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What Is Going On Guys Thank You

all so much for sticking into another video in today’s video We’re gonna be looking at the Rockville Punisher. We’re gonna do a full view on it Gonna put it through a Db test and a musical RMs test. We’re gonna see how it does in the real world. Let’s get right into it okay so yes the Rockville Punisher now. I know this stuff came out a little while ago.

I Actually Bought This Right When It First

came out and then my life kind of got crazy and I just never really got into making a review of it at the time, but we’re gonna get to it now better later than never now. I do want to say I have watched no other reviews on this sub I want this to be as unbiased as possible and just unaltered by. Anybody else’s opinion on this sub so we’re gonna just do all the normal tests and we’re gonna see if Rockville has redeemed themselves in some ways or if it still seems to have some of the issues that some of the other Rockvilles have we will see well Y’all can see here first off. We just have a regular cardboard box nothing really special there but let’s get into it and see what we got okay first off we get a cutting template that is nice. However, it’s not it does not have the holes already punched out so it’d be a little bit of a pain to mark the actual hole um a lot of things.

I Think Like When American Bass Or Some

other companies give you these it’ll have the holes punched out so you can trace it out a whole lot easier so not super. Handy and there’s other ways to do it that are better than this anyway, but it’s nice. They included. I suppose we have our Rockville warranty sticker and it does say it’s a one year warranty Now I will say back when I had my K9 the original K9 V1 did have an issue on me and I sent it back to them and they sent me out a new K9 V2 which actually I still haven’t working in my subaru now so they did seem to be pretty good about covering their warranty for me and this was a couple years ago before I was doing Youtube or really anything so very very cool that they did that next up. We have their spec sheet.

Ill Get That Little Closer Up So You

all can see it of course 5 600 watts peak and then 8 20 800 watts. Program power 1400 watts ces rating so Rockville‘s still at it with their weird ratings. Let’s take a look over here. We do have a 32. 7 of an FS telething 32.

8 Were Gonna Round It Up.

You can see some of the other parameters right there. The sensitivity is 85. 3 and it gives you both in series and parallel because your parameters do change a slight little bit depending on which one you are going with and then over here. It says the max is 28 millimeters in one direction.

Now Im Really Not Too Sure.

I really believe that um if you ever said that it’s 30 millimeters of x-max that is really pretty insane so for this to say 28 i just I there’s no way. This stuff has 20 millimeters of usable XMx. We’ll get into that a little bit later though and then on the back. shows how to wire up just different subs different ways here She is guys first thing you all will probably notice we have a very wide and stocky motor down here.

This Thing Does Have Some Pretty Good Weight

to it. I believe online. It says it’s like 41 pounds or something like that. I do not have a scale here to test it out let’s flip it over here so y’all can kind of see we do have a mid mid roll surround with double stitching a pretty nice feeling cone has a nice little texture on it and it’s overall pretty stiff. You can bend it if you really try very nice dust cap on top very stiff and it’s really big it just really sticks out a lot coming along here.

We Do Have A Cast Aluminum Basket.

We do have pretty nice feeling terminals, but the hole is tiny. I do not like that at all would be a huge pain to stick to wires from those the holes are just absolutely tiny, but we do have nice flat leads in here running to the coil. Now this does have a three-inch oxygen free copper coil with the black glue on it and it’s a three-inch aluminum. Former for the coil.

Well Get A Close-Up Of That Here

In a minute. We have a boot over the motor and then here is our motor pretty heavy fellow I believe is about a 250 ounce motor might be like 240 something but we have a nice chrome kind of finish on the bottom. We do have center venting and pole venting around here and then of course we have room for more venting up through here. Y’all a nice close-up look of this thing very very cool texture over here on this cone and very very cool texture on the cast aluminum basket as well. I do believe it has a triple spider in there there are those nice flat sewn in tinsel leads.

They Do Seem To Be Really Nice

leads plenty of plenty of wire for the power going through there. This big old motor and this motor is pretty slim this way, but it’s really wide stocking motor and then there’s that coil in there now. I did say it had the black aluminum glue on it, but I’m just straight up seeing copper color. So don’t know why they said black aluminum glue maybe they’ve updated it since I got this sub but I doubt it just sounds like Rockville being Rockville, but we’ll see if it withstands that 1400 watts rms. that it says it has at least for cea rating pretty stocky Fella just something a little bit different, whereas the K9 kind of had that just longer look to it Let Y’all look up at this yes sir well overall it looks all right as far as the build quality.

