know what I’d even go so far as to say. This is the ideal subwoofer for people who don’t like subwoofers who have speakers that are lacking in the extreme bottom end that’s that’s probably the the perfect potential customer for a subwoofer. Like this, you know I’ve lived with the Magnapan Smga, which is very similar to the you know to the models that followed like the Mmg and the Lrs.

The Current Small Speaker From.

all well the entry level model and as I was listening to all three of them. Actually I never thought oh if they only if I only had a subwoofer with this. I would be happy no because they all make enough baits that I wasn’t lusting after more you know that I really felt that way, but when I hooked up this one the t0 Mark Iii and use it with the smga it really did complete the sound of the speaker. It’s like it was supposed to be there all the time that’s what it felt like and that’s what made me just so eager to do this review to get started in earnest.

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I Played This One.

This Tom York record atoms for peace, which I called a muck before I’m sorry anyway. It’s a great recording. I love the bass on this recording whether it’s synthesized. bass or electric bass whatever it is going on down there it’s really good and it’s got speed and detail and can you hear each note you know blur together there’s no booming.

Theres No Thickening Of It And Thats What

the Rel T0 mark 3 did so well. While seamlessly blending with the Smgs. I was totally in and like I said I was I was shocked how much more I liked the maggies with this sub I really didn’t see that coming I thought yeah it’ll add some bass, but in addition to adding bass and this part I do know subwoofers good subwoofers. It’s not about just adding more bottom end. I can’t explain why but the sound stage gets deeper and more dimensional.

When Youre Using A Sub It

just does so I don’t know i I was totally in and again I liked the smg’s. Before my my love my affection for these speakers bumped up a couple of notches with the combination of the two so the next the next recording was this one come away with EsG now. This is an incredible recording. It’s from the early 80s. It’s an all-girl group from the Bronx.

Theyre Teenagers I As I Recall And Its

funk it’s just killer funk a lot of instrumentals a little bit of vocals here and there but the recording is a phenomenal recording for this kind of music and because they’re so young you just feel this vitality you know crashing out of the speakers. It’s so much fun and the sound of the electric bass now I forgot the name of the bass player. I’ll stick it in here but anyway her sound is it’s like it’s right there it’s one of those where you can easily. Hear it? It’s not you know smooshed together with other instrument. It just pops out of the speakers and again.

I Was Thinking Of It Coming

out of the speakers even though I knew in my head that it was some of it though the bottom part of the base was coming out of the T0 Mark Iii So Yeah this is a great record. If you’re into funk and you don’t know this this group Esg you got to check it out now they this is I think their first recording and they made others and they got back to. They broke up They got back together. But this is a great place to start with Esg. Then I moved the smds aside and listened again with this 607 s2s.

Its A Little Tiny Speaker And

yeah adding the sub it made it sound like a bigger speaker now. Remember I’m not high passing the sub-I’m not like using a crossover network to send just the higher frequencies to the speakers. Any of these three speakers right I’m sending full range signal to all three speakers, the maggies, the BMW and and the clips they’re on full range and i’m setting the crossover. So it’s just underneath where the speaker is running out of gas that’s the methodology to use a rel subwoofer well properly I guess right that’s how I set them up and it works well now of course for home theater applications where you’re going to be putting a lot of energy through the speakers of explosions and special effects and everything yeah you usually would use base management in an Av receiver or processor. I get it but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Im Just Using Them For Two Channel Stereo

so. The speakers always got full range signal and the subs were just The sub was just dialed in directly under just sneaking in right underneath the roll roll-off of the speaker, so anyway Yeah! The 607 absolutely benefited from the sub, but then I swear moved that aside and popped in the RP 600 amps. Now that speaker is bigger than the than the BMw and it also really it just opened up so much more with the sub on the bottom and as i said earlier the sound stage just enlarged, there was more depth. There was more space with the sub mated to the RP 600 m. Now.

I Will Quickly Point Out Here

that the clips RP600m being a horn speaker and just a dynamic speaker is more dynamically alive. It has a more exciting sound than the maggies do the maggies are kind of by comparison. Little withdrawn a little more tap down compared to the 600m, so using the 600m with the subwoofer and cranking, you know the black keys that was a lot of fun and when I moved back to the SmG.


The rel t-0 mark Iii subwoofer is a six and a half-inch long throw woofer in a tiny box . It has a 100 watt class D amplifier and it’s a sealed box up it’s not ported . The sub is for small to mid-size rooms if you have a huge space and you really want to feel pounding bass. The bass is actually pretty adequate, but it is lacking a bit on the bottom. It was one of those wow the synergy between this sub and those little maggies was perfect. It took like zero effort on my part to make them play nice together and it just sort of complements the sound of the sub and the magnapan smgs from 1986. It’s a true sealed box design and i like that. The sub has a class D amplifier and no passive radiators. It doesn’t have the deepest bass. It is actually quite adequate but it doesn’t really have the lowest level of sound quality in the bottom…. Click here to read more and watch the full video