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It’s nemo propaganda here you know I review a lot of subwoofers with respect to their performance with two-channel music um today. We have three fairly large ported subwoofers. Look at this tower. It’s kind of majestic looking at damn near brook my back setting this thing up so I hope you guys appreciate it on the screen behind me. We have one of my favorite Youtubers Shadow elite HD if you’re wondering why I got his page up in the background instead of mine.

Ill Be Honest When I Was

setting up this video and I put up my own page back there it just felt like a little bit self–centered. So I was like man. I’m gonna put someone else’s Youtube channel up there so if you like Jrpgs. I love this dude’s content. It’s pretty cool.

I Dont.

or nothing like that? I just kind of want to throw it up there anyway. I have reviewed each one of these subwoofers individually so if you want to see more in-depth tech talk and on their performance and things like that and comparisons feel free to check out those individual videos I will link them in the description below. The purpose of this video is really to just kind of give you my final thoughts and wrap up of these three ported subwoofers with respect to two channel music performance um I’ll tell you like kind of what I like about each one. What I don’t like about each one and I’ll try to build like a customer profile for each one like who each one is for and then which one is for me right.

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Then Well Wrap It Up.

So we have the RsL speed woofer 10s. Bucks 10-inch driver. We have the emotiva Rs11 1 200 11-inch driver and the rhythmic FVX 12 949 12-inch driver. So it’s kind of funny because it’s like 10 11 12-inch driver.

I Didnt Plan That Thats Just Kind Of

how it worked out. So I know a lot of you might be thinking you know ported subwoofers you know two channel music. I thought we’re not really supposed to do that you’re right. We’re really not supposed to do that because generally speaking ported subwoofers They’ve got a little bit of overhang. They’re a little bit slower to respond and their base note distinction is generally speaking not that good once compared to their sealed counterparts.

However, These Three Subwoofers Do Not Suffer

from those ailments and that’s why we have them here Because I consider all three of these subwoofers very good for two. Channel music or mixed systems, so we’re gonna get into it. So let’s start with the RsL speedway for 10s at the top 400 bucks 10 inch driver 350 watts. You’re getting a whole hell of a lot for your money. The few reasons that I like it is you’re like it’s kind of crazy like 400 bucks it’s like it’s not a lot like I understand like as far as like value for money like 50 bucks is a lot of money right but for what you’re getting for 400 bucks it’s kind of impressive what they’ve done here um so what I one of the things I really do like about the RsL speedway for 10s is just the price.

I Mean 800 Bucks For A

pair 400 bucks for one you kind of can’t go wrong there not only that it’s fairly compact for a ported design. And it plays more like a sealed subwoofer with respect to like speed and transients and things like that. So it doesn’t come with a port plug, nor does it need one. It is pretty good. I will say it does have a bit of a mid–bass bump, which gives it a combination of tactile bass and very low frequency bass thanks to the port.

So Its A Cool Combination Of Sounds And

I think a lot of people are going to love it in short. This is my wrap-up and who the 10s is for if 400 bucks is the most money you can spend on a subwoofer or 800 bucks is the most you can spend on a pair of subwoofers. I don’t think you can do better than the RsL speedway for 10s it’s about as far as your dollar can get you now what do I. The RsL speedway for 10s well. I do wish we had a upgraded finish option and I can understand why there isn’t one like a gloss black or a matte black or just something painted because it’s a value item and I I can see how RsL might think hey if we put like a piano gloss on here or like a matte black finish.

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Its Going To Add A Hundred Dollars

to the retail price. It’s going to push it up to something like the Svs sB 1000 and people might be cross shopping too much there and we’re going to lose some market share. I can understand why they might think that I don’t think that’s the case because even the Svs SB 1000. The painted finish is another hundred dollars more which would make it 600 bucks. So that if the RsL speedway for 10s had a nicer finish for like 100 bucks or like 80 bucks more.

I Think It Would Still Be Very

competitive and a lot of people would like that um so yeah great sub again the the value it’s. It’s one of those things that like continues to blow me away every time. I set it up and I listen to it. I’m just like man I wish something that good was available When I was like a broke 17-year old. Do you guys want to know what I was using for a subwoofer when I was 17 and didn’t have any money I had a pyramid.

12-Inch Driver That I Bought From The

swap meet. I think some of you might know what I’m talking about. I don’t think that breads around anymore, and then I had a 12-inch car audio subwoofer box. I pulled out of the trash. It was broken like someone had taken a hammer to like the back side of it and I just filled all of that in with glue and then what I was using to power.