One Other Thing I Noticed Is That There

is no glue on these screws in here that attach the basket to the motor now I’ve never ever had one of those screws back out on anything I’ve had but um normally you would see some glue on a little higher end sub something a little more expensive like this being about 150 bucks so not sure why they didn’t do that there but again overall decently nice parts on this sub I Don’t like that this has got the black glue on the voice coil when it clearly does. not again maybe in the newer version they updated that but they definitely don’t hear so again. We’ll put it through the test and see exactly what it does, but I do really really like the cone, the dust cap and the tinsel leads so again We’re gonna put to the test and see what it does she is in here. It’s kind of funny seeing this teeny tiny surround when I’m used to seeing this guy on this sundown so just kind of funny, but we’re testing this out in a quick second so we’ve had this thing in here letting it break in for several hours now so let’s get to playing some music so Y’all can hear it and kind of see it move and then we’ll get to the tests so so so um all right time to get into the Db test let’s see what. This thing can do now? This box is tuned like 32 Hertz so tuned Super Super low not tuned for SBl whatsoever so keep that in mind we’re not going to get any crazy numbers here, but all my tests I do are tuned to similar to this so let’s just see how it holds up.

We Have My Sbl Lab Mini-Base Meter

in the kick, then we have my SmD a M1 over here just so we can see how many watts we put to this thing and then we’re going to be testing it at 40 Hertz all right just a little test run 359 watts and we got a 136.6 got it turned up pretty good let’s try it again. So it was maxing out super bad there guys, but we put almost 7 000 watts to it, which is just wild and we got a 143. 7 almost took a 7 000 watt burst that is pretty cool for 150 sub now that being said as long as your sub is broke in it generally should be able to do a burst like that no problem. Sometimes if sub is not broken and you do a burst like that you’ll tear your.

Spider Or Something Like That But

of course, we had this sub nice and broken in let’s go on to the RMs test Now This guy has three different power ratings, which is kind of weird and one of the reasons. Rockville is under so much heat. They have the RMs power rating, which is of course a standard rating that you do where you match it up with a amp that does the similar power and that’s what most of your companies like kicker and whatnot go by so that’s their RMs rating and that’s 1400 watts. They then give it a their own constant power rating or their own RMs power rating, which they say is 2 800 watts, and then they have their max power rate rating, which I think was 5600 watts and you saw we passed the max power no problem but we’re gonna do.

A Cea Rms Test First Now Of

course we’re going to play music This is going to be a musical RMs test. This is not a test tone. Nobody by the sub just leaves it playing on a test stone for a long time that’s kind of a silly way to test it so we’re going to do it musically the little neighbor dogs are just out there watching they’ve been just sitting there hanging out that’s pretty cool but anyway let’s get into this of course this is off these by Jid got it as close to the Ca rMs power as we can let’s get to it okay well made it through the whole song. Actually don’t feel any heat on the dust cap or around the sides.

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The Cone Itself Is Actually Pretty Cool,

so that is interesting okay. So I run all my tests doing a. Musical RMs test like that and this sub made it through that test at least in comparison with other subs so not too too bad. However, they of course do also say that their rating not the ca rating is 2 800 watts.

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I think that’s ridiculous but I’m gonna play another song try to keep it above that 2000 watt range and we’ll just see what it does. I’d hate to smoke the sub but hey if that’s what it takes to fully test it that’s what we’re gonna do well at a minute and a half there I really started to smell it and through the rest of the song it was stinking, but surprisingly it actually did not blow I was sitting.


The Rockville Punisher is the latest Rockville sub to be reviewed . The Punisher sub has a Db test and a musical RMs test to see how it does in the real world . The sub is included in a cardboard box with a cutting template that is nice, but it’s not it does not have the holes already punched out so it’d be a little bit of a pain to mark the actual hole so not super.& Handy and there’s other ways to do it that are better than this anyway, but they included.& I suppose we have our Rockville warranty sticker and it does say it’s a one year warranty . Back when I had my K9 the original K9 V1 did have an issue on me and I sent it back to them and they sent me a new K9V2 which actually I still haven’t working in my subaru now. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page you came ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video