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Whats Up Guys Welcome Back To The Channel So

today we’re going to talk about the rhythmic G22 direct servo subwoofer with dual opposed 12-inch drivers and 800 watts RMs. So you might notice I’m using a different microphone I’m using this little handheld bad boy that’s because my other one broke and we were only getting output from the left channel. Some of you guys noticed that on my last video just imagine you’re watching MTV maybe a show like total Request live and if you understood that reference you’re about as old as I am and your back probably hurts try icing it do some stretches maybe some physical therapy that might help anyhow I digress so a couple of months ago. I reviewed the rhythmic E15 hp2 that was the biggest rhythmic subwoofer I had reviewed to date. I had to read the FVx 12.

Which Is Technically A Little Bit Bigger,

but the E15 Hp 2s swear to God It was heavier. I probably should have looked at the specs. It probably is heavier anyways who cares that’s not what this video is about rhythmic G22. A lot of people asked about this one and I was kind of confused why and then I started realizing some of the inherent benefits of dual proposed subwoofers. You know they’re going to give you a lot more output for the amount of floor space.

They Take Up Most Of The Time Theyre

on the smaller side you know most of the more popular ones at least we’ve got subwoofers like the KeF-KC-62 KF-92 Svs micro 3000. Those are all super compact dual opposed designs, and they do give a whole lot of output for how small they are This is a much larger. Dual opposed design and it’s going to give tremendously more output than any of those three subwoofers as it should per its size if you haven’t seen last week’s video It’s a topic i tackle because I was starting to see a situation where a lot of people were using wattage as a primary comparison for subs or sometimes price and what some of you guys were doing was comparing small subs to large subs and you just can’t do that it doesn’t make sense let me give you an example so this rhythmic G22 right here has 800 watts Rms and dual 12-inch drivers. If you’re only looking at wattage well. The Svs micro has 800 watts Rms also and dual 8-inch drivers.

The Whole Subs About This Big Which One

do you guys think is going to play aloud, Do you think they’re going to play. The same absolutely no way The rhythmic G22 is going to play tremendously Louder extend tremendously lower have a much larger sense of scale. It doesn’t even make sense a comparison like that so Don’t get too obsessed with wattage Guys. It’s also not the end-all be-all of a subwoofer’s ability to play low and loud system efficiency is going to be a huge factor and size is a big part of efficiency as is the driver’s own efficiency and the whole system overall rhythmic makes an efficient subwoofer. Their 800 watts Rms is going to take you pretty far perhaps as far as some other brands thousand watts or more.

So I Digress Lets Throw The Main

specs on screen so you guys can check that out I’ll tell you about some standout features in my opinion, I’ll tell you what it sounds like we’ll do some comparisons then. It up so stand up features are obviously going to be you know. This is a dual opposed force canceling design meaning when this subwoofer is rocking hard. It doesn’t matter how much bass it’s producing if you place your hand on this cabinet you’re not going to feel any vibrations you could put a fish tank up here and play as much bass as you want that water is never going to move force canceling design pretty cool stuff. You’re going to get a tremendous amount of output for the size and usually we say that with like smaller subwoofers because with smaller subwoofers it’s generally pretty impressive how much bass they can produce you know.

This Is Still Quite Small In My

opinion for how much base it can put out two twelves. If you do the math it’s almost the same surface area as a single 18. inch driver well technically A 17, but no one makes a 17-inch driver. I think you guys get my point around back. We have a slew of setup features so you’re not going to have any problems getting this subwoofer perfectly integrated and set up in your system.

Whether Its For Two Channel Music Or

home theater. There’s LFe inputs RCa inputs. I believe there’s Xlr inputs I should probably look let’s look got a handheld mic we could do that yeah there’s Xlr you got rumble filter you’ve got a damping control. You’ve got a peq back there there’s not a setting that you’re going to want that this sub doesn’t have it has everything um shockingly even with all those options are very easy to set up part of that could be because I’m intimately familiar with setting up rhythmic subwoofers at this point I have reviewed. more of them than anyone else on the Youtube platform and help any platform really for that matter and part of the reason for that is I love their subwoofers.

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I Think Theyre Absolutely Fantastic In

other videos. I’ve said things like Rhythmic make some of the best subwoofers in the world. If when you listen to bass and you’re shopping for a subwoofer things like fidelity handling of delicate passages, nuanced detail, speed, articulation transient response no to note distinction base fidelity. If these things are important to you rhythmic makes one of the finest subwoofers in the world and that’s the same here with this G22 would that also if low frequency extension or maximum output is also a concern for you again. Rhythmic takes care of that they give you a lot for your money.