It Was A Like Vintage Yamaha

amplifier and to cut the high frequencies out of the subwoofer. I used a spool of copper enamel to just act as like I guess that would be like an air core inductor. If you will really ghetto over here guys that’s what I was doing at 17 to to set up a subwoofer in my room because like I didn’t have a whole lot. of money and back then there was no like 400 sub before that sounded good I’m 38 so that was 21 years ago Is my math right yeah wow anyway so that’s the RsL speedway for 10 s moving down the emotiva Rs 11 1 200 um What I like about This is going to be the painted finish the matte black. I did not realize how much I would like this kind of finish until I put my eyes on it.

It Is Fantastic.

It’s beautiful. I want to see other brands start using a finish like this I love it um the sorry. I just ran up up and down the stairs like eight times. So like I’m a little bit winded and anyways you don’t care let’s get back to the subwoofers so the emotiva Emotiva Rs11.

I Like That It Has Top Mounted Controls

I like. that it has chassis mounted RCas around back as well the size of the Emotiva Rs11 I’d say is very good as well as you can see it’s only just a little bit bigger than the speed woofer 10s. It’s just a little bit taller and about maybe one inch or an inch and a half more in depth. So this is again going to be really good for anyone with a space constraint a lot of people. I think want something like the Svs PB 2000, but it’s too big it’s really deep it’s more like the rhythmic Fe X12 We have down here so the Rs 11 being a ported 11 inch driver and being as you can see quite a bit shorter with respect to depth than something like the FVX 12 or Svs PB2000.

I Think Slots Right In The Middle

because I do get a. lot of comments for people that are like you know should I get like a ported sub like I really want a ported sub like the PB2000 pro, but like it’s just like too deep and I’m worried like a SB 2000 won’t have like the low end authority that I’m looking for well here. We have emotiva Rs11. It is a couple hundred bucks more but you do get a very nice finish on it and it is quite overbuilt. You are getting a cast basket, a three-inch voice coil and a huge motor section.

I Love Svs.

But you are not getting that with the PB2000 or Sp2000 now granted with the subwoofers. You do get some other cool things which I talked about in their video Anyhow the emotive Rs11 is cool because if you want that straight up ported subwoofer sound you just play it. As is without the included foam plug and it’s going to play really well. It does play a little bit quicker with respect to transients, speed and responsiveness than a typical ported subwoofer.

So I Did Like That Quite A Bit.

It extends quite low and does have a lot of authority. But if you want to switch to two channel music only you just put in this foam plug that goes right in here and honest to God like that you have a sealed subwoofer, but it will still extend fairly low and have quite a bit of authority down though so that’s pretty cool moving oh well so like who is it for I guess. I already said that anyone who’s like you know in between who like I guess wants a ported sub, but can’t accommodate the size so you’re looking at a sealed sub, but you’re. not sure that’s going to have enough imotiva Rs11 is a great choice for that moving down to the rhythmic FVx-12.

I Like This One So I Like All

of them honestly and by the way just so we’re clear. All three of these very overbuilt drivers cast baskets, huge motor sections, large voice coils. It is quite impressive. I’ve looked at all three of these drivers and I was very impressed rhythmic FVx 12 949 12 inch driver what i like about it is its sound quality from top to bottom is going to rival something like rel um it’s definitely not as good looking as a rel subwoofer let’s make no mistake of that nor does it have like the fit finish and attention to detail.

Youll Find With Rel Like The Polished

hardware around back and things like that. However, the sound quality is on par it. is that good it’s mid bass articulation is phenomenal space. Note distinction is very good as well.

It Has Extension For Days As Well As

output for days and tons of authority and articulation. It is of the three the best with respect to sound quality extension output essentially what I’m saying here. It is the best sounding what I don’t like about the rhythmic Fbx 12 is how deep it is it is the largest of the bunch you can.


This video is a final analysis of three ported subwoofers with respect to their performance with two-channel music . The reviewer has reviewed each one of these subwoofer individually so if you want to see more in-depth tech talk and on their performance feel free to check out those individual videos I will link them in the description below . We have the RsL speed woofer 10s.& Bucks 10-inch driver and the rhythmic FVX 12 949 12-in driver.& So it’s kind of funny because it’s like 10 11 12-inch drivers.& I didn’t plan that that’s just kind of how it worked out.& We have one of my favorite Youtubers Shadow elite HD if you’re wondering why I got his page up in the background instead of mine. It just felt like a little bit self–centered. I just wanted to throw it up there anyway. I’m gonna put someone else’s Youtube channel up there…. Click here to read more and watch the full video