This Bad Boy Extends Down To 14 Hertz

at minus 2 db. Do keep in mind guys most companies rate their subwoofers at plus or minus 3 db. Rhythmics minus 2 db is a little bit of a stricter measurement they’re giving us so this bad boy can extend low. Another cool thing about rhythmic is and I don’t think a lot of people know this because they’re not great at marketing no offense. Rhythmic.

I Love Your Subs But Marketing

not so good Rhythmic believes that every single rhythmic subwoofer or any subwoofer that has their name on. It has to have substantial output down to a minimum of 20 Hertz that’s pretty cool so rest assured it doesn’t matter which rhythmic subwoofer you buy you’re going to get 20 Hertz performance at minimum this one as I said can do as low as 14 hertz, so it’s impressive stuff. Unfortunately, they’re only available in North America for the most part. But we’ll we’ll get to that when we get to compare to the comparisons. I’ll tell you guys about some options.

Maybe For You Guys That Are Like Just

in other countries where the subs not available. So I’ve told you all the things it’s great at right What does it sound like well rhythmic makes subwoofers that essentially what they’re going to do is enhance the presentation. They’re never going to draw attention to themselves they’re never going to localize they’re never going to stick out. You can definitely run it hot if that’s your thing. I do that sometimes myself.

I Like My Base To Run A Little

bit thicker and a little bit heavier, but once set up probably properly. They simply integrate perfectly bass comes from an inky black background. It simply pressurizes the room. It handles delicate passages perfectly not a single detail is missed. You’re definitely going to hear things in the base region of your songs and your movies that you’ve never heard before and I know that sounds like some hodgepodge crap that you read in some audio file magazine back in the day that’s that’s like one of those hallmark phrases A lot of reviewers use when they’re reviewing speakers I heard stuff in the mix.

Id Never Heard Before It Is Overused.

It’s a very overused phrase, but it’s the correct phrase to use guys I’m sorry. I get it. I I hate when I hear like those you know those phrases that are just like so blown out but at the end of the day it is what it is if you have you know something like you know hell just any entry level subwoofer right and you upgrade to a rhythmic. You will hear base definition fidelity in detail in the recording that you didn’t know was there you will you’ll hear bass notes that you thought were like a single bass line actually have some modulation in them it’s interesting stuff you know um let me tell you let’s see is it time to do comparisons um yeah if I didn’t already say it look the bass can play plenty deep it had absolutely no problem pressurizing my room.

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In Fact, You Know My Room Could

would have been just fine with half of one of these you know which would be an F12 I own one of those subwoofers. I like it a lot um let’s do comparisons guys and i think that’s going to shed some light and answer some you know questions that may be remaining for those of you that are watching this video so let’s. Start with comparing to rhythmics own subwoofers and do keep in mind we’re really splitting hairs here Because all rhythmic subwoofers have incredible fidelity. You know incredible handling of transient I’m sorry delicate detail transient response just any word you want to use to describe sound quality. Rhythmic subwoofers are fantastic output and extension are also phenomenal so it’s they just kind of do everything really really well.

So The Fvx-12 Versus The G22.

These are two wildly different options. The FVX-12 is a single 12-inch driver. It’s a model and it’s quite a bit cheaper than the G22 personally okay just personal taste I like the FvX 12 a lot because it’s a ported sub it’s going to have that exaggerated fat low frequency extension. Ported subwoofers are commonly used in theater where you guys you know you love that kind of rumble effect because of rhythmic servo technology.

Despite Being Ported Still Plays Tight Its Still

quick it’s still articulate. It does really good note to note distinction by direct comparison. However, the G22 plays quite a bit tighter. It’s the more precise. It’s the more accurate.

Its The More Quick To Respond And So

on now just to be clear rhythmic’s own FVx 12 is still quicker, tighter and more articulate than most subwoofers offered by competitors. The G22 is just that much more precise precision was actually like the main feeling and thought and word that was coming to mind when I was um listening to the subwoofer during my review period because I’ve had this for about 90 days and I’ve listened to it a lot and every time I’d sit down listen to it. I just think damn this thing is precise like precision that that word just kept coming to mind In fact. It happened so much so I pulled out my laptop and I emailed rhythmic and I was like hey, you know been listening to the G22 for a little bit now.


The rhythmic G22 direct servo subwoofer with dual opposed 12-inch drivers and 800 watts RMs . Dual opposed subwoofers give a lot more output for the amount of floor space . This is a much larger.& Dual opposed design and it’s going to give tremendously more output than any of those three subwofters as it should per its size if you haven’t seen last week’s video It’s a topic i tackle because I was starting to see a situation where a lot of people were using wattage as a primary comparison for subs or sometimes price and what some of you guys were doing was comparing small subs to large subs and you just can’t compare small subs with large subs . The G22 is a more compact dual opposed design, and they do give a whole lot of output for how small they are this is a less compact subwowoofer than the KeF-KC-62 KF-92 Svs micro 3000, and it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video